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a sea of people. in the. membrane relatives fighting in the great. big. tree is making cheer and cry at the same. moment i'll be back with more from the board bartsch where the people are carrying the portraits of their relatives who won world war two for us.
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it was time. to think of nazi germany in one nine hundred forty five day is a very personal day for many. people who fought in the. international this wednesday the ninety. five in the russian capital russia is celebrating celebrating victory day today marking the defeat of nazi germany it is the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war as it's known here in russia which claimed the lives of more than twenty six million people. well this was really a family in russia that wasn't affected by the pool almost everybody does have
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relatives who fought the nazis and in their own a special monch known as the a move to regiment is held every year it's on the way in moscow right now and we can cross one of our correspondents who is in the thick of it so you are trying to i think is that in amongst the march and also on the left that we have done who can say let's start with india and i think even more king for something like ninety minutes now i think we can could be inside the but just sum up what's it been like . andy have you ever experienced what it feels like to be part of a crowd of almost one million people well if you haven't and i bet most of our viewers haven't i can tell you that this as a feeling that makes your heart so it is truly incredible and i mean there are just so many people here and that's the reason why we have to
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stand still every now and then because there are few bottlenecks on the way and the people keep calm and come in walking and walking while last year it was estimated that about seven hundred thousand people took part but it was a very cold day i remember the temperatures went as low as zero degrees and today it is a beautiful day sunny day so do expect some record breaking numbers yeah we heard that almost a million people are expected to attend this one and as i was saying the people are carrying the portraits and i can tell you that three years ago i made myself a promise that if the next four years every year i'm going to be carrying a portrait of of one. my for the great grandfathers and here we have the evidence of that is my mother's grandfather he won
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a medal during the second world war for liberating konigsberg which is now known as cullen in drag this city the western sorry the most western city of russia but the thing is that there are heartbreaking stories behind all the portraits that you can see around me and again there are hundreds of thousands of them and some people are carrying posters like this but i saw elderly people who can barely walk holding tiny photos that are so small but they are here too and it is very important for them to take part in this large as well i believe down the hall kids as out a different location which is much closer to the final destination of this barge shanda want to hear from him was going on where hero's dad go had. like syria iran located just by the kremlin the red square where the boxers are
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heading right now i'll go to the crowd myself but it's easy to overestimate just one atmosphere this is i can feel the emotions coming from the crowd as you mentioned joy a bittersweet sadness at the same time record numbers here i think most people watching here today would be here regardless of the weather come wedo come shine that so much it seems to the people here today holding up photos pictures of their relatives that descendants all of whom made some contribution to the great victory in the great patriotic war as they call it here and brush up potentially record numbers here given how this loss began at twenty twelve with just a few thousand people running in a small city in siberia it's now on the road to a truly international. with millions of people marching worldwide cities across europe bolin madrid london lisbon and across the atlantic united states and
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thailand in israel truly a global event so on are those people that made their contribution and in many millions of cases gave up their lives for peaceful to mine and see all mankind every portrayed here every photograph has a story behind it good personal story to the people carrying them out i found out more about my family as well my great grandmother in media all going to hell was a doctor a military surgeon she actually participated in the battle of moscow she was on the front lines here for many months ago during that key battle before transferring further back into russia where she was the only surgeon for this ship for quite some time in the form of hundreds of operations later becoming ordinary citizens of means alludes to town in the republic of tatarstan and all the relatives of my great grandparents could do some work to do and was a soldier in the force in the battle of stalingrad where he sadly died today of
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course so this year rather is the anniversary of the victory and now battle a key turning point on the eastern front line aboard soup which makes that all the more salient today that the russian president has been participating in the marches well since when you can steal a lot of your posts and alongside him today the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu who's holding a photo of a lot of fights around the participant of the second world war and hero of the soviet union just going to show just how much this event has expanded internationally how much this means to people not only here in russia but our borders well we've managed to get some of those human stories out captions some of them behind the great pleasure holes in the wall of family history and here's just one of them that we managed to get. sonny boy isn't that.
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last summer. it. comes out never put there's another one miss cause i would say yeah email from me at. that over mission i am only. they were there when the c.b. back to you. could talk to the listeners. have my woman. give you an idea of. just for a couple of hours that stretch beyond what i can see beyond red square with us. right behind me all along to the sky one of the central streets of moscow it's got no end in sight really absolutely packed here today it really goes to show that the
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month of may the fiction parade and the supporting regiment it goes beyond what many analysts are critics have said that this is a case of saber rattling and showing off military hardware this is about remember it's respect showing your memories of those who sacrificed so much not only for russia for the former soviet republics bought for world peace as well at all to really saying thank you to those people are making sure that no similar tragedy ever occurs again truly a very emotional day here today in central moscow. ok thanks dan that was dan hawkins for us there as he said in central moscow and he also said regiments are also happening marches are happening across the globe to honor the memory of those who fell victim to the horrific events of the second world war events have been taking place everywhere from the streets of new york to tbilisi warsaw uneven q.h. city and crowds also gathered to as far away as australia with those in sydney commemorating
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their relatives meanwhile let's head to london because the events happening there to an end say children or is covering it for us good afternoon nastia just tell us a morse happening. but i'm sure there is an immortal regiment march taking place in london as well and we're seeing hundreds of people who have come out to take place and participate in this relatively new tradition which if you remember kick started in moscow a couple of years ago and that it spread its wings throughout russia and really across many cities throughout the world and we're seeing indeed hundreds of people here in central london today carrying portraits of family members that took part in the second world war and it's certainly considered to be one of the more tender and personal traditions of commemorating victory day and people have come out with a sense of unity and pride in. there does seem to be of course partially solemn but also a celebratory mood here in the streets of london and this is quite a big march that's been taking place the people walking all the way from trafalgar
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square down whitehall towards downing street and they're now making their way towards houses of parliament and of course we'll be here with them taking. up staying here during this march as yet another a big group of people comes out onto the streets to commemorate the seventy third anniversary of victory day. nasa goes on seashore can you think of any event in london thank you. for many in russia the sense of pay self the victory day celebrations was in fact the military parade through red square in moscow early this morning so here are some highlights from the. ota.
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a marching bands get underway with marching bands from old corners of the vast expanse of the russian federation. we can smell the fumes from the engines more than a hundred feet taking part in this year's parade now we can finally see some of the vehicles moving just behind me so finally this part of the parade has officially kicked off so let's just enjoy the view that we have from this vantage point check out check out and i think. daniel hawkins my colleague will be meeting those tanks goldsby coast on monday is next whereas the rumble into the red
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square. here they come here they come now it is the big boys and that big toys. look at the prunes of diesel coming off these times that's the amada these are the fake ones to me m.p.t. right that that's the terminator. the stones are fred square at my feet the vibrations it makes you think there's some sort of seismic activity underneath the kremlin. my only question is how on earth does he pocked i think.
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it's a thunderous fooling i could do it many of us and be really focused but you could feed it through your poetry that read the gracious. the two ninety five and this is as nato has come to cool them and the one hundred percent sure with the you get this she has shards of these aircraft through you know a camera lens but they're enormous they sometimes defy reason not to callin up the things that the. sly. plenty of fabulous camera shots there and one camera also caught an unusual scene on red square here it is because at one point
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a war hero was seen being forced out of the way by members of the presidential security team the president so what was happening went over to the veteran and then tried to get the unknown soldier. ok let's go back to the events of the war that changed the course of humanity because the siege of leningrad which is nice remains one of its most horrific chapters the city was completely surrounded by germans in one nine hundred forty one the blockade lasted eight hundred and seventy two days and claimed the lives of up to one million and one and a half million people all major supply routes were cut off with only one exception the famous road of life running across the frozen lake but digger.
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when wrong when i rang. the bell and i believe this guy name i have nothing in my way and. i knew my life blood on him a real battle well will be a see my love was there you do it my way you're not your life nine years maybe i'm a small black. and i was. and you stay with us for our continuing special coverage of the events in celebrations two was russia marks the seventy third anniversary of extra day.
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now in other news donald trump finally ended speculation about the iran nuclear deal announcing he's pulling the u.s. and the deal we'll have reaction in the details just off the break. more in remembrance of a marks a seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar but can't be said of the europeans and americans we discussed how that conflict continues to in congress who view of the world to this day. search out the way and see american anti-democratic and take a look at that quite plainly by understanding the stock price approach rather it was that risk but so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffett to americans is
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unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as raunchy a coupon clippers and nickel and dime or they added nothing to the economy. hello again now u.s. president donald trump is making good on his threats this time pulling out of the iran nuclear deal he's also vowed to reimpose the toughest sanctions on syria i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran
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nuclear deal the agreement to restrict iran's nuclear energy program the crowning achievement of the obama white house has finally been terminated by the donald today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them but how much impact is this really having only one country the united states is withdrawing and the riaa doesn't seem particularly worried but i have ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to negotiate with and lobby the european countries as well as russia and china and to carry out the necessary qward a nation with them russia and china are ready to keep things going as it is so are key allies of the united states and the european union the european union is the tournament to preserve it we expect the rest of the international community to continue to do its part to that anti but it continues to be fully implemented but
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the say of our own collective security together with the rest of the international community we will preserve this nuclear deal. you quote we don't under the current circumstances we call on all parties concerned to adopt a responsible attitude can china will maintain close communication with all relevant parties and stay committed to upholding and implementing the deal in an objective and responsible way. we're deeply concerned over the u.s. president's decision to you know actually abandon its obligations under the join comprehensive plan of action on the iranian nuclear program and reimpose sanctions on iran now this isn't the only global decision the trumpet ministration has made to be met with chirping crickets remember when the usa moved its embassy to jerusalem other than paraguay and guatemala the rest of the world was not exactly clamoring to follow suit and remember one trouble pulled out of the paris climate change accords well the other one hundred ninety five countries that have signed on
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they frowned at washington for a minute and then they moved on as if nothing had happened the chords remain exactly the same so once again we've got a big drum roll and fanfare from the white house but with the rest of the world refusing to go along is washington's global leadership really all it's cracked up to be everyone now recognizes that it's the united states that is that is unreliable in untrustworthy and they cannot be trusted even to abide by its own commitments the iranians. they're not going to be hurt as much as they would have been if the united states had implemented the greenman so the iranians have been dealing with sanctions on a daily basis for years now and they've learned how to circumvent those sanctions and what the united states is doing is it's basically pushing these countries pose with each other even u.s. allies like european union countries because when mccrone and the german chancellor merkel go to the united states and are completely ignored while the rain you know
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make his metro decision without rage and found a way to express their theory to you pretty graphically and pays burn to u.s. flag. right inside the chamber with the full support of the members. side's trump one of the most in favor of scrapping the nuclear agreement has been the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who as we heard earlier is currently in moscow he recently gave a rather theatrical powerpoint presentation decrying the deal letter he has praised the u.s. president's decision. israel is opposed to the nuclear deal from the start because we said that rather than blocking the iran spoke to a bomb the deal actually paves the runs to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs israeli influence is absolutely key here trump cited netanyahu is kind of used cars the salesman style presentation in order to justify withdrawing from the iran deal
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and his new policy of rollback and you know first of all we have to recognize netanyahu introduced nothing new in his presentation the intelligence was arguably fabricated that netanyahu it introduced that trump cited it's another intelligence scam driving us to war well the nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy agency has confirmed that iran is honoring its commitments to the deal of the signatories are also valid to fill their obligations despite the west neutral so let's take a quick look back then at how this agreement was put together it took nine years of talks numerous attempts and was even days of meetings. we're speaking to. the e.u. us russia china and iran had to overcome their trust issues. raises
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for those they believe it was even possible. to be optimistic and yet it happened a diplomatic breakthrough a true success after a decade norm standoff. one country to what's happening i think this is a. do for a while he was all on his own until the new guy came to the white house is the worst seals i've ever seen in a good. zarathustra still one of the dumbest deals one of the worst deals ever heard was the iran deal or four agreements but that was a bad one first came decertifying the deal we cannot and will not make this certification the e.u. took it personally president of the united states as many posts not this one to
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trump went even further threatening to pull out of the deal altogether i'd be a total terminations that's a very real possibility some would say that's a greater possibility israel was jubilant they were trying to bamboozle the entire world in and birdland the president trying to say well enough of that the e.u. tried to knock some sense into trump with france germany and the u.k. sending their top guys to try and change his mind the president has been right to call attention to it but you could do that without just throwing the baby out with the bathwater nine years of talks a diplomatic breakthrough a true success was it all for nothing so that's how things are looking so i thought today here not international be back with more on the latest on the victory day celebrations in just over half an.
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with the old vision stopped and there was a sting of phone calls a fund is up and his cards on the file. following a welcome the crosstalk are all things are considered i'm peter lavelle warren remembrance sunday marks the seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar that can't be said of the europeans and americans to discuss how that conflict continues to impact russia's view of the world to this day.


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