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jeana has contacted his lawyer to you said that the activist has spent the night in jail where the cia's enhanced interrogation program was the main focus of gina haspiel senate grilling and the house pulled promise that under her leadership the agency wouldn't restart the controversial program the mr there was a certain amount of ducking and diving at the hearing. do you believe the program in terms that you can share a geisha program was consistent with american values we have decided to hold ourselves to a stricter moral standards are they consistent with american values senator i believe very strongly in american values i want to trust that you have the moral compass that you said you have i have conducted myself honorably and in accordance with u.s. law do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral what i believe sitting here today is that i support the higher moral standard we have decided to hold ourselves to answer the question. and i think i've answered the
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question i have not as you can guess torture and morality were the main topics of discussion there was some very clear opposition to haskell but those who were skeptical were concerned about her prior involvement with the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques which many describe as a torture program first some background on the controversy has will reportedly ran a cia prison in thailand where these techniques were used and she's accused of destroying tapes that documented these interrogations human rights organizations have even called upon the public to reach out to their representatives and oppose her nomination but president trump seems to have no qualms with her questionable history in fact he's even praised her for being quote tough on terror so it's unclear whether or not trump support will be enough for easy confirmation but what does have to say what happens it gina has bill has had practically every senior position in the cia's headquarters she's currently the acting director of the cia i knew her when she was the chief of staff in the counterterrorism center she's been
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in the senior intelligence service for decades but i think that she's not qualified to lead the cia because the actions that she took during the dark period of the cia's torture program disqualify her she has been doing literally everything she can think to do other than. telling the truth about the cia's torture program to get this job gina has paul had the opportunity to say the right thing that this was a dark period in u.s. history people made mistakes the program was immoral it was illegal it was unconstitutional she never said any of that. now the british prime minister has apologized quote unreservedly for the case complicity in the handing over of now qaeda linked libyan opposition leader and his pregnant wife to the government of now slain libyan leader muammar gadhafi the couple will also receive compensation of half a million pounds well keen but hard g.
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was the leader of an anti-government group which had ties to al-qaeda he fled libya in two thousand and one and claims the british secret service is help gadhafi capture him in two thousand and four as a result he spent six years in a libyan jail claiming he and his pregnant wife were subjected to torture for that the british government has now officially apologized prime minister has now written to them both to apologize on behalf of her majesty's government i apologize reservedly we are profoundly sorry for the ordeal which you both suffered. wrote it . there's been a lot of reporting on the story not that much background detail on the man at the center of it. bell had she is now a prominent libyan politician but while moammar gadhafi was still in power he was a prominent anti gadhafi opposition leader and
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a leading member of an anti gadhafi militia as well which is called the libyan islamic fighting group the l i f g just a little bit more information about this group the ally f. g. it operated from one thousand nine hundred five until last year it was considered an al qaeda affiliate and the group stage three attempts to assassinate gadhafi himself so pretty violent organization so much so that it was regarded as a terrorist group by the u.k. and the u.s. nevertheless despite his checkered past shall we say and his wife have been on a quest for an apology from the british government ever since he was released from prison six years ago and documents discovered after the fall of gadhafi revealed that british m i six agents were involved in bell hard kidnapping so
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the kidnapping took place in two thousand and four in thailand belle hodges wife fatima was four months pregnant at the time and cia and m i six agents together kidnapped kidnapped them and handed them back over to the gadhafi government where bell hard claims he was then imprisoned and tortured for six years his wife fatima was released after four months just before she gave birth they've managed to get the british government's top lawyer jeremy right to come out in parliament today to apologize so publicly to them on behalf of the government they were handed a letter written by. the prime minister herself saying that the intelligence here intelligence services here in the u.k. got it wrong that they apologize unreservedly and even awarding half a million pounds compensation to bell hard his wife fatima for the psychological trauma that she experienced as
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a result of the ordeal boyko there now there have been violent clashes between israeli forces and palestinians after israeli soldiers disrupted a march being held to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of that day was when around seven hundred fifty thousand palestinians were displaced following the creation of the state of israel in one nine hundred forty eight. protesters marched through bethlehem waving palestinian flags and chanting slogans supporting the right of return they also condemn donald trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem israeli forces use tear gas rubber bullets and stun grenades against the protesters there. now to death has withdrawn a new soviet inspired fashion collection from some of its stores after the little rainy and foreign minister accused the brand of imperial nostalgia we contacted our
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leader so we be sure but we're still waiting for a response. israel is the director of human rights watch for the country. just after the break.
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thanks. to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that are going to overproduce off credit tell you that will be gossip and probably by shall be the most important news. to. tell me you are not cool enough to buy their products ok. these are the hawks from me along the border. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. to sit down and talk.
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welcome back now israel has revoked the work permit for the director of human rights watch in the country authority said the decision was based on a dossier compiled on omar sheikh his activities over the course of the last decade she here reported on israel and the palestinian territories for the rights group he has held his post since april last year but israel has now given him fourteen days to leave the country we spoke to she told us that the real motive behind the decision was to muzzle criticism of the israeli government's activities. their reality is all of the allegations in the dossier relate to human rights activities
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many of which took place years ago before i joined human rights watch when i was a student in university and the reality remains that even according to the interior ministry neither i nor human rights watch promote boycotts human rights watch is an organization that covers over ninety countries across the world we've won a nobel peace prize you know for efforts we document abuses not only by israel but also by the palestinian authority and i have asked this in the first time of course human rights watch that israel has ordered human rights official out of the country who've been working here for nearly three decades i made a fifty plus year occupation characterized by systematic rights abuse and institutional discrimination so the real aim is clear it's to muzzle dissent on human rights watch also says this is not about the director himself but about shocking new organizations activities in israel it also said it supports the director and will fight for the decision to be referred to kira again says the
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organization will push own with its work regardless of the alps to coax. barring me from operating here will not stop our reporting we'll continue to document rights abuses and be vocal about the right situation on the ground but i think it's a very worrying signal guarding where israel is and is going we intend to challenge a decision before an israeli district court and we intend to continue to raise pressure not only to reverse this decision but also to rescind the law that calls for banning entry of activists with fully anticipate that that decision over your first and then i will be permitted term in the country. the spokeswoman for america's first lady has lashed out at the media full unfairly attacking the new trump the u.s. president's wife was lampooned after she unveiled her initiative aimed at helping
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children. today i'm very excited to announce the best i know that miss completely dedicated to the most valuable and fragile among us i was a teenager. to announce the best. this is this is a first lady who is not culturally american the best is i think there must be a blog missing writer's brother do it is either going to be the best or do gooders i.
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am. not going to end with football because world cup fever is hotting up with a little over a month to go before the event does kick off here in russia and earlier today i had the chance to quiz the president of iraq or most of moscow about the tournament his team in fact just secured the russian premier league title for only the third time and the president brought the trophy with it. why is it a good idea to come to this country for the world cup first of all they come in not to the country but to the world cup to be part of the huge just. football event in the world to be the part of the world cup it's usually it's. about unity then they go to visit russia to visit to look at the. beautiful country i believe people still worry that russian fans are troublemakers do you think
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any issue like that will still come up during the world cup no i think not i think i think that we will have absolutely no problems here in russia russian for billionaire and the police will be made to tremendous job to prevent it to influence the people so i personally believe that everything will be absolutely quiet and calm it is that for us it's a dream to to host this kind of event it's a dream for every russian football lovers and i believe the most the most countries of football lovers watching i say international have thirty five.
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to get support and to know that armenia is not your crane or georgia and that our experience is unique to certain extent that we're building on the success and the failures of past efforts to address the issues that you're talking about so in many ways we have a leg up on anything best and cried in the past this is not just for a democrat a grassroots effort by the armenian people for the armenian people. good . ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's why mike was hoping when the board got thrown from one prize of god to this was going
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to come to. woods as that on into the sea it's a must also apply and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. google softness of this missile is still being one of them will focus. on the. ones this is. the host i've been done with the old patient stop and it was listing of phone calls in front is up and has cards in the fine. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who hate to me to peep out of the holes with simple song alone even if i
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company guess will else with oh they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us that all post. actual is she got she got. this is. the quote them out. of more you than both the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also all that much more than water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of our west works and dare to date downwards the one. readings and salutation united states president donald j. trump has showcased his deal making savvy once again and pulled the united states
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out of the iran nucular deal further pushing the dial closer to world peace. said no headline anywhere whatsoever yes not even on barry weiss's new dark web safe space for her and her fellow big media platforms no pics would you see a headline that ridiculous yes the fallout since the brand name in chief has been fast and furious with european cosigners on the iran deal now scrambling to keep the agreement alive french foreign minister told friends a r.t.l. radio that quote the deal is not dead there's an american withdrawal from the deal but the deal is still there and while france germany russia china and the u.k. fight to keep the deal alive for those of us here in the u.s. watching and hearing trump and his cabinet starting to feel a little like deja vu all over again for anyone who is paying attention during the old run up to dick cheney's iraq war all those years ago with iraq invasion
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architect and cheerleader now national security advisor john bolton dramatically declaring this week quote what president trump did by pulling out of the deal is get back to what the real objective should be stopping this dangerous regime from threatening us and our friends around the world with nuclear weapons. so while the war hawks feed us the same lies we heard fifteen years ago iran actually appears to be making moves to keep the deal in place iran's president hassan rouhani has stated if we achieve the deal's goals in cooperation with other members of the deal it will remain in place so will run become the new iraq or will president trump and his gaggle of chicken hawks pale in their efforts for yet another us war let's find out by watching the hawks. pretty. good looks like. it's like. last week the bottom.
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like you that i got. this. week. got the watch of the hawks i am tyrone for i don't have a glock. zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero and i'm. it's very it's it's. you you watch for years as scientists and experts and diplomats and politicians work to make this deal happen and then you watch you know fifteen minutes of blustering you watch somebody sort of take it over and decide well we're just going to make the whole deal go away except that's not how that works that's not how deals work and someone who wrote the book on the art of it should probably understand that's not how these
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things work and that's what's so frustrating for me at least because it was it tells you davenport who's the director for the per floor refrigeration sorry policy at the independent nonpartisan arms control association pointed out in time magazine that even critics of the deal such as secretary of state might pump aoe have admitted that there is no evidence that iran is in violation of the agreement in short there is no legitimate basis for trying to reimpose sanctions so what they're what you're looking at now is so we're pulling out of the deal as a country and then imposing more sanctions on people who are part of that deal. or not the one who's in violation of the deal the united states is we are now in violation of the peace accord that our country was supposed to be like democracy and peace around the world that we were supposed to be the center of it and that we did this and now it's just. we don't we don't trust it you know and that's what's
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so ridiculous about it and the problem with that mentality is that. by tearing up the deal you know even though the deal is still in place people were going to keep it but you know in trump's mind said we're going to tear up the deal begin a new it's only between us it's between the united states right iran and all the lies the problem with that you know hate to say it but you know the washington post and many others are actually reporting the most experts believe that the end of the agreement would actually make it easier for iran to develop nuclear weapons in secret because right now you have the international atomic energy agency is getting like unprecedented access and has been watchdog in iran for years now since the deal was signed in twenty fifteen to make sure they were developing nuclear weapons right now that the deal's gone it makes it to iran can basically you know they don't know outloud back and if they don't if iran decides to throw them out and then they can make the deal to go so actually it does more danger to end the deal
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then to actually then keep it in place which is ridiculous not to mention the fact that i've never quite figured out i don't want nuclear weapons at all but i've never figured out why why we the only country use use nuclear weapons on this or get to decide who does and who does not get to have them well in this is where it's strange because you have bolton. who is saying this you know we're going to get back to stopping them from you know i guess waving the nuclear weapons they don't have yet are apparently developing the secret except nobody has proof of. that's what we're supposed to stop them from doing that spencer an accessor ackerman who's our national security reporter for the daily beast tweeted out a very interesting possibility that's present what you are saying is that the around deal provide substantially more provision for verification of denuclearization and ongoing monitoring of such than will exist in the new poster and the reality watch arguments for war in the coming months take the shape of we can't be sure iran isn't building a bomb which was the reason for the deal in the first place and i'll say this again
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what you're doing is putting us all at risk because you're going up against every single one of our allies. does business because of that. is now going to be including the e.u. especially is going to be at odds with the united states. because they're part of a paper doesn't want to be part of that. back in two thousand and. fifteen years ago because now they have the excuse right well we don't know what they're doing over there so they could be making a bomb we have to look not to mention the deal actually now put a potential. jeopardy because i was pulling out of this. deal that everyone agreed . how do we trust your. deal with them and you won't walk away from it. or less than three absolutely ridiculous. marijuana legalization in states
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across america has led to a host of issues the police drug enforcement have had to face during the acts of. colorado has had to contend with lower teenage drug use reductions in crime and even an influx of cash sales tax of that sticky in the bud pot and as another state illinois considers expanded legalization of marijuana one of their rich i'll be a temporary sheriff howard buffett middle child voiced concern for the state's drug sniffing dogs stating quote the biggest thing for law enforcement is we're going to have to replace all your dogs so to me it's a giant step forward for drug dealers and isn't shy and backwards for law enforcement and the residents of the community now despite the fact that buffett's comments but legal medical marijuana dispensaries and cartels on the same level. have dog lovers ready to buy it was the state of illinois macon county canine training academy chad lerner claimed that quote because many canines are
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a not to be social so their work might be affected a number of dogs would likely have to be euthanized. here's the thing the military outlawed the practice of euthanizing military dogs almost two decades ago when it was clear that these animals were perfectly capable of living safe productive lives after their service and. what is really going on here in illinois is that your concern. is about all the cash through those roadside canine friends. like holding the dogs. were going to. the police dogs if you legalize decriminalize. like on a level of what is. that you would say. my question is all right well let's look to the states that have. legalized.
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drug sniffing dogs all across the board. they have. actually just retired colorado drug sniffing dogs were no longer needed they were retired and also helped train the other new that were coming in to be retrained one of the reasons was that their trainer said it would take in order to retrain them it would take a lot of negative reinforcement and i'm not a big fan of colorado said we don't want to hurt these animals we don't want to make it more stressful than trade a certain way based on positive. or negative. or retired. so that works here's the thing about drug sniffing dogs they don't work very well no offense to the dogs the dogs are great but they're not actually that great for two thousand two thousand and one of us again of drug sniffing dogs related. in the illinois suburbs of chicago the chicago tribune found that in three years.
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three years forty percent of the alert. led to discoveries of actual drugs or paraphernalia and get this one for hispanic drivers that rate dropped to twenty seven percent so this is what this means it means that the cops in illinois are using their dogs bringing in drug sniffing dogs more often with hispanic drivers despite the fact that ultimately those alerts that the dogs are given are false so this is the thing your handler the whole thing is making your handler happy that's what the dog knows is make you happy by noticing or are doing and if not careful handlers can cause false alarms you know false positives and drug by reading them around too slowly or you'll see at the walk the dog around again and again and again hoping they get something so well because i'm sorry but if you know if your hand if you're a hammer and you want to euthanize a dog because we need it is legal maybe the we. maybe because weed is legal that
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you're a bad it's a it's a bad handler it's not the way to it's you're bad a handler that's what i'd also let's not forget that the only reason you know as that evidence points to to me it looks like very clearly that what they're using the dogs for is not so much the actual finding of drugs but as an excuse to get a rope you know to give the probable cause illinois a lot of money yes they have on marijuana. and the sergeant down wives came in and you know a supervisor in decatur illinois told a local paper last year quote the cost of the entire unit is run by drug seizures it is paid for by the jurors that these dogs are participating in seizing they play a large part in these seizures so illinois the law enforcement agency that makes caesar's gets to keep all the cash or the proceeds of it auction was profits right . you know one of the prosecutors office gets ten to twelve percent as well drugs
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is so there's some good hard cash to be on when you've got a publicist you've got to do very well let's look at the numbers two thousand and five the twenty fifteen or preacher's result games. million dollars for police department state attorneys and other law now you're going to take a big chunk of that money away if you legalize marijuana there and they're going to use that they're going to try to use any and anything they can to get you to vote against that threatening to kill dogs. but i think the thing is you have to look at the data. that's really important because we're trying to say like people go all but they got the drug money. in the percent of the cases by the way. or. the property owner in eighty percent of cases was never charged with a crime took their money they didn't do anything wrong doesn't matter. from those percentages sounds like the dog stopped at the back of the drugs in here because our master said so now the master can search the car and they can seize the car in
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the night.


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