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plus the celebrating victory day which started with a military parade in the morning and wrapped up with a spectacular fireworks display. sea of people swept through moscow taking part in the regiment march remembering relatives who died fighting in the great patch. also to come this hour. the. cia veteran is thrown down to the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick for the new head of the agency that amid protests over her alleged involvement in torture. also protesters burn u.s. flags on the streets of tehran after trump decided to withdraw from the iran
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nuclear deal. for joining us you're watching internet. russia's been celebrating victory day which marks the defeat of nazi germany it's been the seventy third anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war as it's known here in russia which claimed the lives of more than twenty six million soviet people. victory day celebrations culminated with huge firework displays one of the biggest was in moscow and artie said he managed to find a perfect view. thousands of fire trucks and lighting up at least guys tonight sent across and several and spots across more case it just can victory park fireworks will be illuminating the skies tomorrow and of the seventy fifth anniversary
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celebrations it's now down the level in the crowd so you can see people wearing symbols and thanks to a day such as this plane went in a sign a member in some respects and say when people carrying the right combinations of land and name and down of the area sites across send most as well but now people will be flocking to try to get the best seats in the house and try and get the. lights and the final leg surrounding the night skies i've managed to grab quite a good seat tonight's getting a good view of most cases skies of the fleet you'll be able to catch the colors on your screen it's. the family in russia that wasn't affected by the war and in their own are a special monch known as the immortal regiment is held each year this time a new record was hit more than a million people gathered in moscow and over ten million across russia on correspondents followed the march from right in the hearts of the crowds in the russian capital. but it's all about the people whose faces are in these many
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many portraits are out if you can hear their harangue that's also another remarkable feature of this march again back to the people in the portraits they survived years of war and this is in memory of all of them a few years ago i promise to myself that in the next four years. every time during victory day i'm going to take one of the portraits of one of my four great grandfathers and i'm keeping the promise and this is mikhail difference of who is the grandfather of my mom what he did like pretty much everyone else here on these portraits is first defended his motherland to make the not. says retreat and then he got a medal for liberating the city that's now known as cullinan grads the final destination of this absolutely extraordinary immortal regiment marched in this
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right square and my colleague daniel hawkins was much closer to that final destination take a listen and take a look at what he saw brought located just by the kremlin the red square and given how this last began that made twenty twelve with just a few thousand people running in a small city in siberia it's now on the road to a truly international event with millions of people marching worldwide cities across europe madrid london lisbon across the atlantic united states and thailand in israel truly a global event so all of those people are found out more about my family as well my great grandmother in media all going to a doctor a military surgeon she actually participated in the battle of moscow she was on the front lines here for many months had searing that she battled before transferring further back into russia where she was the only surgeon for this ship for quite
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some time in the form of hundreds of operations later becoming all of the recent us a call for means alludes to town in the republic of tatarstan at the russian president's has been participating in the march as well since twenty fifteen a lot of you oppose it alongside him today the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu who's holding a photo of a lot of fights for all the participants of the second world war and hero of the soviet union just going to show just how much this event has expanded internationally how much this means to people not only here in russia but a broad as well we've managed to get some of those human stories captured some of them behind the great potential to build up family history here's just one of them don't we managed to get.
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coolest in the formis cause i want ya email from me. were there when this should be packing. acts enormousness. most regiments also marched across the globe to honor the memory of those who fell victim to the horrific events of the second world war events have taken place everywhere from the streets of new york to tbilisi waltz or even kuwait city crowds also gathered as far away as australia with those in sydney commemorating their
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relatives. but for many russia the centerpiece of the victory day celebrations was the military parade through red square in moscow that took place in the morning. o'dowd. i'm agin bands get underway with marching bands from all corners of the vast expanse of the russian federation. you can smell the fumes from all the engines more than a hundred feet taking part in this year's parade now we can finally see some of the
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vehicles moving just behind me so finally this part of the parade has officially kicked off so let's just enjoy the view that we have from this vantage point. here they come here they come now it is the big boys and that big toys. look at the furrows of diesel coming off these times that's the armada these are the back once a man beats a right that's the terminator. the stones of red square my feet the vibrations it makes you think there's some sort of seismic activity underneath the kremlin.
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my only question is how on earth does he park the thing. there's a thunderous. many of us in. your party. ninety five and. as nato has come to call them i'm not a hundred percent sure where the you get this she has of these aircraft through you know a camera lens but norma says they sometimes defy reason logic the things that.
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one camera also caught an unusual scene on the red square at one point a war hero seen being forced out of the way of the presidential security team the president what was happening and immediately invited the veteran to war with him he found the war hero you know his story. the president was there he has two bodyguards two big lads i was walking behind them the president knows me we've met before and he gave me a sign to come over i went the guards wanted to push me back but the president didn't let them they didn't touch me any more they understood that the president knows me and i know him well so we went together to the tomb of the unknown soldier and to the kremlin my rank is major general i was called up to the army before my seventeenth birthday after six months of training i was sent to the front lines
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when i got there moscow had already been liberated so i was sent to small units i took part in the battle for small and i was just a soldier for that battle i got the medal for bravery. do stay with us for our special coverage as russia's munk the seventy third anniversary of victory day. global was still in you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce talks for the tell you that would be gossip and tabloid bias files of the most important news today. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough and let's fight their product. all the hawks that we along with all the one.
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welcome back donald trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal is sparked a wave of protests in tehran furious demonstrators burned to the stars and stripes and photos of the u.s. president there's even
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a similar protest inside the country's parliament itself and pace burned the u.s. flag right there in the chamber with vocal support from fellow mike is quitting the nuclear deal from pulls a vow to impose the toughest sanctions on tehran. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal the agreement to restrict iran's nuclear energy program the crowning achievement of the obama white house has finally been terminated by the donald today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep them but how much impact is this really having only one country the united states is withdrawing and the ryann doesn't seem particularly worried i have ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to negotiate with and lobby the european countries as well as russia and china and to carry out the necessary
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korda nation with them russia and. china ready to keep things going as is so are key allies of the united states and the european union and european union is determined to preserve it we expect the rest of the international community to continue to do its part to that anti but it continues to be fully implemented but the sake of our own collective security together with the rest of the international community we will preserve this nuclear deal. under the current circumstances we call on all parties concerned to adopt a responsible attitude china will maintain close communication with all relevant parties and stay committed to upholding and implementing the deal in an objective impartial and responsible way. we're deeply concerned over the u.s. president's decision to you know actually abandon its obligations under the joint comprehensive plan of action on the iranian nuclear program and sanctions on iran
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now this isn't the only global decision the trumpet ministration has made to be met with chirping crickets remember when the usa moved its embassy to jerusalem other than paraguay and guatemala the rest of the world was not exactly clamoring to follow suit and remember one trouble pulled out of the paris climate change accords well the other one hundred ninety five countries that have signed on they frowned at washington for a minute and then they moved on as if nothing had happened the accords remain exactly the same so once again we've got a big drum roll in fanfare from the white house but with the rest of the world refusing to go along is washington's global leadership really all it's cracked up to be this be very clear mr tom did not simply exit did. he violated as you know written obligations under the and that is a then he can important point that has been raised by. me and others and this my both to you know
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in the international court of justice. legal forms the u.n. security council well besides trump one of those most in favor of scrapping the nuclear agreement has been the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu as we heard earlier he is currently in mosco he recently gave a rather theatrical powerpoint presentation that decried the deal and you know he has praised the u.s. president's decision. israel has opposed the nuclear do from the start because we said that rather than blocking iran spoke to a bomb the dealer actually proves you wrong to an entire arsenal of nuclear bombs israeli influence is absolutely key here trump cited netanyahu is kind of used cars the salesman style presentation in order to justify withdrawing from the iran deal and his new policy of rollback and you know first of all we have to recognize netanyahu introduced nothing new in his presentation the intelligence was arguably
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fabricated that netanyahu it introduced that trump cited it's another intelligence scam driving us to war. the in terms controversial pick for cia director gina hospital is being grilled to the senate confirmation hearing over her alleged involvement in torture at the agency's facilities but she insisted that under her leadership torture in the cia would become a thing of the past i can offer you my personal commitment clearly and without reservation that under my leadership on my watch cia will not restart the detention and interrogation program. cia has learned some tough lessons from that experience confirmation might not go so smoothly today's hearing there was some very clear opposition to hostile but those who were skeptical were concerned about her prior involvement with the cia's enhanced
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interrogation techniques which many describe as a torture program but human rights organizations have even called upon the public to reach out to their representatives and oppose her nomination but first some background on the controversy house will reportedly ran a cia prison in thailand where these techniques were used and she's accused of destroying tapes that documented these interrogations but president trump seems to have no qualms with her questionable history in fact he's even praised her for being quote tough on terror so as you can guess torture and morality were the main topics of discussion at today's hearing you believe the program in terms that you can interrogate program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standards are they consistent with american values senator i believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance
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with u.s. law do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to the answer the question. and i think i've answered the question if not the hearing was disrupted twice by protesters who took issue with this and they were immediately silenced and then removed from the premises the first protester screamed bloody jena a nickname that the press often use. to ever police was removed. god was. was. the second protester wasn't a random human rights activist it was actually rape make governor a veteran cia officer who served in the agency for decades but since his retirement
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he's been an active critic of torture and more specifically the agency's use of torture during his disruption he attempted to ask a question but then he was forcibly removed by capitol police. were was. always going to. be very very. it's unclear whether or not trump support will be enough for an easy confirmation but we'll just have to see what happens well the cia veteran you just saw being removed from the senate to being ray mcgovern was one of the people we asked for comment about trump's choice of gina hospital to head up the cia seventy nine year old mcgovern is now in custody is what he told us back in march. gina hash bill was in charge of the black sites in thailand where she not only water boarded and otherwise tortured people who were brought
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there in two thousand and two and around then but she destroyed the evidence she destroyed the videotapes that showed how these torture sessions including waterboarding were carried out in other words if you destroy evidence if you obstruct inquiries then you can move right ahead and i remember my friend john kiriakou who is persecuted and prosecuted and served two years jail time for what for revealing torture or not for doing it he commented when cina hash bill was named deputy director he commented that this is really really bad what will the shape of the troops in the ranks it will say you couldn't violate laws it will take care of you it geno has bill has had practically every senior position in the cia's headquarters she's currently the acting director of the cia i knew her when she was the chief of staff in the counterterrorism center she's been in the senior
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intelligence service for decades but i think that she's not qualified to lead the cia because the actions that she took during the dark period of the cia's torture program disqualify her the crime was on her part it was that she was doing this torture program not that the american people learned about it gina haskell had the opportunity to say the right thing that this was a dark period in u.s. history people made mistakes the program was immoral it was illegal it was unconstitutional she never said any of that. let's bring in code pink activist. hospitals senate hearing to protest nomination why don't you want in charge. well there were many more than two people arrested there were nine people arrested the capitol
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police arrested seven people before the hearing started because they didn't want to be interrupted and the charge against jean aspel is exactly as ray mcgovern who was bloodied and injured in his arrest by these thugs on capitol hill but also by john kiriakou this woman is unqualified if these are the new american values that torture is ok that we can hide behind our our belief that we follow the human rights laws of june the geneva convention we will be the rest of the world should take note and should take care you mention the ray mcgovern among those who do time in the form of a and just out of interest you have to know the status of those who were arrested they all been released by now oh do we know. well the ones that were really that were picked up that were arrested without provocation before the hearing started
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were given a fifty five dollars fine and released almost immediately but raised being held overnight as well as helen shouting your who was the one who said bloody gina and the reason they want to do this is they're starting a new program where they're trying to give harsher sentences to people for interrupting these hearings i interrupted jeff sessions hearing and i was given a year's probation which was unheard of at the point at that point but we've better focus on the fact that the united states is is going down a very very dark path right now and the world community had better wake up and we're very we're very saddened that bibi netanyahu is right now in moscow this this this could possibly be leading to a world war which is being led by israel in some ways by these provocation this propaganda program that they had last weekend and and where donald trump pulled us out of this agreement with iran we're going to have
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a cia chief who believes in torture we're going very down a very very dark at the in this country how much weight do you think it adds to the argument to have the likes of say cia veterans like ray mcgovern kubiak you slumming hospitals nomination. well they should have a lot of weight to the argument of that that she is unqualified to be the head of the cia but then you have other. democrats on that committee who are saying that they were friends with gene asked passible gina housefull is a torturer she's a she struck fear into people's lives in black sites in thailand and who knows elsewhere and the people that sit on this committee should not cozy up to this person she should be retired she should be given her pension and shunned these if she was going on the nurnberg defense where she was she was told by others that she
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had the right to violate the human rights of these people and waterboard them we don't know how many times and destroy the evidence this woman should be jailed and not rewarded song of fortune to be run out of time. coming on the speak to his tongue barry code pink activists many thanks and that wraps things up for they sow say good bye for now join us in half an hour for the latest. you. get with. bankers survival it looks like you just go to the store simply believe. it will be there you don't get it. next year it was.
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good susan repatriations look at the rest in seventy years it will upset their stress record. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want from the eyes of god a been stumping this is not a gun to the. woods as everybody got on into the sea at the last possible bible and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that to think off message and put us in more banks or because officinalis this is an easy sell in response to the only one local all the more for the link to almost all the wall in this field boardrooms all of those with. the incident on this in the us songs that are often started on with the old
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version stopped in a more sustainable or as a fun is up and describes in the file. which . of course. only. europe prefers to ignore the fact that along with nazi germany were against the suv the union was officially declared by the governments of italy finland slovakia bug area. rumania and the puppet vision french government and unofficially these units forty against the u.s.s.r. the spanish flu division the belgian flanders legion the albanians kenda big division the dutch natal and legion and danes and norwegians who united in the
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nordland division. estonian and ukrainian troops were also rampant incited by nazi germany executions were carried out by almost all european countries stripped i'll get cleared. area. on the summit also lots of. data. our shits thousands of red army soldiers hundreds of thousands of slavic civilians and millions of jews perished here. will all. of you.


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