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for the world. days after america made the controversial move the chief inspector of the un's nuclear watchdog announced his resignation then there was another twist also emerged as the top nuclear expert of the us state department walked out this week neither gave a reason for the decision poorly boy kid takes a lighthearted look at the fallout from trump's latest gambit. our u.s. president risking chaos in the middle east and in case you missed it people are surprised again. don't assume campaign by saying that he'd pull out of the nuclear deal with iran but now that he's actually followed through with an election promise he's caught everyone off guard for some reason the world is show and outraged as if don't jump previous that says it's bedtime spring pinkberry dull school over the middle east and north stirring up storms of their own just a week or two ago donald trump was being put forward to the nobel peace prize for insulting north korea into fuel and new self respecting republican president wants
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that one of his c.v. so twelve years of torture is to play with even the as rich powerful nations a level of complexity rarely seen in global affairs as government came in when but the negotiations pressed on relentlessly trumps view have the alarm on the deal was you are horrible on the plus side he didn't say very very horrible which in trump well there's more or less a compliment saying that there is wiggle room on parole the orange one said while tearing off the iran deal that it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace there and it never will he did not want to read baseball cap when he runs for a second term because one of the message a us president can sell standing with the us i and everyone that faces europe's big three leader is. the end of hands and spent a lot of political capital trying to keep trump in the deal priced at least one of them kissed him in the end they learned
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a vital diplomatic unless the kid is many sheets as you like but the u.s. is going to do what it down well please the europeans and russia and china say they are dedicated to keeping the middle east nuclear free apart from. everyone techmeme use of terms with drool in their words. come to meet me away the europeans. sternly worded statement and iran an american woman and israel lobby area and perhaps there is really. nothing really. we're going to fall into because the breaking news is coming from paris is a busy saturday night of developments to tell you in some ways a little bit better in some ways worse police in central paris have confirmed now that they've shot dead a nice woman who has killed one person that's still confirmed these figures are changing you can understand why details are sketchy as they come in the early
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points and that kind of levels as more information comes through the latest we know now is that four others were injured in the attacks a bit less than was earlier reported that happened in the opera district two of them a seriously wounded looks like one of the victims. at least one deceased victim here tonight we don't know any of the motives behind what's going on here or anything about the attacker who he was his age his background what may have motivated him to reportedly carry this as you can see this very pretty central area of paris on a busy saturday what would have been now in lockdown the police there they say they've got a handle on it they say they have they believe or think there's only one person involved that's now on the control you can see it looks at least you know thoughts with friends and family of the injured people it looks a little bit car now it looks like the police have got a handle on it we are going to continue to take in these pictures and keep you posted this is very little we know more than what i just told you at the moment but
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really bad news in there tonight from from paris stay with us we'll keep you posted on that plus more of tonight's news to. swedish authorities could soon bow to public pressure and conduct a study into whether or not there's a connection between increasing migration and crime levels but leaders are still wary of publishing any data that could reveal links between the two citing the current political climate. it cannot be noted that the demand in the so should debate on obviated information on the relationship between crimes on the one hand and dissent and migration on the other hand is so strong that the author already needs to consider the possibilities again while the last study in sweden or migrants in crime was down in two thousand and five two years ago the police decided to admit criminals nationalities in official reports the push for this latest study comes after sixty one areas in sweden were labeled no go zones where
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it's thought that about five thousand known criminals currently live. need to make a clear shift in direction we cannot continue in this direction ten years society needs to be to do more we need to focus on the serious. remember sweetness democrats party told andrew farmer that he thinks leaders are being honest enough about the impact of immigration immigrants in these countries.
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all around europe and you know it's needs you know you need to start sweden the media they need to stop you're protecting them or denying the problems we have with immigration where the information received them from this how can it be used productively to solve the problem. well i think that once people realize and one once they dare to admit it's you know the causes and the problems from specially some kind of immigrant groups then it's much easier in any division arguments to stop immigration from these countries because in the end our responsibility is to our citizens and i'm quite sure that you know this survey will be yet another one that will show how the media and the left wing liberals have lied for thirty forty years and about the immigration can also say that many people
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in sweden commit sex crimes but we don't make an issue of their origin yet there are of course swedish people who commit six fraser crimes in general but that's the thing is when you have an immigration you need to know how does the immigration affect your country it's bad enough if a swede rapes someone that's enough we don't need to import more rapes into the country. right now this weekend votes being counted in iraq's first parliamentary election there since the defeat of islamic state last year there and there is a lot at stake not just for the iraqi people but also for the other powers involved in the region as our senior correspondent more ghastly of explains. depending on whose side you're on these elections can make or break the middle east not because of oil nor riches though that helps neither is it ideology or jihad ists this
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is all about friends. first of three leading candidates hider the. current prime minister the best word to describe him is neutral syria stay out of it iran vs america stay out of it yemen stay out he would be buying to iran but neither will he be a poor in america's efforts to isolate iran. candid number two nobody. former prime minister he makes no attempt to hide his affinity for iran imagine if he gave iran bases in iraq allowed troops and tanks to move from iran to syria the israelis the saudis they will include like that one bit.
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candidates number three trumps nightmare. meeting this guy who's in iraq he himself fought on the side of iran during the iran iraq war enough said i believe the american administration could be the biggest loser from iraqi election we have three camps fighting to win this election that many can only have one wrong ally which is i doubt i'll always understand what that is and he's trying to keep that alliance with the united states but whether he is going to win this election i have my own doubts i think that i'll. miss that i'll bet it knows. and gating a lot of support but i don't hear so i believe they have. until now so you see the
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problem here one guy doesn't want to get involved in anything one guy is all buddy buddy with iran and the lust is so poor raney and he'll fight you quite literally and even with the weight steeped in its favor america says iran is cheating we have worrisome evidence that iran is trying to influence using money the iraqi elections that money is being used to sway candidates to sway votes it's not an insignificant amount of money we believe and we think it's highly and how. it's bad so bad that western states are sending ambassadors to trying to empower and iraqi cleric who's supporters had been killing american troops back in the times of the us intervention he even warned two years ago that americans are a target all forgiven and forgotten you see he doesn't like iran
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any day that see rooms military general kassim still in my. he looks at the t.v. and is unhappy is a good day for security in the region and looking at. those meetings in saudi arabia will make you very unhappy it all depends on who is side you are on america lost thousands of men in iraq spent a trillion dollars on the war there and to watch it all go to iran that would hurt. remind of a breaking news for france police in central paris have confirmed shooting dead a knife man who's killed one person in the opera district this saturday evening four others were injured in the attack two of them a seriously wounded police say the situation's under control the attackers motives are not yet know the areas being cordoned off france lifted its state of emergency last october after nearly two years as
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a state result of the spate of terror attacks is bad news it's come in there of course from paris and we'll keep an eye across it seems the interior minister has spoken as well he's come out tonight to give his best and pass on his thoughts for the people has been injured and has to say these pictures just coming in police got it under control the moment we will bring you more on that as we get it. here after the open of united states special counsel investigation to donald trump's alleged links to russia vice president my parents says it's time to bring it to a close. our ministrations provided over a million documents we fully cooperated and in the interest of the country i think it's time to wrap it up it comes out of the first hearing in a criminal case brought by the special counsel against thirteen russian individuals
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and three entities they're accused of conspiracy to interfere in the u.s. presidential race now it was thought all of them were unlikely to ever appear in court but it twisted tell you one company has decided to defend itself and it turns . out and quite prepared for that turn up for the books as jackley verger reports. february saw the first real result of miller's investigation finally the russians were being called out directly three companies and thirteen individuals were named and shamed the massive indictment in the robert bulger investigation breaking today of thirteen russian special counsel robert most investigation or indicted the russians thirteen russians not only operating overseas but operating right here in the united states but given that those targeted are russian nationals with no worries about extradition to the us no one expected the matter to go any further than media headlines but one company named in the indictment concord management and consulting seemingly cold bluff by hiring d.c. attorneys who showed up for the arraignment the plea of not guilty not you think
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muller's office would be happy to finally have their day in court but no they tried to put off the hearing on the grounds that the defendant had been properly served which is amazing as being served is just a way of getting the opposing party to show up to court but given that lawyers for concord had done exactly that the judge ruled against that argument it seems borderline immoral to indict someone unless you can prove he's guilty of the crime they did it for one reason only mother needed some russian like dressing on a salad to make his investigation look good the defense attorneys also demanded massive amounts of documents related to the probe things that hadn't been made public and there's no way miller's doing that just think about it turning over classified information to the people representing a supposedly kremlin linked company court investigators from miller's office that they would have been thrilled to see all of the defendants show up like that was never going to happen and went on to ask if the attorneys represented
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a catering company listed in the indictment as well the aim of which was lost even on the judge. ok would you like me to do with now a status hearing on the case is scheduled for may sixteenth and will likely know by then if everyone is ready to put all their chips on the table. ok well as you can see why. staying on air not giving you the program see because there's breaking news to tell you about we want to give you the latest as it comes in these are the latest live pictures in from the opera area of central paris tonight this saturday night which should be a really nice night out turned to tragedy for some people afraid police in central paris the shot dead of night in the last hour or so who is reported to have killed one person in the opera district this evening as i say four others injured in the attack that's been revised in the last twenty minutes or so a little bit less involved in initially thought but you know you never know these things can change again it's still early minutes of this two of those people those seriously wounded necessary for thoughts with the friends family of all the victims
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who tonight police say that situation is under control the attackers as for him we believe he's male don't know anything about his motives they're not yet known as you can see that areas been cordoned off on your screens now that's what police are saying the second act of violence has taken place in the second district of paris perpetrated by an individual armed with a knife the attackers been handled by the police as they describe it more information to follow course as i mentioned just now france has been on the receiving end of terror attacks nothing to say this is a terror attack to my but it's in the back of people's heads france lifted its big state of emergency last october after nearly two years as a result of a spate of terror attacks but again this is all reportedly it's alleged at this time we don't know the details still sketchy r.t. cameraman alex damascus off is near the site of the attack is close very close to paris alex you've got your ear down to the ground there thanks for joining us at
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short notice what do we know one of the french media is saying what the people around you saying about what we believe going on there in the center of paris and indeed do you know this area the opera district area the second district if you busy this time of night wouldn't normally. indeed get a horrendous act current. usually at night very very very easily and especially the central area of parent like oprah area they want the tories to go out with people who don't tweet at night because the weekend to saturday night. yes we have this figured out and. we also know that there are a lot of tweets at the same time. who are in the street and don't wait to the area. also we had tweets from. chris brown of the police on. the very latest while you're on the line there stay
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with us stay with us if you will to get the small details in never again not to be confirmed and nothing to be read in the witnesses say police tasered the nice man who then opened fire but by tasering him it appears he didn't subdue him so that's when they opened fire with witnesses also claim he showed it. but that is not to be confirmed but of course it's going to lead to speculation early on that this could maybe have been a terror attack we don't know that at this time but just describe for us i was telling our viewers just now obviously know themselves but reminding them of the amount of terror attacks that france has had to go through over the last couple of years has had to n.g.o.s of people have pretty much been on high alert certainly but let's not go to the terrorist side of it but let's just talk about the previous history here and why france was on alert it does have an effect on your psyche doesn't it. yeah absolutely it's been a very difficult time for years. and the amount of danger and amount of terrorist
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attacks happened on the french soil so every time when something happened there's a lot of speculation and it's very difficult to say immediately what it is exactly the terror attack or just the act of. hate crime or anger all right alex thanks and this is very early days you know actually right on the spot there's so you're probably not more brief than we are at this time but it's good to get your thoughts on it from from paris there as well and again if you just joined us here about international stay on those pictures live from paris coming in you can see the red ticker there what's happened tonight knifeman struck in the central opera district of paris as we know it at the moment police say they've got it under control the whole area nothing to say this was a terror attack or not there are no motives or of him a given at the moment police say they shot the knifeman killed one person in the opera district seen four others were injured in the attack two of them have been
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seriously wounded. continue to follow that story will continue tracking it here to next tonight a canadian opposition leader is demanding to know what's being done about dozens of former eisel fighters who've returned to canada it comes after one of them admitted current executions in syria in a new york times podcast and you can do this you know can we hold a candle and i just kept looking down at his feet i don't want to look at his head and. i kept thinking we killed them this individual described how he executed individuals by shooting them in the back they had he said that the people he was shooting deserved it and he said i know i won't be held accountable he said that a least twice before i saw five who goes by the name of confessed to taking part in execution style murders of sunni muslim men he said he decided to leave syria after his second killing lucifer originally left canada in two thousand and fourteen at
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the age of seventeen to join that extremist group now he's back in toronto much to canadian employees surprise. this guy is apparently in toronto kins disturbed laurie answers from this government absolutely doing something. canada's public safety minister refused to provide details of the former eisel fighters current status but he went on to insist that canadians are safe and that security agencies are doing their job another thought on this alexandra bruno's commentator and contributor to the geo political monitor dot com he thinks western governments policies towards syria or have encouraged people into becoming extremists in the first place. many western governments have taken a very ambiguous lie at best and at worst say france united states great britain have to get wrecked lying in antagonizing the syrian regime making it seem like it was ok to go and fight for isis given that we were fighting evil regime so so
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definitely should not be surprised of blowback but at least sixty such fighting it will come back from fighting in syria rather than putting fighters in jail and the sort of deep breached this story and has come out in parliament particularly people conservatives particularly certain provinces don't like trudeau will definitely make. this into a bigger story and i'm sure that trudeau will probably hear a price on how to explain it for the next election. also headlines this weekend the current to taunt between the u.s. and north korea appears to be holding steady still pyongyang has said it wants journalists from around the world to come a witness since dismantling of the nuclear test facility does later this month the announcement comes after america's top diplomat promised the kim regime economic aid if it gives up its atomic arsenal north korea to export action to quickly
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denuclearize the united states is prepared to work with north korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our south korean friends the comments represent a dramatic u.s. policy shift on north korea than of course in the past thirteen years washington's imposed hundreds of trade penalties on that isolated country nearly half of them were implemented in the last twelve months alone and sanctions haven't been america's only tactic for exerting pressure on pyongyang only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy and. if north korea continues its dangerous path we will continue with further pressure that's called the military option the choice. we will have no choice but to totally destroy your career it will be devastating rocket and should have been handled a long time ago. all right as you see on your screen as. though if i were not going
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to about to break the news and tell you a little bit more about this next relations talk about korea still although relations now appear to be moving in the right direction human rights attorney eric surat can tell does the u.s. still needs to make good on his promises and that words alone are not enough. there's a lot of problems that we face with the credibility of the united states under those circumstances can we made deals whether it's the paris climate deal whether it's the around the nuclear deal what message are we sending to north korea about the durability of an agreement we enter with them under such circumstances and so do you believe the united states is sinking further and further from international customary legal norms in references to treaties and agreements and revoking them pulling out of them despite the fact that they've been negotiated by a multitude of countries so trust has to be rebuilt by experience it's not built by
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words it's not built by sheets of paper. but nearly did just now but to the top story sad story coming in from paris tonight fatal knife attack there in the center of that beautiful city sadly police have shot dead a knife one killed one person in the opera district this saturday evening part of town that only four others were injured these figures seem to settle down a bit now two of them of being seriously wounded security services have not yet said whether this is a terror attack there is some speculation out on twitter but nothing officially to confirm anything like that we do not know the background to the man who carried out reportedly this attack or anything about his motives and i police say on a more positive note the situation is under control the whole area as you can see has been called off going back to those live pictures that you see a lot of police fire ambulance in that area we just heard from our cameraman based there in paris russian guy we know it's a terry says that busy part of town he's
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a busy part of town as he knows it and it would be very busy this time of night people enjoying themselves might be going to be all previn a meal a nice night there was you can see. late spring evening but tragedy whatever reason it's happened there tonight so one dead for we're going to do another full hour on this to bring the latest details up in changing the last sixty minutes stay with me as i bring you up to speed just remember france lifted its state of emergency last october after that string of terrorist atrocities in january twenty fifteen there was a mass shooting at the offices of the satirical magazine charlie abdo in paris that was followed by france's deadliest terror incident where government slaughtered a hundred thirty unless three hundred injured at the consulate at the theater then there's the summer of twenty sixteen a truck ramming into pedestrians in the coastal city of nice killing eighty six as one dead tonight in paris we'll tell you more about it we come back in just about
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three minutes time. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. you're at caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one differs i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream
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media has met its maker. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution is here to play the demonstration going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be freezing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer i mean your list book video a glimmer in the neighborly as i do school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four teams. of those who took the lead invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine enemies and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. place. a place of many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school. it's about the passion
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from the families it's the age of the amount of killian a loner spend spend each religion twenty million of them fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on earth because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what more chance for. peace.
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just to midnight here in moscow that means it's just telling leaving in paris nazrul top stories coming from paris police tonight shooting dead a knife month who stabbed one person to death and injured several others at the city's main opera house. the trumpet of the headlines faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over its decision to pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal. to sweeten consider starting the link between immigration and crime saying public demand for such a move is growing. at the right dose of the polls this weekend but the parliamentary elections go to washington worried as none of the main candidates back its policy of countering iran.


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