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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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q. q paris police are shoot and kill a man who stabbed one person to death and injured several others at near the city's main opera house it turned recitation is under way. donald trump faces a torrent of criticism from leading european politicians and media over his decision to pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal. and freedom considers studying the link between immigration and crime saying public demand for such a move is growing. among these latest headlines you can check out r t dot com next on our t.v. international going underground looks and the growing danger of a war against iran but in the u.k. and ireland sputnik discusses some of the more questionable practices of british tabloids stay with us.
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the imaginary time when we're going underground in a week that sees the e.u. china russia and iran ranged against the usa is violation of the twenty fifteen joint comprehensive plan of action coming up on the show should take the credit for today's elections in iraq we ask the british here about our lives about deadly geopolitical errors and whether britain will now go to war with iraq and can yes save them as pamela anderson reportedly appeals to kanye west to reach out to donald trump to help wiki leaks founder julian a surge we speak to journalist and author dr. about why everyone on earth needs wiki leaks plus as manslaughter investigators reveal new information about an emblem of both twenty zero eight austerity coated with on the right wing guide to
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grandchild britain all the some more coming up in today's going underground but first will london support the white helmets group in syria even if washington withdraws supporter over evidence of collusion with islamists that's what one of jeremy corwin's m.p.'s wanted to know at this week's prime minister's questions despite the ever present threat of death from both syrian and russian airstrikes and in the face of smears and disinform ation the rescue workers of the white helmets have never stopped saving the lives of their fellow seriously last week the trumpet ministration froze their u.s. funding with thousands of civilian lives at risk will the prime minister step our pledge the government to plug the funding shortfall that now exists and is sure these heroic rescue workers can continue their work he clearly thinks all the evidence of white helmets collusion with is the mist in syria is this information so will teresa may defy washington's appraisal of the white helmets. we do support
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them we will continue to support them and i write on the fan the international development secretary will be looking at the level of that support in the future corbin didn't ask about theresa may allegedly using taxpayers' money to support groups linked to terrorism instead he went all the illiberal in his support for a post works at customs union with the e.u. the government says it has two options the foreign secretary says one is crazy even roger's our former aide to ambassador said that the technological alternative is a fantasy island unicorn model they have two options niger of which a workable the case for a new customs union with the european union is korea to resume reply back querying corbin's newfound support for te tips of the trade deal which could incidentally derailed train renationalisation i'll tell you right on the agenda what's crazy crazy is a leader of the opposition who for years opposed to eat it and now has a policy that would mean they were signing up to. some suggest corbin's
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lifelong socialist allies have no say in the current labor party as for the scottish nationalists they queried why boris johnson had no say in washington's decision on the iran nuclear deal because the prime minister of course didn't make any reference to sending her foreign secretary to pete on fox news as part of his for the policy initiative pleading with the president through fox news rather than through direct intervention mr peace because the middle east is in need of stability conflicts are already region in yemen syria and iraq meanwhile the foreign secretary can deliver a forty minute message abroad in the correct manner are you going to have more than the foreign secretary undermines the prime minister and the customs union prime minister can you tell us when the foreign secretary will both agree with that one government's position and if not will she have the buckhorn. to the park bench it's
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britain's foreign secretary appear to want to resign earlier in the week but if there is always former home office minister norman baker claimed on wednesday's going underground that the pm acts on orders from the daily mail newspaper no it is she seems to prefer rupert murdoch's fox news is absolutely right the government in dressing the issue with the iran nuclear deal with the united states government worked across all levels and they representation as a variety of levels and in a variety of ways yes the u.k. government sees fox news as one of the variety of ways to get through to those in power in washington over the iran deal well joining me now is a member of the u.k. parliamentary party group for iran and british beer would a herd of rather i'm lord ahmed thank so much for going back on going underground before we get to the latest conflicts catalyzed by washington what about today's iraqi elections a testament to the fact that tony blair's war has brought democracy to at least one country in the middle east i don't think so i think the price that they've paid and
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the way the country is fragmented you've seen in the elections they are sunni the kurds and everybody is divided even within the shia are there are different coalitions but if one thing is arguably true it is that iran was a kind of winner because of tony blair's war geopolitically anyway your response to israel now attacking iran's allies on the golan heights already illegally occupied by the israelis well israel as you know netanyahu has got his own problems because of corruption and the police cases he wants to divert some of that very cleverly but also israel has been trying their best to create this wedge between the sunni muslims and the shia bloc saw saudi arabia with you we and egypt you have iran. it's on allies but you know you've seen in lebanon
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hezbollah has taken more seats they're getting stronger in iraq you've seen the results so therefore i think defeating iran like this would be very difficult i have a a little a debate in the house of lords on twenty first on both to ask her majesty's government what role they can play in terms of bringing peace to syria and yemen because i don't think that any world power can bring peace in yemen and also in syria without getting both saudi arabia and iran together and resolving some of their issues ok you know this region pretty well you've traveled so widely in it just explain mention saudi let's talk about that side of things anyone who's visited the saudi the you're a persian gulf countries knows the hatred for israel almost toward into the curriculum and in these in civic society i just mentioned the girl and her it's
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you're saying that they are all defacto on the side of israel right now saudi arabia u.a.e. egypt bahrain the bloc of four who are also blockading. qatar as well. of very much on the side are more complicated no not discuss it iran is help for god. but then now can you imagine being mohammed bin cell man supporting the israeli prime minister netanyahu sympathizing with the israelis rather than the palestinians can you imagine the saudis and the egyptians and the u.a.e. you know the by abu dhabi and all that supporting israel rather than the. iranians or hizbullah cetera so i think this all those countries i should say will go deny this in any way supporting is. no matter what secret video appears on
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social media i just hope i really hope that this doesn't bring to a full scale scale war in the middle east because the way things are developing if the european countries like germany france britain if the sort of are not seen as real power brokers in keeping the agreement iran agreement a deal on table because even the un of course there's a u.n. security council resolution on that and if you end imposes greater sanctions and the u.n. then manages to pull all the banks and companies out of the deal then iran is saying well then why should we go ahead with germany france or the united was it didn't go through the u.n. security council because china and russia and britain and france are so they will be instead for small greeny of the u. beijing moscow everyone is on iran's side except saudi arabia or israel in the
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united states so do you notice though any slight difference at the moment in the way it's being reported here the latest attacks on the golan heights because boris johnson appears to be condemning the syrian government. quite openly for tensions on the golan heights which somebody you would have to explain the basis of eagle israeli occupation of the golan heights of course illegally occupied for many decades now look i'm not supporter of the syrian government but having said that we know that israel has attacked many sites and military positions inside. syria as one of the of the foreign office here about israeli and i want to remind you two thousand and three we first were not happy if you remember that big march in london with millions of people i was there and. we want to oppose invasion of
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iraq and afghanistan and then suddenly we decided that we would go along anyway but i don't think america would dare attack iran i frankly tell you this in my own opinion because even though iran doesn't have the capability of hitting back on. the united states but iran has the capability of destroying the world's economy because if they just start hitting the waters where all the ships all the oil where all the interest of the western world lies right there in the straits. then there will be difficult and larger reserves of energy than and saudi arabia arguably so if we take the united states to one side the european union countries you have to think there's some truth to what president rouhani of iran says that he says the e.u. does not have the capacity to be a global player casting doubt on the words coming from london paris berlin the
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brussels saying no no we don't like what donald trump's well look i seen the statement from e.u. . they are very strong that we need to act like a superpower twenty seven twenty eight countries whether it is economic military yes. we are with the united states but if the united states doesn't want to adhere to international treaties then we need to stand up i don't think they will even though when it is european companies are obviously going to suffer because of the end of the iran deal perhaps not by you know so much of our economies do you think that the united states as a net oil exporter that there were less once you can draw oil services is a bit upset about how the europeans who go in there with iran and maybe trump was alluding to that in that speech where he ripped up here on deal to say we won't provide. sure united states access to her but he does that i mean americans have
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done that in iraq they've done it in other countries lost in iraq china's in their bigotry of course but this is this is all because of their politics because they've lost in the whole region now they've lost even in africa china's all over and chinese economy you know. afghanistan i sort of like beginning of the end for the u.s. being the sole superpower what does it say about the power of corporate capitalism if donald trump can get away with this and it can annoy boeing obviously because they have this big deals with their own little turtle an airbus in the west i mean it is is it not obvious that the deep state so-called in the united states does not support donald trump on this deal you are in the same maybe the mad dog mattis head of the statement well you know even. his own state department does not support him even the intelligence director doesn't support him
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saw something there are a lot of irritant but there are lots of people in the united states very concerned because this is going to damage the long term interest of the united states don't some can turn around and say look i got your four hundred billion dollar contract from saudi arabia i got you hundreds of billions of dollars from the g.c.c. countries because the way i've shifted and because i've commented israel accommodated them and given then. i can stand up to iran a lot over thank you after the break. how did this video change the lives of everyone on the planet and the claims of tory social dancing in one of britain's richest neighborhoods activist poet voted with proper forms from his new book the rhyming guide to granville bridge all this and more coming up in part two of going under.
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well time in history and during a crisis like in two thousand and eight were they creditors bailed out of the state of the debtors than in going back even to bill before times as the debtors they get bailed out not the creditors but because of the fascism the neo fascism the listed leni like neil fascism between the bankers on wall street and the federal government fused together a corporate hopeful crowd a daisy chain of incest and by all financial shenanigans the creditors were bailed out and the water they do with all the money they inflated the bubble even higher so now i've got s. and p. having the all time highs but the more ality and the ethics of the country and the wealth and income gap i've nosedive.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taken your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was icky still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different speech because there are no other takers. to the claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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welcome back this month marks one year since u.s. army whistleblower chelsea manning was released from prison following a seven year sentence that included treatment a un torture chief ruled as cruel and inhumane or alleged crime as the leaking of classified information that included a video of the u.s. military killing innocent civilians two of whom were journalists the next guest can release of that video as a new era joining me now from berkeley in california is journalist and author of the new book wiki leaks the global for the state history is happening doctrine is
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only high i say welcome to going underground before we get to the world's most famous political prisoner arguably tell me why you begin the book with the wiki leaks collateral murder video well i think that other matter but they are really. show the uncensored maser war the war which has been kept from for a long long time and they had had a tremendous effect not only the american public but to the whole entire world and to be able to see it in many ways i think war become such an abstract concept that we are numb to the reality by one and so happening basically me being done by the u.s. government and many my own government but to actually get to see the real image. of everyday life every day he added the. iraqi people i mean that was a very moving and that was quite shocking and and really i think the true.
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emotional reactions and in many people in the i certainly was affected so i started to write on the topic a week eating actually in two seventh and when the we could expect released this video according to whether male and here i'm simple ordinary person being affected decides to start to actually write ends and more and explore what's happening and you know what media mayster media has not been covering about warts and government unlike arguably a lot of the wealth of cable information secret documents have been released by we gave eeks that even go through the mainstream media filter and was broadcast on mainstream media. correct i mean it's and i think that you know wiki leaks is i consider to be getting so the invention of a new demand isn't built on the prats form of the internet and what it does it has a different completely different and unique features than the existing mother or with journalism that is defined and the author and the i regret and then that we
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could explore the use the life the power of the internet this uncensored ability to distribute information at the girl the level so we have a huge i think impact we could use with able to bring the huge in political impact so to the medium of the internet which is a very i'm president this and that newness is that what we're seeing when we heard donald trump on the one hand say we love weekly leaks and on the other hand his secretary of state now mike bombero used to run the cia saying that julian asunder makes common cause with dictators and the wiki leaks is a hostile intelligence service absolutely i see you know it just as the you have this is a good emberg invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century and how leads to the explosion the information so to out europe at that time and they've created the huge political and social ramifications and in the same way i see
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joining us either not only accidental journalist or the publisher but also our innovator who actually you know baited the new format with john that ism and to give it to the rest of the humanity so i think that you know we and any time that a new idea or invention our technology come about in into our society we don't know you don't really have to disrupt that in fact and then we can exert any this rock that the media landscape but i think it's also started to open society into a more than a crab cake democratic state and i think that many people really don't understand what this new in bed. so there on these and they so they are afraid and they are trying to attack the person who invented this and they instead of trying to look at what this new form of insanity isn't really is and trying to benefit from this invention you know people just get scared and then legs are not the son you know he trying to pick up the bum to. british nanny power that came with this new invention
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so you know when we get access to b.b.c. information search for his agenda certainly he praises wiki leaks and then when it's doesn't go well for his agenda you know then he would have sober and he could say this in mensa but ultimately you know wiki leaks and its new invention of the journalism and it can be used by anyone and anybody can benefit from this and not understanding this this new invention that people are just trying to attack a sounds so i think it's important to understand and important to differentiate during that sounds and you know innovator and from the invent axtell invention not to say you know didn't i mean you can talk to the very important person who created this but also you know so much focus in giving to to do it in a science and then we found to really understand that invention that came forward now and that is now available to all of us. and some kind of confusion is that the
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symptom we're seeing when the democratic national committee is suing russia donald trump and wiki leaks and in our existing journalism journalism basically done that is the base going to became a gate keeper of the power and that their job is to sustain this facade of democracy so what we have is money so that especially those about who live in the west we think that we have democracy we have democratic society we think we have a democratic elective. process and which was basically to be able to be full of by the released information by wiki leaks. and the a.n.c. e-mails and so you know what i think of this new invention of journalism that is really it's open society where john that is you know we would have means to account john that is in the kind of existing law the old man it's
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a democracy we have no means to account journalists and journalists could keep acting at the gate keepers of power and the wiki leaks that by giving us this new form of journalism allow us to engage ourselves to inform ourselves and be able to hold journalistic on the ball we just finally and briefly the game the book is very optimistic the ecuadorian government seems to be more interested in clandestine cia sites in the u.s. meant to be a military base than caring about whether a songe lives or dies arguably do you think ultimately it's that those military decisions in in the western hemisphere that will will basically mark the fate of julian assange you know i think that hits his. sexual misconduct case in in sweden from the beginning it's there was no need to go case it always has
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been a critical case. and the fact that the dream that's had to has been bitterly detained i mean detained for eight years can they say that he confinement in prison and two years under house arrest and stick nearly sixty years now in the embassy over ecuador in london i mean you know this whole thing about just the politically motivated and it's i think judy and freedom really depend on covered extending up for him and the public really pushing our own governments and because in this it's never been a legal case so it really has the freedom rest on the court of public opinion at this point and i did hope that people understand the significance of this invention and whether you're you know one of how you feel about joining us. whether you like genocide you are not i hope everybody recognizes the significance of this invention and also the person who invented this is a person who gave this invention to humanity by taking risk and
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affected by thing his personality but the i hope that people will stand up for him not of his i mean hyacinth thank you thank you. well we're just forty eight hours from the grand fell silent march in west london which will mark eleven months to the day since the worst tower block fire in u.k. history i'm joined now by recording artist and activist poet potent whisper will in a moment be performing from his new book the rhyming guide to granville britain which is out now. welcome to going underground tell us about the rhyming guy to grandfather where the u.k. is worst. you feel is still zero emblematic of divisions in britain so the fire a grandfather has been described as many things as been described as horrific i'm sure massey. catastrophic which of course it was the one thing it can't be described as as far as i'm concerned is an accident in fact as far as i'm concerned there was mass murder for the years leading. the resident grenfell action group
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told casey t.m.o. numerous endless times of the risks to their safety at the tower now for years not only were they ignored but they were threatened with legal action for raising genuine concerns about a point you make in the track song about. resumes as is an inquiry into it why do you think your words illuminates what happened at granville better than an impending inquiry or the result of an inquiry which will truly get to the bottom of this i don't feel my words would highlight anything or brings anything anything to light an inquiry weren't. see too given that reason may steps up to the brief family i don't feel like i have anything to say that hard to read to be can't be said that hasn't already been said by people on the ground there in the community presumably would reject what you have been saying for you in your work for many
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years now that was. is not actually a choice because new liberals often say that we needed and we choose to be a load of b.s. nat west coots two years we bank of scotland they had to be bailed out there was no choice they needed the money more than the n.h.s. ok why do know is that if the point of austerity was to cut the deficit and stimulate economic growth then it's taken us i believe an unneeded ten years in order to now apparently get back to prevail our level of deficit so it has served its purpose by cutting deficit after ten years of misery and death then what reasonable justification is there to keep implementing was there it's the measures why do we not reverse the cuts now and say ok well we've cut deficits so that's go back to making sure the vulnerable people who are normal everyday working people have the life they deserve and work hard for all these issues tackled in this rowing to greenfield thank you. he'll be performing his new poem the rhyming guy
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dressed there in a moment we'll be back on monday with news from gaza and the world at war author taylor downing on how the world ended three until then you could not with us by social media with your money fifty years today a mass general strike across fronts would lead to ten million workers occupying the means of production in the fifth republic here with because the rhyming guide to austerity austerity has given us cuts to local government over twelve million five hundred thousand council workers lost their jobs cuts to universities eight hundred million reprising fees leaving uni students are lost cuts to services three hundred million sixty from the budgets for our parks cost infrastructure worth fifteen billion cost out of social care three and a half fifty two percent cut from education thousands more homeless people on the pavement fifteen thousand bed cuts for n.h.s. patients these are real statistics not speculation they cost three hundred forty three libraries sixty four museums three thousand plus troops three hundred eighty
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care home companies three thousand mental health workers a pink up to two hundred playgrounds shop three hundred fifty give clubs shop connections shop their distance is shop i did six hundred sure start census shop cuts to n.h.s. forty billion over sixty hospitals the trust facing closure health and social care costs alone are killing citizens one hundred twenty thousand deaths and very far but these are just because we think it is we are real people with feelings and patients but the people who live with the results of their decisions with parents with children with brothers with sisters people ask what is no money in the country well another reason is no money in the country is big corporations make money in the country don't pay tax on the move out the country the rich getting richer with money in the country cutting deficit won't put money in the country if the government.


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