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tv   News  RT  May 12, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is art international breaking news the paris police shoot dead of night from a new stabbed one person to death earlier and injured several others near the city's main opera. donald trump faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over his decision to pull out of that big a rand nuclear deal. as we consider studying the link maybe between immigration and crime saying public demand for such a move is growing. at a rock the polls this weekend but the parliamentary elections got washington worried because none of the main candidates back its policy of countering iran.
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by their very good morning this is art international with me kevin and it's one am in moscow now so just past midnight in paris and that's right top stories coming from you can see on the red taken there the breaking news in france police in that lovely capital this morning have confirmed that they've shot dead a knife man who killed one person in the opera district but ten thirty in the evening local time south of the evening four others are injured two of them seriously stayed pretty the same now for least the last ninety minutes so we think that's probably the way it stands at the moment security services have not said yet whether they believe this is a terror attack or not crucially bit earlier i spoke to r.t. cameramen. near the site of the attack this is what he told me just a short time ago. it a horrendous act because usually at night very very very easily and especially the central area of paris oprah area there are a lot of tories there's a lot of people who don't sleep at night because it's also weekend it's saturday
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night. we have these figures that one dead and four injured we also know that there are lots of tweets at the same time from people who are in the street and don't boycott. the area. also we had a good week from the job. that we did. the crew sponsor of the police on site it's been a very difficult time years for our friends and the amount of being here and amount of terrorist attacks which happened on the french soil so every time when something happened there's a lot of speculation and it's very difficult to say immediately what it is exactly the terror attack or it suggests an act of hate crime or anger. we're going to go to our tea from correspondent shortly. on the line in our london studio literally as i was looking going to report we got
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a line there which does change things dramatically there in french authorities are now open to terrorism investigation into what happened just now or so ago in the central paris night we're very careful as rightly we should be to stand back from this until the police say something like that is easy to jump to conclusions that are often wrong but i say it does change events say that police say they're opening a terrorism investigation doesn't it. yeah precisely kevin that's it's always difficult especially in these early stages of breaking news incidents like this where of course people are i don't rush to to decide exactly what happened based on past events but now like you've mentioned there we do have that confirmation that the investigation being opened is terrorism one and before you. just reading reports from the independent newspaper here in london with eyewitnesses saying that one witness so i witnessed said that they saw all they heard the attackers shouting god is great in arabic we've seen scar reporting here
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that he shouted kill me or i will kill you presumably to the police who did eventually take him out neutralized the police there killing the attacker on sight now reports coming at this stage saying that he killed one person one man and four more injured i've seen a report from c.n.n. saying that have been injured so it would appear that more injured than we initially thought in what is now being investigated as this terror attack two of those thought to be very seriously injured been taken to hospital where they're being treated for their critical injuries a lady a man now again with the police investigating this as an act of terrorism it would appear that this is in line with some of the other things we've seen happening in france in the past some quite major attacks taking a total of two hundred forty five lives the attacks on the charlie hebdo offices
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the attacks on the cloud and other areas around paris including the football stadium while the national team playing again and so this would appear to be albeit a smaller scale incident but still something along the lines of police will be looking at now to see whether this person had any links with any other people in france whether he was part of a big group whether he's inspired other people or whether he is just a load who's decided to carry out this stabbing attack this evening in paris that is also important. to realize as well that police will be trying to see whether he has links to foreign groups as well we've seen in the past individuals pledging their loyalty to the. called islamic state when they launch these attacks again very rarely is there an operational link but there is in the an ideological sympathy if nothing else with those groups who have been ultimately defeated in
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syria by the syrian armed forces and russian in the arabian allies and of course in iraq as well by the iraqi armed forces as well so something like this would represent what we saw previously which is an attack to show solidarity with the caliph a local color for which holds territory but still a very damaging and dangerous and something that will really ice instill terror into people on the streets of paris because of course we've seen over the last few months a definite lol in any incidents with the state of emergency being lifted it was thought that. people would be less threats or less danger. may the recent report just coming in again from the independents the so-called islamic state trying to claim responsibility for this we have seen them in the past tried to claim responsibility for things that had nothing to do with terrorism so again somehow something to be taken with
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a pinch of salt but still just goes to show exactly. perhaps the group trying to show how relevant they still remain so they often they often do that and it can be cooperated just looking at some of the events one thing about what may have happened to you mentioned c.n.n. mentioning a higher figure in fact that's what we were talking about early on we corrected within about half an hour they might be ahead of us again don't know because sadly as more news comes out you often find the figures do go up but we're going to stick with what we say at the moment we think one victim four others injured two of them seriously wounded you know you are talking earlier on i spoke about twenty minutes ago about speculation the guy may have a heart attack or something the attacker here witnesses from the twenty four say in the police did try to take him first to take. not kill him as they of course would try to do if they didn't believe they were in mortal danger as well but the reports are that they couldn't. probably while they ended up doing what they did you hear in that as well. yes that would that would seem to be consistent
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with not just the reports coming in but. the guidelines police are probably being given in the wake of past attacks which is to try to take them alive if possible so that they can extract whatever intelligence they can out of them whether they can see again whether they are linked to other people who are trying to launch another wave of attacks perhaps but of course with the with a scenario like this the attacker didn't appear to have a gun so the police thought rather than shooting him first you know let's try to use tasers to take him down as those reports say he couldn't be subdued in any way or subdued through to an offer of a level where they had to then eventually shoot him and kill him and take his life which of course would have been the last preferred resort one would presume for the police but of course the priority over the public's safety again of course these we
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have seen in the past. groups of individuals three four sometimes launching these attacks we've also seen smaller scale attacks noted moves in particular trying to attack policemen into soldiers on the streets of paris and of course in recent months and years there has been noticeable increase in the presence of on soldiers and police on the streets of paris but this attack. which is now being investigated as an act of terrorism targeting innocent civilians and you know people just during the evenings on assassination that is we just it's a cherished sad story but i suppose you know we got we saw a man's coming on. people have to keep. around the world all right thank you for now and thank you for the. just a quick mention r.t. dot com you can follow the story in english there this breaking developing news story and it's time to mention two of course you probably already know about it but if you speak french we have a french artsy channel especially for you frost say. dot com check it out there all
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the latest news opinions international news in french for you if you prefer to get your news that way and you can stay in contact with all the breaking news in english on our main site great resource r.t. dot com we're now able to confirm the further what we've just been saying few minutes ago that french prosecutors are treating this what happened in paris around ten thirty last evening as a terror attack when you look back at the chain of events of the last few years and this is the fifth such attack that's hit france in the past two years the latest incident comes despite french president mccraw lifting that state of emergency last october to some relief at the time questions no i asked to do it too soon or should it be that way now in february a man with a machete you may recall attempted to enter the louvre museum will show that. we hear it's to be confirmed that that same kind of thing happened here tonight now
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but then he was stopped by a soldier and no one killed or injured just a month after that that attempted attack again you may recall it all the airport left one person dead the attackers shot by the police fast forward april seventeen . just over a year ago an islamist opened fire on police officers on the shans allee's a cause such a lot of alarm i says claimed responsibility for the atrocity as we believe they are tonight whether they were behind it or not and in october the city of marsay witnessed the stabbing attack at the railway station audience that left three dead including the attackers islamic state again took responsibility. check it out some other news this morning and we will stir across what's happening in paris to i promise you well other news is that donald trump's decision to pull the u.s. sort of that huge landmark around nuclear deal has led to a sustained burrage of criticism from europe germany to speaker magazines the latest to join the fray summing up the american presidents attitude to washington's
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allies with an offensive hand gesture in time leaders in europe have committed to fighting for their country's interests and they are scrambling still to try to save the pact with iran. and i think it is not right to you know lead to cancel a deal that was agreed upon screening and shouting insulting and bullying that diminishes confidence in the international order systematically destroying and dismantling everything what do we want to be able to be blinded to what american selman america's withdrawal from the nuclear deal has made the situation even more towns and so we continue to do business with iran if we always see that if we don't like things and we can't achieve any new international order everyone will do what they feel like that's bad news for the world. days after america made the controversial move the chief inspector of the un's nuclear watchdog announced his resignation then another twist it also emerged to the top nuclear expert of the us
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state department walked this week to neither gave a reason for their decision next takes a light hearted look for once the fallout from trump's latest gambit. our u.s. president risking chaos in the middle east and in case you missed it people are surprised again. don't you campaign by saying that he'd pull out of the nuclear deal with iran but now that he's actually followed through with an election promise he's caught everyone off god for some reason the world is shocked and outraged as if you don't come to read us that says it's bedtime spring pinkberry dull school over the middle east and north stirring up storms of their own just a week or two ago donald trump was being put forward for the nobel peace prize for insulting north korea into fuel and new self respecting republican president once that was his c.v. so twelve years of torture is to play received in the world's worst powerful nation
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a level of complexity rarely seen in global affairs as governments came in when but the negotiations pressed on relentless terms of you have the alarm on the deal was you are horrible on the plus side he didn't say very very horrible which in trump well they're more or less a compliment saying that there is wiggle room on parole the orange one said while tearing up the iran deal that it didn't bring calm it didn't bring peace there and it never will he does not want to read baseball cap when he runs for a second term because one of the message a u.s. president can sell standing when i am to egg on my face is europe's big freedia is . the end of hands and spent a lot of political capital trying to keep trump in the deal christ at least one of them kissed him in the end they learned a vital diplomatic left the kids as many gz as you like but the u.s. is going to do what it down will please the europeans and russia and china say they
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are dedicated to keeping the middle east nuclear free apart from. you know if. everyone took the news of trucks with drool in their words. comforting the family away the europeans elise sternly worded statement and iran banks an american flag in it. and israel on the very same perhaps it is reassuring that nothing really ever changes. iran now says it's going to restart its nuclear program on an industrial scale that was new in tonight the foreign minister describing america's movers unlawful and accusing it of a long history of violating the accord the rose also shifted online to run supreme leader appearing to troll president trump a posting a photo of him reading that book fire and fury inside the trump white house book detailing the salacious claims couple of months ago about trump calling his behavior erratic describing vicious infighting it was a best seller cause an explosive angry reaction from trump and his team when they
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were going to publish it at the time tried to stop it still went through the next. so just for a tease could soon be out of public pressure and conduct a study into whether there's a connection between increasing migration and crime levels but leaders are still wary about publishing any data that could indeed reveal links maybe or not between the two citing the climate the current climate the political climate and suitable to do it it cannot be noted that the demand in the debate on obviated information on the relationship between crimes on the one hand and dissent and migration on the other hand is so strong that the also needs to consider the possibilities again. the latest study on sweden on migrants and crime was long time ago two thousand and five two years ago the police decided to admit criminals nationalities in official reports the push for this latest study now comes after sixty one areas in sweden
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were labeled no go zones where it's thought around five thousand known criminals currently live. we need to make clear shift in direction we cannot continue in this direction ten more years society needs to do more we need to do more we need to focus on the serious rather. than all the other. member of sweden's democrat party told andrew farmer that he thinks leaders are being honest enough about the impact of immigration immigrants from these countries
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to create havoc all around europe and you know it's needs you know you need to start this inside sweden the media they need to stop you know protecting them or denying the problems we have with immigration where the information received them from the survey how can it be used productively to solve the problem. well i think that once people realize once they dare it's you that means you know the causes and the problems from especially some kind of immigrant groups then it's much easier on any given arguments to stop immigration from these countries because in the end our responsibility is to our citizens and i'm quite sure that you know this survey will be yet another one that will show how the media and the left wing liberals have lied for thirty forty years on about immigration can also
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say that many people and sweden commit sex crimes but we don't make an issue of their origin. yeah there are of course swedish people who commit six razer crimes in general but the thing is when you have an immigration you need to know how does the immigration fit your country it's better than us if a swede rapes someone it's burden lots we don't need to import more rapes into the country if she is joining us it's coming up to nineteen and a half minutes past one in the morning just a few hours after the breaking news in paris from the top where next as happened that news is that a knife attack taking place in the french capital earlier on r.t. france correspondent dimensions of a dedicated channel just for the good in a minute new qatar joins us now directly from paris with more on the story that you hope these things don't happen nice saturday night people at the opera maybe having a meal with their friends etc etc etc tara happens it seems that the french
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authorities are now treating this as an act of terror do you concur is that what you're hearing as well in paris tonight. yes exactly the attack happened in this very busy district of paris touristy place where there are a lot of restaurants lots of bars there's the attack happened a bit before nine pm a moment where all the regions and tourists were outside so basically people were eating in restaurants having good times with friends and at this moment man assault randomly several people with a knife. according to witnesses the man was walking in the streets crazy stabbing every people he met on his way. then he ran towards police
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officers apparently should seeing cumi or i.q. . several people or him saying a lot. then he has been killed by police officers. the metro lines of the area has been closed for now and all the neighborhood is buckled. other people are blogs also in restaurants and bars so it's was really panic scenes there. we know that an investigation is now opened by the terroristic section in paris we just heard that isis state claimed responsibility for this attack ok thanks kelly short notice later on there we are in paris just a quick plug for your channel as well where art international calls broadcast around the world from moscow it english but for our viewers want to follow this
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story as well in france r.t. france. france a c dot com that's where we find rolling coverage. news bulletins except rick cetera et cetera and you could solve as well thank you for updating us. get more thoughts know from choosier but with a close connection to france joining us now is french lawyer posner matty we're coming to you now mr marty thanks for your time prosecutors and we just heard open this terrorism investigation that was confirmed about twenty minutes ago how do you anticipate the french public reacting now to yet another deadly terror attack on a busy saturday night right in the center of paris. well as a french people. i'm very sad tonight because one more time to resume has broken on has killed. a man or woman i don't know yet but whoever.
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i'm very sad and we have to face the situation again in france. this situation. to anticipate just the reaction of the french people is very difficult because. we know that we have tensions in from some people on trying to. take a part of the situation to take benefit of the situation to increase tensions between french citizens and the habitants of frost that we have to stay strong we have to say that we are a country of low and so the just has to do his work and we are expecting from the police and the just to do his work but we also have to think about the police we have in france with the middle east we have the situation that we have enough africa i think about libya for instance that it is to ration that that kind this is the kind of situation that unfortunately can promote terrorism because we have
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chaos in middle east we have chaos in libya and this. kind of situation is not an excuse for terrorism but some explanations to understand the situation to the police can your frenchman yourself. a close affinity with france what goes on there from the people you talk to do they have sympathy for the place for the security services they have been through such a heck of a lot over the last couple of years having to try to deal with it to keep a lid on things to investigate what's happening to try i'm sure we don't know we often hear about that the public don't hear a fraction of what's actually going on all the tax to the stop eccentric cetera we've had the police. same france saying we're not resourced enough and good enough money enough people hands only to cover every every potential event that might happen all the french public sympathetic towards them all do they take a different line generally to think. well it's very difficult going to analyze
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because as you know we have a social crisis in france town where there is a lot of demonstrations and demonstrators are who are saying that. there is police brutality but this is not the same thing we cannot compare the same things that are literally different they think is that it is true that. justice. needs more money to work correctly this is the reality as a lawyer i see it every day. and even if we think that france is a very poor for a country i consider that i would just doesn't have enough money to work correctly so i can understand that a lot of people are saying that they're just these are the police hasn't you know money to do the do the job but at the same time i think that we have to think about the way we can treat its kind of situation by having a good position a good policy position in international deal with both countries and
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it's always a way to fight terrorism so the program is very complex we can let me advise it only when we project the just these are the closely we got to leave it there thanks ever so much coming on the. french lawyer on the line from chin as he thought of our friends and family injured and and the deceased that night and thank you but one other bit of news before i say kevin owen here tonight how the show on the votes are being counted in iraq's first parliamentary election there since the defeat of islamic state last year and there is a lot at stake not just for the iraqi people but for the other powers in the region to seeing it correspond. explains. depending on whose side you're on these elections can make or break the middle east not because of oil nor riches though that helps neither is it ideology or jihad ists this is all about friends.
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first of three leading candidates high the. current prime minister the best word to describe him is neutral syria stay out of it iran vs america stay out of it yemen stay out he would be buying to iran but neither will he be a poor in america's efforts to isolate iran. candid number two nobody. former prime minister he makes no attempt to hide his affinity for iran imagine if he gave iran bases in iraq allowed troops and tanks to move from iran to syria the israelis the saudis they will include like that one bit.
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candidates number three trumps nightmare. meeting this guy who's an iraqi himself food on the side of iran during the iran iraq war enough said i believe the american administration could be the biggest loser from iraqi election we have three camps fighting two when this election i mean it can only have one strong ally which is. always what did it and he is trying to keep that alliance with the united states but whether he is going to win this election i have my own doubts i think that it's that i will have the group that i'll give you are very close to the indian and gating a lot of support but i'm not here so i believe they have a hand until now so you see the problem here one guy doesn't want to get involved
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in anything one guy is all buddy buddy with iran and the last is supra raney and he'll fight you quite literally and even with the weight steeped in its favor america says iran is cheating. worrisome evidence that iran is trying to influence using money the iraqi elections that money is being used to sway candidates to sway votes it's not an insignificant amount of money would believe and we think it's highly and how. it's bad so bad that western states are sending ambassadors to end trying to empower an iraqi cleric who is supporters had been killing american troops back in the times of the u.s. intervention he even warned two years ago that americans are a target all forgiven and forgotten you see he doesn't like iran.
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any day that iran's military general kasim silly money looks at the t.v. and is unhappy is a good day for security in the region and looking at our solders meetings in saudi arabia will make you very unhappy it all depends on who is side your on america lost thousands of men in iraq spent a trillion dollars on the war there and to watch it all go to iran that would hurt well i don't live through that thought kevin oh and here moscow age queue for honey of a show on an hour from now we'll be tracking what's happening in paris and around occasions that stabbing at the entry has a terrorist attack tonight for me good morning as it is in. the was.


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