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look. for a regiment march through central moscow commemorating those who died fighting in the great war these are live pictures from central moscow. it was tanks and troops that rolled over red square in a spectacular military parade marking the defeat of nazi germany in one nine hundred forty five. but i welcome you with r.t. international this wednesday the ninth of may just gone three o'clock here in
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moscow now russia is celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany it is the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war in which over twenty six million soviet lives were lost. well there's hardly a family in russia that wasn't affected by the war almost everybody has grandparents aunts uncles or other relatives too who fought against the nazis and in their honor a special march of the so-called immortal regiment is being held it's and it's become an annual tradition and it's under way in moscow at the moment to you and i think we can go now to it daniel hawkins he's outside the kremlin forest where the mortar regiment is passing i think or at least very shortly down but just tell us what's happening where you are in the mind. and do you demolish the immortal regiment is in full swing as you can probably see behind me there's a crowd stretching all the way from when there's no more shut my business but
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square you can hear the cheering now just as i speak all boy up to the sky towards pushkin square the usual central moscow locations. it's pretty much just packed as you can see the whole rows stretching up as far as the eye can see estimates between half a million and seven hundred thousand people are due to attend here today considering this event began a few years ago twenty twelve i believe with just a few thousand people in a small siberian city it has grown exponentially similar watch have taken place throughout the world today a long. trip in america in israel really all over the country sort of it was taken off and as you say it's people that are bringing photographs pictures and if they're not available simply the name of their relatives of their ancestors or thought made some kind of contribution of the great patriotic war there's very few families that didn't know how about color for history here my great grandmother for
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one was a military surge and she took part in the battle of moscow defending the city in one of those key battles i love a relative of mine my great granddad force and died in style and got another. key battle the fact is that of us a real tough battle here today in this celebration so it's very much hostility but for many people here in russia one that has touched the hearts and minds as you can see all the many people here at president putin that has participated in this so six twenty fifteen here is in amongst the crowd somewhere it's very much about the possible stories of those people that made a contribution we've managed to take some of those stories as well here is one of the let's take a listen. to
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because i'll never pick or miss cause i want ya email from me yet. never in the sea but. talked to numerous. as you can see here huge crowd hundreds of thousands of tons up for this event and as we said before this is just something that has touched the hearts souls and minds of pretty much every russian family including members of the stuff as well as
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you might have seen from our promos earlier. as we said president to sit here amongst the crowd also though amongst the crowd correspondent philip are trying to use their believe with a photograph of one of his politics he's been catching up with some of the participants we go live to him now riots in the thick of that crowd. danilo i hope you can hear me and i can tell you that i am absolutely psyched and proud to be a part of this event which i believe very soon we are going to find out is the biggest march in the world on the calendar last year i remember there were subzero temperatures on may ninth was quite unusual but still hundreds and thousands hundreds of thousands of people sorry showed up and i believe this year because of the sunshine because of this great atmosphere and people really you can
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see how much they were willing to come here we are going to break records and maybe even see a million people here and you know what. three years ago when i first took part in this march i made a promise to year after year march with the photographs of all my four great grandfathers year after year so i already done two and this is very prince of my favorite choice as my mom's grandfather as you can see his last name is not the same as mine he of course took part in the war and one of his main achievements was that his squad liberated kind of which is now know on house kaliningrad russia's western most city so again this is absolutely incredible when you can hear the horror a yes and when really truly a sea of people start screaming that that's something that makes your heart start
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thumping and it is an incredible feeling and i can tell you that the immortal regiment marching is not only about russia you can see flags of many other countries here i've spoken to an m.e.p. who came here with the portrait of her father in every piece from britain we've seen the flags of countries from all across the soviet union i saw i've even seen some american flags so it is incredible to be a part of this march but i can tell you these people back in the days there were no e-mails no watch sabse no chatting apps they were lying writing letters to their relatives during these massively difficult times of the war and i just want you to look how the descendants of the heroes of world war two who made the victory possible were actually reading through the letters that are still there on paper that were found after the war.
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am. a small business and call i mean just a cigar decision room then you continue. i now go watching. the nature of our. whatever. if your name said them wayne. well there are tears in my eyes i can feel it because these stories are incredible and if you think of it behind each and every photo hundreds of thousands of them here there is a somewhat similar story a story of heroism and also a story of grief during the second world war i can tell you that i'll be here till the very end of this mortal regiment march so join me for more in less than an hour
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yeah i will be coming back she then tranq there in the middle of the immortal regiment march taking place through the streets of moscow as we speak well earlier to me so it was part of the march to you but in fact just a few hours ago he had to save a veteran from his own presidential security staff because the war hero got too close to the president after the victory day parade a missed manhandled by bodyguards because the pictures to show you can see the scene unfolding here the president was quick to react coming straight over to the veteran to offer him his hand from then a company in a place where police say as he was heading to the tomb of the unknown soldier to lay flags. let's go back to some of the stories we've been hearing because one german family that celebrating victory day in moscow has a special story too in the course of the war their grandfather defected to the soviet side and risked his life on multiple occasions trying to persuade other germans to join the russians.
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like he was always a pacifist against the war and never wanted to join the v.m. act but he had to from the very start of his juicy he was always looking for an opportunity to join the other side he knew from the very beginning that the real aggressor was the v.m. act not the red army.
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revisited the mud done it does come immediately after the liberation chroma tour in chimneys corpses pose of shoes we were full of desire to fight the nazis. in us and we would read about it in the german media unfortunately for the young generation this holiday does not matter much. now the row with the soviet army did play into facing the nazis is sometimes underestimated in fact we went to the streets of london new york and paris to check the state of knowledge of passes by about the born some of their answers were sometimes surprising. canada no. united states germany. germany loss
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you mean what you call now the european union except for germany doesn't count with their. united states britain all their allies england america from russia russia actually need to know and we have to look for. a longer a day left class and is that the. best and they can you go for it obviously the allies defeated the germans out i say person frogs america the americans. supporting nazi germany russia was part of the axis they were part of the axis but they were aligned with hitler i guess russia supporter germany i guess and then they essentially lost the walk through war through a series of sieges sieges i think at leningrad and sound. of extending.
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it up which is a good do as it does it to you it was an annoyance with always on it all those to the crew can feel. the peace about oh. yeah you know you had a soviet union they were and they were also on the victory on the winning side i mean it hadn't been for the germans attacking the soviet union we probably lost before. how many times more deaths were there from russia than from the united states. three times in the book didn't get any recognition for morning no no way much like twenty million. pounds. of. the media millions massive amount. i think twenty five million or
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something. so when you're over two you don't think of russia. when i know i don't really think of world. war two his victory celebrations started with a spectacular parade in red square this morning and our team was in the heart of the action. o'dowd. i'm agin bands get underway with marching bands from old corners of the finest expounds of the russian federation.
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we can smell the fumes from all the engines more than a hundred feet taking part in this year's parade now we can finally see some of the vehicles moving just behind me so finally this part of the parade has officially kicked off so let's just enjoy the few that we have from this vantage point and check out and check out i think daniela dania look into my colleagues will be meeting those tanks those vehicles on the national split as the rumble into the red square.
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here they come here they come now it is the big boys and that big toys. because of her arms of diesel coming off these tanks that's the old motor these are the big ones here man three to the right that's the terminator. the stones of red square my feet the vibrations it makes you think there's some sort of seismic activity underneath the kremlin. my only question is how on earth does he parked i think.
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this is a thunderous knowing i don't know how many of us have been here really focused but you can feel it through your policy that read the gratian says. the two ninety five and this is as nato has come to call them i'm not one hundred percent sure with the you get this she has shards of these aircraft through you know a camera lens but they're enormously sometimes defy reason not to calendar the things that the. fly.
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a few highlights there for me to trade that took place this morning let's turn our attention to what's happening right now on the emotional regiment macho that's being taking place in moscow over the last half hour or so in which hundreds of thousands of people are taking a response or at the center of that as well so let's join them trying to is that he's participating in the march himself as well as dan who can see just outside the kremlin for saif let's go to you in. taking part in this we can see you holding a picture of one you'll read attempts to. andrew a hi again i just want to tell you things about what's happening around me there are so many people that police officers really have to control the flow a little bit and we're having to stop every once in a while i told you that this year is definitely going to be record breaking in terms of attendance because it's sunny last year the temperatures were almost
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freezing a bit higher than zero centigrade degrees but this time sunny the atmosphere is great and the people are out here and again as i was saying we have to stop right now because there are so many people it's not only about russia seeing just next to me a serbian flag some people are wearing uniforms i don't know if you can see here but . there are people from poland i just asked them and they are. it's like an open history book right on the streets of moscow because they're wearing the authentic polish uniform that was used during world war two these are the kind of amends amazing scenes that i can see here and andy thank you for mentioning my great grandfather here this is evidence of me you might be a bitch i'm going to tell you once again that three years ago i made a promise and the next four years every time when it's the more it's all regiment march on victory day i'm always going to march with one of my great grandfathers
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this is the third one the third time i'm doing this and you can see my fave each his main achievement during the war was that he and his squad participated in the liberation of cunningsburgh which is now known as kaliningrad it was a tough battle but now as we all know. it is the westernmost city of russia so yes we are continuing to march right now proceeding towards where square i'll be back with more very soon. ok thanks a lot well that was a earlier in the thick of the march there and then hawkins is also near red square he's got a better vantage point dan great weather today and it looks like there could be a record turnout as well in terms of just the numbers that are taking power. yeah absolutely the weather really couldn't be better here and in terms of vantage point i think it's fair to say i've got the best seats in the house but to be
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honest it's the crowd stretched as far as the eye can see here behind me all up to a skier which is one of the central streets in moscow all the way up to red square past the the kremlin the more selenium the stream of people is just saying less how many people here half a million eight hundred thousand over a million it's anyone's guess what we do know is that this event began in twenty twelve in a small city in siberia with just a few thousand people attending since then it's grown to something which share the russian president himself at times and something which is spread all over the world over your mention there many flags in the crowd from all over the world multiple countries these marchers taking place today all this week rather in european cities madrid lisbon burly london across the ocean in new york in the middle east in thailand literally dozens of countries and hundreds of thousands if not millions of people attending i think the figure was something like seven and a half million attending in russia alone across the whole country this is very much
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an event that has touched the hearts and minds and memories of many russian people every russian family had ancestors and descendants that were affected by the war that made some form of contribution i found out from my family history my great grandmother was a military surgeon a doctor she actually took part in the battle of ma. she spent months in the front line under bombardment conducting operations my great granddad one of my great granddad falls in the battle of stalingrad and died there in one of the battles near the city that's made all the more poignant by the fact today's going to verse three of the battle of stalingrad which was of course one of the talking points if not the turning point not only on the eastern front in the battle between the red army and the fair market but in the whole of world war two the great patriotic war as it's known here in russia this event has become bigger and bigger every year the russian president he said us now attended i believe even netanyahu the israeli
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prime minister has been spotted someone the crowd will be interesting to see which photo he's carrying all these people here today hundreds of thousands carrying photographs pictures and if they're not available even just the name of their answers those who played their part whatever that was a soldier a nurse a driver played that small contribution in that picture in which has made russia what it is today very much an emotional moment for many people here andrew. really quite rightly said this could very well be record attendance for the mortal regiment not only here in russia but also around the world sure will come back she were a little later on the stand was mentioning there he talked about this being a and mortar regiment march that is taking place around the globe to including perlin he mentioned that one and our correspondent peter oliver was there to. oh the march of the immortal raid shipment underway the lynas songs from the second
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willed war the great patriotic war play out we see hundreds of people marching from the brandenburg gate up towards the soviet war memorial they're all holding pictures of those that fulton in many cases died during world war two in the defeat of nazi is and for them and events like this and the born human slike the soviet woman or we'll hear him give them a place to go to answer pay their respects and to remember those who gave their lives into all of the reporting there from berlin where they stay with oxy frost special coverage of the events and celebrations throughout the day victory day this marks the seventy third anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany and the end of the great patriotic war.
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make us manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round listen to the one percent. nor middle of the room six. million real need for. war in remembrance of a marxist seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar but can't be said of the europeans and americans we discussed how that conflict continues to push a view of the world to this day. infinitely. from from. from
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. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part and coming up today president obama has just announced that he is making good on his campaign promise to withdraw from the iranian nuclear agreement saying that iran is noncompliance with the agreement former pentagon official michael maloof is standing by to help us break it down and consider the foreign policy and business impact plus our t.v. correspondent alex high which tells us how the shipping industry is carbonized if there is a word for you our advertising and our team is actually banks look at look at how artificial intelligence and robots are impacting the jobs of the future plus the
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meteor merger madness gets even more complicated but important attorney andre barlow is back to help explain the new state of play with the major media moguls in telecom and our trinity trial those reports on and from a luxury movie theater it's a segment worth waiting for all that coming up but first we had some of. the chinese led asian infrastructure investment bank or a i b has now reached an agreement with regional development banks in asia and africa the ai ai be initiated at twenty thirteen as a project of president xi jinping has now signed a memorandum of understanding with both the interim merican development bank and most recently the african development bank on financing of projects in a recent interview with bloomberg nor a ib president jim lee quinn said that the a.i.b. with.


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