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estonian and ukrainian as its troops were also rampant incited by nazi germany executions were carried out by almost all european countries are strict algy clear must be on the whole fraser dose of i know most of us feel totally sharia on how to we start. up and cover the issue on the summit also lots of obama if they are. given more lapus what if. our shits thousands of red army soldiers hundreds of thousands of slavic civilians and millions of jews perished in. a miserable the mall. there's. no rule. i am.
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the russian president wasn't invited to the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz the polish government disregarded the fact that on generally the twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred forty five should survivors met their liberators with shouts of the russians have come. all. yet they had two. years god damn that so was healing a acne extras if for a pattern. here's
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a call away what do you want to kyoto you get to china's done you outed me outside of on our visit for you our obols reoccur now emits. delegation of center that's a no go to google visit following giving. and this is present day our shits. meets our is auschwitz no need so commissaries ice as. you see in auschwitz. it. meant find the animal peony in from. gas come in from mason meet him as he for when id him and sub to sub can
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a gas come and get him there creaked so forth and it was played for me at this is absolute eighty seven. is easy it's the so called mid south is yet the fuck up show a female does absolute five on the east is by it's them or do it not the way saidst does it's to get me to meet decision to an east asian onan on mid and late skin tones or whether the camel each week is up for getting to. and cupping their nice
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dishes. today was indeed neat feasting. slain and so on until he. includes and said see when does this feel. todays punish guide stone point oh that was liberated by russians in a variety of languages one can hear that the war was started. jointly with hitler. for the fourth part that following the pre-war pock between the union and it did not deter. the top spot which is also. such a spot on the. thirty also stated by the union.
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nobody. today full ceremony said. this was a team unit not of literacy skill traditions skills be. no shit new key. the only remnants of the somebody's boy extermination camp are in only a station and a commanders house hundreds of thousands were exterminated in its gas chambers muesli jews in the soviet prisoners of war. smaller and more. men involved in it as a tool. can be a little good said looking for. the camp was clues dr prisoners ruvo. officer alexander. russia was prevented from participating in the remodeling of
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some people. a lack of your pony up now but for more of us. nearer the show our prius which i see her see the bottom of the at the at the one mr. so devoted to us just by mr. without consent at seemingly with just shan't keep. to shun salute even poses that bloody a keg rashness some people gin asked only by one even seeing instead a step in set off to new patterns on udall's i did any of us and yet she is
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doubtful chunk last bought the old astral g.r. as get our no voice philips national that yet are now very vandals looked as they're invisible on august thirtieth docomo to a gust of eighty challenge. the non caesar stand missed more than fourteen thousand concentration camps prisons and get. about eighteen medium people pass through the extermination camps and more than twelve million died one out of five prisoners was a child. of a sofa in which you're below your money and i will leave it up at the rim it should be state breaking east in the book a union. a recurrent theme in the european media is atrocities allegedly committed by. the red army on third
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territory. out of reach of what us out of me are going to see if they both get on a lot of. canarsie out of me a new pair of those i'll bring this to pike even destroy the billion. of the other names here. this is a use you can we. pay to move us there added we're. creative all anonymous to get a piece of bully but the other which is shea story however today they depict then liberates is this one. and here is a news reel from those years. good use of the peerage of early. when you mean you could really.
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be a mighty cutter pushing up front. chefs in the study of. the book. a stylus. told me. easy story to bill is dylan. of way after a cure for she's. still in the way he. still sort of clearly. is. a will and will.
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machine year. in year well what you see him will not will not because of course there were occasional and unavoidable lapses among those who had lost their families back home but these were isolated cases and the position of the soviet state was emphatic on january the nineteenth one thousand nine hundred forty five starlin issued a special order those who are guilty of violence and rape will be executed similar orders was signed by commanders of all the soviet fronts the shock of their wash near here in one year will three d. . national id in the fifth there is last year lowell ya know year year you will have clearly other thing in. show them on the style social war with. burials through jeezy.
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twenty forty you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from be relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here i mean your list with video of clue in the. new school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took. it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other polls that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to public wells. when the room in closest to protect themselves. when the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room
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six. million new. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic developments only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. vast areas of the western u.s.s.r. lay in ruins more than fourteen million civilians had been killed practically every
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village in belarus and ukraine had a trench nearby where hundreds of old men women and children were executed. that's how they acted on soviet soil. of a soul dusty whole situation served out in the sea a kindle event with the vest know in the blue the same crafts the muscle and you can time the word and and the soviet the ship failed to hear the hum fifty fifty keen down you're going to see cash elevators says so and then i aspire a lot of us come see us get at the beauty of you know we home needs to is get up to and i'll stand that greek to end of. a six yard i. mean then. does the. a so it that in the here
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van in a roast so dainty in the c.f.c.'s for a man see how moans so close. shop where i found i brought order else cut off since why c.m. the nick to s. into. service or dr. germ virus archipelago or spouse real reason why i'm mom. i need to be true of ahoy through to live in your daughters or my mom very safe to talk all of us on us or shiver. here any territory over here quick trouble. oh. fascism.
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crewman alexander. through the entire. day he was in berlin. now seventy years of cost and he has returned to the city he buried his. bank in nine hundred forty five.
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zero of. the notion. even. if. neither the germans the russians. army soldier nicholai muscle oh rescued a german girl but when they decided to establish the name of the child it turned out that didn't burn and there had been thousands of such cases.
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are all in a well or at least notional. staunchest leading way miley are trying to. score a blue warm new the first day on those me. the second front they write so much about in western history books was launched just eleven months before victory by this time the red army could have achieved it by itself but i shiver yeah can i be sure love it for all for on. us. or for sort of toil name season but above all in us. sort of plates you walk properly new sure. that you. sort of cheat you out of the water but there are more for suitable if you slow
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quite innocent people is that of staying to the source and destroy method of i believe i need your oil. in the ship the deal you just sunk. your years was really you were all. the party you know you generally thought the ball of about almost all you quite delicious what. gillett backside bureau idea of a daughter you really struck us as often so used nickel further by. by national mushed u.p.i. national on our show your sister chill mr noel. and you got. some western historians claim that the successes of the red army was due to american supplies made possible by the so-called lend-lease policy. then the soviet union carried the major weight of that battle in terms of child or supply the army fighting the germans in terms of shortages killed in battle in terms of civilians
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killed in battle. but still together we prevailed over the nazi germany. chairing an american historian news the history of lend-lease very well he's written a number of books about it. it was not an act of charity or generosity it was an act of calculated self-interest. lend-lease turned out to be a profitable business for the us few people knew that it took until two thousand and six for the russian federation to repay the us fully for the moment in fact more than sixty percent of lend lease supplies went to great britain and just twenty percent of the u.s.s.r. the majority of deliveries were made between one thousand nine hundred four nine hundred forty five when the outcome of the war had practically been determined did the united states benefit from it and i think. yes absolutely
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the united states did that from the war and and some ways world war two. cures the depression as far as the united states is concerned prosperity or for short or for store. even of the u.s. joint all american corporations continue to fulfill orders to enemy countries. standard oil shipped around thirteen thousand tons of crude oil to the germans every month. ford supplied car tires as well as robots of the german army. about top of the them nuts vehicles will produce a total fake trees which is along two american general motors until nine hundred forty. is c.c. movida sold. first feed must. be. chaffed.
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even if anyone says salmon had stayed. only. famous the fear that a few. can eke. out through peace the scene is he said beach have to fax to. after the war ended a huge number of the dry cruel criminals who were employed by the us from a nazi generals responsible for the extermination of millions became nato general the cia hired thousands of s.s. offices and scientists there's a reason why operation paperclip was launched right after world war two brought sixteen hundred nazi scientists to the us. you know and those people were incorporated into the n.s.a. and those people were. you know were used for the manhattan project and used for all kinds of nefarious things and some of these people so you know it's basically the idea that we defeated fascism is as false what we did is we sort of merged into
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fascism and took it over and you know so that's really where it's at sinai the reason the again young people are confused as cause they're lied to every day. in addition to war criminals political scientists historians ideologists who had worked on hitler's propaganda as well as representatives of european countries that they collaborated with the nazis who took refuge in the united states. i mean he gonna say you're putting your money mormons go if there was sort i never got obvious peace and he still doesn't erase the hurdles i made a counselor the benefits of the. way he had left any of syria's obvious. borders she avoided. myths about the soviet threat and a preventative german strike on the u.s.'s on. and nothing new they were developed
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inside the third reich this justification was expressed on june the twenty second one nine hundred forty one by the german ambassador. in a message passed to the soviet government and in a memorandum presented to the soviet ambassador in berlin on the same day the documents stated that the u.s.s.r. was allegedly preparing to invade europe and that this was the main cause of war in the meantime german planes were ready bombing soviet cities. and he would have thought about such a must. be but. no one up to some of. the preventative strike myth was completely dispelled that the nuremburg trials head of the german prison radio feature admitted that the propaganda campaign had been planned in order to convince the public that the us is
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a no germany was to blame for the war. these myths will later adopted by for phonons of the cold war historical rewrite ever since world war two and it was necessary to foment the cold war against russia against communism and socialism. that's where attempts to justify the third reich come from to make it look like the victim of soviet aggression then another idea was introduced that the main driving force behind victory of a fascism was the allies led by the united states and the responsibility of the war was placed on hitler and stalin. starting a. new version year. budget skiddaw. will see immediate scheme. his name is kim flushes ma'am yes yes dems element of. eat up peugeot new episteme will see the. school chess them shit shit you're still
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sure good enough it bud washed you start it starts to go to pull it's fair to say. new booking no bids go do not they got to pull. those who experienced will go to becoming fewer and fewer and if you remove the monuments destroy the grapes the habs people will forget it entirely made a movie in the nation. as a pin just change the. usual old if. i remember the case. it's going to get a new division. viscounts
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interest ses of any mascot after. me in the my list box them up. maybe three a week for an international from say sixty six suited me to a mishap in a massacre up at their maximum it's fancy fifty meter. the
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iran nuclear deal was once seen as a major achievement of american diplomacy but onslow longer the case of donald trump's decision to pull out of the deal has reopened a major international problem and we have to analyze betrayed and the bursaries confused how should the world proceed. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by mike was hoping on the board doesn't come from want but god i'm stunned this dom is going to come to the. woods as that on into this it's a must also apply them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public i think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that i think often put more. softness
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in the sense of still being one of the more vocal to almost. all do. with. the ones this is. the host i get on with the all business stop and there was a steel mills a fund is up and his cards on the fine. post some officials do not owe fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of all the world football all were granted some people may have opinions but it's their own opinions and doesn't influence opinions of the many other football fans who or. boy tickets every day in large volumes.
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police in paris susan kill a man who stopped one person to death and injured several others near the french capital's main author house a terror investigation is underway. and the stories that shaped the week european leaders are refusing to toe washington's line.


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