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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  May 11, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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most u.s. senators and all of congress we are watching the hawks. one forty. three it looks like. it's like. as if you were to pull out of. your. like you know that i got. this. week so. little it was the hardest right so i wrote her up and down at the while it was you know darn gina as if i didn't you guys also tell you that even i noticed the cia treated out your. picture of her all about girl power let's get girl power in the cia and i had a big the m o g for a man's arm muffling arm republican so maybe mike the cia is on top of their
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twitter account too i mean this is a horrifying by the way the fact that you have to literally show that in order for the have pocker c.s.a. always he wouldn't know i don't think so. i don't know that works it's interesting because when gina was. you know facing the senate scrutiny yesterday at one point she got into a back and forth with so they're running wyden of oregon and she said quote after nine eleven i didn't look to go sit on the swiss desk i stepped up i was not on the sidelines to me the tragedy is that the controversy has cast a shadow over what has been a major contribution to protecting this country. now that to me is the essence of all that is wrong with writing a hassle and people of her ilk is that they will put the protection of the country over the moral code. of the country over the laws of the country that they believe
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protection far outweighs all else but they didn't press act they made it worse we wouldn't ices and everything else we have today if it weren't for that people whose family members are loved ones were killed by drones or were taken to places like this you ruin lives and then you wonder why all was a different time it's not a different time for the kid who was ten years old to watch hapless family get taken to guantanamo it's not a different time and there's no girl power and put that aside right now period don't even try it there's no feminism and saying well she's a girl but there's no feminism and especially in light of the recent new york times that came out this week talking about you know the torture of the united states and what part of that and i say that about this is not feminism not just because i'm an iron grid billeted feminist i mean obviously but this is true if you have someone who she oversaw the torture of
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a pregnant woman areas like that that's what you have to sort of think about when you're talking of this op ed in the new york times this. blue star had written about her two thousand and four detention i wanted these cia black sites one of them words in thailand. most likely oversaw obviously one of those documentation but oversaw the hospital in two thousand and two. she said i have no idea how long i was in the thai secret prison because no one would let me sleep the cell was white and stark with nothing in it but a camera and books on the wall they chain me to the hooks because i was meant three through my pregnancy i could barely move or said some of what they did to me in that prison was so awful i can't talk about it they hit me in the abdomen just where the baby was. i have no way of even trying to excuse that kind of behavior and it was all because they thought that her husband might have been running some terrorists or islamic organization out of it and again i ask why are american
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intelligence and military personnel scooping up pregnant women poor pregnant women on the other side of the world throwing them in secret thai prisons and then supposed to be making me feel like group oh yeah she even got zero that doesn't exist anymore save for as you pointed out and i'm sorry whether guilty or not torture is illegal and you know we're going to sit back as a country and say hey you know from obama when you do it forward not back to the prosecuting anyone for this a look sent forward under someone is that you know we're going to take a torch for somebody who was involved and we're going to put them into a position of power reward them for their acts of torture on innocent people and even guilty people because guess what doesn't matter innocent or guilty torture is still illegal it trumps all in that's absolutely ridiculous. the democratic national committee watched in horror november eighth of two thousand and sixteen if hillary clinton's preordain presidential when crumbled first they
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blame the russians then obama james comey bernie sanders sexism journalism and then even the fact that some voters didn't go to ivy league schools and chose to vote their conscience and this one claims of working toward unity in the party we've seen democratic candidates across the country getting little to no help from that party now. it seems that they're going full trunk and demanding loyalty pledges and jim county new york the twenty member county democratic committee is trying to come to an agreement on a proposal that work were choir all members of the committee to pledge loyalty to whatever candidates are endorsed by the state local and national parties deborah lynch vice chair of the county democratic committee a candidate for county legislator told the end quote it's totally undemocratic and unconstitutional to tell me i would need to support a democrat even if they don't display democratic values going on to say that this has nothing to do with party loyalty it has to do with the establishment wing of
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the party not understanding why some of us are still upset about the twenty sixteen prime of their primary and all of us are pointing out that the new york democratic party is well known for this kind of behavior no. member of the democratic party's unity committee said supporters say the party quote uses fear tactics and the new york state committee is made up entirely of cuomo loyalists. and it seems that when they are bowling progresses and grassroots democrats they are trying to take credit for their work executive director of new york dems jeff berman actually sent this request for video footage of a grassroots organizations work to put in campaign ads which is pretty rich since grassroots activism was their other excuse for rigging the primary and lying to cover it up straight the dems say more and more like republicans every day i mean hate me and my family been preaching on the mountaintops for as long as i can
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remember the democrats and republicans aren't all that different but most of your mainstream dennet democrats are really just you know approach pro-choice republicans at the end of the day especially comes to foreign policy and things like a lot more things than just foreign policy it's a whole clearly go to go also in how they conduct themselves as a party and over there is no tell me the what's the one thing the tyrrell really speaking of third person the most obvious what's the one thing the tyro really gets upset about in government is that how popular say yes and democrats on the house rules committee sent a letter this week to the department of justice chairman jeff sessions rejecting a call for a trump style loyalty pledge in order to propose amendments on the upcoming farm bill ranking member of the committee james p. mcgovern state in the letter that requiring members of congress to take a trumps the will to pledge just to get a chance to offer their amendments is in a word shocking. let me get this right how is there a loyalty pledge in congress and the fair authoritarian gesture of the most be
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stopped. which it is by the way yet doing the exact same thing within your own party to people trying to run under your bed or that's totally acceptable having them sign a loyalty pledge absolutely bonkers to well it's probably because everything you said is what about as i'm so you guys i forgot. yes making your logical argument a reporter you know but something's being a hypocrite is now what about it going out of ocracy as appropriate it is never critic. one of the big things here is about ads it isn't about government are the party me and control because party has a very intertwined system that helps a lot of people that's why it was broke and hillary had to write a big check to keep the lights on there's a reason because you have people like debbie wasserman schultz. that all said hey lots of consultants lots of this lots of because the concern so you get lots of ads
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and as someone who used to sell advertising there's a reason we tell you that you need big flashy t.v. ads because the consultants get a commission for selling that's in the ads so it's all awful like tail eating monstrosity we've got a couple of people off that give us off the record confirmation that one of the other things that's going around in the democratic party is that non-establishment dems are finding that if they go in to run if they want any were any help any support from the d. triple c. they have to sign a pledge another pledge that says that they agree that they will spend seventy five percent of their campaign money on ads. which is funny because hillary's hillary clinton all because they figure it's the hillary clinton model it's the obama models but all this money the problem is hillary clinton spent seventy two million dollars on t.v. ads alone and she had the least. political looked at it and what they found she had the least messaging on policy of any presidential campaign or ad in the
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last four races so she spent all the money but she didn't say anything about policy or any any actual issues and that's why people that's a credible because assuming stuff like this it's like ok so if i want to run as a democrat i principally just have to say that the d. triple c. you know the d.n.c. all that they're just basically tell me how to run my campaign and if they don't like my politics apparently as well as a democrat they might not even support my campaign and actually pushed me down to their like selective choice yet because you're then you become the dirty grassroots you know well down side they're sitting there going to give us pictures democrats doing things like that we wouldn't you actually are our organization that's the same thing but there's this idea that i think is traditional traditional concert these conservative democrats are the ones in those whirl areas less populated urban areas and these are the ones that are are actually a lot more like republicans in value and they they they're terrified of progress on the status of going on as you have a whole bunch of the base of people that used to vote republican are pro they are
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pro-life you know in places like rhode island there was a story about people being about the big terrified of progressive there. they said that they were you know they're pro-life their programs are pro-business they're anti regulation they're patriotic mostly catholic and they don't think people should get free stuff republican republican problem their whole thing is we can't go to the left you have to keep going the writer will lose people all right well we're not going to lose people when we take this break court watchers because we're going to be watching don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics of cover of facebook and twitter so your poll shows that are. coming up we get the big picture of the battle between journalism and the corporate oligarchs who run the news media that is now taking what you sort of all places the colorado is the host of the big picture hollywood court enters the harshness don't want to miss the states and watch the.
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would you like. milton's i would say i'm not american but americans helped out really. world war two cures of the depression cars united states is concerned prosperity of course from store. for the for us the whole world what it what and. historical rewrite ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and. socialists nish bush. the so you call me out. to swat the we're so used to call them go. well i think world war two has been the story
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credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler. twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but probably always will and will solo the great british you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down the left go. alone and doesn't want to know and i'm really happy to join our team for the thousand and thirteen world cup in russia needs this special one come on those
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appreciate me to just say the review the r.t. team's latest edition to make it up as we go. to jersey look. he who pays the piper calls the tune those eight simple words or perhaps wall street's most defining grade and the greatest motivator for investment bankers to get out of bed in the morning but what happens when the folks who are used to buying anything they please try to pay and incorruptible piper that's the question of the day for the old and global capital group a new york hedge fund that appears intent on buying up the nation's newspaper market as if it were diner jukeboxes but isn't simply writing the news although in has now found itself in the thanks to an editorial page standoff with its subsidiary the denver post and
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a stubborn series of protests and public appeals by the hedge funds journalists employees how then do we resolve this seemingly irreconcilable can conflict of capitalism journalism and the steadily withering concept of local news to answer the conundrum we're joined by better media veteran and host of the big picture of holland. had quite a controversy and while i guess it is this it is it's intriguing how all of a look at the rules of capitalism if you know if you follow the spirit of capitalism would dictate that this hedge fund is to a certain extent with them their rights to run the subsidiary as they please why you know why should that be any different the case of you know forbes the old news media you know why should be different from news reveal the truth teller. when i first read the story two clues just jumped off the. age hedge fund as in you know and the name of the company is digital first media and this is like the cross you
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know to dracula if you were in print media obviously the great lady is challenge to in the digital age and they're scrambling to try and monetize the on line the wall street journal and the new york times are pretty good at that unless you can fool your browser into giving it to your for free so what these are challenging times in the newspaper lamb but this is nothing new one hundred years ago when i worked at usa today you probably didn't want to get caught on the job thumbing through a book called the chain gang our newspaper versus the going to empire by richard mccord i found one copy left on amazon today and this was the harrowing tale of the biggest newspaper publisher in the usa acquiring the green bay news chronicle. you have come from out of town with economies of scale and consultants and templates and so it's not a new story and it's not even just
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a newspaper story you know where i'm from radio in the middle of the night in one nine hundred ninety six amendment to the telecom bill lifted the ownership caps suddenly you could own as many stations as you could gobble up quickly and mom and pop station owners had no intention of selling mom and pop are down in west palm now because wall street came along with more money than the station was worth and to pay the mortgage every month they've been burning the furniture and firing people right and left and it's a crying shame in local news when the local newspaper thins out like that because there are fewer words being written there is one less voice and this is not to say that radio and t.v. are doing the rip and read from the newspaper but nobody goes deeper into a story than a newspaper can you only have a half hour to you know for the show but the newspaper can print as many pages as. they need to go so it's a real loss when these papers thin out like that is because that's that's where you get
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a lot of the good solid local that was the view to the rest of us of the world market it feeds the global market yeah and i mean the only thing that really seems to be making money or says they're making money are sort of your high drama cable and there is your. own address. but this sort of you know what i mean and c.n.n. is in the box is that i don't mind they probably make a fair amount of money but this is a distinctly unprofitable business and always has been so how do you balance keeping the doors open and keeping the truth and reporting things to go to a local audience that needs it now more than ever in its heyday the sales department was not allowed in the newsroom right c.b.s. you know the tiffany network and now the newspaper will shop a special section or a special insert and decide if there's advertiser support we'll write yeah the
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advertorial picking the perfect puppy you know if they can sponsor that automotive is a real target now because newspapers got whacked by auto trader and craigslist you know look at the two biggest customers of newspaper advertising car dealers and classifieds so the genie is out of the bottle now and certainly there are challenges in there trying to swap analog dollars for digital dimes and that's why these papers are getting sold and that's why these papers are getting corrupted in terms of the depth of the content warren buffett for years has been buying up small town newspapers because he realizes there's gold in the high school sports there is something the local media can still do real well and if you're the only one doing what you happen to be doing that's an opportunity but it still takes a char you. i don't have the manpower and that's the first thing to go and that's it we've been watching him and t.v. news i mean look at over the last ten years we've watched in every single area of
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news they have cut researchers they cut fact checkers they've cut copy editors on it everywhere you know that's very true you know. seeing this all kind of falling apart you know print journalism even if i mean you think oh well the mood of light and they can sell ads online but again that still is going to shrink the size of your paper down a little bit later because it isn't going to be faster than it is so do you think there's any kind of move forward thinking profit model in mind for news companies that they should explore in order to stay afloat but doesn't bend turn around and say oh you can't talk about this you know why do you not get into our property talk about certain subjects there are a lot of scrappy interlopers coming along some are making money some aren't we've seen people displaced from legacy news jobs who started a hyper local online newspaper that's pretty cool i live in rhode island where the providence journal has been sold a couple of times in recent years and then doubt
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a lot they sold their landmark building in downtown and moved out to the press how many desk do they need anymore and they have a new digital competitor called go local dot com that is breaking stories scrappy operation moving around the state reporting things you don't see anywhere else and it's lean and mean and like these cable news channels in new york you go to a scrum and you'll see i witness news an n.b.c. four set up right next to news one and guess what news one didn't have to pay for that f.c.c. license sooner than they have to mortgage it they're all doing the same story but one of them just has a smaller not so technology digital technology and self publishing it all has enabled a lot of start up sure on a lists what gets lost in all this cost cutting is editing right because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true ever since i saw forrest gump shake hands with president kennedy i don't want to believe i don't think it's
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a boy but that's going to have. i don't know it's true and you know it raises questions of you know other possible ways to kind of fix that the controller yeah i mean there's this idea of government intervention which i'm not if i'm never a fan of government intervention in trying to fix this idea of journalism with a problem that is because i don't like dirty government hands on my well of the fairness doctrine fell during the term and gave rise to talk radio which is predominantly one sided but it turned radio into two way radio right the president the other day is talking about yanking press credentials of people whose stories he doesn't write so our favorite amendment is still the first we hear of our two you know nothing about the government yanking press credentials because the store out there are never happy. at all seriousness aside we also know nothing about sponsors have to say do this don't do that can't you read the signs of those crazy things
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because me and to have been interviewed over the years you know by other reporters what's it like to work at r t and when you tell them that hey you know no one's telling me what to write i don't have a sponsor saying you can't write about me or anything like that when you tell them that their face kind of they don't believe you and i think it's because they're coming from a world where that's where they're not they're told what to write how to write what about to write about all the time what not to say in the story i interviewed john mcafee and i asked him javier no no wife i at starbucks and pinera is safe and if i was doing a story on c.n.n. i would have had to say how do you know the wife by at the restaurant or the coffee place is safe and it's not a huge change it's a nuance but it just makes the story more relatable because there wasn't somebody from the sales department so now you got to cross that word out and go right down you're not stepping on toes you know you get more of an artist news broadcast of do you think there's anything i even with the government intervention we've been
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talking a lot about murder these keep coming up. the big one was the sinclair tribune merger. talking about like monopoly is and all of this stuff coming together aside from government intervention in those acts is there a way we can stop what's happening which is billionaires just buying them all up and sort of well as you said is going to do a segment you you know the you'll go to freedom of the press belongs to anybody who owns one. of your own often attributed to tommy lasorda i think was actually oscar wilde you know never argue with people who buy by the peril yeah and there's still something to that i could sit at home and write a blog about what i do on my show here but i find doing it on my show here reaches more people you still need a platform and when you tweeted out that i was going to be on your show i just picked up dozens of twitter followers and go so it helps to have a platform and the folks in the commercial media are just always going to be
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subject to some kind of compromise because this golden era at the tiffany network is gone yeah it's over the moment that they stop saying that it was this public service that i had to do it every night right moment it all changed but holland cook thank you for coming out of bay and giving us the big picture of this fascinating part of the because of the news business and will definitely have you back so that you saw all these enjoy watching the hawks. here one must have the tendency to completely blow us away with his ability to help humanity dance its way in the future but sometimes you just disappoints me in a profound way by ignoring major issues like recently musk announced that he would be starting any company because a in a world suffering from food insecurity a lack of affordable housing who doesn't need a third choice for those of us who can't decide between twizzlers and red. then. this morning that he would be making bricks for affordable housing ewing's ing the
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mom. clay and soil were moved in the tunnels of this hyperloop projects and if you're thinking oh bricks are gone and totally useless and earthquakes well he one thought of that too turns out the bricks will be rated for california seismic loads and because they'll be bored in the middle they'll be a lighter and stronger than traditional concrete great well we'll have to wait and see if we can make it forty eight hours without a lawn boss doing something about the thing we were mad at him for not doing. a lot surprising especially and not read. out of our show for you to tell everybody to remember everyone in this world we are told your love so i tell you all i love i roll with and i'm doubtful i think love watching all of the great day and night of what.
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ministries schools is in the city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does my mike will still be on the board just one someone writes. this is going to come to the woods as if he that you have gone into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know this whole cult isn't that it's such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and. will. sell the only one who will. almost. the.
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more than all of them with the blues and this in the us is going to be a problem started on with the old vision starting the more sustainable moves in front of the hub and describes in the fine. mode. one else child's seemed wrong wrong what old world just all. the world did you get to shape out this day and you can't get educated and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground. in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right.
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education. higher education is becoming just another product and sold under snot just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you good. luck with this also. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic war. the. you i was. through i.
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was going to tell you this i mean. parties video agency films attempts by rescue workers in yemen to pull children at the rubble. strike the highest in the capital killing at least six. don't want from us to strike a new deal with iran which in his own words will be better for the islamic republic and i washington is ordering american and european companies to stop working with tehran and u.s. politicians warn america's opioid crisis is escalating we investigate how much the blame lies with the way licenses for prescriptions are distributed plus party speak to an activist who was aggressively manhandled and detained after speaking out against the confirmation of the new cia director known.


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