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tv   News  RT  May 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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palestinian official said that one person is being killed as a great march of return protests along the gaza border with israel continued friday and as the u.s. prepares to controversially move it says really embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem on monday. must protest in around follows president trump's decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal it's also facing mounting criticism over the move not only from opponents in the u.s. but also european allies. and i think it's not right to you know our hands on a deal that was agreed upon that was not approved by the u.n. security council that diminishes come from the international order what they want to be would have a blind lead to what american or do we want us europeans to say people have
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economic interests. and later in the program we speak to a veteran cia analyst who was aggressively manhandled and detained after he spoke out against the confirmation of the new cia director. harvey this is r.t. internet. anti israel demonstrations along the gaza border are continuing as part of the palestinian so-called great march of return on person is being killed and around fifty wounded according to palestinian officials are the last six weeks the movement left a reported fifty palestinians dead and thousands wounded as israeli forces dispersed crowds along the border fence a local correspondent was on the ground throughout the day. this is an injury i think it's in the stomach just right now from the live ammunition as the israeli
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soldiers israeli snipers targeted this at us protester. who was. known as of the so there you go to the little. league. but they're throwing tear gas and trying to you guys and very very far away parts of the bow of the guards everyone is surrounded with young guys they're surrounding our whole of the join in this and everyone within gaza all they're trying to do is disperse all of these protesters they have been finding here got a sense of mourning in a very very intensive way. it's
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getting that darker and there are still phrases like this he seemed to have believed lifting along the fence and you can hold to see at least two thousand palestinian protesters still on the fence marching on the fence and burning tires of their division of these night raids. still talking to the organizing committee of the great march of return they said the doctor expected at least one million palestinian protesters on the fourteenth of may where it's going to be for the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem what's going to happen on the fourteenth and the fifteenth is going to be very big. the palestinians have also basically started resulting to a new form of violence protest it involves attaching fire bombs to some flying them over the border fence into israeli how terrified. we spoke to some of the activists . that. this device is comprised of
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a piece of cloth which needs to be served throughout with gasoline or diesel that would burn for longer because i cause as large scale fires on territories occupied in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. the israeli snipers warned that they would fire upon anyone that launches a kite but we're not afraid of their bullets the shells or the whole of israel today we're launching them and we're not afraid of them we want to set them on fire set them on fire on the land that they took from us and they're not returning the israeli defense forces stated that they will continue to operate against the protests which they call a terrorist act inspired by hamas and as the u.s. readies to move its embassy to jerusalem on monday protests are likely to intensify the u.n. has warned of potential escalation and i'm particularly worried about to be becoming days with the u.s. embassy move through jerusalem on monday and with
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a planned protest some girls won't take this opportunity again to call on israel to be very careful and calibrated the code uses force in addressing the protesters and goes but also call on us and believers of the protests in gaza to prevent friction to prevent situations in which provoke issues can happen. the diplomatic switch to jerusalem was first announced last year it sparked deadly protests in palestine as well as condemnation around the world the city's long been an area of contention it's regarded as a holy site in several religions but israel claims it as its capital. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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should europe be nothing more than a quote vassal to america that's the disturbing question posed by a senior french minister it comes as anger runs high in europe following donald trump's decision to ditch the iran nuclear deal. the europe needs to create new systems that will defend its interests good what do we want to be bustles they want to be blinded to what americans tell them or do we want us europeans to say that we're having economic interests and want to have economic relations with iran inside the brain work of a strategically deal with iran it which includes a ransom announcing of nuclear weapons within that this is the right way to go and so we continue to do business with iran strong words from the french finance
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minister there but he isn't the only one in europe that's been vocal in their criticism of donald trump over the decision to pull the united states out of the euro run nuclear deal angela merkel never want to give a press conference unless she really has to or she's actually issued two statements in as many days expressing her disappointment in donald trump's decision this is the latest that's a mistake and i think it's not right to you know a lot of reading and so deal that was agreed upon that that was not an unlovely a predicate in the yemeni security council that diminishes come from international order. and it was money if we always say that if we don't like a. new international order that everyone will do what they feel that's bad news for the word. it isn't just the german chancellor though that is coming out in making these statements she's presenting
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a united front along with the french president. he spoke on thursday also he said that no nation should have the right to be able to upset the global order and said that all countries have to respect international law no matter who they were in it is never good for us to break the laws that we ourselves helped to create why because how can you convince powers that occasionally use force or violence that don't respect international law to follow our example when we don't even follow that example ourselves. well those two leaders have been criticizing donald trump's decision quite publicly whereas if we look to the european union what the reaction has been from brussels well we've heard from federica maka raney she's the e.u. her representative for foreign affairs that's pretty much the closest thing the e.u. has to a foreign minister she said that as far as the e.u. were concerned the deal would be adhered to she said that your iran was sticking to their side of the deal and that the e.u.
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would stick to theirs this deal is not a bilateral treaty it's a un security council resolution and it belongs to the entire world the consequence of that is that no single country along and destroyed a deal but can't undo the deal because all the others stay in tough to say whether this is confidence so just blind optimism for ms mockery me that she says that the european union will stick to their side of the deal we'll have to see if they do that how that is taken in washington because donald trump of course said that if any country was helping iran or that they could potentially face sanctions i think you know the work you do would be inside and also what the reaction to that would be from the u.s. side as well. the head of the international atomic energy agency suddenly resigned on friday according to a statement from the global nuclear watchdog total budget and to will be
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temporarily replaced by the acting director of the office of verification in iran and i.a.e.a. group inspecting tehran's nuclear facilities the official who resigned has been in office since twenty thirteen and played a key role in putting together the originally around nuclear deal let's get some analysis on the story now from peter galbraith he's the former u.s. ambassador to croatia and the author of several books on the middle east thanks for joining us here on r.t. peter what do you make first of all of the sudden resignation which comes at a pretty delicate time. with people resigned without any explanation and usually personal reason and so i don't see this being related to the appearance. of the iran agreement do you think the changes in the administration will in any way have an impact upon the iran nuclear deal. no the i.a.e.a. is capable of carrying out the inspections or the deal seems to have done
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a very good job of doing that and switch of one one or two people stuck and make any difference something people might find of interest the heads of the organization i been temporarily replaced by as i understand it the head of the around very thick cation team. does that have any impact maybe a misunderstanding understand it's part of the iranian team who will be temporarily heading up the organization affect objectivity in any way. they were there i was at the head of the i.a.e.a. it was the head of the verification division and he's been ripped being replaced by temporarily by one of his most senior subordinate perhaps his most senior support net in that house we have a person and willing the most important portfolio which is the iran portfolio again this is quite normal and in an international organization ok sounds not too much
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can be written and can be read into this foot by your take on its fairly run of the mill event what about. donald trump's decision while we've got you to speak he says that from says he will make another deal with iran maybe this isn't such a surprise now but he says that it will actually be better for the country itself is that possible to think i'm there isn't going to be another deal between united states and iran and there will be a negotiation that's going to take place between iran and the remaining five countries the european three plus russia and china. in which iran is in a position to you know basically ask for better implementation of this original deal and so the end result is in iran has a lot of cards at this point because the europeans the russians and the chinese want iran to remain in the deal and so they're going to have. to make some arrangements with the iranians that will in fact be
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a better deal for the iranians the americans will have no say trump ended this deal saying he wanted to have a new and better deal he's going to the end result is going to be a better deal for iran now what is it that the iranians are going to want i think this is really an important point. the problem they have is with secondary u.s. sanctions particularly sanctions that save you if you would do business with iran you can't use the american banking system and you can't do business in iran well there's going to be a relatively easy fix to the banking issue which is that the europeans come up with a system of financing business in iran that doesn't depend on the americans the european governments can do this i hope they will and with regard to secondary sanctions well if the european plot to you know be independent force instead of following the lead of a really bizarre donald trump then they are going to have to think of a system including the possibility of retaliatory sanctions if the u.s.
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put sanctions on european companies do business with iran the europeans have a lot of power they just need to use it they can put sanctions on american companies doing business in europe if this was done in terms of plan a long rip up a deal because he said many times that it was a very bad one for the u.s. and his plan was actually to the negotiate a better one as it backfired on him as it left iran perhaps in a better position than he reckoned with. and of course because again as the europeans point out this wasn't a bilateral deal between the u.s. and iran it was a deal with six countries the five countries remain plus the european union the iranians are now have have some leverage because these countries desperately want the deal to continue and so there again they're their problem have been that. they weren't getting all the benefits to kosovo other u.s. sanctions that remain now they can say to the europe. ems and to a lesser extent the russians and the chinese police fix these problems you know
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there's another part of this one of economics was one reason that iran joined the deal but also wanted to end its isolation and you know we have a situation now where. iran has abided by the remit the i.a.e.a. even u.s. intelligence even israeli intelligence says they provided by the. it's the united states that broke their thanks to trump that broke its word so you know iran is then a higher status the united states there are some people might say well that's now the rogue nation it's certainly much more isolated so from an iranian point of view continuing to stay with the deal is a process of getting iran more into the mainstream of the international community of the united states to get up being more isolated. peter really appreciate you coming on to speak to us on r.t. international i guess the south peter galbraith former u.s. ambassador to the author of several books on the middle east thank you for talking
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to you now just days after the u.s. pulled out of that nuclear deal washington imposed a new round of sanctions against several reigning individuals and companies but these new measures threaten to put the screws on european companies doing business with tehran as well daniel bushell explains so sanctions are back iran probably doesn't care much it's had them in one shape or of for for decades washington shooting itself and our allies in the foot surely not. the youth and way over ten billion euro of stuff to iran last year relationship in full bloom corporate giants now licking wounds include the biggest hitters on the continent from volkswagen to british airways airbus may be worst hit it signed a nineteen billion dollars deal with tehran just two years ago three billion more with as a man airlines why should europe care if trump quits the iran deal because he can
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make it your problem to write off the trumps announcement on his very first day on the job new u.s. ambassador to burley and tweeted the following all minutes threat as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sectors of iran's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately issuing national threats via twitter seems trump picks people in his own image but this time he's crossed a diplomatic red line my advice after a long ambassadorial career explain your country's policies and lobby the host country but never tell the host country what to do if you want to stay out of trouble germans are eager to listen but they will resent instructions welcome to our country sir i'm looking forward to a good cooperation by the way this excludes threatening german companies for a policy announced by your president ignoring core security interests of europe here we have the entire nature of the transatlantic alliance of the order for the
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sham let it is because this is not and i and equal partners and friends successive european governments have actually claimed it is indeed their relationship between i hate you morning be him off washington and it's utopian satellites and sure this has all kinds of ramifications certainly more than economic ramifications for those companies so long as it helps the u.s. economy right trumps a businessman after all he must know how to oil the wheels of trade apparently not . gas prices of topped the psychological benchmark of two dollars eighty a gallon almost a painful fifty cents up in just a year and u.s. employers are hurting too just weeks after trump's election boeing toasted a seventeen billion dollars deal for eighty u.s. built jetliners to iran but when bragged about it in line with trump's favorite
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mantra i will take jobs back. to jobs or jobs good jobs and even great jobs jobs jobs today's agreement will support tens of thousands of u.s. jobs directly and nearly one hundred thousand u.s. jobs in the u.s. aerospace value stream for the food course of deliveries jobs jobs jobs no more future deals go on existing contracts scrapped u.s. workers on your bike so who take their place iran's already struck billion dollar deals with russian playmaker. china's all over iran like a rash huge energy deals you railroads and lending cold hard cash iran has a strategy. of alliance with the russians and the chinese if. the europeans leave if.
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american companies leave what happens is that iran is going to substitute the u.s. with russia and china anger has been vented on the streets of tehran a stance and turned out to denounce president trumps decision to tear up the iran nuclear deal. of course. was. following washington's criticism iran fired back saying the u.s. itself has never fulfilled its commitments under the agreement struck three years ago the host of arties going underground program afshin rattansi discussed this would lot are come out of wimbledon a former member of the u.k. parliamentary group for iran you can watch the full version of that interview in going on the ground on saturday. i don't think america would dare attack iran i
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frankly tell you this in my own opinion because even though iran doesn't have the capability of hitting back on the united states but iran has the capability of destroying the world's economy because if they just start hitting the waters where all the ships all the oil where all the interest of the western world lies right there in the straits. then there will be difficult news think there's some truth to what president rouhani of iran says that he says the e.u. does not have the capacity to be a global player casting doubt on the words coming from london paris berlin brussels saying no no we don't like what donald trump well look i've seen this statement from e.u. . they are very strong that we need to act like a superpower of the twenty seven twenty eight countries whether it is economic
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military we are yes. we are with the united states but if the united states doesn't want to adhere to international treaties then we need to stand up i don't think there were. a congressman has asked the trump of ministration to resume its funding of the controversial syrian activist group the white helmets reports of washington cutting money to the group emerged a week ago though no confirmations yet been issued. dug deeper into the story. well ed royce from the foreign affairs committee of the u.s. congress he has met with the white helmets on many occasions with other politicians he's been photographed with them he's a big supporter of the white helmets and now he's calling for their funding to be immediately restored we can know if the benben the region we must work with news and use over to the diplomacy including financial pressure and u.s.
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assistance to change conditions on the ground the administration should by immediately reviewing stability including through the white house. now already the united states has provided the white house wants with over thirty two million dollars from the u.s. a id now they also receive funding from various european governments as well as governments throughout the middle east and when it was announced that their funding would be cut there were offers from the united kingdom to fill the gap for the u.k. to provide funding of their own to actually fill up that gap and make up for the loss of funding from the united states they've actually had a close tie with the united kingdom for a long time in fact the white house were organized by a former member of m i six they have faced for a long time accusations of having ties with extremist groups as well as the fact that they only operate in rebel held territories that they deny the accusation that they cooperate with the extremist groups now the real white helmets of always claim that they're an impartial organization we've actually heard some very strong
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criticism cism of them coming from russia and syria and the governments of russia and syria have gone as far as to point out that it appears that a number of their videos have actually been staged in order to effectively serve kind of talking points against the syrian government now ed royce has come forward and called for their funding to be immediately restored he said that this would serve the end of to help change conditions on the ground in syria so we shall see exactly what change he is referring to exactly what what conditions he says will change as a result of the funding being restored to this organization quest. and there are certainly that. julian assigns is reportedly facing new limitations that include bans on phone calls and even visitors but according to wiki leaks the whistleblowing group he co-founded the restrictions come as his fate is being negotiated by u.k. an ecuadorian or storage it has internet access is still blocked we have had tasks who are interested in solving this issue as science is aware that ecuador is
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exhausting all after is by diplomatic means. in march songes internet use was restricted after he tweeted criticism of the u.k.'s response to the poisoning of said script it's been over six years since the wiki leaks founder had to seek asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london and during this time massage was visited by many friends celebrity guests. but it looks like that option won't be on the table any longer human rights activist peter tatchell says that new restrictions make life worse than a prison. ecuador granted political asylum granted him a safe haven in london embassy and it granted him citizenship with all the rights that go with citizenship those rights have now been unilaterally abrogated by the ecuadorian government and is affectively being held incommunicado he can't
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communicate with the outside world and the outside world cannot communicate with him that is are more draconian restriction even terrorists or rapists experience in prison they do have a right to communicate and does not so this is a very very backward step which goes quite clearly against ecuador's own guarantee of human rights and free expression. however songe has always remained about his life inside the embassy so we've taken a fun look at what the whistleblower might be getting up to with the few items still in his possession.
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and i was violently school to down to the us senate hearing and detained on wednesday has now been released outside the court seventy nine year old cia veteran read the governor showed the bruises he claimed were caused by security offices and he was among the group which interrupted the session to denounce the controversial nominee for cia chief gina hospital. was. resisting many respects in. the summer to.
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stop her from you know i haven't. spoken to the man you just saw in that footage former cia officer ray mcgovern he believes the whole hearing was a shot this hearing started in a most unusual way with each ear saying this important i can't wear my glasses very well because as you could see there to a shoot out of shape but what he said was this. this is an open hearing in there will be a close election those people will want to say something extra. do it fast . so i noted that i take copious notes wherever i go especially at hearings like this and i put it on the top that i said well now maybe going maybe this is an invitation to rick of make a remark i'll do it quickly and then i'll go the hearing was in many many respects a charade the people running the hearing especially chairman richard burr are known
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to be like this with the cia senator wyden said now ms haskell were you in charge of the interrogation the waterboarding of al nish erie in thailand where you personally in charge and she said well senator i appreciate the question but we'll have to take that into closed session because it's secret now who made that secret . it was china has bill so the prospect of gina has been the nominee making incriminating evidence on gina hasbro secret so that the american people couldn't see on t.v. that she was indeed the torture in chief of al no shiri in thailand make it go to the close session that was too much and that's why i got up and i said that i said senator wyden is entitled to a direct to an honest answer on that question. england football
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officials say that they are pleased with what they've seen in terms of security preparations for this summer's football world cup in russia they were questioned in the u.k. paul events with m.p.'s facing concerns for the safety of funds travelling to the event. prosecutes team have been impressed with what they see on the ground in russia is fairly. small the organizations went to the confederations cup last year and actually i think you know in coach of a small terms of do we feel we feel we've had the right support that we've needed from from the official channels i think that sense from the f.a. perspective we would say yes we do in the meantime english media headlines seem intent on scaring off fans from traveling to russia in the summer sports journalist john good body thinks that such fear mongering prior to any football world cup has become common practice for the country's news outlets you have to realize that this sort of coverage by the british and.


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