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his unique databases allowed hundreds of russians to trace the burial sites of their fathers grandfathers and great grandfathers peter's magnum opus is this book it contains data on about sixty thousand subi of citizens buried in austria. become to sort that out alternately overhears can know and became full year. see makes immediate india's most men in bed. in the act and think if i live in d.c. . as many of these and i mean called. finding burial sites is complicated because you need to scrutinise maps of the frontlines reports and burial documents you sometimes have to scour through several hectares of land and it's even harder to find the names of unknown soldiers because truth seeker of truth six safety shashi than they're familiar argue he can pin you corrupt most against the soviets i was
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a counsellor even as a bit only on. own through with us and i've had some issues various bits of always been around for granted very angered. with the help of the austrian black cross which peter is a member of the graves of suv that soldiers are found and taken care of. the statue of a soon be at soldier in the center of vienna is one of the most beautiful and well maintained in europe. but here is an austrian history book. and i'm garance was all the core take it badly thought he can start and then this thing said standing start poor now thought he'd be gone. that we could come deal you do want to.
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other to see to it's beautiful innings and to see speaking to be inferred sold august interest. into this can be given for me other figure in freedom. there are some in the west who would prefer to drop this matter and never bring the war again. there's no need to remember inspector to forget this gulf oil nightmare.
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cost us his father's my way i'll just counsel the slot i was on stand on all the new one find us guys of all things but the system. i asked him was. cute the christie crap stadium center i prieto p.c.'s how be it but for a hundred six now and then. you just keep the thread to me but sailing. its banks a bit. weeks keep trying and they. seem to catch a tape doing it from paco. good mood. the scene of a stuff in
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a fetus we read to him creates and sobering in that meeting need at least some can embrace. the hope of peace and plots. the lever is inside with the myths and second that case if it is certain east we are here at decent that is a power for and an option thank you no man and i need to meet up to shift eight feet at. this burial site used to be completely hidden by a tall hedge of trees peter saw to it that the trees were cut down so that soviet soldiers graves are now as visible as others. see us toward the man then so be it had i was name in being the play a big. thing this is can i will make the seas to a dish of ike's need to play at. the five point star is a symbol of the red army according to tradition stars are placed on the graves of
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soviet soldiers as a token of respect and recognition. like their core warmly you know i thought they were good people. but you still feel. we have it there there kathy i mean. yeah a dozen years ago i thought yeah as over that every other that's what a couple of warsaw university students think and new wonder since most european textbooks saying exactly that there is not a single mention of the fact that pre-war poland in one nine hundred thirty four was the first european country to sign a non-aggression pact with hitler the pilsen skee hitler backed and poland the quote victim of russia unquote acted before the officials. start of world war two.
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the munich agreement from me to germany to an expanse of czechoslovakia hundred uncoated between nine hundred thirty eight and nine hundred thirty nine a fact that's not included in the official history of world war two. however this military aggression could be considered the beginning of the war. poland and hungary invaded czechoslovakia before it were rated poland is is hidden as the beginning of the war is because it's very embarrassing because poland and hungary wark an already with the nazis and sharks were archaea they invaded it and then chamberlain comes and signs you can dream it and france in and basically threw czechoslovakia under the bus and they don't really want us to remember that part you see but they just abandon them and again we have had been for stalin coming on the eastern front. go inside lisa encouraged by this sick sense deputy foreign
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minister again shame they claim that in the forthcoming with russia poland along with italy and japan would be allied with germany and they would divide among themselves the huge piii of the suv it cuny and as hitler called it. they were planning to occupy land from the baltic sea to the blank see eye to annex the western territories of the u.s.s.r. . but hitler had his sights set on them unpruned wasn't included in the plan this germany thing to take. europe looked on in silence at this difficult moment having lost only faith in the west moscow move troops to poland. on fungus the twenty third nine hundred thirty nine unknown aggression pact was signed between the u.s.s.r. and germany the mall itself ribbentrop banked the us says on its position was that it was entering eastern europe to protect its slavic brotherhoods ukrainians and bena russians from fascist invaders.
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mr gold is going to photo shoot wish bush a minute i need to do but no it off is the whiskey what should she go should just a question to go to jillian yodels get untrainable pie skill to voice his vision of it to chill in the kitchen to butcher the night you should not go back even you just get chased for no use of a little force in your thoughtfulness. you've got the view from the on i'm the life of one boss yacov adult a facet of the media on the types that are by me let him to draw. up show. now you're a force of. the institute of national remembrance in poland nobody'd for legislation to demolish soviet era monuments including statues of red army soldiers on june the twenty
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second twenty seventeen the polish lower house approved this law. for me keep the visible injury out of reach of only twenty of us when us took the mucho visible a newbie it's been naked love is what it should be a top visible ania you have to be suicide lend us the futile you push in shelton's even to a bit of food is a boon in the term. this is what happened to poland when it was occupied by the third row nation nine hundred thirty nine it ceased to exist as an independent state. but polish textbooks ignored this. serious concern years ago was up a cigarette check it out of the let's go there goes at this but gee politico they really crests it doesn't. taste. good but it. don't really though. because that's at least it's they they go for people are goof on you. so. the star low. post script let's we're going
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to talk about that. when the make this manufacture consent instinct of public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. of the real needs. of some officials do not. fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of the world football. we're going to some people may have
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opinions but it's their own opinions and doesn't influence opinions of the many other football fans who are buying tickets every day in large volumes. the united states can only step tools to use in its tax on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries attorney talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. have a responsibility for the whole. and so we need to make rules for the rest.
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because without us there will be chaos. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and a huge amount of pressure you have to put me in eight percent of the beach but how would you and will so with all the great game the great game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the doll going let's go. a low as i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciate me to just take the radio beyond the team's latest edition to make up
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a bigger need to just say look. this is a symmetry in warsaw wherever you look you'll see tombstones with pretty clear obliterated red stone. eighteen nineteen twenty twenty five years old. was over nick to show years east which is one of the shins notable ski disco leg which was a stove all that fast as we need skin good to me the jet ski are made of calling up before you movie measure and you never julie bishop machine the
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debate. is visions you studied at the movie night of was this valor. act to own up all scuppered sits at all sounds a bit. new now each though not all do seascape go she looked. cool. reasonable your gifts your. service q so that every. spot in office time off but we are very hard to that a pseudonym stuff and if you know you suffer from. it it but imo.
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must i was there. to see what you sow though for your going that's of course in much of what family what a mockery of it's a meticulous it's all about them. the polish memorial society unites many people who believe that russians and poles are not enemies but brothers just like austrian peeta six zero zero years is doing an important job over a period of four years five soviet soldiers symmetries were restored as well as twenty six statues unders jay-jay puts it lots of separate graves many poles are against the demolition of soviet monuments every year on november the second in remembrance day people bring candles and flowers to the graves of soviet soldiers. s'syntel it taking in various political own people with the cut the meat
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so it is in the mainstream it is he he fifty people eat the kidneys deep into its uprooted to. logic of your house up because of an ethical should i would. be. austere people who view on it yet also you have the shelf life of course it was a bomb it was and it is up i'm able to say what's up. i'm happy i'm not much on the top of me and i mean by and we got those will really three other. shops caught up. the law on the demolition of soviet soldiers don't choose the pages of these textbooks the attempt to expunge the soviet union's leading role in the victory of a fascism from history these things are not always done open the way. of peace and faith. leave you soak in that match play. with me
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invent food and worship all i'm three krzycki a symphony a group or something a foreign language i wear fake go. on twitter that appear big. the authorities. this area don't sit with the remains of sylvia prisoners of war to muslims to use a graveyard own. c.t.f. family think in aggregate if. this had been. in the in. the from in. dallas my secret. statements. in the news station for me to. be able.
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to tends to revise world war two history started during the cold war when the former allies became enemies. well i think world war two has been distorted incredibly bar the anglo american media and that's because they wanted to minish the role of russia. and stalin who actually defeated hitler you know it wasn't the united states and britain that defeated him it was really stalin we were frankly on the ropes if it hadn't been for the russians. french wave of will war two history from speculation started in the one nine hundred ninety s. the soviet union collapsed the warsaw pact ceased to exist and opponents immediately took advantage of that. and.
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said this is space and we. should become an east might have been found a league to. be a bit there might. i'm finished up. but we're going. to study not the much you make. up when. you have to say i mean. yes that's been a big mistake we violated all these nonproliferation treaties which you know occurred in our case under reagan. to again but according to some. history it's still possible.
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i'm citing the. deep seated like the. americans i would say i'm not american but americans really without them i think the whole europe would be speaking german today. please get. along with their allies. here it. would if it was the usa like the usa old it. seems i remembered that. the usa. who defeated the american me america that we went over there and we are one of them
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for all of. the whole world what it what and what. we would all be if we could german right. in the one nine hundred forty s. confronted with the great peril of non-si germany the world heard something rather different. the united states understands that the soviet union is bearing the brunt of war from a letter addressed by u.s. president roosevelt to stand in. one nine hundred forty two. the exploits of the forces and partisans and the toil and suffering of the suv civilian population go down in history for ever wrote british prime minister winston churchill eight hundred nine hundred forty four. the british prime minister was mistaken there is no mention of that the trees of the red and all the suffering of the same good
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people in european history books. does this national asians. cheer for so it all me out for ya cluster strike alert crews get off on the show to feel it more but usually straight on frustration ravens are. getting is the head of the soviet monuments and gradient society in potsdam the society ten soviet graveyards and restores the names of foreign red army soldiers. she's awfully tough but how barack the ticker was fun may often drop o. thomas here but open fire on russia for its defiance and feel it often certain undercut. a script. of the show i answered i also log off it's why mustn't i walk into.
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a certainty norm for cards to switch. would all total results truly turn to should see on the side there's. the old all out not only kick you in . also wrote on your slide off the. leash. oh it's about off before i'll put stops on sex and she was asian feel that's a lot for the children saw in all countries are taught. if your eyes are kind i'll stick up for certain. we all know it's not all times you see she is a tosser and and your selfish towards your need organization. wolfgang dating is retired but nevertheless accomplishes much at his own expense along with his kindred spirits. in poland and pieces six zero in austria.
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as he said we have a mention here and when did the idea of giving head. of the least me is the one at the end i've read. about thier mention each this year any comments i bet them start feeling that space dimensions missile elite and the thing in this need the stuff you know this is. my fear that the object that. he said giving the reader. can deplete the campaign. to me he see the. first into this if than.
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today many among the european elites prefer to overlook the fact that back then there was no one in europe who could anxiously fight back against fascism big. governments of some countries into a while for the others it was a matter of days before they capitulated. fronts lasted forty three days poland thirty six greece twenty four norway twenty four belgium eighteen yugoslavia eleven the netherlands five albania three denmark one and chittister bankia surrendered without a fight. the u.s.s.r. food on for four years. neither the
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soviet authorities nor the people ever dreamt about leaving their country at the mercy of fascists that's why born over europe there are millions of graves of soviet soldiers. and this is how former us secretary of defense william perry is this is the situation on the eastern front back then. the brunt of this suffering was borne by the soviet union. almost half of the deaths in world war two were suffered by the soviet union both in the red army and among the civilian population and they played a decisive role in the finally final victory over nazi germany this is something that i recognize this opinion is shared by those who took part in the fights retired american army colonel and world war two veteran franco ford with the t.
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force field reconnaissance group but the elba. we of course never saw the russian soldier fighting but we had plenty of reports about it and we understood. they were very aggressive and they did a very good job and they moved all the way through. through russia through poland and entered germany we were very lucky because. the infantry went first and then we came afterwards. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to peep out the cells with simple song alone even some company guess will elsewhere they can find private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us throw. a laxness you guys you've got to be violent up there might
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be cool. been pieces of us to quote them out. for you man but the lift still brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. this. date downwards we want all. the politics in washington up and driven by the fossil fuel energy lobbyist they could have gone into renewables ten twenty years earlier and those jobs would be in place generating good paying jobs in america would be part of a growing world beating industry because they kowtow to those lobbyist they got stuck in the coal business which by the gas business which is a trillion dodgy and for a lot of reasons and now it's going to be obliterated by chinese led revolution in some. ministries police
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schools is in city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and then the mike will still be one who doesn't. just. it was not the guns not the woods as the fee that you got on into this it's just a small club and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that he thinks office can put us in more and that's what we call softness of the sense of the zip selling this is also one of the local the more thing to look through most of the people in these two boardrooms of the. small things this is the i still often stymied on the old vision stopped and there was much to go on moving from his up and his cards on the phone.
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it's reported who carried all the starving in paris so in some way it was almost security forces watch this for his extremist views he was shot dead by police after killing one person and injuring several others. the attacker came down this road here but this time it's covered in blood holding a knife. plus among the stories that shaped the week european leaders refused it so washington is all mine after president trump abundance the iran nuclear deal with one key advisor now saying he kalam through large sanctioning e.u. companies who do business with iran also ahead this hour. protests continue on.


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