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tv   News  RT  May 10, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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for them what they call no bid contracts and and then they profit from war but yet people think of them as these wonderful benign corporations medea benjamin when people watch and listen think well that you know this is a lady who acting before those obviously brought the mighty nike to its knees in terms of wages and conditions for workers around the world but there's no saying that there's no effective way to campaign against the corporate military complex in the united states is obviously and the keyword there is effective because i do a lot of campaigns and i find myself flailing around hitting my head against the wall yelling and screaming just because i feel so incensed about your elitist. and your experiences there and how you found that society well i went to iran a couple of times and i was actually blown away by the iranian people because you know even if you are a person who's very skeptical of the way the mainstream media talks about
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a place there's still some part of it that you do feel the internally the stereotyping and you go to iran and you find these incredibly well educated people these and they love americans i mean i'm sure they love scott as well they're they love europeans but americans they just they they knew so much about the united states literally like sitting down in a cafe and having a casual conversation with them the next you become good friends because they're so anxious to learn more about you invite you into their homes and they're incredible business people you know in some ways all of these sanctions over the years has forced them to do to find ways to replace all these imports and i mostly feel the rule of women is the is a key to political progress international. well certainly i. know women like
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margaret thatcher who is not somebody i would put up on a pedestal is someone i admire their politics or in this country we have former secretary of state madeline albright who i wasn't very intimate with and even hillary clinton i felt was very hawkish in the way that she looked at the world in that she was going to be as tough as any guy so there's no guarantee with women coming to power that you will have a softer more nurturing society because of these race once told me i'm over didn't know that she actually felt the same to state that she had to demonstrate that she was no she was no pushover i did observe that i thought she probably demonstrated that pretty well demonstrated that very much and you might see one very famous picture from my group code pink where we were in front of congolese rice can i get close to you and we were like this with bloody hands like this saying it was our blood on your hands are demonstration of them and in
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a congregational hearing where she was testifying running up to her before we got arrested and putting our hands right there face to say you have blood on your hands because she did help blood on her hands so yes there are plenty of yeah i'm fast enough for me in that my conversation i mean there was a clue celeste can speak for herself but she was highly critical of the direction of she saw the extreme direction of the republican party so you know your demonstration of conduce of a split in republican towns she might be regarded as something of a model at least this well she's not a moderate in my eyes and she's never come out afterwards and said the iraq war was a terrible mistake and we apologize to the iraqi people and we should give reparations to those people for all the damage that we have caused had a civilian who had a bullet in you be comfortable with the white house. i don't i don't really like the republicans or the democrats i i like people like bernie sanders but he's such a rarity in the. mainstream politics that's why i ran as
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a green party but so it's not the individual it's the system alex and you know this is tim is so corrupted by money i mean we talk about it with the military industrial complex but take any big industry whether it's a while or pharmaceuticals the drug industry anyone they are all are giving money to the politicians to get something for those politicians and it's just not a good system so you've mentioned a few tough minded woman who felt perhaps they have that extra tough to succeed i'm a middle dominated world the politics hub of the the woman activists you for lying were from the women who are changing the whole system well yes and i think if you have a. even majority of women that are in politics that politics would be better than it is now if you have more women that are making decisions in general i think the decisions would be better if you have more women in the state department i think
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there would be more use of diplomacy now among the many accolades and awards you forsee for your career you one of the disappearance of the martin luther king jr peace prize not in the fiftieth anniversary of his death as a has a special resonance for you i think of the triplets that he talked about of the triple ill of poverty and racism in militarism so we have not progressed all that much in the last fifty years in a way that when luther king would have wanted so to be a recipient of this prize i don't feel that i have done nearly enough to make his dream a little closer to reality and why isn't the agree rallying figure of of radical american like martin luther king was in the in the one nine hundred sixty s. world figure a managing to. lead an army that's waiting to be led. i think bernie sanders did it
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during his campaign i was actually shocked i was one of the people as part of a group called progressive democrats of america i'm a green and a progressive democrat that pushed for bernie sanders to run i thought he would do sort of the way that ralph nader had done in his presidential runs maybe two to three percent if he did really well he get five percent i was blown away by how well bernie sanders did you know this is a very conservative society in the united states the center in the u.s. is the far right in many other places in the world and bernie sanders calling himself a socialist i said you never get anywhere using that term and long behold in my young people they do or him a poll that was done at the time showed that for the younger generation they had a more positive view of socialism than they did of capitalism of course it also said in the poll they had no idea what socialism what this but i think it's
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remarkable the way bernie sanders has ignited a generation of benjamin what would be your. formality of if i was to give you three wishes for who would be. i wish we would gently ease out of being an empire and just be a nice democratic nation that learn to live at peace with our neighbors around the world not trying to dominate them i'd wish that the race issues could be resolved in an equitable way in the u.s. which i think means serious reparations for what was done around slavery i also think in that same vein reparations around what we did to build our country on the genocide of native americans that has never been we've never been held to account for. well i hope i actually make your wishes come true but what i can do.
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is give you the liquid. for loving cup quite simply whiskey in the quick scotch of course and then you pass it on your close friends well that is wonderful and beautiful and i think passing things around among friends is the kind of world that i really want to live in so this is perfect thank you thank you. thank you. no wife people know this is not a country but i. so just because you meet blood clot give us some washington or idealistic young people here. doesn't mean that there was. much. the vast. philosophies. and donald stole the king. but what do you think about the last time a movement from. the united states in the sixty's the seventy's that.
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the young people i met today didn't have the access to the social media. and therefore i'm not so sure that the next political and so reaction in this country would come from the right like from but from the left because perhaps the times change and again. to. search out the way is anti american and anti-democratic and take a look at that quite plainly by the standing the stock price approach or half of it
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was that risk but so it's trading i think there are three hundred thousand dollars a share so the message from charlie munger and warren buffet's americans is unless you've got three hundred thousand dollars to buy one share of berkshire hathaway you're a player you're a peasant here you know they are the neo feudal lords that are building the system milking the system abusing the system and aggregating wealth as raunchy a coupon clippers and nickel and dime or they added nothing to the economy. ministries police school says and city administrations of many countries depend on one cool peroration like will hope the one who doesn't implement the muslim dog this is going to come to the. woods as the feet of the dog gone into the sea of them most of them proprietary software you don't know the whole scope isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating who probably go to microsoft dependency puts governments on
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the cyber threat and not only that some team thinks all. of these this is an easy sell in the sense of the only one who will be looking to move south and these two will. be. the ones this is the. one who started on. the old vision stopping the wars and student loans and fund is up in these cards and the fund. it's absurd to note that armenia is not ukraine or georgia and that our experience
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is unique to certain extent we're building on the success and the fielder's of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we have a leg up on anything that's been tried in the past this is not just a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. i. was. thrown out of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick to head the agency hit submit protests over the nominees reported involvement in the program. the us president blames iran. in the middle east after announcing washington would read its commitments under the iran nuclear deal. they do understand like if you look at what's happening in the
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middle east with syria. with all of the places that are involved it's bedlam in death and the u.k. says it will continue funding controversial aid group the white helmet despite ongoing accusations that it's simply a propaganda outlet for the terrorists. midmorning now at moscow thanks for joining us here when r.t. international we have your top news headlines for this hour. u.s. president donald trump's controversial pick for cia director has been grilled at a senate confirmation hearing about her alleged involvement in the torturing of political prisoners as the session was interrupted by protesters denouncing the nominee. well. you. know
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that was. was was. was. was. was going to was. going to take. a second person video right there who was wrestled to the ground by security and then escorted out is a seventy nine year old cia veteran ray mcguffin he served at the agency for twenty seven years but then became a political activist protesting the use of torture programs and mcgovern is a staunch critic of geno hospital and we contacted his lawyer who told us the activist spent the night in jail. now the cia's and honked interrogation program was the main focus of an agency had no money do you know hospitals senate grilling that she's been accused of being directly involved in torture practices in the past
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and the hospital promised that under her leadership the agency wouldn't restart the controversial program that certainly was ducking and diving at the hearing the believe the program in terms that you interrogation program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standards are they consistent with american values senator i believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance with u.s. law do you believe that that previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to answer the question. and i think i've answered the question i have not torture and.


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