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and has been saying that any company that does business with china while it may face our business with iran may face sanctions this includes chinese companies and of course as we know the relations with china are not really the best now would between the u.s. and china so this is not a positive move in that direction also we're talking about isolationism in a sense because right now what we're seeing from the other countries the e.u. and from russia and from china is well ok america but buy if you don't want to be a part of this deal you don't really have to wear weird things happen here though is if you see the closing of iran which china was really interested in investing in that's a downside that's a major downside but the plus side for china is and this is a backfiring on what might happen to the u.s. european companies that the u.s. would say to these european companies and banks listen if you're working with iran we're not going to work with you or china at the same time can say hey come work with us and that might happen you might see europeans and the rest of the world
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turning towards china and away from the states that's definitely something that donald trump does not want to happen but at this point china is playing it intelligently laying low being very diplomatic and again you know donald trump is always he's always got that lack of a better word a trump card some place this might be just a game for now he knows that iran is a growing player in the world when it comes to economics hopefully he's just not pandering to the saudis and netanyahu this might be every new green a go she shouldn't scheme we don't know but at this point china is taking advantage of it and as we move forward they are becoming a stronger and bigger player in the middle east anyway you turn it they keep filling the vacuum don't they alex r.t. correspondents alex mann hyla bitch thank you as always thank you. and the cost of president trump getting out of the iranian deal is a major blow to one particularly large u.s. company alex mentioned them right there boeing the plane maker iran has orders for one hundred. ten boeing airplanes and another hundred seventy jets from european
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multinational plane maker air bus both sales are worth roughly forty billion dollars the largest looming concern from boeing shareholders is related to the sixty five wide body seven seventy seven's expected to be delivered to iran with the economic sanctions being reinstated by the u.s. department of treasury both boeing and airbus export licenses to iran will be revoked in ninety days what does this all mean for the plane makers and in particular for the seattle based boeing let's ask conservative t.v. and radio host steve malzberg see if thank you for joining us i know you've been looking at this and trying to figure it out really does put boeing in a pickle and air bus doesn't it. yeah well let's start with a boeing and you know i'll jump to the end first the c.e.o. of boeing said you know what if we lose this business we'll deal with it and if we somehow keep it we'll consider it a bonus and here's why you know boeing has been i think last year was
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a top performing stock in the in the dow this year it's up about fifteen percent yesterday on this new it was flat so nobody panicked nobody you know was selling off now here's the deal they're going to lose the twenty billion dollars presumably but they never put these planes in their backlog they have six thousand commercial jets on their backlog that that means you know that they still have to produce and there are no order back order and they never included the iranian jets on that backlog so we're talking about about four hundred and fifty billion dollars plus so that's why the c.e.o. could say you know if we lose ten percent that we never included anyway ok we'll deal with that so that's that's the that's the party line that they're taking right now and i don't there are steve that the you know boeing has about one hundred forty one thousand employees not just in seattle but around the u.s. and so that's comforting news that you're reporting there and we appreciate that
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how about air bus yeah well air bus is probably going to feel the pinch more and the reason air bus is falling victim to these sanctions and is right in the crosshairs is because two reasons one they have a plant in the united states and they meet the threshold of having ten percent of their parts made by united states companies so that's why there are they fall under the sanctions and that's why they're going to suffer the loss of about nineteen billion dollars worth of the sales that you alluded to earlier yeah and there. did drop a little bit we're going to talk about the stock more in a while but then it's been going back back and forth you know as we've reported there's been some strong reaction from europe to present. so the president's move what are the implications for those european companies steve those that are doing business with iran or might be playing to do so in the future well the european union foreign ministers are going to meet with the iranian foreign minister their
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counterpart and they're going to say hey we're going to do everything we can we don't want to be part of this politically and of course as we're talking about now from a business standpoint as a matter of fact there are some business leaders in the european union who say let's pass a statute that says we're not part of this but then there are other business leaders part who say who have connections to the u.s. who do business with the u.s. who say wait a minute we're going to get clobbered by the treasury department with fines and bad relations with trump who has said that if european. companies participate with iran after we say no after we tell them they can't there's going to be problems so they don't want to risk it as far as what companies what sectors the sectors you know it's oil and gas it's also cars it's also planes airplanes it's also the hotels you got dialer german company which plan to sell forty thousand cars a year in iran that's going to go by the way side volkswagen on the gas side you
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have the french company total and g.e.'s oil and gas as well you have british airways aloof tons of which are going to suffer and hotel chains from france and from spain also we're going to feel the pinch big time steve we appreciate you looking into this and sharing with us our viewers thank you so much steve malzberg host of the steve malzberg show thanks for joining us and you are my pleasure. and following the announcement we've been speaking about at least one sector was thrilled to see it go through can you guess right the defense sector yesterday following president trump's announcement making it official stocks for the defense industry shot through the roof here to tell us the latest on the moves is already correspondent dan cohen didn't think so. we talked about boeing just a little bit there you can give us a little bit more but what about the other defense stocks they they love this right at first they love them some conflict oh definitely it's you know good for business i guess as they say i mean i think for a lot of the country it was business as usual yesterday but for the top defense
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industries there you know as you said their stocks really shot through the roof right at about two pm eastern time here in washington d.c. when president trump announced that the u.s. is withdrawing from the jay c.p.o. way those stocks went way up lockheed martin went up two points raytheon went up two and a half points raytheon of course makes the tomahawk missiles which in the last few months we've been dropping on syria rather frequently systems northrop grumman side stock go up actually even boeing which which lost money on this their c.e.o. said they're ok with it. they could make some money considering they make the moab the mother of all bombs and largest non-nuclear bomb in the u.s. arsenal which we dropped in afghanistan and april twenty seventh teen i think what's really interesting is that this is in sharp contrast to the korea peace talks that have actually we've seen we've seen the opposite happen where the stocks
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of the defense is already out in the stock is going down exactly second this is bad for these businesses exactly where you know it's interesting because there's often you know immediate market moves based upon the news and there are people high frequency traders and others who get in and try to grab that arbitrage but you know i was looking at some of the stock just before we went to air and boeing actually did probably because of what you said what steve was talking about ended up just a little bit today or at least be right when we went to air at three forty four lockheed martin down just a little bit to three twenty five and raytheon down just a little bit so these markets are a mystery which is why people make money in the dan cohen thank you so much sure appreciate it. and we're going to squeeze in a quick break and when we return we'll be joined by fred hoffman author of bet the farm how food stop being food to discuss the big business of plant gene splicing
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and how the u.s. may lose the global leadership role in this business but as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell we're back in a place. disappointed to know that armenia is not for ukraine or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent we're building on the success and the fielder's of past efforts to address so that the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we have a leg up on anything that's been tried in the past this is not just
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a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. who are deep seated. and. milton's i would say i'm not american but americans really. world war two cures the depression cars show she's concerned prosperity of course for sure. it wasn't for us the whole world what it what and. historical really ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and.
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socialists knew. it was so you call me to go to strike when we're so used because of all. the world war two has been distorted credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they want to diminish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler. welcome back argentinians are reacting with shock and dismay to news that the country's president has asked the international monetary fund for a loan reportedly in the range of thirty billion dollars for many in argentina the i.m.f. is synonymous with crisis and disaster after i.m.f. policy drove the country's economy to collapse in two thousand and one the backlash
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to the i.m.f. role in argentina's collapse led to the election of the late left this nester chris miller as president christian or reversed i.m.f. imposed policies in effect lead severed ties in two thousand and six president resole my career who was the first president to be elected from the right since the collapse told the nation in a somber address that i.m.f. help was needed to quote avoid a crisis like the ones we have seen before the details of exactly what kind of relief machree is seeking and what conditions he will accept or the i.m.f. will demand remain unclear i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde said discussions will be pursued in short order . a simmering controversy over workplace harassment and discrimination at nike is resulting in a exodus of leadership nike has confirmed the departure of five more senior managers bringing the total number who have left the corporation to eleven nike's
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president as well as the top executive for diversity issues were among those who previously departed nike c.e.o. mark parker addressed workers last week delivering an apology and a promise that the injury to him to discuss the inquiry rather into discrimination and harassment would be completed this week back in march or a group of female nike employees presented the results of an informal survey on discrimination harassment to nike management nike's president left the company ten days later. and in other corporate personnel news facebook has restructured itself into three new divisions and rearranged its leadership team the changes have been pitched as routine regrouping after a period of growth but in reality it seems to be brought on about by bike facebook's recent troubles with privacy and politics after the cambridge analytic a controversy now facebook will have
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a team focus on products one on emerging technologies and the third to deal with growth privacy and advertising the social media site also announced that jeffrey zients a former member of the u.s. u.s. president barack obama's national economic council will join the board of directors . turning to india prime minister modi's government has seen millions of people actually register to pay taxes for the first time more than ten million people filed income tax returns from november two thousand and sixteen to a vendor of twenty seven thousand that's up from the six million filed income tax returns from proceeding six years the sudden increase in income tax filers has actually given the country a stable tax base which means they'll be able to fund india's public services india's chief economic adviser said that the new tax payers will boost india's tax to g.d.p. ratio by one point five percent at roughly seventeen percent india's tax to g.d.p. ratio currently is the lowest among the so-called brics nations that's brazil
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russia india china and south africa. if you're trying to count calories and live in the united states you'll have some help from now on the rule requiring that calorie counts be listed on menus took effect this week the rule announced by the food and drug administration administrator scott gobble it was eight years in the making and was mandated by the affordable care act obamacare the implementation of the rule also is a rare example of an initiative that began under president obama but was implemented under the trump administration many fast food companies including domino's pizza had claimed that labeling would be just too tough and difficult or expensive but ultimately they lost the political argument some consultants say the rule could even help fast food chains with brand consistency across states as the nutritional content.


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