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time in history during a crisis like a few thousand they were the creditors bailed out the set of the better singing going back even to bill before times as the debtors they get bailed out not the creditors but because of the fascism the neo fascism then listed leni like neil fascism between the bankers on wall street and the federal government fused together a corporate craddick daisy chain of incest and by all financial shenanigans the creditors were bailed out and the more they do with all that bailed out money they inflated the bubble even higher so now i've got s. and p. having an all time highs but the more ality and the ethics of the country and the wealth and income gap and nosedive.
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changing the system back again is going to be very expensive for munich the preliminary calculation came to ninety million euros by twenty twentieth's and that's without the license fees for microsoft. those moves is a listen and a fluke on the students to learn to con is gazed osugi even if you're a new. done. in good. he's been asked does. it indeed beautiful and feel an indolent old slow and benighted to pull the going gets. all this for tully. a nym consented to dilute dia. been a new. order in the. pool room
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a long tut the i hate she owns the mokes knock wood often alone and two signed a sort of. when do you call the painting. the truly hats even cry is on the scene come and live. in studio on the ping is it fun and them a mini candy from conception. this new government unmarked. in the administration is about to start with the change over to open source which the microsoft friends in munich are about to give up even the italian army has begun to break away from microsoft it has already replaced microsoft office on thirty thousand computers with the open source program lever office there were
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historically. the but office. lots of office i don't know. as you. know but also the death of their more brains so when it's out of course i may be the last to tainted probably chairman of the likes of isabelle and well it's not a bill of this to get to talk i said i was going to be office minister at certain software. that they could then separate the people of the team into. the when they provide this is the leader office right i know if. this were claiming it warped. camilla thought it was. the same. subject always help her get to the middle ted we're going to do what i. said she had. a bit i mean that's your name or to respond kevin to told me what all they can do it is probably a considerable.
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the french and among the most united is one step ahead of the italians did not only converted the office software but also like the munich administration changed the operating system from windows to linux and by doing so saved around twenty million euros in eight years nevertheless the police department is now coming on the massive pressure investigate europe has seen an order from the ministry of the interior to force the return of the john the money to microsoft does the corporation have such an influence one of those who has been following this for a long time is it from the french n.g.o.s appeal which fights for the use of free software. because that. was all he gets also an example that's all it gets i can go in the field and. confess you know enjoying to mob.
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who were innocent who were allowed to own up on a box and i think you can see from this you know all. the. more work in the who also they said that this court here on the definition. is said they need to step in kuwait. we're going to land microsoft meant about what happens in the e-mail address in austin minutes today he said. it's not me he's a bit human at best. at that point. what john the last third i was a doctor but i should be released on shift either because of course it equal or what of arnold ever in the book which you could bottle as he warns and on the basis of atsic edged its use of bush few know more but always it will put a lot of our lot at it on a she was what are so what is when is one of these leaks to come on the little bit
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and. nobody in the ministry of defense was willing to give us any information about the corporation was microsoft. but investigated europe an astounding ninety expert from the french government who is prepared to talk about it we have an appointment to neutral place because he has to remain anonymous in order not to lose his job but the local resilin investigated you're a colleague we now know has also found documents that show how closely the french government cooperates with microsoft ok the auburn for defense has really given the hub and document here as the i'm going to have four. does and with about a minute and the e-mail address of the tidings minister young's a party hat on try it there i'm feared tied to another document. that's going out
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is a mid about or. a complete buy microsoft under status can see a clear invaders mcleish is no was made of he do next he's not at his enemies he declares that they are off was that if you are a nice to us you're on a guitar way in the states at the non east. yet is a point. or so after. it is he said it in the news on a get me. at there. that the closeness of this relationship is also demonstrate. secret treaty that the ministry of defense has maintained was microsoft for ten years not even parliament has been informed of its content and conclusion it's the contract between the french ministry of defense and microsoft and we have no doubt that either amounts of money are any legal procedure. and it was all black if you can see these all black and what is important in this country
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is the amount of money. they spent on that it's all black in the amount of money and it was not even come here in front of the senate because an important senate that asked directly to the minister of defense we should definitely litter because she just doesn't demand of a commission of inquiry. yet another blacked out contract once again the corporation prohibits the government from providing appropriate information but now finally the parliament is going to examine what microsoft actually gets in license fees from the state treasury according to some sources it's around two hundred euros per workstation and here extrapolated to the whole of europe this would be a double digit billion euro amount per year which would be put to far better use if it was invested in an open european software will france's parliamentarian succeed in breaking the council of silence. and. this is get us.
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to shift. how short all of. us thinks. carmo. show. did. you call costs. i want to. could not be here is an example in and. out of the standard forms in shrink to lead the new man disappoints me during the whole move. your. book result of don't sit. in favor of it if all.
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you could get in the. dog door yeah for who do being saved it is it because. because i'm differences army of the admitted poor coming from microsoft but daughter does for the lets you know your hotel is overrated and frankly i think of a good book more that short course of this is a problem. when men met the day before too long going to miss you new deuce. they don't disguise dawgs. the microsoft systems are also a security risk there over complex and vulnerable and only the microsoft experts know the source called the computer club it's been criticizing this for a long time they have actors come in as they had. us have stuck on the
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seat in the office and. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. the iran nuclear deal was one seen as a major achievement of american diplomacy but that's no longer the case donald trump's decision to pull out of the deal has reopened a major international problem they have to analyze betrayed and adverse to his confused how should the world proceed.
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with more make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the room in class is project themselves. in the final merry go round be the one percent. to ignore middle of the room six. million. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education as being supplanted by the right to access to education low its high education is becoming just another product that can be pulled and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running
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a business and what you could also regime that could be songs. that they could name you. want is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now i'm an extremely more high education but the new global economic wall. post some officials do not. fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of the world football. for granted some people may have opinions but it's their own opinions and doesn't influence opinions of many other football fans through or buying tickets every day in large volumes.
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the vulnerability of microsoft office programs is many times greater than that of the open source program liberal office so this was looked into by the italian army and it's also easy to demonstrate. each text program stores the document in the form of lines of code that the user normally never sees. the same single sentence creates ten lines of code in libra office form in the file saved in the background in microsoft word there are more than one hundred lines of code so microsoft provides a lot more dangerous space for viruses to infiltrate computers. the bee aside the german federal office for information security confirms this the microsoft formit office the cyber attack a far more opportunity for attack. the security gap for the want to cry virus
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demonstrates the extent of the risk the corporations controllers have either not noticed the programming errors for ten years and have therefore introduced them into all microsoft systems since x.p. . or they knew the mistake but kept it a secret the fact is the american super secret service n.s.a. used this very mistake to program a spy too and used it until it was probably stolen by an employee and sold to cyber criminals. in view of such dangers doesn't the state have to insist on the disclosure of the source code for all its software runs out of money that's not in my few gallons and instead of a. v. i would have. been the on my conscience guy to fork in just any sense test is to. buy it specially. or don't think i need so and yes one has to contact off the streets and i think i'm good so i thought i had
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a consequence teams data protection officer your highness caspar also considers this gateway for american secret services in microsoft programs unacceptable after all the german constitution obliges the state to unconditionally protect the data of its citizens get angle of the vilest on in to get it what always got informants who wants to reduce the human gets on telly microsoft concept with a consummate asked you are the consequences enough to survive. in prison on the guns. of the conversation internet filmon darton to give your lies to the microsoft on this problem of the type. when done and does cycle to the should we be resigned. this is nothing in the game i was the in my young niece who played steve and we don't ask. we wanted to talk to
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microsoft about all the topics of this film including data security but unfortunately they never had time for us over many months of written questions also remain unanswered. and create infelicity at me and my list to get your a colleague please as a month has come across an explosive secret papers from the federal office for i t security the b.s.i. according to this the experts there also have considerable mistrust of microsoft as early as twenty fourteen before concluding the current contract with the corporation they made forty six demands to close in build security gaps and oblige microsoft to deal properly at least with the authorities and i don't see how much they can trust that something's. unfair in the spirit microsoft does muslim humanistic enough. as well as unphysical an informant on station in a given foundation catalogue from dixon fields the following which did the infant
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harvest. it's got his indecent followers catalogue and unflagging does b.s.e. and microsoft in interesting time as a garnish mailorder woman goes over to go and voted in space on of it when i'm going in with i was telling this b.s. young microsoft in elevators how it will hit. that's. the consequence of the door changed. after not the hometowns. they thought he had lost a. good. enough microsoft is foolishness your bidding. just finished off vanished for two or. one day the following lifted. to the falls and of. the innovators for targets initiative. if. you go along. those.
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tokens you go on about including from because you know my liberty moderately to. process. of course we tried that right away and this is the answer unfortunately we are not available for a shooting date at the moment you are welcome to send us your questions in writing . we were happy to do this. but we never received a reply. to european parliament has long since ceased to rely on the surance is from the americans after the snowden affair it made tough demands for independence for state id in europe we need the commission we need the parliament to urge clearly on the member states to deliver rules and standards on how many people young. who is considered
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a key figure for you data protection law explains why. so it was and. lawson and source code d. microsoft and. i've known of code start this and done towards. the so called don't need. it in the you're going to talk india will come in soon for instance. has to go for the same chair with microsoft the alternative of the market that they can go for that's the. muslims i'm good. for months. of open source software. but these are just been damaged and bitter is good design be done it.
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doesn't go into she just will be unless the issue isn't just meant noons up to ministers in a nation. of. inventive. and so it doesn't get in the hands on him peers. of national. and. hope of to be something. as early as twenty thirteen the commission adopted a program to free the european institutions and member states from the dependence on a few american software companies. why if the commission is abandon this policy. i don't think. this police the only solution we used to invest more to the critic is that by using this microsoft monoculture in public i t. systems these public systems being held very vulnerable let's see change our
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operating systems and. and no cyber friends anymore so my boss said rebuttal is a big difference in proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye but it's a social not to use microsoft you would think microsoft is like a black box this window is full of enemies and then let's proceed to use it of microsoft software really in the interview you want to oppose it for this edition came from the european parliament itself to make the public source code a precondition in procurement for software code public eye t.v. . the old basic on this one had to. get on to avoiding goes into the. often doesn't think you want us to for me are good at. what it does and nothing in good type must be of most. help misperceived was the
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problem and completely wrong. i don't think so but we are using procurement systems to buy some new all software it's an open competition for sorry for desktop software for office automation and for mail there is no competition i don't think it's so simple but we just prohibits the uses by the software and then no problems anywhere no cyber attacks no cyber incidents anything oh no we wouldn't be happy or oh i'm sorry i'm sorry it's already there nobody nobody has claimed this and not now not ever not even really i would like to say you're saying this no no this is the only problem we have in the european you or no there are a lot of other problems but the microsoft issue is the elephant in the room which nobody wants to talk about and that is the reason why we do this film i don't think we have to intervene elite in economically so we have to invest more if we make open source
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a credit and public procurement of software for the public. information technology systems this would create exactly this kind of alternative you're looking for and this won't overcome this one up early to make open source the try to really want to be a big bang for the european software industry in the short period of time we would have great solutions for the public i t independent of the united states that's cool as for. example. in question there will need to follow to photons vertigo and often the standards into a probably did not. want the up any code from one of the two on them but i doubt on software. what is the national. park to. do for the. nervous dollars outflung follows your business and.
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its own photo op with microsoft i was going to order to leash. to sun the sun and. join me every thursday on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics squawked business i'm show business i'll see them.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten point zero or timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global will you loan to the old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise want to secure some with four hundred to five hundred three per cent that first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only. time in history during a crisis like in two thousand and eight where the creditors bailed out the state of the debtor singing going back even to build the whole times as the debtors they get bailed out not the creditors but because of the fascism the neo fascism the listed
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leni like neil fascism between the bankers on wall street and the federal government fused together in a corporate product daisy chain of incest and by all financial shenanigans the creditors were bailed out and the water they do with all the money they inflated the bubble even higher so now i've got s. and p. having the all time highs but the more ality and the ethics of the country and the wealth and income gap i'm nosedive. we do need it more than. milton's i would say i'm not american but americans helped out really. world war two cures through a depression far sometimes so she's concerned prosperity or for worse for sure.
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it wasn't for us the whole world what it what and. historical rewrite ever since world war two to foment the cold war against russia against communism and. socialists nish bush. it was so you call me out. to strike with which he was could all go. i think world war two has been distorted credibly by the anglo-american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler. united states we stepped. in its tax on other countries. economic sanctions are are often just the
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beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press around the country talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. has a responsibility for the hate. and so we have to make rules for the rest of. us without us there will be change. was. a. piece of.
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data. a russian company charged as part of a trunk russia investigation pleads not guilty in court amid prosecutors' efforts to delay make a. iraq goes to the polls in parliamentary elections but the boat has raised concern in washington as none of the candidates back its policy of countering iran . a top u.s. state department expert on nuclear proliferation resigns in the wake of trump's withdrawal from the a wrong nuclear deal rejecting the agreement.


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