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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 12, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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pictures in. to say france lifted its state of emergency last october after a string of terrorist atrocities people are breathing a bit but there is a fatal mike knife attack in central paris this saturday evening it seems as far as we know that knifeman has been killed also one person a victim has been killed in the opera district where four others were injured two of them we hear on a serious condition security services are not saying yet what they know about the motives here if there was a motive it was a terror attack or not there are various stories going around on the on the twitter sphere eccentric cetera but we're sticking with what we know at the moment we do not know the motives behind this attack but we think only one attack it potential attack involved here israelis on the line from london hey. every time this thing kicks off you've been so you know so often the front line of this in london when it when it happened the last time it's difficult to know what to say you know we often go through how could you have prevented this you know. if you can yeah you know you
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have lost you ok if you can hear me what do you know where you are from the london newsroom i can hear you know your good what you know about what's happened tonight again nothing's really confirmed other than one death of one victim we think and the perpetrator we think. yes information still hazy at this stage but what we're getting reports of is that there was as you mentioned a man on a rampage with a knife and that he's taken the life of one individual thought to be a man. seriously injured two people who are in the hospital one lady and one and two other people who are reported to have received slight injuries and we're also getting reports that the man shouted either kill me or i will kill you. so unclear exactly what his motives are if he was some type of problem with his suicidal thoughts and suicidal issues or if this was a. religiously motivated attack we have seen in the past these attacks in paris
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taking place with people shouting god is great but thus far anyway not seeing those reports spots of course if it does prove to be. a salafi so is the missed terrorist would be in line with the kind of things that have been seen in france over the last few years but of course as you mentioned the state of emergency lifted recently perhaps because the house with a lot of attack and there has been a lot in the kind of violence that we've seen in the parts of town and. so perhaps the view in france that security has improved over the last year or so but then we're seeing this attack you know the police being called to the scene and reports saying that they shot them and killed in the again confusing reports that the man was suffering from a cardiac arrest that's according to one report that we've seen in the some of the
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british media some clear whether the man was suffering a cardiac attack before you should have finished or in any case the attacker has been killed here there was a rumble going around that maybe. the police tried to come in but that didn't work maybe seeing that line about the cardiac arrest. say this is speculation we don't know just going about some of the feeds we had read that he'd been tasered by the police because of course that's the first in going to try and do. they don't want to kill you outright but it seems that didn't work and then it went from there by the looks of it. yeah absolutely kevin it seems to be i would that would be consistent with the reports that you're receiving and those that are receiving. ventured into police having killed the man because. he's been deemed or judged to have been seen as a threat that could have been neutralized in any way. and of course again we have
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seen in the past attacks by multiple the talk because for example the attack of the evening of the bouts of crime it wasn't just about the crime that was the type that was the football stadium where the french national team were playing a game at the time but in this case it appears just to be one individual again very important to make clear that the motivation is not known yet and a report also that's saying that the police are still considering whether to have this over to the counterterrorism desk or not so far as we can see the french police still investigating they're trying to make their minds up as to exactly what the motivation was for this attack or this stabbing spree but again one individual having lost his life two more said to be seriously injured the extent of their injuries unclear with this and he stayed there in hospital seemingly fighting for their lives. for the update you're getting at there from over the channel there in london but you know the footnote is as well police are saying that this is now
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under control they've got a handle on it come about she later forget the more keep us posted thanks very much fred let's get jim jeffords along former u.s. diplomat sadly saturday night gone very wrong here in the center of paris thank you for coming on a short notice jim what's your first reaction to what you say and it will stay on these pictures jim for a minute and we're seeing. it in lockdown there. we think at least one person dead plus the alleged attacker tonight your thoughts well i think physically to be another episode as they say deja vu all over again that we will go through the usual drill first that will be puzzlement over what happened to some of the legitimate find out of this person really was just a disturbed individual or as it seems more likely from the methodology that this was motivated by jihad ideology that this was done for religious ideological reasons and that if that turns out to be the case and then we'll go through the use . well drill was it classified as terrorism was he in touch with any groups was the
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radicalized on the internet was he under surveillance by the authorities as the earlier gentleman said from spain we have many instances where these things happen and the person was on somebody's list somewhere but you can't watch all of them then the question is why are these people in france at all they're known to be dangerous and they're known to be somehow affiliated with some kind of an ideological motivation why haven't they been deported oh well we can't do that because they're citizens which then leads to the next question why are so many citizens being brought in or for that matter migrants who are not yet citizens who do not share the social values or the culture of france and are essentially equal from which people like this are drawn none of those questions of course will be asked but as i've said as we've said you know whenever this happens you're just saying these are possibilities we're not none of us is right and this
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is this is happening but you can't paint every poor immigrant that's come across often from awful backgrounds. paint them a terrorist this is a very very minority of people and what i was that by the hour days most these people are lower slide in trying to make a better life for themselves and of course kevin that's exactly the song we're going to hear is that and it's a little warm first of all let's not have any kind of backlash against the poor immigrants were coming into this country and that's what we're here for example when we hear about all the the sexual assaults in places like sweden and germany let's not blame it on the migrants because it's only a tiny percentage of the migrants that do that but even a tiny percentage of the population they shouldn't be in the country in the first place is going to be dangerous if you want to and a lot of people are not going to get on record to agree with us and who has just just for clarity to put the other side across it we do not know the motive is we don't have i want to place you in return. to be
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a heart attack we're going to hear all this usual soothing words from irresponsible government saying we shouldn't blame the poor migrants and we'll see if it turns out he was just simply a nutty person somebody who wanted to commit suicide by cop as we say here in america but it would more often than not it's action that we see it all for more often than not it does turn out to be the case i've lost count of the amount of times i've been on a shift is because i say i was a ton of he was just now when news happens we break the wheel we go the full out to bring our views even if it sketchy latest is we build on that as we go along but often is the time the guys outside there in the news about deciding do we go with this do we not go with this because often it appears to be. mentally ill person someone with a grudge that is the majority of the time very red and are going to come out in majority of the time much more of the time it is at least in europe it seems to be somebody who has an ideological motivation less so in the united states and of course here we have the additional. factor that we have more of
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a gun culture than they do in france but as we can see you killed me with knives through the french interior minister is complimented already the police on their response she'd never want to be on the front line of this race the job the professional but of course we have a hood of the last couple of since part of town except for except for the police in front saying we're simply on the results we've got too much to do with stretched to when we don't have enough money to cope with the amount of points that we're supposed to cover she agree exactly and exactly right and again as you point out correctly we don't yet know what the motivation was here but if it does turn out as i think it might that this person was motivated by some radical and let's be honest islamic motivation in doing this why then are the french police playing whack a mole trying to chase how many hundreds or thousands of these people around in case some of them decide to do this they shouldn't be in the country in the first place ok well i can the view on they see. is it is this simply
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a lack of proper policing or rather deeper society problems here a play do you think you know obviously it's a deeper social problem unless you're going to spend the entire national budget on police to track every person who is considered a risk for this sort of behavior again of turns out to be the case that it is it is a jihad attack there's simply no way you can you can you can keep the public safe on that basis you know. jim thanks your time jim chartres former u.s. diplomat coming on or so so quickly give me your thoughts i know a lot of people disagree with you too all right thank you sir. now more news tonight donald trump's decision to pull out of the big u.s. landmark iran nuclear deal has led to a sustained barrage of criticism from europe far from happy is an understatement germany's to speak is the latest to join the fray summing up the american president started shooting washington's allies with an offensive hand gesture europe's leaders meantime of committed to fighting for their country's interests and they
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are scrambling to save it. and i think it is not right to you know let's really cancel a deal that was agreed upon screening and shouting insulting and bullying that diminishes confidence in the international order systematically destroying and dismantling everything what do we want to be able to be blinded to what americans tell them if you can america's withdrawal from the nuclear deal has made the situation even more towns and so we continue to do business but wrong if we always see that if we don't like things and we can't achieve any new international order everyone will do what they feel like that's bad news for the world. days after american made the controversial move the chief inspector of the un's nuclear watchdog announced his resignation it's also merge the top nuclear expert of the us state department walked out this week neither gave a reason for the decision bullyboy takes a lighthearted look the smalling at the fallout from trump's latest gambit. our
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u.s. president risking chaos in the middle east and in case you missed it people are surprised again this. don't you campaign by saying that he'd pull out of the nuclear deal with iran but now that he's actually followed through with an election promise he's caught everyone off god for some reason the world is shocked and outraged is it don't jump read us that says it's bed time sprint pinkberry delts all over the middle east and north stirring up storms of their own just a week or two ago donald trump was being put forward for the nobel peace prize for insulting north korea into talks and a new self respecting republican president wants that on his c.v. so twelve years of torture is to play with even the world's worst powerful nations a level of complexity rarely seen in global affairs as governments came in when but the negotiations press go on relentless trumps of you have the alarm on do you was
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you on horrible funk last night he didn't say very very horrible which in trump well there's more or less a compliment saying that there is wiggle room on parole the orange one said while tearing off the iran deal that it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace there and it never will he does not want to read baseball cap when he runs for a second term because one of the message a u.s. president can sell standing with the us i am to egg on my face is europe's big three leaders grown michael made the and i was and spent a lot of political capital trying to keep in the deal christ at least one of them kissed him in the end they learned a vital diplomatic unless the kids as many gts as you like but the u.s. is going to do what it down well please the europeans and russia and china say they are dedicated to keeping the middle east nuclear free apart from. you know. everyone techmeme use of terms with drool in their words. come to me for me away
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the europeans unleased sternly worded statement and iran banks an american bank in it. and israel lobby area save perhaps there is really a story that nothing really ever changes. well in tonight iran says no it's ready to restart its nuclear program on a quote industrial scale the foreign minister describes america's move as unlawful and accuse it of having a long history of violating the accord rose also shifted online to iran's supreme leader appears to troll president trump by posting a photo reading a book fire and fury inside the white house the trump white house remember that book caused a lot of alarm within the trump white house detailing salacious claims about trump calling his behavior ratting scribing vicious infighting the best seller calls an explosive angry reaction from trump of his team when it was about to be published meantime the former u.s. deputy coordinator for the iran nuclear deal told r.t.
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direct that the u.s. president's decision shows a disregard for europe in fact he talks at length on sunday's worlds apart show about how he thinks trumps riding roughshod over his allies efforts. after all the bonhomie of the meeting after the supposedly improved atmosphere in the merkel meeting and then he actually treated his intention to make this announcement and sort of telegraphed where it was going while foreign secretary boris johnson was actually in washington trying to convince vice president pence and secretary of state to continue the negotiations that whether or not he was intending to be rude whether he was trying to send a message this clearly isn't the way allies behave toward one another i think you see the united states disregarding the needs and interests of its allies and europe and other allies are going to have to look at this and decide how to respond in order to protect their own concerns president trump is trying to tear down the accomplishments of his predecessor i think it's pretty clear from his public
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remarks that he does not understand what was in the g. c.p.u. a or what is in the g. c.p.o. a it also does undermine the position of the united states in the world we are demonstrating that we cannot take yes for an answer and that makes it very very difficult to make credible deals with the united states. is just shooting in a silly sunday morning good morning for me kevin zero in zero forty six moscow time paris course just coming up to midnight there now and that's when the breaking news on the red tick you can see is coming from the last hour or so police say they've shot dead a nice man who were on killed a person in the opera district this late saturday evening when it happened there four others are injured two of them seriously is the latest we know security service has not yet said whether this is a terror attack and you saw it online from london taken in i mean east is not a heck of a lot more you can add to the figures that have said as we know earlier on there
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were there were a number of injured seems to over the last hour at least calmed down a little bit although we know we think one of those victims of the attack there has died and i'm hearing from you. possibly it's a man none of this confirmed yet but maybe you know a bit more. the same kevin of course it is still very early as you mentioned that report that one man has died and of course more injured two thought to be seriously injured a man and a lady and also two more receiving some less severe injuries and those two with the severe injuries in hospital being treated by this man who went on the rampage with a knife before he was neutralized by police and as we were discussing. conflicting reports but it would appear that the gentleman was tasered at first and then shot and killed by the police and. the attacker reported to have been
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shouting kill me or i will kill you just before he was taken down other reports saying the man shouted god is great in arabic of course still waiting for confirmation as to his motivation on both of those counts and to try to figure out at this early stage what exactly took place but if it is the case that the gentleman was inspired by some type of religiously motivated attack like we've seen in the past with cellophane this is the missed attack because in france then again it would follow that pattern that we've seen in the past but in recent months france has seen a lot in these types of attacks we've seen the large scale attacks about the cloud in the charlie. the raid on the offices there were also the you know small attacks of people trying to stab policemen or trying to stop soldiers on the streets of paris as well and this attack not at this stage no reports of any other assailants
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taking place taking part in the attack no other people helping this person so it would appear that french police are telling people to calm down everything's. back to normal in terms of you know the security on the streets but again as we've heard in the past the the message of you know keep calm and carry on it has its limitations because those pass the talks that we've seen have of course led through a rise of nervousness among residents and others. perhaps as well perhaps informing the police's response to this which is why they were able to the neutralize this attack so quickly so perhaps as well that's one of the positives to be taken is that security force to seemingly dating with this at a much faster rate than perhaps they have done in the past and ensuring that nobody else tragically lost their lives on a saturday evening out in paris the attack took place in the opera district the
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second there on this month and so it would have been busy it would have been packed with people reports saying that when the attacker was stabbing people people were rushing and running and screaming into restaurants to get to get to safety and to get cover and shelter so that would again be something that we've seen in the past in paris and one would also say other european capitals as well here in london the number of attacks last year taking place and also of course more recently in barcelona as well so and again after a very careful at this and the stage we don't know what the motivations are we don't know whether this is somebody with some type of psychological issue or perhaps somebody who was motivated by terrorism and then again worth mentioning as well though it has to say behind the scenes what the police are really going to get my handle on right now is the idea of this guy trying to pin down who is where it's come from is he on
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a record that's what they're going to be doing right now as we speak isn't it. precisely i mean we've seen so many times in the past a lot of these attackers again here in the u.k. as well. been well known to security services been well known to the police or antiterrorism forces so they'll be trying to find out if this was motivated by terrorism firstly and secondly if it was. whether this person was known to them whether this person had any ties to any terror groups across the world in the middle east or particularly in syria or if this person was just some type of wall for some somebody inspired or sympathizing with groups like the so-called islamic state so again you know exactly something that they will be really keen to do to try to establish who this person is are they well known and also who their links are you know do they do they are there other people out there with links to them that may be trying to follow up in some type of
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a copycat situation he said over in london for us cross the channel so rick you're going to get. a report now as well about somebody else the b.b.c. reporting somebody else lost their life in the attack as well so we'll try to get confirmations or i hear that hopefully that the report includes the attack not another in person but we'll try to get confirmation yet so just to recap as it stands at the moment for our viewers we believe that you may have something a bit different on this coming in police are shot dead the knife we think there's one victim in the opera district tonight four others were injured two of them seriously according to what you've just said they could be another victim a second victim but we don't know that yet as it stands at the moment knifeman the alleged perpetrator one person killed four injured two of them seriously we'll get back to if you get more details please please come back to us thanks to reporting
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in so late. morning as the small of the votes being counted story happening this weekend again as we speak in iraq's first parliamentary election since the diff. islamic state last year and there's a lot at stake not just for the iraqi people but also for the other powers that have an interest in the region our senior correspondent lourdes garcia explains more. depending on whose side you're on these elections can make or break the middle east not because of oil nor riches though that helps neither is it ideology or g. hardest this is all about friends. first of three leading candidates high the. current prime minister the best word to describe him is neutral syria stay out of it iran versus america stay out
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of it yemen stay out he would be bowing to iran but neither will he be a poor in america's efforts to isolate iran. candid number two nobody. former prime minister he makes no attempt to hide his affinity for iran imagine if he gave iran bases in iraq allowed troops and tanks to move from iran to syria the israelis the saudis they will include like that one bit. candidates number three trumps nightmare. meeting this guy who's an iraqi himself fought on the side of iran during the iran iraq war enough said i believe the american administration could be the biggest loser from iraqi
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election we have three camps fighting to when this election die many can only have one strong ally which is. always. and he is trying to keep that alliance with the united states but whether he is going to win this election i have my own doubts i think that it's that i will have the group. there are very close to the indian and gating a lot of support by the here so i believe they have. until now so you see the problem here one guy doesn't want to get involved in anything one guy is all buddy buddy with iran and the last is so poor raney and he'll fight you quite literally and even with the weight steeped in its favor america says iran is cheating.
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worrisome evidence that iran is trying to influence using mom the iraqi elections that money is being used to sway candidates to sway votes it's not an insignificant amount of money would believe and we think it's highly and how. it's bad so bad that western states are sending ambassadors to end trying to empower and iraqi cleric who is supporters had been killing american troops back in the times of the us intervention he even warned two years ago that americans are a target all forgiven and forgotten you see he doesn't like iran. any day that the rooms military general kasim silly money looks at the t.v. and is unhappy is a good day for security in the region i'm looking at. those meetings in saudi arabia will make you very unhappy it all depends on who is side you are on america
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lost thousands of men in iraq spent a trillion dollars on the war there and to watch it all go to iran that would hurt. going to commercial break very shortly as kevin only did this want to roll with breaking news you can see on your screen there fatal my for being reported in the last hour or so and paris has got his pictures police are shot dead a knife man has killed one there in the opera district late saturday evening about ten thirty in the evening we believe four others are injured two of them seriously security services have not yet said whether they think this is a terror attack or not they go as many details as we can about that fatal my for tack in central paris i'll be back with more in just a few minutes time. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on
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a spear in dramatic development only and going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the iran nuclear deal was one seen as a major achievement of american diplomacy but that's no longer the case donald
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trump's decision to pull out of the deal has reopened a major international problem and left allies betrayed and adverse to his confused how should the world proceed. with lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round be the one percent. bringing all middle of the room six. million new.
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faces out international breaking news this out of paris police shoot dead of knife for money who stabbed one person to death or earlier in. donald trump faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over his decision to pull out of the big of. studying the link between immigration and crime public demand for movies growing. the polls this weekend but the parliamentary elections washington because none of the. grand.


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