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what is the place of students in this business model. now an. education. europe refers to ignore the fact that along with nancy germany were against the civic union was officially declared by the governments of italy finland slovakia bugg area hungary area rumania and the puppet dishy french government and unofficially these units forty against the u.s.s.r. the spanish flu division the belgian flanders legion the albanian skandha big division the dutch natal in legion and danes the movie germans who united in the nordland s.s. division this year estonian and ukrainian s.s. troops were also rampant incited by nazi germany executions were carried out by
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almost all european countries and strict i'll get clear. of you also if i have a home. for to sharia. on the summit also lots of. data. if you'd like more up what if. our shits thousands of red army soldiers hundreds of thousands of slavic civilians and millions of jews perished in. a mist but. there's. no rule. am.
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saying. the russian president wasn't involved. due to the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz the polish government disregarded the verdict that on generally the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred forty five should survivors met their liberators with shells of the russians of come. they had to do permission years the goddamn cut so was healing a acne extra shifts for ye have not recall a bully on to kyoto you get to china's done you out of me outside of all not visible you are obols outfits reoccur now sarong emits the delegation
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of constant that's a no go to google visit following getting economy it's corrupt. and this is present day our shits. meets our is auschwitz the needs of. ice as. down in auschwitz. as snow. will be good. men fly in the enemy peony in from. gas coming from mason meet him as he for when i am and sub a sub can a gas come and begin their tricks of west and it will fade from me at this is absolute eason.
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mid-south is yet does he does up shy a female does absolute. is by it's them i do it and the way. he does to get me to meet decent. skin tones of the. camel each day. and come to their knees to show. to me.
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and then to. blame and say see when does these. days punish guides don't point out that it was liberated by the russians in a variety of languages one can hear that the room was stone to. jointly with hitler . employed worth following the pre-war pact so if that between the union and it did not the germany is the top of a lot of pot which is also. such a spot on this. one thirty also say that by union. vision was a kosher to much to do nobody. to taste closer money so. to
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the nips as well as a. matter of literacy skill tradition similar a bit but. no should nuke you because you know it all to. the only reminiscence of the somebody. boy extermination camp our own station and a commander's house hundreds of thousands were exterminated in this gas chambers muesli jews and soviet prisoners of war. stories and in one year. a man in bali a scintilla. a little bit insulting. the camp was closed off to a prison is revote led by stupid officer alexander pitchiness russian who was prevented from participating in the remodeling of some people. a lack of the upon
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the up and up which are more of us. mere of the show our prius which i see her see the bottom of the at the office of a mr. sibal gustus my mr. without consent to that seeming bill which just shan't keep to shanty luge to shun salute even bozak blooded a keg rashness so many bull genest only bill one even seeing instead is stoppin set off to new buttons on your bull's eye act not stand out did any of us she is doubtful choke fast boat to old ass a little g r s b r r no voice helps now know that we are not very vandals what is
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then visible on august thirtieth docomo to a gust of eight. the non-si is established more than fourteen thousand concentration camps prisons and get. about. eighteen medium people ponce true the extermination camps and more than twelve million died one out of five prisoners was a child. of a so for the wizard below could get money a member will. look at the issue pre-state breaking issue in the new book a union. a recurrent theme in the european media is atrocities and allegedly committed by the red army on third right territory. out of each of.
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us out of me are going to see if they both get on the. side of the can i see out of me a new pair of those all been a stupid i destroyed the billion. of the other names here. this is say you as you can we shall prevent your dues approaches. paid to move past saturday or you feel that we have the beautiful honest to get a washed up with that piece of bully but the other which is shea story however europe today they depict then liberates as this one. and here is a news reel from those years. who believes she is a good use of if it is of early but you know when you really mean you could really. be
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a mighty cutter pushing up front of the wave of chefs in the study of music he cuts out of the book. a stylus and each. told me. easy story to bill is dylan that of way after a cure for. it was yes i mean. the really our lives tell me all of us today in our lives it's in the way ya'll of. tyranny. will know will this period strange smiling in when you're gone come. by and you won't. want. to store. up my share in your. will what you see him will or will not cause of course there were occasional and
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unavoidable lapses among those who had lost their families back home but these were isolated cases and the position of the suv state was emphatic on january the nineteenth one thousand nine hundred forty five sterling issued a special order those who are guilty of violence and rape will be executed similar orders was signed by commanders of all the soviet fronts the shock of their wash leo here in one year will three d. . not for i do you not see it is last year will be on the year year you will fit into. show them on the style social war with words your thought or else you will of burials through g.g. .
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board does run for the eyes of god i'm stunned just adama's got a gun to go through the woods as the fee that he got into the sea at the last possible bribe them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that things off put us in more than one we call selfishness this sort of zeal selling this is also the only one local all the more for the morning to almost up the wall in this for the warden's. with all that still things and all this in the arsenals that all of them started on with the old vision starting a more sustainable more as a fund is up and his cards on the side. vast
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areas of the western u.s.s.r. lay in ruins more than fourteen million civilians had been killed practically every village in belarus and ukraine had a trench nearby where hundreds of old men women and children were executed. that's how they acted on soviet soil. of a soul to steal a whole section search does the see a kindle even with the vest look in the boot them saying it's the us you can time the word and any soviet issue failed coup here on the humvee. team down you're
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going to see cash out of the says so and then they spray or the walls come see us get everybody out we have needs to is get up to our stand that greek so endeavor. i. mean then. does the. a slick that in the here van in a roast. in the sierras see a frying pan see how months so close sushi. shop where am i fun i brought order elf doll thing is why i see the nick to s. and. there is all the other. journalists archipelago a spa street written by a mom. i need to be true of acquittal already through three of your
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daughters or my mom very safe to talk all of us on our shiver. here me there are three of the best political stability of the tristram olympic career of affairs i believe it all.


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