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tv   The Big Picture  RT  May 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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secure and prosperous and democratic. palestinian officials say one person has been killed as a great march overturn protests along the gaza border with israel continued on friday that is as the u.s. prepares the controversial move of its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem on monday . i'm out protesting in iran follows president trump decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal only he is also facing mounting criticism over the move only from opponents in the u.s. but also european allies as well. i think it's not right to you know hands on a deal that was agreed upon that was not honestly approved in the security council ministers conference international order what do we want to be. or do we want europeans to say to people how the economic interests. and cia
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analysts is detained in the united states and removed from a hearing to pick as the new cia director. all right for more details on today's top stories check out our two dot com there is a brand new episode of the big picture coming right up. to the big picture where we go beyond the headlines it's mother's day weekend and mom deserves the very best but often doesn't get it at work we'll discuss the lack of paid leave in the usa and how it's turning into a public health crisis but first history in the making in north korea what are the geo political issues and domestic politics behind the kim trump summit
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holland cook in washington you're watching r t america. it's a date president trump will meet kim jong un june twelve in singapore what's at stake let's ask dr harlan ullman former advisor to the pentagon vietnam and persian gulf veteran now chairman of two private companies and u.p.i. eyes are no divorce distinguished columnist his latest book is anatomy of failure why america loses every war it starts well come nice to be with you you're a book title was very suggestive that the wars we are drawn into go better for us than the ones we provoke for the benefit of our younger viewers which was the korean war the korean war was one that we were provoked into but we didn't win it and that really began the series of military interventions that have not
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necessarily proved successful the good news is we won the ones that count it world war one world war two in the cold war and those we didn't start but you take a look at what happened in vietnam what happened in the persian gulf the second time in two thousand and three our interventions in libya and elsewhere these have not succeeded in large part because we didn't know what we're doing and we should never intervene in the first place. sunday morning quarterbacking is always good but you have to make sure that we make the right decisions before we get ourselves in gauge so the korean situation was an anomaly we've never waited this long for closure right absolutely i mean it's almost like the hundred. years were not quite but right right half as much anyway not so long ago president trump was calling their dear leader a little rocket man and he was calling don't tar and we all had to look that up now kim has released these three americans from prison there and after the all smiles photo op when these two leaders first meet what is going to be the mood in that
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room it's probably going to be very positive but we can't look at this meeting between kim and president trump in isolation the fact that the americans have abandoned the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran and we broke that agreement and the tariff wars that we may have with the european union and china are part of this so if you just look at the korean negotiations in isolation i think you make a mistake and while there is an opportunity for some kind of breakthrough supposing things don't work out supposing donald trump make good his threat to walk away supposing kim is not going to have as many concessions to make kim will probably say you walked away from the way with iran how can i trust you what can you do to make sure that you don't abandon this agreement so the opportunities are great but the risks a much greater you know awkward timing of paris accords well what is your word worth right of course in the same thing with the transpacific pacific partnership which i think was a huge mistake in leaving simply because it gives china a free field to run they're in charge and we're not engaged in that and i think
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that's an area you know any lawyer will tell you never ask a question you don't already know the answer to and often summit meetings make oficial that which has been worked out in advance a secretary of state pomp ayos been over there twice recently will this summit be a set piece or do you expect spontaneity oh i think spontaneity i think donald trump feels he's a great negotiator and i think he's going to look for hitting a home run and not a single my guess is they will make some agreements possibly even a peace treaty but the really tough issues about how do you denuclearize the korean peninsula because kim is not going to. of his weapons right now they give him a position in his view of strategic parity with the united states which is the sole reason why he's negotiating so my guess is that there will probably be great atmospherics to start celebrating something but it will take months or years to work out how this actually proceeds we're not going to get instant gratification from this meeting i do not believe kim is a swiss educated millennial you bet the youngest child in
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a culture that favors the eldest does he get a win just having the meeting is going to see this is we underestimate kim he's ruthless the north korean regime is horrible under which to live but kim is smart and he's played this diplomacy exceedingly well with the winter olympics in south korea the two meetings with president moon the meetings with china and the fact that he released these three hostages so i think everything is on his side the question is what will result from this meeting and if it doesn't work remember it's tied intimately into the tariff issues with china and the e.u. and the joint comprehensive plan of action with iran two part question what are the best. and worst outcomes you foresee how good or bad could this be well i don't foresee a really brilliant outcome perhaps the best would be a peace treaty that would be negotiated some modicum of inspectors that would be allowed in the north and the decision to withdraw american troops from the south to
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raise or i should say to reduce the tensions on the on the on the peninsula the worst outcome is that nothing happens diplomacy is finished what are our options and they're not good and how this is then play with china it gets back to the tariffs it gets back to iran is the united states can impose secondary sanctions on its its allies in europe which could split nato so i think you see in essence what i call september tenth in slow motion on september tenth two thousand and one most american slept well september eleventh of course change the fate and future of the united states and much of the world and given these three big events. we could be facing september tenth in slow motion if something gets unraveled and given the fact there are so many moving parts just one of these moving parts has to break and it can bring the entire apparatus down when the date was announced the other day it struck me as sooner than i expected and you think not why because they said it was going to be within a month or two and so i think they want to get this out of the way donald trump is using this as a tremendous p.r.
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ploy sure obviously there's been great discontent about abandoning the jay c.p.o. way trump is under great pressure with the moller investigation connections with russia is former attorney. michael cohen is in serious jeopardy and so i think mr trump would like to get a p.r. win someplace and korea may be the place to do it or i should say singapore when he meets with the north and south korean presidents thank you dr harlan all men for stepping into the big picture thank you very much on. what's the domestic political upshot of the trump kim summit let's conservative radio and t.v. pundit steve malzberg who joins us from our t's new york bureau steve welcome back to the big picture always great to be with you all and steve do the math i was born during the korean war and now i'm on medicare for that lawn to set some soldiers have been staring at each other across the thirty eighth parallel because the war
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never oficial the ended even the t.v. show mash and it was the sight of the north and south korean leaders stepping over the line a giant step war in consequential photo op well i think we're not going to know until we know until after the summit next month between trump and kim but i think in the meantime it was certainly a huge occurrence i mean as you just alluded to look how long it's been going on look for how many decades nothing like that is ever come close to happening is that fact recently we had soldiers from the north running across the border to get to the south of being shot at and now all of a sudden you know kim has come around that wire as can come around one could argue it's because donald trump is in office and donald trump as you anybody would have to admit no matter what political side they're on has shaken things up through his language through his threats through his tactics and through his personality you
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know a lot of people thought the gipper to be a warmonger and that that might have advanced foreign policy back then our president called the dear leader little rocket man and he called trump a target is that going to be water under the bridge. well yeah yeah yeah i mean look look what the how trump has gone out of his way to say nice things about kim for instance when the prisoners came home at three o'clock in the morning and by the way you know for those who say this was all about a photo op just think as someone posted on my facebook page and it dawned on me if they had delayed the prisoners plane in the alaska for a few more hours they could have had morning t.v. a primetime morning t.v. of this event happening live instead they did it in the middle of the night so i don't know how much they were looking to make a t.v. bonanza out of this they could have really done it if they wanted to but the left is going crazy because trump is saying kind of nice things about kim just like they
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went crazy when he called them little you know a little rocket man and they said all this is going to lead to nuclear war so trump cannot win a foreign policy is not our president strong suit and he's not known as a detail guy are you confident that he will be up to speed and not just winging it running the art of the deal playbook. yeah you know i've heard a lot of that in a ten minute span on c.n.n. the other day i think i heard you know try i was from he can't sit through a national security briefing how's he going to learn all this kim is going to wipe the floor with him and schumer now would say oh he'll sign anything just to get the glory of making a deal he's going to give away the store he already gave away the store he gave kim a wet kiss by sending pump a zero over there to meet with him look trump isn't going into this alone he's going on that sit there all alone and he's been very tough in his rhetoric going into it by saying maybe this won't work out maybe i'll leave in the middle of it if
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i'm insulted by what's taking place i think he's going to be well prepared he has great people around him and come on you know i'm not saying that this to you but to the left get over it already i mean look at how much this man has accomplished he's kept so many promises and he's really good i want to keep another promise which was to make sure north korea cannot threaten us and even on the longer with a nuclear weapon just showing up it's going to be like when nixon went to china right. when nixon went to china you know and again you looted to ronald reagan of course what he accomplished with gorbachev yeah i mean he just showing up and you're right though the i mean talk about optics i mean this is this is going to be unbelievable given where we were just months ago with the rhetoric on both sides to see them shake hands sit down together i mean and again those on the left that are saying oh this shouldn't happen you're giving him stature kim this is what he wants
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well how else do you do it i mean how else do you change the status quo from decades and decades if you don't try something new so obvious site it i think we should all be excited but not overly confident well as woody allen said eighty percent of life is showing up i got into part question for you so when i asked our other guest what are the best and worst outcomes of the trump kim sit down the best outcome is the nuclear ization north korea decides for various reasons because the sanctions have squeeze them they know the sanctions will continue to squeeze them china has probably played a part in that as well behind the scenes and kim says ok you know we want to join the rest of the world and peace comes then they did nuclear eyes and there's peace between north korea and south korea no more threat to the u.s. bob law the worst thing that could happen i guess is that kim is trying to pull
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a fast one and maybe they do agree to something at the table but then they break their agreement as they've done so many times that we have to act or all hell breaks loose at the table and trump walks out so there's a lot of risk here but again we have to keep our fingers crossed i've only got time for a tour false on this because we're out of time but doesn't kim come into this with an advantage because he got the meeting. false ha. ever in character thank you steve malzberg of the steve malzberg show. coming up mother's day the workplace equity and public health crisis you're watching the big picture on our t.v. america.
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i'm max kaiser one more of my guide to financial survival this is. a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to the. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for
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was because we. don't trump claims he's the master of the deal but when it comes to iran it is the art of no deal trump claims he has made america safer a dubious claim closer to the truth is probably attempted force regime change in iraq. on sunday we salute those who do that toughest job of all it's mother's day and much of what makes her job tough is the job itself and the lack of support she often gets there in the usa as most families are led by couples both parents are working children are being raised by single moms childcare is an affordable by many and the usa lags other developed nations and parental leave why is
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this and how can we fix it. let's ask carol joyner director for the labor project for working families a national network of state and local coalitions helping spur the growing movement for family friendly workplace policies such as paid sick days and family leave insurance and briana kale cutter from the paid leave us gang whose mission is high quality paid family leave for everyone what a concept you have to welcome brianna a report from your organization concluded that the people who most need family leave are the least likely to have it it says one in four moms go back to work ten days after childbirth with unemployment now so low employers compete for talent which companies in your view are conspicuous in terms of appropriate maternity
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leave and which companies are scrooge. overall in the u.s. as you know we are one of the only countries in the world without a paid family leave guarantee and it's about fourteen percent of american workers have access to any paid family leave and that drops down to six percent if you're low income in this country so that's a real problem and you know carol's does great work expanding paid family leave in a number of states but we have no federal mandate for it and so overall what you see is that a lot of companies are having to fill that gap until we get the federal insurance program that we need in this country and so you know when when we started to look into the policies at the top employers in this country the wal marts of the world the starbucks of the world what we found with was quite interesting there's been a lot of positive press in the past couple years about how great the policies were how paid family leave policies were sweeping in our nation's big employers but when
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we took a layered a look deeper at it what we found is that for the most part those. these were only for the elite workers within a company so salaried workers people that worked in the corporate office and they were completely leaving out the priest as the clerks at the grocery store the people the hourly workers that really needed this leave to be with their families so that the one particular yes exactly and so what we started to do was work with people that work at those companies priest is at starbucks the associates that work at wal-mart and we help them lead campaigns to change this to say our babies matter just as much as somebody that is in the corporate office and over the last year and actually really the last several months we've seen a sea change starting to happen in corporate america major companies like wal-mart like starbucks like dollar general the list goes on and on have have changed their policies in in response to these campaigns by employees and by customers and by
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investors and are now starting to include hourly workers within those paid family leave policy intro companies so that there's no double standard between the white in the blue collar exactly exactly and there are still problems there's most of these leave out part time workers sure who are really struggling too and many of these part time workers are not apartheid by choice they're being forced to do less hours so that they don't have to give those benefits but overall i think it's a very positive trend that we're seeing that companies are starting to realize that everybody deserves that time to be with your family and i think it's a good signal when companies like wal-mart start to offer sixteen weeks of paid maternity leave six weeks of paid bonding leave for other parents that signals to our elected officials that businesses are ahead of the federal government. and
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so i think it kind of put forces congress to catch up now carol of briana might just have surprised a lot of our viewers amounts. with the usa is the only developed country that does not mandate time off for childbirth various states do i live in rhode island which was the third state in the usa with paid family leave and we are proud to be the first to offer a job protection but just a handful of state mandate benefits does it must it should it fall to the unions to make this happen. well it could fall to the unions unions have been negotiating for paid family leave for decades and now at the end of the day we need a national standard in the united states so you don't have to work to be lucky enough to work for starbucks or another company that's competing you don't have to necessarily a live in rhode island or california or new jersey or the other states for the past paid family leave but that we actually have
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a national standard like the family act which is a bill that has been introduced some a social insurance model what we hope what we're hoping to build is the momentum from the ground to win the state that urine and the other states offer paid family leave one hoping to be able to see that we can build a system in this country like almost all the other countries in the world to provide a minimum standard for paid family leave and the standard has to be one that sort of meets a certain test it can't just be any old thing right so it's got to make sure that there's adequate number of weeks in order for a person to actually take time off to recover and to bond and to care for their their family it also has to be affordable so that you can also put food on the table while you're taking leave and it's got to be accessible it's got to be beyond maternity leave you were talking about paid family and medical leave right absolutely that actually allows you to take care of a new baby if you have one or adopt one care for yourself if you're recovering from
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surgery or some illness or take care of a very sick family member one of the things we learned at the twentieth anniversary of the f m l a is that the majority of the people in this country who use f m l a seventy five percent use it to care for themselves or sick family member not to care for a new baby and so any care that we're. our coalitions and the family values that work network the care that we're promoting is care that allows you to take care of yourself a new baby. or an illness of a family member and so a national standard that addresses the minimal standard like all the other countries have is what we really need to achieve in the united standard that you can apply as fits your needs as fits your needs you know so that it's accessible it's affordable and people actually can you know use the care based upon the need that they have and unions have been at the forefront so the paid family leave
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network the family values that work network has many unions engage sometimes they bargain sometimes they work on these policies through you know within the coalition and the important part of that is that we're building this sort of grassroots national momentum that includes all kinds of people to cross movement i think you would agree with that so we're talking about l g b t q family. the disability rights communities unions all kinds of groups are engaged in this work to see that we actually have the freedom to care in the united states like other countries too often we think of labor negotiations as confrontational a labor union versus management but fixing this can be you know when women can't do it everyone is absolutely a win win and we know that if you look at the other countries that have paid family leave a maternity leave in some form that what we're seeing is that you know it strengthens
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the economy women are more attached to the labor force they return to work healthy and their families are healthier and stronger the children bond better breastfeeding is a big deal certain regard to health care and on average in the world you know that six months is kind of the time that they're saying the minimum time that you should have for paid family leave in order to breastfeed your child in order to recover from having had a baby or to recover from an illness and the united states we're talking. you know we're talking weeks and other places are talking months brianna and carol in that order we've recently been interviewing women who are running for congress and this year it's a record number yet more than twice as many as last time do you think that the u.s. is lacking this paid family leave policy because there haven't been more women voting in congress i mean paid family leave is wildly popular public policy
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it addresses all of these different concerns that impacts so many people's lives if you care about child development if you care about closing the gender wage gap if you care about having your small business being able to recruit and retain workers like this is excellent public policy if that helps a lot of people and it's seventy five percent of republicans ninety percent of democrats support paid family leave policy and i think what we have been lacking is political leadership on this issue it's been something that the family act which carol mentioned which is a leading piece of legislation in congress in the senate right now has not a not a single republican has signed on to co-sponsor that and many democrats haven't either and so when you see that happening when when when it's it's a policy that positively impacts so many people's lives hung over one hundred million people currently do not have paid family leave in this country and when
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it's a policy that impacts so many people's lives in such a positive way helps our economy helps our families helps our children we need our politicians to start fighting for paid family leave but most people vote in presidential years the sort of getting to the polls midterm showed also a very exciting thing happened recently with senator tammy duckworth you know had her story would be the history is made when the first senator is pregnant and really changing the rules around children actually allowed on the senate floor so it's not for us. the question of you know if this is going to happen ultimately we're building the momentum on the ground for paid family leave as brown said the polling suggests that whether you no matter what party you're in you're supportive of these issues you see that they are important to families and the economy it's a win win for corporations many of them have laid that sort of gauntlet down it's also win win for all families in this country and when you see changes like that
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happening in the senate it just underscores that you know this is not a red or blue issue it's an american issue in fact there's a. state senator from washington state they just passed pay family the name joe fein who is a republican who actually is you know very supportive of pay family leave he helped to you know bring into being the paid leave law in the state of washington and he did it because he took three months saw when he his wife had a child and. his wife took three months off and what he realizes with all of that time and with help from their parents he was exhausted because having. having a baby and going through that process changes your whole family everybody. in the room but that doesn't often happen i had one and i was wide awake trying to eat when the baby was sleep more to mother's day than flowers and chocolates and
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greeting cards and i am grateful for your time carol joyner labor project for working families and briana kale carter paid leave us earlier in the show we previewed the trump kim summit june twelve in singapore and my question for you is this who takes a bio president trump kim jong un both do you feel that meaningful change can come from a one on one with the president and the korean leader he disturbs a little rocket man or is this all just a show. how do you feel tweet me at holland cook meantime sunday is mother's day and if you still have your mom thank her and if you don't still have her i bet you have found as i have that she never really leaves i'm hala cook in washington back next week and on twitter in the meantime question more.
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the iran nuclear deal was one seen as a major achievement of american diplomacy but that's no longer the case donald trump's decision to pull out of the deal has reopened a major international problem and they have to analyze betrayed and adversaries confused how should the world perceive.


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