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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  May 12, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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terry in the department of housing and urban development say that the department of defense inspector general had found six point five trillion dollars worth of unaccounted for spending in twenty fifteen and skidmore. and skidmore being an economics professor thought she mean six point five billion dollars not trillion because trillion would mean the pentagon misplaced more money than the gross domestic product of the whole of the united kingdom. but still still six point five billion dollars of unaccounted for money is even saved it's crazy all right it's crazy you know or so he went and he looked into the inspector general's report and he found something interesting it was true oh yeah i was. i was young i was like well you know our kids were you fifty don't want accounted for spreading troll you with a t t isn't totally insane all right he is
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a. kid he is and he is it could all be public or be ferreted i thought it was like . he does it indeed a way more than the u.k.'s g.d.p. all right but the g.d.p. isn't really that big because apparently i can rake in cash by selling biscuits and cloudy days you know. they were bent on on and off checking the exports of old growth ever again sun talky high i guess but just just hasn't happened you know how good futures are way down there where they. were oh sorry forgot how you don't. want to cut but it gets crazier skidmore did a little digging he and catherine austin fitts found similar reports dating back to one thousand nine hundred eight they indicate twenty one trillion dollars understood ported a drug adjustment. for the years nineteen ninety eight to twenty fifteen that's
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been said that's an insane amount of money the amount of money supposedly in the stock market as a whole is thirty trillion dollars the amount of money i personally have spent on whippets and mushrooms. is only two trillion dollars. let's take a second to try and conceive how much twenty one trillion dollars is a picture a stack of money write a stack of money now imagine that in that second money the bills are thousand dollar bills each bill says a thousand dollars across it how high would that stack of dollars be if it were one trillion dollars answer sixty three miles high i'm not kidding. now let's try another if you make forty thousand dollars a year how long would it take you to make a trillion one trillion dollars it would take you twenty five million years.
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which sounds like a long time but i hear you know once you get past the ten million mark it really flies by and you know. you have it all down pat you know the coffee makers are good . in case you haven't noticed i agree with you twenty one trillion sounds but man knows it sounds like something alex jones found tattooed across one of. my extra terrestrials but. they probably chose it because they needed a lot of real estate to put a number that large. but the twenty one trillion number comes from the department of defense's office of inspector general the oh-i g. although as forbes magazine pointed out after mark skidmore began inquiring about the report the zero ideas web page was mysteriously taken down but luckily people
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had already grabbed copies of that report before it was taken down my favorite part is they have all fraud and ways taught lie. that you can call. because you imagine could type of fraud and waste that they must hear on that hotline ha ha and i work here in the pentagon my name's patti lu and i'm mainly in charge a refill in nk in the copy years because generals do not know how to use the copier it's you know they can handle war but i don't know a copy or adding any i wanted to report then someone here in my department gave taken the plans hold where you are clearly to apartment plans and then. we must go through seven or eight pens awake. it's ridiculous ok thank you patty ya'll write down the seven pens right below the six you know how to how you don't
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have a last card yet. anyway here's more from the forbes article this past december the inspector general report indicates that unsupported adjustments are the result of the defense department's failure to correct system deficiencies you're blaming through years of dollars on failure to correct system deficiencies that's like saying i had sex with a widow with a hundred thousand waggled hairless aardvarks. because i wasn't looking where i was walking. the only instance. and like i said almost no mainstream media outlets have touched this story songs such as n.p.r. have covered the audit but even that they treated with kid gloves the u.s. government established requirements for each agency to present financial statements back in the one nine hundred ninety s. but for more than twenty years the department of defense has lagged other agencies
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. yet they lag behind for twenty years in terms of reporting that they were involved in the largest robbery in history. but funny funny funny how a bank robber is always a lag behind when turning themselves in isn't it. former. former secretary of defense robert gates claims he tried to bring a fish and sea of transparency to the pentagon in a speech in twenty eleven he talked about how when my staff and i learned that it was nearly impossible to get accurate information and answers to questions such as how much money did you spend and how many people do you have. we have. the whole way he was hiding under the sink we have we have eleven people. you're counting women in which case it's nine people. plus used to check in the bathroom i
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think there's ten thousand people in there. point is nobody knows where this money is flying around the pentagon congress doesn't even oversee it at all really i mean you can get more on this story from david de graw is web site changemaker dot media which is where i got a lot of my info because the mainstream corporate media cannot talk about this because they are mouthpieces for the weapons industry they are bodies of the military thank you because certainly if a lot of these defense contractors stop selling a war planes other sophisticated equipment to saudi arabia they're going to there's going to be a significant loss of jobs revenue here in the united states that's secondary from your standpoint yeah walford not murdering thousands of people comes before the jobs that will be was from my standpoint and from all of the standpoints. if we continue as we are now my grandson will be commanding
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a battalion of reagan era tanks so it's not just enough to increase numbers we have to increase the quality of the force already you can turn on m.s.n. be save for a downed earth reasonable discussion i am tempted to quote the great call and i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons. they are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments yeah. some people throw on luther vandross when they make the. right throws on the sound of screaming children. you know it's funny in those clips and in all the mainstream media i've ever watched i missed the part where any of them said the military has misplaced twenty one trillion dollar. and when the media isn't actively promoting war they're just filling the airwaves with should so the in higher and higher of country can't even
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a ourselves take for a dog tags our whole mindscape is overflowing with nonsense and bake at celebrity bowls then while no one is looking the largest theft in history is going on beyond our backs covered up under the guise of national security it's that as to the security kind of like i cover up my aardvarks extra pay by dressing up the little fella anabolic tie in a top pad are you keep it classy how do you wash your dishes. ok . girl marmalade candelas take the news from behind in louisiana
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more than thirty thousand nursing home a vixen notices were sent out yesterday the state is kicking thirty thousand people out on their. because the g.o.p. is rolling back medicaid eligibility rolling just throwing it back rather rolling back is an ancient greek term that means the poor. oh call do you have to be to kick ninety year olds out of nursing homes that they didn't even know they were to begin with they don't even think they thought they were living with their kids in their kids have been out of the store for three years or so and now malinga when for themselves on the streets of knowledges can be a brick i mean there you go. a work has served where we can out here og right where's here. literally our wealthy corrupt lawmakers are pumping
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trillions into the pentagon's flying death machines but their pension pennies when it comes to your grandma's mattress well we can't just let our slave for frey and by the way tell your grandpa happy to deliver is putting comes back to the department of defense are. on the street blackmarket will get a few dollars for that. also this week you've of course heard the news that trump has pulled out of the iran nuclear deal a couple of weeks after iran dropped the dollar but funny how that happens funny or the other. but trump pulled out for a good reason he did he did it because his brain is the size of a walnut all right. it's a pretty good excuse. but in his defense the tire in the stores racks also at a walnut sized brain is quite well for himself. however there were also some good breaking news this week i don't want to go it's all bad news and some good
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stuff if you're a fan of the show then you know i've been talking about the robert mercer owned british company cambridge analytic since before trump was even you know sworn in we covered it a year before the mainstream media noticed it existed and we can tell you why it is still in jail maybe stream corporate head of media jumped on the bandwagon and now cambridge analytic has announced its closure yet we can't act. just peace on peace that proudly said it had manipulated forty four us elections they bragged about it and without without without you guys without you guys without the real news and on a few other outlets no one would have been talking about this we helped make this how. appen r. i will share. with you but. it's not
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fair to speak ill of the dead. so let's take a moment to say goodbye. cambridge analytic that is a global communications agency specializing in behavioral science take action occasions in elections for a primary the second amendment to the company a bold claim bridge be able to take up profiling company named cambridge analytics harvest the data of more than you facebook users with out there and. yes. i was. a little hard on the british in this episode. i actually love to read so i don't know helen mirren game of thrones people. guinness. i think.
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anyway i love the brits but as with my other vanquished anime the trans-pacific partnership i have no doubt cambridge analytical will be back in fact mother jones is reporting don't worry its owners and executives have already started a new company a mother. can you give us our hands can you let us celebrate for a second can you let us talk one beer or something to you could you let us can you let us have one shot of tequila swerved out of the belly button of a twenty three year old girl and or boy make a terrible life decision can you give us that can you give us time we have to go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in los angeles new york city boston new haven rock to portland maine burlington vermont and other cities go to redacted tor dot com for tickets. to vote for your city to be added to water.
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time in history during a crisis like in two thousand and eight where the creditors bailed out the state of the debtors and going back even to build times as to debtors they get bailed out not the creditors but because of the fascism the neil fascism that listed leni like neil fascism between the bankers on wall street and the federal government cheese together in a corporate product d.z. chain of incest and by all financial shenanigans the creditors were bailed out and what do they do with all that money they inflated the bubble even higher so now i've got s. and p. having the all time highs but the more reality and the ethics of the country and the wealth and income gap nosedive.
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will go up twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way i was going to be your coach. guys i know you on the us he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to meet the center of the football we are with you and we will agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets busted we need you to get the best go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. up with those in the world cup in russia. the special one was also appreciated me to the real. p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger than a better jersey. back
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. in louisiana it has been revealed that actors were paid to come out to city council meetings supporting a power plant by inter g. corp apparently there is no and to what these sociopathic companies will do to destroy the world next to all those just pay actors to pretend to be residents who were happy they got cancer from the nearby power plant. anyway they probably would have gotten away with this you know using actors except someone recognized kevin spacey was one of the. jobs. to be took a turn recently been through discusses our bad acting coach.
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it's a good thing you have me on staff to talk about this as you not only am i wearing a scarf indoors. but also i've received my training at the french woods musical theater summer camp that's where young boys go to come out of the closet and that's where young girls go to have the most boring summers of their lives i did mean so many strong personalities though i'm sure that's very impressive credentials are going to see the environmental groups opposing the power plant had passion megaphones art supplies so entergy the company behind the power plant had to hire a cast of concerned citizens in orange service provided by and. ok all right the city council meetings for citizens real soon it says this crap should be legal.
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that was good indignation. well real citizens are suing after they were turned away from public hearings and the paid supporters were conveniently told to arrive earlier. but for now hiring actors to pose as concerned citizens appears to be legal too bad the world's a stage. and that stage is on fire. this is that ok that was better but i believe your eyebrows a little more show your wrath let go anyways it's not insane we have growing grass roots movement so we should have more on stroke her movements the grass is always greener when it's fake trump used paid actors so did the koch brothers and environmentalists are using actors too i know for sure. there were rumors of paid protest oh no not that i'm talking about those polar bears. desperately
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pawing the dwindling icebergs look he's not even convincing he's not sad is constipated. snout down for sadness everyone knows that. i wonder you know i wonder who he had to maul to get that role ok. entergy pay these people for doing this listen and i will recount to you this tell this man garrett wilkinson was hired by the company crowds on demand to offer people sixty to two hundred dollars redos. about three hours that was a good investment for the power plant now that it was approved by the council of new orleans residents will pay two hundred ten million dollars to do. it over to put your orders to you sure it's to convince the city council to approve this wasn't only t. shirts the actors were using their bodies as instruments one said they paid us to
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sit through the meeting and clap every time someone said something against wind and solar power. i've been working on my anti renewal applause. but. you can start. clapping against renewable resources but i know actors could be used to always will hey no not all of them knew what they signed up for watch this there's going to want to experience. movies so we recruited i mean what we were really going. to. save and see peter wherever you are. in this economy. it's time for a true. love they have accidentally hired an activist that's also what. what poetic justice that made my day those brunette ok that was good but for
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a cure you want to widen your eyes at least from the diaphragm you are the tiger who follows its prey under yes it was. part of education is trying to help increase corruption and where it comes to student loan companies yes increase it for more on this we go to our troops right back to the correspondent now i'm a good. student loans. we're forty four million people facing one point four trillion dollars in debt there are reasons you can't afford a house the reason you have credit. the reason i don't take phone calls anymore. hello this is an automated message from your local pharmacy telling you a prescription in your household is ready for pick up. hahaha as if you could
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afford a house with your loan balance. its navy and. state governments are aware of loan servicers like l. net and. companies contracted with the department of education to supposedly help us manage debt are just predatory as the people dateline's chris hansen tells the take a c it's why since twenty fifteen spaceflight connecticut and illinois have passed bill of rights laws legislation that forces companies like navi and to get licensed with the state inform us about loan forgiveness and keep us up to date about all of our repayment options and these loans are necessary given that from january twenty fourth team to the super twenty six team navios was named as a defendant in five hundred thirty third of all lawsuits and that in early two
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thousand and seventeen the consumer financial protection bureau sued davian for allegedly misleading borrowers about the repayment options it is legally obligated to provide put in the benson de vos era where we're one degree away from her mercenary brother leading arms training for america's teachers the department of education issued a memo bashing licensing requirements saying they interfere with the federal government's power to select contractors and we can see how important that lack of interference was earlier this year when in its search for new contractors the department of education chose a firm with ties to betsy the loss to collect our student loan debt jesus is there anything this woman hasn't dipped or tell one side i have not not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming oh yeah that's right i forgot. the same way the vos hope you. forget she invested in
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a company involved in a deal to give loan servicer performance a one hundred forty seven million dollar loan in two thousand and twelve. like this is why states are trying to intervene because the federal government would rather align themselves with industry than consumers education department officials late last year ordered the loan companies that work for the agency to avoid responding directly to information requests from third parties which would include state regulators they're getting direct orders from the federal government to treat states like they're the clipboard people on the street just. unless it's for save the children those people are unnaturally cheerful about dying kids. the sky federal government roadblocks these borrowers rights laws are the only things states are doing to make college affordable nearly a dozen states such as tennessee and oregon have made community college tuition
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free for residents and next week maryland is about to join their ranks. but with a student loan debt bubble on the verge of bursting the same way the housing one did a decade ago it's going to take all fifty states to make phone calls safe again. oh congrats to me you just won and. all you have to do is fill out. you're just a regular telemarketer not a bill collector yes and. most people just hang out. reporter from the department of education that only mcgill redacted tonight. there are your headlines from the future two months from now you'll learn thirty
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thousand elderly from living in new orleans wal-mart home and garden oil. coming up on wednesday all of congress found to be actors hired by oil and gas companies. thanks to july. texas governor announces medicaid to be replaced with ten dollars cobalts this is learned. ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another one mike was hoping to avoid doesn't come from the muslim god i'm stumped this is how the guns. would say as the fee that he got into this it's a must also apply been proprietary software you don't know this whole cult isn't
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that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments on the cyber threat not only that she thinks office can put more on. the softness of the system this is still being played one of the most vocal to most of these two boardrooms of the us the still the isn't this is the. post i made on the old patient stopping them also still holds a fund is up and his cards on the final. call.
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the united states can always. use. tax on other countries. economic sanctions or are often just a beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries and talking about. there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. has a responsibility for the whole. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be.
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you know donald trump faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over his decision to pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal. and i'd like to this saturday sweden consider studying the link between immigration and crime saying the public demand for such a move is growing that. goes to the polls but the parliamentary elections go washington as none of the main candidates back its policy of countering or rather. the russian company charged as part of a trump russian collusion investigation pleads not guilty in court amid prosecutors efforts to delay the case.


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