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together to the tomb of the unknown soldier and to the kremlin my rank is major general i was called up to the army before my seventeenth birthday after six months of training i was sent to the front line when i got there moscow had already been liberated so i was sent to small units i took part in the battle for smolensk i was just a soldier for that battle i got the medal for bravery so the director for human rights watch has been kicked out of israel will like you for the details after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach.
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guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the. great game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down going left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join that for the thousand in the world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition as we go. but. it is good to have you with us today the controversial white helmets group praised by the west as
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a rescuer team working in syria has been guaranteed continued support by the british prime minister theresa may that's after washington's decision to pull the plug on syrian aid funding which includes the white house. the last week the trumpet ministration from the us funding with fantasies of civilian lives at risk will the prime minister stick out pledge the government to plug the funding shortfall that now exists and is sure these heroic rescue workers can continue their work. again i say to the honorable gentleman we recognise the very important and valuable work that the white helmet so doing they always he says doing this in . difficult conditions they are incredibly brave to be continuing that work we do support them we will continue to support them and my right on the family international development section will be looking at the level of that support in the future well the issue was right. today during prime minister's questions particular one about the white helmets came from the member of the labor party
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particularly asking the question because of course the us government to decided to cut their funding for the white helmets and so the question when what would the british government be looking to do to plug in fact gap now it's interesting that the us government has taken that decision because just a couple of months ago in march the white helmets and their senior leaders were in washington taking high level meetings with us government officials who were praising them for their work and praising them for their lifesaving activities as it's been put but not everybody is a fan of the white helmet so we've been repeated allegations that they have been. linked to al qaida tied groups and that they have been on the front lines where groups like al nusra have been present working hand in hand and also that some of their rescue missions have been nothing but stunts to try to win the world sympathy .
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now the white helmets continue to maintain that they're purely a humanitarian group and that they have no links to any extremist groups or the like but it's interesting they were founded by a former british army soldier a former master nuri by the name of james messire yes and so it seems that with this latest pledge by the u.k. government to look into plugging that funding gap. the links between britain and the white helmets looks set to continue we spoke to political analyst mike roddy
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who's been to syria himself he told us the case against the white helmets is abundantly clear the british people have something serious to consider here unless they've been sealed in a magically sealed bubble of the mainstream media or they haven't read a book in their lives they must have their doubts about this group now there's been enough written about them people that we spoke to in aleppo last year they called them our newsrooms fire brigade most people did not actually heard of them this year in aleppo we had one man say that they were bad actors so the so there they have a reputation of being of doing the staged rescues. but the revelations from people in east kuta there were been liberated just dissin the past month shed more light on this group i think the people in england should and britain should be asking themselves do they need to go on to some kind of tax troika and we'll start with holding funds from the government because they're going to find themselves on the wrong side of the law just by paying taxes it's a very very strange situation for theresa may to put us all in. israel has
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revoked the work permit for human rights watchers director in the country authorities explain the decision was based on a dossier that was compiled on oman to check your activities over the course of a decade check your work involves reporting on israel and the palestinian territories he has held his post since april last year israel has given him fourteen days to leave the country and we spoke to the ousted director who told us that the real motive behind the decision is to simply well disturb his organization's work. their reality is all of the allegations in the dossier relate to human rights activities many of which took place years ago before i joined human rights watch when i was a student in university and the reality remains that even according to the interior ministry neither i nor human rights watch promote boycotts human rights watch is an organization that covers over ninety countries across the world we've won
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a nobel peace prize you know for efforts we document abuses not only by israel but also by the palestinian authority and by how mass this is the first time of course human rights watch that israel has ordered human rights official out of the country who've been working here for nearly three decades i met a fifty plus year occupation characterized by systematic rights abuse and institutional discrimination so the real aim is clear it's to muzzle dissent human rights watch has commented on the situation it says this is not about the director himself but about shackling of the organization's activities in israel it also said that his supports the director will fight for the decision to be robust a lot of shock yet again says that deporting him will not stop the organization from reporting in the region barring me from operating here will not stop our reporting will continue to document rights abuses and be vocal about their rights
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situation on the ground but i think it's a very worrying signal guarding their israel is and is going we intend to challenge a decision before an israeli district court and we intend to continue to raise pressure not only to reverse this decision but also to rescind the law that calls for banning entry of activists who fully anticipate that that decision or your first and then i will be permitted term in the country. your world news every hour and r.t. international we are back soon with. discipline
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to know that armenia is not ukraine or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent we're building on the success and the fielder's of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we have a leg up on anything that's been tried in the past this is not as a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bolton sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good models at bruges look good these souls the kind of
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fellow they couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now in an extremely more high education the new global economic war. welcome to the alex simon show from washington d.c. politics in this capital and to the silver the minute that donald j. trump entered the white house and justice donald trump pursued them in substance at the capture of the glass door on the right so forces in the radical side of american politics are planning on coming to
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a revolution today i speak to one of america's most the nine human rights activists and to a group of young people looking forward to changing the world. first your tweets for this week show we hear from actually vision he says just watch the interview with chris hedges on the show very interesting and enjoyable jim says watch this episode by comparison of other offerings that was pretty good and i don't know what you're comparing us to jim thank you very much for your comments ryan says an absolutely fantastic and to do with chris hedges on the state of modern america and how the left has been actually suppressed in the us is political system as a liberal supporter it makes my support of the korban movement even stronger shirley says the short hedges interviews provided a balance and alice's of us politics present and future even dating to obama negatives never covered in europe as usual alex to his own conclusions it gave food for thought pity not more widely screened in the u.k.
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well i'm glad you watched the show on r t surely but of course one can see it online too and i'm glad to be enjoying the full and frank interviews finally done after says great sure overall well produced yes i agree and wonderful to hear alex coming refreshing pleasant to us with happy i think she means guests in a world filled with hard hitting fic news and defamation of character people need more good sources kudos nice even get speak openly and fully or thanks for your messes and please do keep them coming and you can tweet email or message us with any ideas for the short people who'd like to see us interview now back to alex he's in new york. from washington d.c. in the capital to president square in new york city here to meet a group of young people with some strong views on how this country should progress well jennifer lisper of your free young women of color going through the college system in the united states and all of the mimic in the public the senate but you
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came to america in different ways well i was born here but my mother immigrated to america when she was about twenty one years old and my father immigrated to america as well so that's how i'm here today very similar to jennifer i was also born here actually uptown my home and my father and we really here at seventy two new joy new jersey and my mother also migrated here when she was about seventeen eighteen and you are slightly different we've got everything america public my grandparents have been living here since the fifty's but my parents lost custody of me and i felt wings when i was. ten eleven and after that i had to live some time with my art in the dominican republic and finally they were able to bring me to america when i was sixteen seventeen in the purchase everything and everyone hears me so it was one of the big campaigns and college campuses is of course the
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campaign for gun control following the recent and very regular tragedies do you feel that this campaign this new campaign this subject campaign has a chance of success with his previous attempts of phil do you think jennifer i think that we this campaign has been more successful than others in the sense that we were at least able to get or not me at least but at least the students of florida they were able to do a town hall in their hometown and were able to bring out their legislators and a representative from the n.r.a. and actually were able to come. put the people to comfort their leaders and to get them to give answers i feel that that's not something that was done before and i do think that the students in this movement particularly have been very strong advocates and are getting legislators and the media's attention more than in the past you know i feel like one of the successes about this movement is that it is young people and that we are showing that the next generation is going to take
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action and so we're going to be the ones who are going to be able to vote in two three years and we're going to be the ones who are able to change the republicans wanting off social media has also been very impactful and the march in the twenty eighth was old through social media and it was really well organized i know it happened in so many of the major cities washington and boston. so i definitely think bad it has been successful at home level it's just been for example a leap of imagination i am not so much an advocate for the national rifle association i say to you if you don't know we're talking about young women the militia second amendment right of the right to be alarms what would you say to some that. i would agree are all i get out of that is they think it's not appropriate but i would definitely say.


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