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through. the immortal regiment march relatives fighting in the great. big. country is making cheer and cry at the same time. earlier it was tanks and troops that are rolled over. marking the defeat of nazi germany in one thousand nine hundred forty five. with the. cia veteran of the confirmation hearing for trump's pick for the new head of the agency and.
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will continue to help controversial white. group. russia's been celebrating victory day marking the defeat of nazi germany the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war as it's known here in russia which claimed the lives of more than twenty six million people. some of the family in russia the wasn't affected by the war almost everybody has relatives who fought the nazis dinero a special munch known as the immortal regiment is held every year of correspondents
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been following the moments from riots in the halls of the crowds in the center of the capital in the last couple of hours i decided to stay at one location and not move pretty much by this sea of people kept flowing and i still don't see the end of it we are being told that the record has been broken more than a million people has been officially said are taking part in this and more till regiment march this is if let's say an entire city of brussels got together and went out for a march on the one day but it's all about the people whose faces are in these many many portraits they survived the years of war and this is an memory of all of them a few years ago i promise to myself that in the next four years. every time touring
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victory day i'm going to take one of the portraits of one of my four great grandfathers and i'm keeping the promise and this is mikhail difference of who is the grandfather of my mom what he did like pretty much everyone else here on these portraits his first defended his motherland to make the nazis retreat and then he got a medal for liberating the city that's now known as kaliningrad the final destination of this absolutely extraordinary immortal regiment marched right square and my colleague daniel hawkins was much closer to that fire. destination take a listen and take a look at what he saw but located just dove by the kremlin in the red square when given how this march began it made twenty twelve with just a few thousand people running in a small city in siberia it's now a road to
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a truly international event with millions of people marching worldwide cities across europe in madrid london lisbon across the atlantic united states and thailand in israel truly a global event so all of those people are found out more about my family as well my great grandmother in media all going to a doctor a military surgeon she actually participated in the battle of moscow she was on the front lines here for many months ago during that keep battle before transferring further back into russia when she was the only surgeon for this ship for quite some time in the form of hundreds of operations later becoming all of the research is a coal fired means alludes to town in the republic of tatarstan at the russian president has been participating in the march as well since i do get to lot of your posts and alongside him today the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu who's holding a photo of a lot of fights around the participants of the second world war and heroes of the
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soviet union just goes to show just how much this event has expanded internationally how much this means to people not only here in russia but a broader as well we've managed to get some of those human stories that captured some of the behind the great pleasure old symbol of family history here's just one of them that we managed to get. some. shoes for me said to me and those who are prone to. need to see things for so soon to. my link in the main is right here dorset i never get to london user but if you. actually used to me yet can you buy do at the. sky sky. she's
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not. dirty. i got to. look at that she still likes me and since it said to touch it to get through to keep yet still. show come she could know but with the. two to give my sister us to. give up the cool there's another one yes cause i want ya email from me. and i am i knew. they were there when this should be packing. cinemas
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must. have i wonder. mosul regiment's civil city marching right across the globe to one of the memory of those who fell victim to the horrific events of the second world events have taken place everywhere from the streets of new york to tbilisi even kuwait city crowds also gathered as far away as australia with those in sydney commemorating that relatives. for many in russia the centerpiece of the victory day celebrations is the military parade through red square in moscow that took place this morning. o'dowd.
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a mocking bands get underway with marching bands from all corners of the vast expanse of the russian federation. you can smell the fumes from all the engines more than a hundred feet taking part in this year's parade now we can finally see some of the vehicles moving just behind me so finally this part of the parade has officially kicked off so let's just enjoy the view that we have from this vantage point.
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here they come here they come now it is the big boys and that big toys. look at the furrows of diesel coming off these tanks that's the amada these are the fake ones here man p.t. right that's the terminator. the stones or fred square like feet the vibrations it makes you think there's some sort of seismic activity underneath the kremlin. my only question is how on earth does he pocket thing. there's a thunderous. many of us of. but you can feel it through your body.
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that you ninety five and that. is as nato has come to call them i'm not under percent sure whether you get this she has shards of these aircraft through you know a camera lens but they're enormous sometimes defy reason and logic the things that the. slide. back to the events of the war that changed the course of humanity the siege of leningrad which is now st petersburg of course remains one of its most horrific chapters the city was completely surrounded by germans in one nine hundred forty one the blockade lasted eight hundred seventy two days it claimed the lives of up
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to one and a half million people all major supply routes were cut off only one exception that was the famous road of life that ran across the frozen lake. when i.
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when i. rang. the bell at midnight this guy name i have nothing in my way and. i knew my life by the watching him a real battle for black well would be a see my love was there to do it my way there michalak nine years maybe i'm
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a small. black. and i'm at risk. the army mail service was overwhelmed with lettuce from the. front line to loved ones back home the messages reveal not just the total horror of war though but also the touching failings of those serving towards their relatives one hundred two year old veteran simeone cuz means shared his incredible story. so i shouldn't of them. took her boy to see the loop up in the stomach. for.
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her. for him to work with the part of ship each. of you and i'm going to. i'm not. going. to quit the press. corps. at the start go. to her better. north. course for. her to go back. there or. cook who. the go in the.
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car to try to prevent. her from going abroad. and. coming. from the green line. stay with us for our continued coverage as russia marks the seventy third anniversary of victory day. donald trump's controversial pick for the cia director that story in the house bill has been grilled at a senate confirmation hearing over her alleged involvement in torture at the agency's facilities but she insisted that under her leadership torturing the cia will be a thing of the past i can offer you my personal commitment clearly and without reservation that under my leadership on my watch cia will not
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restart the detention and interrogation program. cia has learned some tough lessons from that experience most of the current controversy surrounding her involvement with the cia's quote enhanced interrogation techniques now first some background houseful reportedly ran a cia prison in thailand where these techniques were supposedly used and she's accused of destroying the tapes which documented that interrogation and that was the main topic of discussion at today's hearing do you believe the program in terms that you get interrogation program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standards are they consistent with american values senator i believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance
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with u.s. law do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to answer the question. and i think i've answered the question if not well the hearing was interrupted twice by protesters who were then carried out of there by capitol police but a one protester even shouted bloody geno which was a nickname that was given to her by the press. but. please please remove. what he. was saying oh god god god. god. this second protester was ray mcgovern a cia veteran and he's always a critique to use of torture and he attempted to ask her
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a question but he was also removed from the hearing. was. god thank. you very much thank you. well the open session is now over and the closed session. is taking place but now we're just going to have to wait and see whether he'll get past all of this controversy we spoke to former cia operations officer john kerry accu the man who revealed the use of torture in agency and was jailed following those revelations he knows do you know hostile personally it's time for a woman to head the cia just not this woman i think she's probably the single worst pick in all of washington d.c. i know gina has personally i worked for gina haskell i don't care of gina haskell's a man or a woman or a combination of the two she's not right for this job everybody is tough on
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terrorism all of us at the cia we're tough on terrorism that doesn't mean that you have to ignore the constitution of the united states and to ignore international law to prove that you're tough that's that was just nonsensical. the controversial white helmets group praised by the west as a rescue team working in syria has been guaranteed continued support by the british prime minister to reason. last week the trumpet ministration froze the us funding with thousands of civilian lives at risk will the prime minister step up pledge the government to plug the funding shortfall that now exists and ensure these heroic rescue workers can continue their work. again i say to the honorable gentleman we recognize the very important and valuable work that the white house mates are doing they are as he says doing this in registry difficult conditions they are incredibly brave to be continuing that work we do support them we will continue to support
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them and my rights i understand the international development secretary will be looking at the level of that support in the future while the issue was raised today during prime minister's questions that's the weekly session where m.p.'s from across the chamber can ask the prime minister a series of questions and that came as that particular one about the white helmets came from a member of the labor party and particularly asking the question because of course the us government to decided to cut their funding for the white helmet and so the question well what would the british government be looking to do to plug that gap now it's interesting that the us government has taken that decision because just a couple of months ago in march the white helmets and their senior leaders were in washington taking high level meetings with us government officials who were praising them for their work and praising them for their life saving activities as it's been put but not everybody is a fan of the white helmets that have been repeated allegations that they have been
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. linked to al qaeda tied groups and that they have been on the front lines where groups like al nusra have been present working hand in hand and also that some of the rest. missions have been nothing but stunts to try to win the world sympathy. now the white house continued to maintain that there purely humanitarian group and that they have no links to any extremist groups or the like but it's interesting
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they were founded by a former british army soldier a former master by the name of james messire yeah and so it seems that with this latest pledge by the u.k. government to look into plugging that funding gap the links between britain and the white helmets looks set to continue. spring mike randy's a political analyst and coeditor of the online media site b s news for you can even see mike what's britain's interest in funding supporting the white helmet still we know. well they're not just a propaganda construct as john pilger says the this is a concept that will be used is being used again not just in syria we've seen by elements in venezuela as far afield as the philippines and they're there to provide a false pretext that's essentially what they're there for it's it is propaganda and the people that we spoke to in aleppo last year they call them was fire brigade
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most people did not actually heard of them this year in aleppo we had one man sorry they were bad actors so the so there they have a reputation of being of doing the staged rescues. but the revelations from people in east kuta there were been liberated just dissin the past month shed more than a fair is light on this group one one eyewitness spoke to vanessa bailey actually said the boy helmets and other is the miss factions had come to them and forced them off their land taken stolen money stolen their possessions. and then kept them confined in a building and then a one point nine he came up to them and said be cautious there's going to be a chemical weapons attack and then the white helmets the actual white helmets actually attack them with chemical weapons with with poisonous gases this is a new revelation i think of that i've not heard of anything as serious as that in the inherent in the past two or three years but this just goes to show what we've
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actually been saying all along where you see why helmets you see almas where you see jail cell islam they are a look upon the same complexes the same buildings and they're working side by side we also heard of a witness in scooter that said there were three children trapped in a building and because they were elmo's fire and they were a part of the terrorist factions they were left in the white helmets were police they were pleased people were pleading with helmets to come and rescue the children and they didn't so that the children were trying to out of the rubble by a group of women suddenly the children's mother died because she wasn't poor. dance on but this goes to show this this is why more than just a propaganda affair that's what it was originally i think but it's now become much more serious and you just look at what they achieved last month with the cruise missile attack that was their film in april or march of the alleged chemical weapons attack there was no chemical weapons robert fisk and pearson sharpe spoke
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to doctors and witnesses on the scene and they said there was no chemical attack so there is the power of the white helmets and the power of the gander but i think the british people have something serious to consider here unless they've been sealed in and the magically sealed bubble of the mainstream media or they haven't read a book in their lives they must have their doubts about this group now there's been enough written about them i think in a subpoena or a morning starlix early to have done the most work and exposing them over the last two or three years but we have laws in this country about financing terrorism and a person commits an offense if they provide money and if they know or they have reason to suspect that that money is going to be used for terrorism now most people or grow a growing group of the majority of people in the country should at least be suspecting that this group isn't what it claims to be and therefore is in breach of anti terror legislation so i think the people in england should and britain should be asking themselves do they need to go on to some kind of tax strike and we'll start
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with holding funds from the government because they're going to find themselves on the wrong side of the law just by paying taxes it's a very very strange situation for theresa may to put us all in you say that there's enough evidence out there now outside of the mainstream media of course you won't see this in the mainstream media enough evidence outside of it for people to be suspicious now do you think that's in any way connected to the u.s. decision to reduce funding for the white house why suddenly are they not the u.s. darling. it's very odd i mean the thing is that the evidence of the white helmets and their affiliations with with terrorist groups and the fact that there are modern sectarian that's not been collected by undercover investigators on the ground that's been produced by themselves by what helmets operatives taken selfies with al qaida with taking selfies with them with guns taking selfies with them. standing on the bodies of syrian arab army soldiers so most of the body of evidence
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there is a mountain of evidence now is actually provided by the white helmets themselves and i say you have to admit that the americans might have seen this by now you know it's hard to ignore you know i think that the the british politicians and the gentleman asked the questions today in in part in p. and q.'s that's willful ignorance not to know this because it's impossible for educated people in this country especially the educated politicians who should know better and do have access to all sorts of information that normal citizens are not privy to they must know this they must know that this group is not just linked with terrorist groups there is a terrorist group itself just one of one other point that i heard as well from vanessa's test that when i witness testimonies had those one gentleman actually saw them manufacturing molten plastic that they then fired in a health cannon and he went out and it was only it was. like napalm he landed on
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people and some people killed some people in those mines just like of any shell that we ran out of tonnes of very could say many thanks mike reading political analyst cohen is your b.s. nice even quicker this time by. it's. her.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground as nato nations today wait to hear the outcome of a meeting between their closest ally in the middle east israeli pm benjamin netanyahu and russia's newly inaugurated leader vladimir putin coming up on the show as donald trump slams london for hospitals like war zones we get on says on gangs with chants and pool been winning elections from the former chair of scotland yard operation trident claudio webb now on the national executive of britain's labor party and from former u.k. home office minister on the tories of may to protest rock n roll that we asked for a live demo. about his new solo album and about his role in the wind drug scandal
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last from that line how bungling boris was not so foxy on us t.v. i'm the american fleet that's all it see again both the civil war coming up in today's going underground but first what does it say about international human rights and law enforcement the gina house bill is wanted by the whole trump and barack obama's espionage bosses to run the notorious cia the world has known about alleged cia violations of international law around the world for decades on the death squads of central america two assassinations in africa so what is half full down that is so bad. and she saw the merit in withdrawing today's bid to run the organization but then to cia director gina half offered to withdraw her nomination to head the spy agency but the president rebuffed her humble offer so how humble is she here is someone who worked with their interviewed here in jena high school has logged all over her hands she's the godmother of the c.i. .


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