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i. a listing in official say that one person has been killed is great return protest along the gaza border with israel continued friday as the u.s. prepares to controversially. proceed from tel aviv to jerusalem on monday. mass protest in iran follows president to pull out of the iran nuclear deal is also facing mounting criticism over the move not only from opponents in the u.s. but also european allies. this time and i think it's not right to cancel a deal that was agreed upon. approved in the security council that diminishes come from. what do we want to be. blind. or do we want us to europeans to say it with economic interests. speaks exclusively to
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activists who was aggressively manhandled and detained after speaking out against the confirmation of the new cia director during a senate hearing. this is r.t. and. anti israel demonstrations along the gaza border are continuing as part of the palestinians so-called great march of return one person has been killed and around fifty wounded according to palestinian officials over the last six weeks the movement has reportedly left almost fifty palestinians dead and thousands wounded as israeli forces disperse crowds along the border fence a local correspondent is on the ground. palestinian protesters shifted to the right of the fence and what happened that that israeli forces just started firing tear
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gas a lot of tear gas was was ship fired on these protesters so the protesters came back here and the police three thousand palestinian protesters are very very very close a fence at least the forty palestinian protesters have been injured so far holliston youth protesters said that they won't go home today without breaking the fence so we have been seeing a lot of that tents that to break the fence and days readies fired a lot of tear gas to try to disperse all these protesters tensions are escalating a lot of tear gas since the morning a life of love a lot of live ammunition and there was up palestinian child who was injured from any as had protesters have been flying kites with the palestinian flags and we saw the pa the israeli soldiers at targeting these flags with live ammunition we were talking to that some people of the committee of organizing the fourteenth and the fifteenth they said that there will be thousands and thousands of kites with the
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palestinian flags and to what is obvious that the palestinians are are serious about what's going to happen on the fourteenth and the fifteenth today is just the last friday of the great march of return but the fourteenth of and the fifteenth are expected to be a very very very tough days but the palestinians have also recently started resulting to a new form of violent protest on a touching firebombs. and flying them over the border fence into israel held territory we spoke to some of the activists. that. this device is comprised of a piece of causal which needs to be sunk throughout with gasoline or diesel that would burn for longer because it causes large scale farms on territories occupied to ninety four. is really small it was warned that they would fire upon anyone that launches a current but we not afraid of the bullets the shows or the whole of israel today
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we're launching them and we're not afraid of them we want to set them i'm fine set them on fire on the land that they took from us and they're not returning. the israeli defense forces stated that they will continue to operate against the protests which they call a terrorist act inspired by a mass and as the u.s. readies to move its embassy to jerusalem on monday protests are likely to intensify the un is now warning of potential escalation i'm particularly worried about to be and becoming the is. the u.s. embassy move through jerusalem on monday and with a planned protest some girls won't take this opportunity again to call in israel to be very careful and calibrated and i would use force in addressing the protesters and goes on but also call on hamas leaders of the protests from gaza to prevent friction to prevent situations in which provoke issues can happen the diplomatic switch to jerusalem was first announced last year sparking deadly protests in
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palestine as well as condemnation around the world the city's long been a place of contention its we guarded as a holy site in several religions our israel claims it as its capital. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel was. was was. was was. should europe be nothing more than
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a quote vassal to america and that's the disturbing question posed by a senior french minister it came as anger was running high in europe following donald trump's decision to ditch the iran nuclear deal with a duty europe needs to create new systems that will defend its interests what do we want to be bustles that would have paid blindly to what americans tell them or do we want us europeans to say that we're having economic interests and we want to have economic relations with iran inside the brain work of a strategically deal with iran it which includes a ransom announcing of nuclear weapons within that this is the right way to go and so we continue to do business with iran. strong words from the french finance minister there but he isn't the only one in europe that's been vocal in their criticism of donald trump over the decision to pull the united states out of the iran nuclear deal angela merkel never want to give a press conference unless she really has to or she's actually issued two statements
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in as many days expressing her disappointment in donald trump's decision this is the latest that's a mistake and i think it's not right to unilaterally to handle a deal that was agreed upon that that was not an unlovely and approved of the yemeni security council the dimensions come from the international order. and it was money if we always say that if we don't like of things and we can achieve a new international order that everyone will do what they feel that's bad news for the one it it is that it isn't just the german chancellor though that is coming out in making these statements she's presenting a united front along with the french president. he spoke on thursday also he said that no nation should have the right to be able to upset the global order and said that all countries have to respect international law no matter who they were in it is never good for us to break the laws that we ourselves helped to create why because how can you convince powers that occasionally use force or violence that
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don't respect international law to follow our example when we don't even follow that example ourselves. well those two leaders have been criticizing donald trump's decision quite publicly whereas if we look to the european union what the reaction has been from brussels well we've heard from federica maka raney she's the e.u. her representative for foreign affairs that's pretty much the closest thing the e.u. has to a foreign minister she said that as far as the e.u. were concerned the deal would be adhered to she said that your run was sticking to their side of the deal and that the e.u. would stick to theirs the agreement with iran and its nuclear deal is not a bilateral agreement it is a multilateral project which represents in achievement of the world it is now interest to fulfill it because it is a guarantee of our safety it's hard to say whether this is confidence or just blind optimism for ms marker really that she says that the european union will stick to
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their side of the deal we'll have to see if they do that how that is taken in washington because donald trump of course said that if any country was helping iran or that they could potentially face sanctions so keeping an eye to see what happens from the european side and also what the reaction to that would be from the u.s. side as well. because one of its international affairs and defense a spokesman for the france unbowed party believes that this could be a make or break moment for the e.u. and its relations with washington. macro and micro were in washington they said that they would try to convince him not to change the agreement but until now is the boss is showing of the boss so. if they do not show any independence here. nothing changes the reduced be a small region of the huge us empire but if they act as the it sounds that they
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will act which is good they will react and say that they will continue and this is a woman who with iran maybe it will be the very first step of of a true european in the pendants. just days after the us pulled out of the deal washington imposed a new round of sanctions against several iranian individuals and companies that these new measures threaten to put the screws on you appear in the companies who are doing business with tehran as well arty's daniel bushell explains so sanctions are back iran probably doesn't care much it's had them in one shape or other for for decades washington shooting itself and our allies in the foot surely not. the youth and way over ten billion euro stuff to iran last year relationship in full bloom corporate giants now licking wounds include the biggest hitters on the
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continent from volkswagen to british airways air bus may be worst hit it signed a nineteen billion dollar deal with tehran just two years ago three billion more with as a man airlines why should europe care if trump quits the iran deal because he can make it your problem to write off the trumps announcement on his very first day on the job new u.s. ambassador to burley and tweeted the following all minutes threat as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately issuing national threats via twitter seems trump picks people in his own image but this time he's crossed a diplomatic red line my advice after a long ambassadorial career explain your country's policies and lobby the host country but never tell the host country what to do if you want to stay out of trouble germans are eager to listen but they will resent instructions welcome to
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our country sir i'm looking forward to a good cooperation by the way this excludes threatening german companies for a policy announced by your president ignoring core security interests of europe here we have the entire nature of the transatlantic alliance of the order for the sham that it is because this is not and i instituting equal partners and friends successive european governments have actually claimed it is indeed their relationship between i hate you morning behave mouth washington and its european satellites and sure this has all kinds of ramifications certainly more than economic ramifications for those companies so long as it helps the us economy right trumps a businessman after all he must know how to oil the wheels of trade apparently not . gas prices of top flight can logical benchmark of two dollars eighty
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a gallon almost a painful fifty cents up in just a year and u.s. employers are hurting just weeks after trump's election boeing toasted a seventeen billion dollars deal for eighty u.s. built jetliners to iran air but when bragged about it in line with trump's favorite mantra i will take jobs back. to back their jobs or jobs good jobs and even great jobs jobs jobs today's agreement will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs directly and nearly one hundred thousand u.s. jobs in the u.s. aerospace value stream for the food course of delivery is jobs jobs jobs no more future deals go on existing contracts cramped u.s. workers on your bike so who take their place iran's already struck billion dollar deals with russian playmaker. china's all over iran like
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a rash huge energy deals you railroads and lending cold hard cash iran has a strategy. of alliance with the russians and the chinese if. the europeans leave if. american companies leave what happens is that iran is going to substitute the u.s. with russia and china anger has been vented on the streets of tehran assassins turned out to denounce president trumps decision to tear up the iran nuclear deal. i. was following washington's criticism around fired back saying the u.s. itself has never fulfilled its commitments under the agreement struck three years
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ago we discussed the issue with political analyst side mustapha. person here in tehran is that the europeans are trying to play the good cop after the u.s. withdrawal a major part of the concessions that you all was to receive on the deal is gone right now although the united states never abided by its commitments and they remain only over the paper that the sanctions were removed mainly over the paper but still that porky's gone right now and the europeans are offering you on the. part of the concessions that he was to receive that's exactly why are so adamant. you know future of this deal and they don't want to continue this there mostly. congressman has asked the trump administration to resume its funding of the controversial syrian activist group the white helmets reports of washington cutting money to the group emerged
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a week ago though no confirmation has been issued so far from a killer maupin's dug deeper into the story joins me live on the line now from the states kelly what details have emerged. well ed royce is the chair of the foreign affairs committee and u.s. congress and he is come forward as the administration administration the white house is reviewing funding for the white helmets organization we have ed royce coming out and urging that funding immediately be restored to the white helmet this is ed royce. we cannot abandon the region we must work with our partners and use all the tools of the plumber see including financial pressure and u.s. assistance to help change conditions on the ground there ministration should start by immediately resuming stabilisation funding including to the white house that. now so far the united states they i.d.d. has provided over thirty two million dollars to the white helmets they're also
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getting support from various european governments as well as some middle eastern governments nearby now when it was announced that the united states would put its funding on hold of the united kingdom actually stepped up and offered to make up the gap with their own funding the u.k. and the white helmets of actually had a longstanding relationship in fact as a former member of m i six who helped to set up an established the organization and currently organizes it now the group has long faced accusations that it is imbedded with terrorist groups has close ties to the al nasra al qaeda terrorist groups furthermore while the group claims to be impartial many people have pointed out that its activity seems to be directed toward you know the cause of destabilizing and overthrowing the syrian government now among those who are highly critical of it have been russia and syria and they've even gone as far as to point out that it appears that a number of their videos have actually been staged and are not are not accurate
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depictions of what's taking place on the ground now down trump has talked about cutting aid to the program state department funding is now in question but now we have ed royce coming forward and saying that their funding should be immediately restored and as he's saying that he's saying that it would be restored to quote change conditions on the ground in syria now the group claims to be impartial but if if aiding them is going to somehow change conditions on the ground that seems to point to something else so a lot of questions are being raised at the moment their funding from the united states is on hold questions are being raised and different voices are speaking up and and calling for the funding to be restored among other things scalable promoting from new york thank you. julian assad is reportedly facing new limitations that include bans on phone calls and even visitors according to wiki leaks the whistleblowing group he co-founded the restrictions come as his fate is in negotiating by u.k. and ecuador and author it is his internet access is still blocked we have had
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targets who are interested in solving this issue and signage is aware that ecuador is exhausting all after is very diplomatic means in march songes internet use was restricted after he tweeted criticism of the u.k.'s response to the poisoning of said get in union square park it's been or six years since wiki leaks founder had to seek asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london during this time assad was visited by many friends celebrity guests and media but it looks like now he doesn't have that option on the table human rights activist peter tatchell says that new restrictions make life worse than in prison. ecuador granted political asylum granted him a safe haven in london embassy and it granted him citizenship with all the rights that go with citizenship those rights have now been unilaterally abrogated by the ecuadorian government and is affectively being held incommunicado he can't
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communicate with the outside world and the outside world cannot communicate with him that is more draconian restriction than even terrorists or rapists experience in prison they do have a right to communicate and does not so this is up a very very backward step which goes quite clearly against ecuador's own guarantee of human rights and free expression. at least six people have been killed in a reported saudi air strike near the yemeni capital according to local officials would have warned you might find the pictures coming up next disturbing. video agency filmed the ensuing rescue operation you can see many people trapped in the collapsed buildings local medics claim that the strike hit a home and a shop many journalists the same album gave details of the rescue effort. seen this
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video hold this kid that. they were from one family which was targeted by so. they've been under the rubble for our waters because the saudi has befriended. and we have seen in some of this video that one of their a girl called this a all which was crying and she was asking for some water just imagine she has been waited for hours. and she was thirsty she couldn't feel how the body and she thought that she was not injured and you can see totally in the. footage. that was asked by many local t.v. channels that she was really really badly injured by this so called so. we sent a request to the saudi led coalition in yemen asking for comment about the recent strike so far we've had no response
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a spokesperson for the coalition said previously the goal was to restore yemen's legitimacy and to make the country safe and secure but according to human rights groups the bombing campaign has resulted in a grave crisis in the country saudis have repeatedly insisted they target the rebels not civilians but the center of a site again says he has evidence to the contrary those bombs were brought to me by children in that area just imagine i mean this yellow but i think a lot of just what i don't get home in the villages i mean i want to ask the u.s. ambassador to the united nations who is the guy in this bomb to this idea that coalition the only country that actually is using this bomb on yemen the only company that i mean to have a blockade in yemen the only fight that is. on the scale in yemen there are so do you fight that you get that out of fuel by us and the only thing that they lied about is what type of missile that the yemenis have or the hoa they have.
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an activist who is violently scooted out of the u.s. senate hearing and detained on wednesday has now been released downside to court seventy nine year old cia veteran ray mcgovern showed the bruises that he claimed were caused by security offices he was among a group that interrupted the session to denounce the controversial nominee the cia chief of chino hospital. was. this man in many respects. stop resisting. stop hurting you know you don't judge. following that incident ray mcgovern was charged with resisting arrest and disrupting congress explains why he decided to speak out against the appointment of the new cia director nobody's a hero you know what we're trying to do you do is to be patriots now as an army officer first and then as
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a government employee with the cia i took just one solemn oath ok that was just supported defend the constitution the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic now i've checked actually i have checked with lawyers does that pose ok and it's the only oath we take it doesn't always have an expiration date. guess what it does. tackling the opioid epidemic has become a top priority for the trump of ministration with overdose deaths rising sharply in recent years as part of the plan is to cut back on prescriptions for the drug so there can explains. the crisis in the us has reached the point where the drug enforcement administration itself says it should be doing a better job the united states continues to be affected by a national opioid epidemic which has been spurred in part by the rise of opioid
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prescribing and misuse the da can and must do better let's quickly break it down in a span of seventeen years two hundred thousand people have died as a result of overdose deaths involving opioids increase four times from ninety nine to twenty sixteen and the da blames doctors indiscriminate prescribing can endanger patients' lives doctors take an oath to do no harm and provide the best care for their patients but is it fair to pin the blame on doctors when it's the d n a itself that registers individuals and companies to sell controlled substances and guess what their funding is dependent on the da must set face at a level that ensures the recovery of the full costs of operating the various aspects of the diversion control program in two thousand and seventeen the da claimed that it issued one point seven million licenses around five hundred thousand more since two thousand and eight a pharmacist who prescribe drugs to almost all of his clients is now serving jail
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time for ground zero as west virginia where doctors write hundred and thirty eight prescriptions for every one hundred people did you write three hundred twenty five prescriptions the first week of january for more than nineteen thousand oxy code on pills. possibly you don't know how many prescriptions you wrote i don't i don't i think it may well be he's still behind bars but his license was never revoked it just expired well a da report showed that criminals are often allowed to continue practicing medicine even after doing their time in one instance a doctor who was selling prescriptions for controlled substances to undercover police was sentenced to five years supervised probation but never lost his license if that's not shady enough the agency issued licenses to individuals that have a history of drug abuse and trafficking. even well intentioned
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compassionate physicians have gotten caught up in the problem of overprescribing i think the da does bear responsibility primarily in that their job was really to police whether or not opioids were being indiscriminately prescribed dispensed and even transported to these very small towns and they didn't do their job in that regard but why is it that licenses are rarely revoked while the acting head of the d.a. believes the system is to blame we have done a lot of civil fines but when you look at major businesses find seem to have little impact and i think that's part of the frustration i think the key to it is as we're states either don't have the ability to connect with each other or the system that actually aren't being used as is highly problematic and the way the system works means we're only seeing the tiniest fraction of licenses the both for talking your zero point zero one four percent out of one point seven million licenses so one of the things that we are now recommending is that before the v.a.
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grants a license to a physician there should be required education that that physician should have in order to get the da license in the first place what would be much more important is training physicians in how to safely prescribe opioids in the first place and once they have prescribed opioids how to monitor patients so that they can see whether or not that patient is becoming addicted misusing the opioid or diverting it to other sources. i'm back with latest news updates for you in half an hour see them. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see you then.
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when the law makers manufacture consensus instinct of public wells. when the ruling classes project themselves. the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room signal. in the real news room the world. now welcome to. not say hiroshima suffered the horrific consequence of a nuclear blast and out
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a global struggle to abolish the nuclear weapons altogether will it succeed. governor of japan's hiroshima prefatory. seventy three years off to the world first the devastating effects of nuclear weapons the global nuclear arsenal is growing with thousands of warheads ready to what civilization off the planet can humanity afford to rely on fear of mutually assured destruction to keep peace is the drive to get rid of nuclear weapons realistic and all the listings of the regime are remembered well enough today. earnings exactly are really great to have you on our program welcome to thank you very much so. a lot so relevant issues to discuss with you. so far your country is doing all the country that has suffered from the years of the nuclear weapons so it is.


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