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tv   Sophie Co  RT  May 14, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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racist abuse i mean i know that you can't really prevent incidents for exist because there's no cure for human stupidity but. anything you can do to minimize things like that. of course i would been doing that together with the russian football union thing we think in general a lot has been done and the number of such incidents what exactly. well usually it's twofold it's. explaining to people why it shouldn't be done and what's wrong with that. in general. both russian football union and the organizing committee has a very firm stance against. against racist behavior. but then the second part of it is in there with the billet of punishment people should understand that that it's a certain liability it is inevitable that they would be banned from the stadium or criminally prosecuted. but the bad the biggest part of it is explaining why it's
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why it's wrong. that they're harming their own country their own team. and that's the in general there's no way to behave it stated. david the number of incidents reduced significantly over the last two weeks two years that means the. efforts are more fruitful. so the video assistant referee or the v.a.r. as it's known it will be the first step during this world cup that it's used and there's plenty of talk about its effectiveness and the stoppage of the causes to the game how are you going to make sure that it goes down to set success because i mean there's already added pressure on referees you know want fans to remember this over the world cup as it is it's exactly what the system is doing is taking the pressure off referees and exclude exclude the possibility of a mistake. mistakes take place and it's quite clear. so they believe
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assistant referee takes away this this possibility. when you're watched by. forty thousand. at the stadium with a billion a billion people outside the stadium but it's it's quite a pressure. for a referee. while he won some of the ideas to take out the human factor and to make the game more to bring more justice to the game so believe this initiative has a lot of future it was well tested during the conference cup. and there's already multiple application for for the use of this system by many leagues throughout the world but are you not nervous like you'll be the first one really using it and the scale know the system works fine or. there has been a lot of tests technically it's perfect what fee for will fall into is its
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presentation of the screen for the people who work out some details but in general it works perfectly well so why is us actually saying that it's not yet clear how this system should be efficiently utilized are they just waiting to see the world cup in russia as a test drive where they are that is possible but there are many. european leagues who are pioneering in. and implementing the system german league is again among them. but i cannot comment on behalf of us will see after the world cup. so tickets you brought them up. it's really hard to get them at this point it's first come first served face ticket purchase saying. how do i know that most of the tickets that were bought up that there were actually sold weren't bought by scalpers and they're not going to be resold five hundred times
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the price. well there is no whole world cup that can guarantee that there is no speculation. but i think we we. made appropriate efforts to avoid this is much as possible first of all the tickets. are expensive enough. they are we have found i do system which also is another another obstacle on the way. the russian federation has made liability more stringent for those who decide to. illicitly profit from ticket sales but in general we cannot one hundred percent exclude the possibility of a legal sales of tickets it happens at every world cup we hope that it's just. that it will be kept in check during this one based on these measures so it can help us get tickets. right now. i'm.
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in formation. right now it's fee for the call. and ticket centers who can help you it's not the organizing committee organising committed to do it does not to take it. or it's a joke put aside a rumor has it that accommodation prices are skyrocketing during a world cup and like a city like surrounds that no one probably has ever heard of. will set back a tourist thousand dollars per night that turned. well anything's possible wilko preserves a big universe but in general. they're happy that it was a special decree by the government adopted a long time ago which controls the tickets to control the oil prices sorry. there's appropriate authorities who control the implementation of this decree.
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there could be sporadic attempts of certain hotels to. suddenly increase the prices but. in general they're there and corrected them by by proper authorities and if there if there is a private. combination that suddenly decide to make additional profits while the market will. be well off balance then. we believe that closer to the event prices will be will reach their equipment. so for unfortunate fans who like me who are unable to get tickets because you want to help a little and let them out which are good ing like buying tickets on the internet well i still be able to sort of bite into the whole atmosphere are you going to have like exclaims in parks or restaurants where people can watch if you're not on a stadium full free for the unfortunate friends as you call them there is
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a fee for fan fests which are located in central squares at every city will be a big screen it will be entertainment programs food and drinks and there are people can watch the games of the world cup enjoy the atmosphere. i was a lot of fun when i know what's what what i'm expecting from this world cup. free training rights between the hosts it is tell me how that's going to work. it's a very complicated system organized by the our minister of transport it's. more than seven hundred free trains which will operate among russian cities which will carry the ticket holders free of charge of course this suggests a preliminary booking. people cannot just expect to come to the railway station and board the nearest train. they should reserve
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a seat but this reservation is going on. this is another example of our initiative which was well tested during the confederations cup and received a lot of good comments. what about the the the planes because most air travel and leisure not be free you know that that i understand but most of the are traveling russia has to go with a layover in moscow is this the way it's going to be this time around to like if you want to connect to the host cities you need to do a layover and we're in discussion with the russian federation authorities and air companies. but in general there is an. intention to. put the dish will airplanes where there is a demand so right now we're. examining this demand analyzing it where when demand is clear they can put additional. additional planes additional
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air routes which connects it is not from mosco but the director right and it's his head again thanks a lot for this interview for this insight for clearing things up good luck with everything i guess out there watching from the big screen and sharing. thank you you thank . i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager billionaire owners and spending two
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hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to get close i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great one bowl chance with. a nice minute. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. even. elsewhere they can find private companies to take over the utilities many bought a hell of. a lot.
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more you still brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. their debt downwards the one dollar. twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the football with you and do all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past that you we need you to get let's go.
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along. and i'm really happy to join that to. meet the special one. meets the reno team's latest edition to make up a bigger. thank you. thank.
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you the u.s. prepares to open its embassy in jerusalem later this monday palestinians are promising rage and demand action against the move. demonstrations and a terror attack marred the end of french president in my normal grounds first year in office. many in france same court is like a king who doesn't understand his subjects. and a british tabloid ramps up the fear factor one month before the world cup in russia using a photo project to highlight football violence however the author says his work has been twisted. to. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me nicky aron our top story this hour described as both
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a pais moment and a new crusade the u.s. will open its embassy in jerusalem later on monday and in moves that has ignited tensions in the middle east for months. these you read this is deducible because it's still weird thing to do we need you in this is to do this because it then says this was. the area where the. the. thank god. the. god of the. middle east correspondent paula slater reports on what we can expect in jerusalem today well after a lot of speculation the american president donald trump is not going to attend the
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embassy opening instead he has seen his guilty and her husband have a cushion or both of whom are senior white house advisers also in town for the opening of the u.s. treasury secretary and a number of congress members they attended ever section that was hosted last night sunday by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he also invited all eighty six diplomatic missions in the country to celebrate this move but only thirty three confirmed attendance amongst them were guatemala and powerglide both of whom on schedule to their own embassies to jerusalem later this month and also in attendance where representatives from hungary romania as well as the czech republic but interestingly enough there were no waste in the e.u. states present and this does suggest a rift within the block over the.


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