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regions who united in the nordland s.s. division this year only in estonian and ukrainian s.s. troops were also rampant incited by nazi germany executions were carried out by almost all european countries strict i'll get clear muswell young fraser go also but i'm never home most of. the to sharia on which i would start. up and cover the issue on the survey also lots of books on my of data. if you'd like more up what if. auschwitz thousands of red army soldiers hundreds of thousands of slavic civilians and millions of jews perished in. a mess but. there's. no rule.
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gara. the russian president wasn't invited to the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz the polish government disregarded the fact that on generally the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred forty five hour should survivors met their liberators with shouts of the russians have come. all. yet they had two. years god damn. but so was he me acting extra
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shifts for you have not called very boldly on to kyoto you dear to china has done you outed me i tried it on our visit for you our obols outfit reoccur now emits the delegation of center that's a no go to google visit following us getting economy it's corrupt. and this is present day our shit. reads this auschwitz need some commentary see if it were ice as. easy in auschwitz. as the. common good. meat meat fly in the animal peony if. gas coming from mason meet him as
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he for when id him and service up can a gas come and get him there creates a first and it were playing for me at this is absolute. c.c. it's the so-called mid seventies yet does each pass up shy a female does absolute five on the east is why it's them or do it not the way saidst does it's to get me to meet decent two east asian onan mid and late skin tones. camel each day. and cup in their
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nice dish is a given study of hindi. to lenin and then to listen to the. pizza and said see when does this film. today's punish guide stone point out that it was liberated by russians in a variety of languages one can hear that the war was started. jointly with hitler. for the fourth part following the pre-war pockets between that and. the top spot which is also. such a spot on this. also say that by union.
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nobody. today should close or money said. this was a team unit not of literacy skills skills. no should nuke you. all to. the only reminiscence of the some by boy extermination camp our own station and a commanders house hundreds of thousands were exterminated in this gas chambers muesli jews and soviet prisoners of war. smaller and more. men in bali as a little. peace can be a little good said looking for. the camp was closed. after prisoners revolted
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by subi at officer alexander pitchiness russia was prevented from participating in the remodeling of some people. must a lack of be upon you up north but you're more of us. need of the show a prius which i see her see the bottom of the of the office of a minister. so devoted to us just by mr. without consent at seeming believe it just shan't keep titian saluja to shun saluja even poses i glad it kept rashness some people gin us dollar bill one even seeing instead is stoppin set off to new part of the needles i did any of us yet
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she is doubtful chunk last bought the old ass a little g r r's get out no voice helps national that get are not very vandals looked as invisible on aug thirtieth docomo to a gust of eight. the nun sees a stab missed more than fourteen thousand concentration camps prisons and get. about eighteen medium people pass through the extermination camps and more than twelve million die and one out of five prisoners was a child. of a cell phone which had willow get the money and i will leave it up at the rim issue pre-state breaking eastern the new book a union. or. current theme in the european media is atrocities and allegedly committed by
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the red army on third territory. out of reach of the us army are going to see if they both get on out of the. car see out of their new proposal business to pike. the billionaire. who was named here. this is say you you can we shall prevent. paid to move a saturday or you call the you know the creator of all anonymous to get. a bully but the other which is shea story however europe today they depict then liberates is this one. and here is a news reel from those years. of
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. current. when you mean you could really. be a mighty cutter pushing up front. chefs in the study of. the book over here a stylus. told me. easy story to bill is dylan. of way after a cure for she's. still in the way he. still sort of t.n.t. . is. a will and will this period the.
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machine year. well what you see him will not will not because of course there were occasional and unavoidable lapses among those who had lost their families back home but these were isolated cases and the position of the soviet state was emphatic on january the nineteenth one thousand nine hundred forty five starlin issued a special order those who are guilty of violence and rape will be executed similar orders was signed by commanders of all the soviet fronts the shock of the wash new year while yeah well three d. . not for idea now feel there is last year lowell young year you will have clearly a familiar. show them on the style social wall with . what i see you i think you'll see g.-d. .
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disappointed to know that armenia is not ukraine or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent we're building on the success and the failures of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we're you we have a leg up on anything that's been tried in the past this is not as a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education alone it's higher education is becoming just another product that can be pulled from the sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running
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a business and what you could. not could this also not for the fellow they couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education for the new global economic war. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owner spend spend be true to the twenty million. books it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what chance for. peace this minute.
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vast areas of the western u.s.s.r. lay in ruins more than fourteen million civilians have been killed practically every village in belarus and ukraine at a trench nearby where hundreds of old men women and children were executed. that's how they acted on soviet soil. this flood of us old dusty whole situation surged out in the sea a kindle even with the vest look into blue them saying it's the us so and you can time the word and any soviet issue failed coup here on the humvee. team
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don't you going to see cash out of it or says so and then i aspire a lot of us come see us get ever be out here on the home needs to ace galloped on our stand that greek to end there were. six yeah i. mean then. does the. a so a cat in the here and in a rose so didn't he in then c and c r for a man see how moans so close. i found i brought order else cut off thing is why i see the nick to s. and. there is no doubt that. german bodies are for color spots real reason why your mom. no need to be true of acquittal are you sure you're in your daughters or my mom very safe to talk all of us all of us or
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shiver. here me there are three of the best political stuff. you know just. call. them. what city need to be a. long. crewman . through the entire. day he was in berlin.
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now seventy years of cost and he has returned to the city where he buried his brothers no thank you nine hundred forty five. zero. five doesn't buy the notion. that the.
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neither the germans the russians and the. army soldier nikolai muscle oh rescued a german girl but when they decided to establish the name of the child it turned out that didn't burn and there had been thousands of such cases. are all in a well or at least notion of a. storm just leading way miley are trying to. score a blue form knew he was the young boys me. the second front they write so much about in western history books was launched just eleven months before victory by this time the red army could have achieved it by itself but i shiver yeah can i be sure love it for all for on. us
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they're all sort of toil name season but above all in us. he just thought it was. you sure. that you. sort of cheat you out of the work done more for silly this law. or some time your script was that of say any good source and destroy middleford believe i need your oil. from a ship dealer you just sunk. dealy you were all when she was on your ship thirty years or you generally thought the dollar up at almost all you quite delicious what . gillett backside bureau by beer the daughter of a prestigious really stuck are so this off with my failures nickel further by. by national. you punishing on our show your sister our children's denials from for auntie. some western historians claim that the successes of the red army
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was due to american supplies made possible by the so called lend-lease policy. then the soviet union carried the major weight of that battle in terms of childers supply the army fighting the germans in terms of charges killed in battle in terms of civilians killed in battle. but still together we prevail over the nazi germany. george herring an american historian news the history of lend-lease very well he's written a number of books about it. it was not an act of charity or generosity it was an act of calculated self-interest. lend-lease turned out to be a profitable business for the u.s. few people know that it took until two thousand and six for the russian federation to repay the us fully for the known in fact more than sixty percent of lend lease
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supplies went to great britain and just twenty percent of the u.s.s.r. the majority of deliveries were made between one thousand nine hundred forty nine hundred forty five when the outcome of the war had practically been determined did the united states benefit from it and i think. yes absolutely the united states did that from the war and and some ways world war two. cures the depression as far as the united states is concerned prosperity or for short for store. even of the u.s. joint of all american corporations continue to fulfill orders to enemy countries. standard oil shipped around thirteen thousand tons of crude oil to the germans every month. ford supplied car ties as well as robots of the german army.
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about top of the damage spear coles will produce to local factories which is along to american general motors until nine hundred forty. a.c.c. movida so will. first the must. be. chaffed. even if anyone says salmon had stayed. only. famous the fear that i have. been the creek. give out through peace the scene is he said beach have to fax to. after the war ended number of third reich real criminals who were employed by the us. generals responsible for the extermination of millions became nato general the cia hired thousands of s.s. offices and scientists there's a reason why operation paperclip was launched right after world war two brought
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sixteen hundred nazi scientists to the us. you know and those people were incorporated into the n.s.a. and those people were. you know were used for the manhattan project and used for all kinds of nefarious things and some of these people so you know it's basically the idea that we defeated fascism is as false what we did is we sort of merged into fascism and took it over and you know so that's really where it's at and i the reason again young people are confused as cause they're lied to every day. in addition to war criminals political scientists historians ideologists who had worked on hitler's propaganda as well as representatives of european countries that it collaborated with the nazis who took refuge in the united states. i mean it gonna see your body and mind it more than school if there was sword i
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knew every bit of you just said he still doesn't erase the hurdles i made a counselor the professor. of where he had left any of syria's obvious route into. the borders she avoided. myths about the soviet threat and a preventative german strike on the us a son. nothing new they were developed inside the third reich this justification was expressed on june the twenty second one nine hundred forty one by the german ambassador. in a message passed to the soviet government and in a memorandum presented to the soviet ambassador in berlin on the same day the documents stated that the us was allegedly preparing to invade europe and that this was the main cause of war in the meantime german planes bombing soviet cities. and you would have thought about such
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a must. be but. no one up to some of. the preventative strike myth was completely dispelled at the nuremberg trials former head of the german prison radio feature admitted that the propaganda campaign had been planned in order to convince the public that the us is a no germany was to blame for the war. these myths were later adopted by performance of the cold war historical rewrite ever since world war two and it was necessary to foment the cold war against russia against communism and socialism. that's where attempts to justify the third reich come from to make it look like the victim of soviet aggression then another idea was introduced that the main driving force behind victory of a fascism was the allies led by the united states and the responsibility of the war was placed on hitler and stalin. starting up the. new
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version year. and i just skip ago. c m e a scheme now she's member's name is kim flushes ma'am yes yes nims elementals. eat up usually up at a ski usual but i'll see the school chess them shit shit your stuff should good enough it bug you start it's nice to go to pull it's here to say a new puppy no bitch is good enough to go to pull. those who experienced will go to becoming fewer and fewer and if you remove the monuments destroy the grave the habs people will forget it entirely made a movie in the nation it. is a pin just change the. ultimate focus of.
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a melody case diminish its mission to get a new division. viscounts
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in three southeast. a famous good apps. can call me in on my list box them of every three or four and into a poem say sixty six to me to me is out and about it's a graphic that maximized science has to be made to.
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stop. war in remembrance day marks a seventy third anniversary of victory in europe over fascism this is one of the most important dates on the russian calendar but can't be said to europeans and americans we discussed how that conflict continues to impact question view of the world to this day. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does one like will stop on the
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border doesn't come from the eyes of god i'm stumped and this is going to come to the woods as the fee that you got on into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that some seem to think office can put us in more than that that's what we call softness of this is an easy sell in the sense of only one of them will fall into almost the whole these two boardrooms are the ones with the openings and all this in the arsenals of the home study done with the old vision starting there was a steel balls in front of the hub and describes in the fine.
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russia celebrates picture a day marking seventy three years since the end of the second world war with a spectacular military parades and fireworks display. a sea of people has swept through moscow taking part in the immortal regiment march remembering relatives who died fighting in what russians paul the great patriotic war. you know he was the. big wad a cia veteran is thrown out of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's cake as the new agency chief amid protests over alleged involvement in torturing prisoners .


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