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tv   News  RT  May 11, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the great march of return protests continue along the gaza border with israel these are live pictures from there as the u.s. has to controversially move its embassy to jerusalem on monday. was writing. this hour artie's video agency films rescue workers in yemen attempting to pull children out of the rubble after reports of saudi airstrike it's a house in the capital with six civilians confirmed dead. and around all those present from suspicion to pull out of the rain you need clear deal he's also facing mounting criticism over the move not only from opponents of the u.s. but also european allies and our he speaks exclusively to an activist who is aggressively manhandled and detained after speaking out against the confirmation of
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the new cia director during a senate hearing. and i welcome it's just gone four pm here in moscow you're watching r.t. international. there and see israeli demonstrations along the gaza border continuing as part of the palestinian so-called great march of return over the last six weeks the movement has reportedly left almost fifty palestinians killed and thousands injured israeli forces disperse crowds along the border fence local journalists is that the scene for us today there is something different because it's the last friday and the palestinians are getting ready for the fourteenth and fifteenth where they're saying that they are going to be days of rage and they're going to be a lot. surprises not only for the israelis but full of the world and as the
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palestinian protesters refuse to tell us what they're planning for the fourteenth and the fifteenth but as you see suddenly the palestinian protesters started to march this way and to go to this hill and there's very close to that by the israelis and the soldiers today there are more is soldiers with new watch towers and. lots of very obvious that is that tensions are escalating and the palestinian protesters are trying to do something but we still don't know what's going to happen because they this friday they didn't fire any tires they were also only flying. kites and causing burning on the other side i think in that next hours protesters are going to do something big because they're trying we talk to them and they said that they won't go home today unless they cut the fence and we saw some of the tools they will use to cut the funds that paramedics and
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journalists are also at here ready to cover everything and so far there have been policy in journalist who was injured in his it leggett with tear gas canisters and what there were so another child who was also injured with his leg we can also hear live ammunition that israeli soldiers are finding live ammunition on up out quite tight with the palestinian flag we we see that but israeli soldiers just right beside the. new watchtower that has been built this week but i think that our reporting there are likely to miss well she also mentions how this the needs have also recently started resorting to a new form of violent protest attaching viable means to come and flying them over the border fence into israeli held. israeli defense forces stated that they will continue to operate against the protest which they call a terrorist act. inspired by her mass and as the u.s.
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readies to move its embassy to jerusalem or monday the protests are likely to intensify the diplomatic switch was first announced last year sparking deadly protests in palestine there was also official condemnation across the globe but washington's decision the un is now also warning of potential escalation i'm particularly worried about today and becoming the is. the u.s. embassy move through jerusalem on monday with a planned protest some girls won't take this opportunity again to call in israel to be very careful and calibrated the code uses force in addressing the protesters and goes on but also call on hamas leaders of the protests in gaza to prevent friction to prevent situations of which probations can happen while the embassy move is hugely controversial with jerusalem long a point of contention it's regarded as a holy city in several religions however israel claims it as its capital i
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have determined. that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. under the law. of the loser some of. the. was. at least six people have been killed in a reported saudi air strike near the emini capital according to local officials i would have gone in there you might find the following pictures disturbing. i mean
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it is really. well a video agency filmed the i'm sharing rescue operation you can see that many people are trapped in the building which is which has collapsed local medics claim the strike hit a home and also a show in region as hussein. gave us more details about the rescue. seen this video oldest kids that were trapped under the. rubble they were from one family which was targeted by so did that. they've been under the rubble for hours because the saudi has been offended. from reaching the site and we have seen in some of this video that one of the a girl called this a old witch was crying and she was asking for some water just imagine she has been waited for waiting for hours. and she was thursday she couldn't feel how the body and she thought that she was not injured and you can see totally in the footage. that was broadcast by many local t.v.
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channels that she was really really badly injured by this so-called soda. but we have sent requests to the saudi led coalition in yemen asking for comment about the recent airstrike although so far we haven't had a response a spokesperson for the saudi coalition though had said previously their goal is to restore yemen's legitimacy and to make the country safe and secure however according to human rights groups the bombing campaign has resulted in a grave crisis in the country saudis have repeatedly insisted though they target the rebels and not civilians but you say again says he has evidence to the contrary . those bombs would have brought to me by children in that area just imagine i mean this yellow but i think a lot of just what i don't get home in their villages i mean i want to ask the u.s. ambassador who they live nation or supply in this one to the south of the coalition the only country that actually is using this bomb on yemen the only company that i
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mean i have a blockade in yemen the only fight that is. on the scale in yemen there are so do you fight that you get that out of fuel by u.s. jets and the only thing that they like this is what type of missile that the yemenis or the whole the you have. the more anger has been vented on the streets of tehran this thousands to the streets there to denounce president trump's decision to tear up iran's nuclear deal. with. the i. on tuesday the u.s. president officially announced washington was dumping the iran nuclear deal struck by the obama administration trump as long described the agreement as one of the worst deals ever made he says he wants to strike
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a new agreement adding that it would be better for iran to. i hope to be able to make a deal with them a good deal that's fair deal the good deal for them better for the better for them so we can now allow them to have nuclear weapons around most is fired back with criticism saying washington's not in a position of dictating its terms to iran as the us itself hasn't fulfilled its commitments under the iran nuclear deal meanwhile as a result of trump's decision washington is putting the screws now on companies doing business with tehran is artie's daniel bushell reports so sanctions are back iran probably doesn't care much as had them in one shape or other for for decades washington shooting itself in the foot surely not. the youth and way over ten billion euro stuff to iran last year relationship in
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full bloom corporate giants now licking wounds include the biggest hitters on the continent from volkswagen to british airways air bus may be worst hit it signed a nineteen billion dollar deal with tehran just two years ago three billion more with as a man airlines why should europe care if trump quits the iran deal because he can make it your problem to write off the trumps announcement on his very first day on the job new u.s. ambassador to burley and tweeted the following all minutes threat as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately issuing national threats via twitter seems trump picks people in his own image but this time he's crossed a diplomatic red line my advice after a long ambassadorial career explain your country's policies and lobby the host country but never tell the host country what to do if you want to stay out of
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trouble germans are eager to listen but they will resent instructions welcome to our country sir i'm looking forward to a good cooperation by the way this excludes threatening german companies for a policy announced by your president ignoring core security interests of europe here we have the entire nature of the transatlantic alliance of the order for the sham that it is because this is not and i instituting equal partners and friends successive european governments have actually claimed it is indeed their relationship between i hate you monica behave mouth washington and its utopian satellites and sure this has all kinds of ramifications certainly more than economic ramifications for those companies so long as it helps the us economy right trumps the businessman after all he must know how to oil the wheels of trade
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apparently not. gas prices of top the psychological benchmark of two dollars eighty a gallon almost a painful fifty cents up in just a year and u.s. employers are hurting just weeks after trump's election boeing toasted a seventeen billion dollars deal for eighty u.s. built jetliners to iran but when bragged about it in line with trump's favorite mantra i will take jobs back. the jobs or jobs good jobs and even great jobs jobs jobs today's agreement will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs directly and nearly one hundred thousand u.s. jobs in the u.s. airspace value stream for the food course of the liberties jobs jobs jobs no more future deals go on existing contracts scrapped u.s. workers on your bike who take their place iran's already struck billion dollar
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deals with russian playmakers china's all over iran like a rush huge energy deals you roll roads and in cold hard cash iran has a strategy. of alliance with the russians and the chinese if. the europeans leave. if. american companies leave what happens is that iran is going to substitute the u.s. with russia and china. now an activist who was violently escorted out of a u.s. senate hearing and attained on wednesday has been released side the court seventy nine year old cia veteran ray mcgovern showed the bruises though he claimed were caused by the security officers among the group which interrupted the session to denounce the controversial nominee for cia chief. was.
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with this. many respects. to. stop her. following the incident ray mcgovern was charged with resisting arrest and disrupting congress he explained why he decided to speak out against the appointment of the new cia director. oh nobody's a hero you know what we're trying to do you do is to be patriots now as an army officer first and then as a government employee with the cia i took just one solemn oath ok that was to support and defend the constitution the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic now i have checked actually i have checked with lawyers does that vote . and is seen only oaths we take doesn't always have an expiration date.
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guess what. critics of critics claim the appointment of gina hospital along with other recent high as the trump administration might explain a fold in democratic party ratings is kind of more pain now expects watchdogs of american politics of observe that the democrats are losing their supposed upper hand when it comes to the upcoming congressional midterm elections now there are many different factors that play into this but one that stands out is that trump has doubled down on good old fashioned american warmongering he's appointed notorious war hawks pompei oh and bolton he's ripped up the iran deal and he's even unleashed a torrent of the missiles against the syrian arab republic more recently he's appointed gina haskell a.k.a. bloody gina to be the head of the cia she was allegedly involved in the agency's torture program of the past now we get a lot of democrats speaking up against gina haskell but as long as she gets two of
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them to go along in her favor she's clear to be confirmed already we've got joe manchin from west virginia democratic senator speaking in her favor. i have found gina has to be a person of great character she has worked in some of the most dangerous corners of our world and i have the utmost respect for the sucker forces she has made for our country i look forward to working with gina hospital now joe manchin is from west virginia that's a state full of conservative minded appellations while opposing war and torture might when the democrats friends up in new england in red states among conservative minded americans these hardline pentagon policies are crowd pleasers not scandals now remember the resistance the folks protesting donald trump at every turn and taking the leadership from hillary clinton well those folks agree with donald trump on very few things but among them is bombing syria i really believe that we should have and still should. take out his airfields and prevent him from being
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able to use them to have bought innocent people and try carrying gas on them even c.n.n. the network donald trump is accused of fake news is with him when he's on the warpath remember when missiles were flying into syria voices that usually oppose donald trump simply luden on donald trump ordered a missile strike against the assad regime in syria i support president use of american military power this week they even talked up the military equipment we are refueling the saudi bombers that are dropping the bombs it is said that thousands of civilians have died in yemen because of this you know there's a lot of jobs at stake certainly if a lot of these defense contractors stop selling warplanes other sophisticated equipment to saudi arabia they're going to there's going to be a significant loss of jobs or revenue here in the united states when the media and politicians are telling americans that war is good for business don't be too surprised if you see us public support for war let's recall how the media pushed
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the americans to support the invasion of iraq and most of them went along with it we expect every america. going to support our military and if they can't do that to shut up our duty as loyal americans to shut off once the fighting begins trump campaign with antiwar talking points but the polls show that his hawkish turn hasn't really hurt him among the public there seems to be a lot of americans who are tired of war but there's a pretty solid core of folks who believe the cruise missiles keep them safe and that america first should refer to military strength and r.t. new york thanks with a softening still ahead for you this hour u.s. democrats meanwhile claim there is massive new evidence of russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election will go through the allegations just tough to crack.
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most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest street in truth to stand down the news business you just need as the right questions and the right answers. questions.
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oh again there us democrat lawmakers have released thousands of social media ads with alleged links to russia in a bid to explain how the kremlin was supposedly seeking to sow discord in america during the twenty sixteen presidential election. a critical eye on the commercials . here it is the panacea to all your doubts russian meddling exposed three thousand five hundred and nineteen ads on facebook posted by russia allegedly say us democrats the russian social media campaign was designed to further the broader criminal ject of sowing discord in the u.s. by inflaming passions on a range of divisive issues the point
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a visa as they say was to divide americans but you take a closer look and the real takeaway is russia really really sucks meddling take this ad for the african-american civil rights movement zero clicks zero impressions meaning no one ever saw it real poor interfering right there but next now here is a surprise a blue lives matter post black versus blue sea by a grand total of no one all right. so far but how about this one an ad for muslims it says we believe in individual liberty in the free market take heart liberty will prevail the catch is it appears as if posted by a group defending the second amendment the right to bear arms and there are literally hundreds of such groups and facebook alone ok ok let's think something
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truly divisive to meek across a black doctor felt humiliated when don't the airlines flight attendants refused to believe that she was a qualified physician now that's allegedly intended to stir up tensions to tear americans apart except that's exactly how it was reported in the us media is responding to a viral facebook post from an african-american doctor who says she was discriminated against a fight she. says when the flight attendant yelled for a physician on board she raised her hand but was rejected you know how much the russian spent in this one hundred thousand dollars huge sum right it's roughly zero point zero zero zero one percent of what trump spent for his campaign so what's the takeaway russia is really bad at meddling some of those
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ads were never seen by anyone and others were copy pasted from mainstream media and that's if you believe that these were russian ads the only thing viz ads prove is russia will never ever be as good as us media a dividing america. has the affair now tackling the opioid epidemic has become a top priority for the trumpet ministration with overdose deaths rising sharply in recent years part of the plan is to cut back on prescriptions for the drug use america expects. a crisis in the u.s. it's reached the point where the drug enforcement administration itself says it should be doing a better job the united states continues to be affected by a national opioid epidemic which has been spurred in part by the rise of opioid prescribing and misuse the da can and must do better let's quickly break it down in
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a span of seventeen years two hundred thousand people have died as a result of overdose deaths involving opioids increase four times from ninety nine to twenty sixteen and the da blames doctors indiscriminate prescribing can endanger patients' lives doctors take an oath to do no harm and provide the best care for their patients but is it fair to pin the blame on doctors when it's the d n a it felt that breakfasters individuals and companies to sell controlled substances and guess what. their funding is dependent on the da must set face at a level that ensures the recovery of the full costs of operating the various aspects of the diversion control program in two thousand and seventeen the da claimed that it issued one point seven million licenses around five hundred thousand more since two thousand and eight a pharmacist who prescribe drugs to almost all of his clients is now serving jail time for ground zero as west virginia where doctors write
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a hundred and thirty eight prescriptions for every one hundred people did you write three hundred twenty five prescriptions the first week of january for more than one nine hundred thousand oxy code on pills. possibly you don't know how many prescriptions you wrote i don't i don't and they may well be he's still behind bars but his license was never revoked it just expired well a da report showed that criminals are often allowed to continue practicing medicine even after doing their time in one instance a doctor who was selling prescriptions for controlled substances to undercover police was sentenced to five years supervised probation but never lost his license if that's not shady enough the agency issued licenses to individuals that have a history of drug abuse and trafficking. even well intentioned compassionate physicians have gotten caught up in the problem of overprescribing i think the da does bear responsibility primarily in that their job was really to
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police whether or not opioids were being indiscriminately prescribed dispensed and even transported to these very small towns and they didn't do their job in that regard but why is it that licenses are rarely revoked while the acting head of the d.a. believes the system is to blame we have done a lot of civil fines but when you look at major businesses find seem to have little impact and i think that's part of the frustration i think the key to it is as we're states either don't have the ability to connect with each other or the system that actually aren't being used as is highly problematic and the way the system works means we're only seeing the tiniest fraction of licenses for both for talking your zero point zero one four percent out of one point seven million licenses so one of the things that we are now recommending is that before the v.a. grants a license to
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a physician there should be required education of that physician should have in order to get the da license in the first place what would be much more important is training physicians in how to safely prescribe opioids in the first place and once they have prescribed opioids how to monitor patients so that they can see whether or not that patient is becoming addicted misusing the opioid or diverting it to other sources. so mary kom reporting there is just coming up to half past four in the afternoon here moscow will have. in just over half a. point
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. milton's i would say i'm not american but americans helped out really. world war two cures for depression far united states is concerned prosperity of course the store. for the for us the whole world what it what and. historical rewrite ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and. socialists nish bush if you are so you call me out you all close just right so use could call them. all i think world war two has been
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distorted credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they want to diminish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler. when lawmakers manufacture common sense a student of public wealth. when the ruling class is project over. themselves. with the famous merry go round. we can all middle of the room sit. room. there are a lot of assumptions and current. determines these based on.
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historically actually he's proven wrong know. many accidents. many judgments almost lead to show nuclear war. hello and welcome to cross talk for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle donald trump claims he is the master of the deal but when it comes to iran it is the art of no deal the reason is the american president withdrew from the nuclear deal to range from alliance and distant from ation to outright political propaganda trying to claim.


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