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just to midnight here in moscow that means it's just intel in the evening in paris and that's right top stories coming from paris police tonight shooting dead a knife a man who stabbed one person to death and injured several others at the city's main opera house. and other headlines faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over its decision to pull the u.s. out of iran nuclear deal. sweden consider starting the link between immigration and crime saying public demand for such a move is growing. rather go to the polls this weekend but the parliamentary elections go to washington worried as none of the main candidates back its policy of countering iran.
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hey there kevin owen here at r.t. h.q. thanks for watching my apologies it's now eleven in the evening in the beautiful capital of paris where tragedy is struck tonight we don't know what's happened there quite but we can tell you police in paris of shot dead a knife man who killed one person in the opera district this last saturday evening just an hour or so ago it seems called into the latest figures for others are injured to a very seriously security services have not yet said whether this is a terror attack or not r.t. cameraman alex to nassau office was near the site of the attack details still sketchy at this stage but this is what he told me literally a short time ago at a horrendous act usually at night very very very early and it specially good control area of very area to worry that a lot of people don't weep at night because the weekend it added a night. yes we have these figures about one that in for injured we also know
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that there are lots of tweets at the same time from people who don't weaknesses who are in the street and don't wait that territory there in the area of the opera. also we had the tweets from the jackal on the interim minister who's deluded. quick response of the police on site it's been a very difficult time years for france and the amount of danger and amount of terrorist attacks which happened on the french soil so every time when something happened like that there's a lot of speculation and it's very difficult to say immediately what it is exactly the terror attack or is it just the act of a hate crime or anger. laden next donald trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the landmark iran nuclear deal has led to a sustained barrage of criticism from europe germany to spiegel magazine is the
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latest to join the fray this weekend summing up the american presidents attitude to washington's allies with an offensive hand gesture europe's leaders meantime of committed to fighting for the country's interests and they are scrambling to say that pact still. i think it is not right to you know actually cancel a deal that was agreed upon screaming and shouting insulting. that diminishes confidence in the international order systematically destroying dismantling everything what do we want to be able to pay blindly to what americans tell them america's withdrawal from the nuclear deal has made the situation even more towns and so we continue to do business with iran if we always say that if we don't like things and we can't achieve any new international order everyone will do what they feel like that's bad news for the world. days after american made the controversial move the chief inspector of the un's nuclear watchdog announced his resignation it
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also emerged to another twist to the top nuclear expert of the us state department walked out this week neither gave a decision for a reason for what they've done or decision for it and probably boy takes a light hearted look at the fallout from trump's latest. our u.s. president risking chaos in the middle east and in case you missed it people are surprised again. during the time campaign by saying that he'd pull out of the nuclear deal with iran but now that he's actually followed through with an election promise he's caught everyone off god for some reason the world is shocked and outraged is this don't jump to reverse that says it's bed time sprint pinkberry dull stool over the middle east and north stirring up storms of their own just a week or two ago donald trump was being put forward for the nobel peace prize for insulting north korea into the books and new self respecting republican president was that one of his c.v.
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so twelve years of torture is to play with even the well as rich powerful nations a level of complexity rarely seen in global affairs as government came in when but the negotiations pressed on relentless terms of you have the alarm on the deal was you are horrible on the plus side you didn't say very very horrible which in trump well they're more or less a compliment saying that there is wiggle room on parole the orange one said while tearing up the iran deal that it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace to and it never will he said let's not want to read baseball cap when he runs for a second term because one of the message a u.s. president can sell standing with i and everyone that faces europe's big freedia is not prone. to an island and spent a lot of political capital trying to keep trump in the deal crisis at least one of them kissed him in the end they learned a vital diplomatic unless the kid as many jeeps as you like but the u.s.
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is going to do what it down will please the europeans and russia and china say they are dedicated to keeping the middle east nuclear free apart from. you know if. everyone took the news of trucks with drool in their words. come to me for me away the europeans elise sternly worded statement and iran bangs an american flag and it meant israel bombed the area save perhaps there is really a story that nothing really ever changes. so developments on this tonight iran now says it's ready to restart its nuclear program on an industrial scale the foreign minister describing america's louvers move as unlawful and accusing it of a long history of violating the accord the rose also shifted online the run supreme leader appearing to troll president trump posting a photo of him reading that book foreign fury and so the trial white house that book detailing those salacious claims about trump calling his behavior erratic in
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describing vicious infighting the best seller calls an explosive leo angry reaction from trump and his team when it was going to be published you may recall. the former u.s. deputy coordinator for the iran nuclear deal spoke to r.t. direct said that the us president's decision shows a disregard for europe in fact he tells some of those worlds apart show how troublous riding roughshod over israel is efforts. after all the bonhomie of the meeting after the supposedly improved atmosphere in the merkel meeting and then he actually treated his intention to make this announcement and sort of telegraphed where it was going while foreign secretary boris johnson was actually in washington trying to convince vice president pence and secretary of state to continue the negotiations that whether or not he was intending to be rude whether he was trying to send a message this clearly isn't the way allies behave toward one another i think you see the united states disregarding the needs and interests of its allies and europe
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and other allies are going to have to look at this and decide how to respond in order to protect their own concerns president trump is trying to tear down the accomplishments of his predecessor i think it's pretty clear from his public remarks that he does not understand what was in the way or what is in the g. c.p.o. a it also does undermine the position of the united states in the world we are demonstrating that we cannot take yes for an answer and that makes it very very difficult to make a credible deals with the united states. so it is thought he could soon bow to public pressure and conduct a study into whether there's a connection maybe between increasing migration and crime levels that lead is still wary about publishing any data that could reveal links between the two citing the current political climate. it cannot be noted that the demand in the social debate on obviated information on the relationship between crimes on the one hand and
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descent and migration on the other hand is so strong that the author already needs to consider the possibilities again the last study in sweden on migrants and crime was done in two thousand and five then two years ago the police decided to admit criminals nationalities in official reports the push for this latest study comes after sixty one areas in sweden were label no go zones where it's thought around five thousand known criminals currently live. need to make a clear shift in direction we cannot continue in this direction ten more years
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society needs to be you need to do more we need to focus on the serious. and oversweet as democrats party told under farmer that he thinks leaders are being honest enough about the impact of immigration immigrants from these countries to create havoc all around europe and you know it's need you know you need to start a society sweden immediately they need to. you're protecting them or denying the problem with immigration where the information received them from this how can it be used productively to solve the problem. well i think that once people realize once they dare it's you that means you are the causes of the problems from especially some kind of immigrant groups then it's much easier in any gives an
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argument to stop immigration from these countries because in the end our responsibility is to our citizens and i'm quite sure that you know this survey will be yet another one that will show how the media and the left wing liberals have lied for thirty forty years on about immigration can also say that many people in sweden commit sex crimes but we don't make an issue of their origin. there are of course swedish people who commit six razer crimes in general but the thing is when you have an immigration you need to know how does the immigration affect your country it's better than us if a swede rapes someone it's not we don't need to import more rapes into the country . votes are being counted in iraq's first parliamentary elections to stories one in this weekend the first election this is the fifth of islamic state
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last year and there's a lot at stake not just for the iraqi people but for the other powers in the region too as our senior correspondent were aghast you have explain depending on whose side you're on these elections can make or break the middle east not because of oil nor riches though that helps neither is it ideology or jihad ists this is all about friends. first of three leading candidates hi the. current prime minister the best word to describe him is neutral syria stay out of it iran vs america stay out of it yemen stay out he would be buying to iran but neither will he be a poor in america's efforts to isolate iran.
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candid number two nobody. former prime minister he makes no attempt to hide his affinity for iran imagine if he gave iran bases in iraq allowed troops and tanks to move from iran to syria the israelis the saudis they will include like that one bit. candidates number three trumps nightmare. meeting this guy who's in iraq he himself fought on the side of iran during the iran iraq war enough said i believe the american administration could be the biggest loser from iraqi election we have three camps fighting to when this election i mean it can only have one strong ally which is. always stood up. and he
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is trying to keep that alliance with the united states but whether he is going to win this election i have my own doubts i think that i'll have the group that i'll give you are very close to the end and gating a lot of support but i'm not here so i believe they have. until now so you see the problem here one guy doesn't want to get involved in anything one guy is all buddy buddy with iran and the last is so poor raney and he'll fight you quite literally and even with the weight steeped in its favor america says iran is cheating. worrisome evidence that iran is trying to influence using mom the iraqi elections that money is being used to sway candidates to sway votes it's not an insignificant amount of money would believe and we think it's highly and hopeful it's bad so bad
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that western states are sending ambassadors to trying to empower and iraqi cleric who his supporters had been killing american troops back in the times of the u.s. intervention he even warned two years ago that americans are a target all forgiven and forgotten you see he doesn't like iran any day you could see rooms military general kasim silliman. only looks at the t.v. and is unhappy is a good day for security in the region and looking at. those meetings in saudi arabia will make you very unhappy it all depends on who is side juran america lost thousands of men in iraq spent eight trillion dollars on the war there and to watch it all go to iran that would hurt. ok as you can see on the right
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if you've just joined a side kevin with your art international sort of bringing a bit about news this morning a quarter past midnight moscow time buddies coming from paris tonight people are in the district but there's been an attack several people have been stabbed at the. plus stopper in central paris police confirming the attacker has been shot dead apparently footage has come out from the scene early pictures show people running in panic in a body covered in blood that's been reported on a website for others injured two seriously looks like one victim dead the security services have not yet said whether or not this is a terror attack there the live pictures coming in you can see still a lot of places basically should expect on lot be a nice late spring evening there in paris this happened to probably around about her pas nine at night there in the opera district lots of restaurants people out to see the opera maybe to have a nice meal on a nice night but now that place is in lockdown worth bearing in mind you know what
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some of the front yourself of the last couple of years you know what france did about it it put in that big state of emergency lifted that state of emergency last october after a string of terrorist atrocities in joinery twenty fifteen a brief recap there is that awful mass shooting at the offices of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo in paris that kind of kicked it all off then that was followed by france's deadliest terror incident we all witnessed a gunman slaughtered one hundred thirty and left three hundred injured at that concert at the battered clan theater a terrible course of events there then summer twenty sixty that truck again so graphic rounded a pedestrian to the coastal city of nice eighty six dead there at the moment as it stands though if you're going to talk about any good news that commander comes out of this it looks the police say like the situation is at least under control in the center of paris tonight the attackers motives not yet known. as you can see the area cordoned off that's what the police are saying we can read it for yourselves
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but this an act of violence has taken place in the second district of paris the attacker has been handled by the police as they put it we think he's been shot dead by all accounts to be confirmed again there are live pictures and we think one victim there are at least dead. some others are injured and that's the latest news out of paris we're going to go full out because when news breaks on this channel we draw your programs and we bring you the latest pictures even though there might not be too much information we want to keep you posted as it happens you'll find we do that each and every time there's a big breaking story wherever happens around the world ok. the other news tonight then keep an eye on paris to. a canadian opposition leader is demanding to know what's being done about dozens of former eisel fighters who've returned to canada it comes after one of them admitted carrying out executions in syria in a new york times podcast. or you can do this you know can we hold a candle and i just kept looking down at his feet i don't want to look at his head
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and. i kept thinking. children this individual described how he executed individuals by shooting them in the back of the head he said that the people he was shooting deserved it and he said i know i won't be held accountable he said that at least twice the former eisel fighter who goes by the name parent who confessed to taking part in execution style murders of sunni muslim men he said he decided to leave syria after his second killing saif originally left canada in twenty fourteen to join the extremist group he was in the seventeen at the time but he is now back in toronto much to canadian m.p.'s surprise and dismay. this guy is apparently in toronto canadians deserved laureate's is from this government absolutely doing something stupid right. canada's public safety ministers refused to provide details on the former i still find his current status
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but he insists that canadians a safe and that security agencies are doing their job best they can a thought about this melisande bruno he's a contributor to geo political monster dot com is basic thought about this is that western governments policies toward syria what's encourage people to become extremists in the first place. many western governments have taken a very ambiguous lie at best and at worse say france united states great britain have to get wrecked lying in antagonizing the syrian regime making it seem like it was ok to go and fight for isis given that you were fighting evil regime of sirte so definitely should not the surprise of blowback at least sixty such side it will come back from fighting in syria rather than putting. all of the sort of deep breached this story and has come out in parliament particularly people conservatives particularly certain provinces don't like trudeau will definitely
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make. this into a bigger story and i'm sure that trudeau will probably hear a price on how to explain it for the next election you see in the box they were bringing the latest pictures in from paris breaking news tonight police shot dead in the center of that city a knife and tonight he's killed one and injured four others near the city's main opera house no official word yet on whether he's been whether this is being considered as a terrorist attack or who he is pleased to say the situation is under control the got a handle on it they say the attackers motives not known and as you can see the area cordoned off what you see now the latest statement from police and independent journalist he's on the line luke i get no official word far too early to say about what's going on here but of course the people of france have been on edge it was only what late last year that the big state of emergency was was withdrawn people thought they could breathe a sigh of relief but again some things out of the center of paris and i was going
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on to think again we don't know for sure i would have been reported where you are. but what's being reported is there is there an attack with an eye and one person has spared all their sorrow. very badly and in a hospital. right into the central paris on the evening where you have many tourists in the area many bars. i mean nobody you know goes the guy didn't say anything he was neutralized by police in other words he was killed by the police but we don't know more forest very recently as you know all day has been the. jack sun in a supermarket where people died so we are above two hundred forty people dead over the last few months in terrorist attacks maybe it's a copycat who is not a terrorist not an islamist but trial it's very doubtful. of the french interior
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minister has praised the police response so far tonight but as i've spoken to many guests over the last year or so from france and when these attacks have happened there's been a complaint of under resourcing their officers a long complained about being overworked under resourced during what's been a really intense time for the police and all the security services in france as you see it from neighboring spain there what you know what's the word on the street is the rumble that is the rumble of the police don't have enough to keep france safe. but the difficulties of course to follow all the people who are suspects what dangers were qualified as officially dangerous into thousands from and so how can the police follow them you need several people in each case or tens of people if you need to follow a terrorist who is preparing for an attack so how could the police do the work it's so it's nearly impossible but of course the politicians to people in high positions
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like the minister of interior cannot admit it that's the problem but the people bert see that as as a great tension of police does wonders but they it would need to be twice as many probably two to do the right type of surveillance you know for many people the people who are supposed to be terrorists or what dangerous for the republic should be immediately expelled from the country that's the reaction of the people on the street present not replace that state of emergency we're talking about that withdrawing last autumn with a tougher counter-terrorism law is that things seem to be effective at all as you're seeing it from over there in spain. well you want to see more people in the airports and stations in public places but it's not really the key to surveillance surveillance must be discreet and must follow the right people they don't have enough policemen to do their job so that's the key to keep point of course the
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state of emergency means there are a policeman and army. soldiers in public places but that's the only thing that can be said about it so it's not very reassuring but you know as we've said so many times when this kind of thing happens i guess how well police it is about how good your intelligence is you can't be on everyone's back all of the time you can absolutely stop every attack much you'd like to instantly in spain. seeing it where you are what what what what's this general feeling about terrorism where you are what's the general feeling about the way spanish police and intelligence services are resorts to head off anything like this happening over the border in spain. it's the same as everywhere else in europe you see of course the military in the airport you see the police in the street very present i mean to be a for the moment just been a big football much tonight and it's on the mind of people in public places in bars
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where you have plenty of people on the street you see that people are at least i talked to some friends some british and german transit where they're with me and they say you always have to look at the cars and you know see if when you're on the street next to look bar if there is a possibility it was a car comes in and kills a few people so it's it's really the general attitude people saw the news denied on their phones because you go so fast so everybody thinks about it on the spot or in spain or italy or here elsewhere. or simple lurd and people did it has to be. are you going to wits about you these days only all right lou thanks very much dependent journalist on the line there over the border in spain but you know like us here in moscow tonight taken in the head of events in central paris people you just see him having a nice night or maybe even a meal going to the opera or similar and an eye from an strikes but details behind
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it we don't know what the motives were or what's happened all right come but thank you for your time sir and just telling it at home will keep cross going to fall here bring you any more on this as it comes gets more comment on what may have happened as well and update the details if we hear any more other news next now. that it can't between the u.s. and north korea appears to be holding steady this weekend pyongyang has said it wants journalists from around the world to come and witness is dismantling of its nuclear test facility now later this month mid may be announcement comes after america's top diplomat promised the kim regime economic aid if it gives up its atomic arsenal. actually to quickly denuclearize the united states is prepared to work with north korea to achieve prosperity on the par with our south korean friends. those comments represent a dramatic u.s. policy shift on north korea that in the past thirteen years worth bearing in mind washington's imposed literally hundreds of trade penalties on that isolated country
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nearly half of them were implemented in the last twelve months alone and sanctions haven't been america's only tactic for exerting pressure on pyongyang. only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy and. if north korea continues its dangerous path we will continue with further pressure that's called the military option the choice is saying we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea it will be devastating rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. although relations now appear to be moving in the right direction as we were saying human rights attorney erickson wrote can told us the catch to this is that the u.s. still needs to make good on its promises and that woods alone are not enough there's a lot of problems that we face with the credibility of the united states under those circumstances can we made deals whether it's the paris climate deal whether
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it's the around the nuclear deal what message are we sending to north korea about the durability of an agreement that we enter with them under such circumstances and so you leave the united states is sinking further and further from international customary legal norms in references to treaties and agreements and revoking them pulling out of them despite the fact that they've been negotiated by a multitude of countries so trust has to be rebuilt by experience it's not built by words it's not built by sheets of paper. back to the breaking news story again we're going to full hour this get more comments on more thoughts about how you can prevent something like this out in this stabbing tonight we don't the motive behind it in central paris there the latest pictures in. to say france
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lifted its state of emergency last october after a string of terrorist atrocities people are breathing a bit but there is been a fatal mike knife attack in central paris this saturday evening it seems as far as we know that knifeman has been killed also one person a victim has been killed in the opera district there four others were injured two of them we hear on a serious condition security services are not saying yet what they know about the motives here if there was a motive it was a terror attack or not there are various stories going around on the on the twitter's fear etc etc but we're sticking with what we know at the moment we do not know the motives behind this attack but we think only one attack it potential attack involved here israelis on the line from london hey. every time this thing kicks off you've been so you know so often the front line of this in london when it will happen the last time it's difficult to know what to say you know we often go through how could you have prevented this what you know as of the home if you can the.


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