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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 14, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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the roots of. the real. hello welcome back donald trump has claimed his administration has greatly contributed to stability in the middle east by scrapping the iran nuclear deal and tweets the american president said that iran was behaving badly with the deal in place he went on to say that to run it was trying to take over the middle east expressing his certainty that this will not happen now that america is out of the deal meanwhile the it rainy and foreign minister is in moscow for a high level meeting for more on this we can quote live to our correspondent thank you eliot for trying to india looks like some major diplomatic efforts of being
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made to salvage the nuclear deal tell us more. make a hole oh well i guess right now it is obvious that since donald trump said that the iranian nuclear deal is rubbish and decided to dump it the obvious thing for raining and diplomats to do is engage with the people who are supporting them in the first place so mr azhari has already been to china talks into his counterpart there and right now he is in moscow it is expected that in a few minutes his meeting with sergey lavrov is going to happen then obviously they are going to talk about what to do to save the rainy and nuclear deal now if we look at the messages coming from washington something very important right now was that donald trump security advisor says that the u.s. right now isn't ruling out imposing sanctions on european companies that are doing
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business with iran is the u.s. going. on european companies continue to do business with iran the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments. so there is something very important to remember there a few years ago when the iranian nuclear deal was struck thanks toured some european companies including total airbus old dog and many many more they rushed to conquer the iranian market and they are making a profit out of it now they will have to choose whether they're ok with having trouble with washington or losing their contracts in iran to the companies from russia and china so on something else john bolton donald trump security adviser went on to say is that he believes that europe would eventually follow washington's they'd and dump the nuclear deal too though the leaders of european powerhouses
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both in politics and the economy germany and france as well as other u.s. officials have been making it clear that they want the deal to stay. what do we want to be bustles that would be blondie to an american style them. europeans to say how the economic interests and want to have economic relations with. speaking of the e.u. and general blocs foreign affairs chief has reassured tehran that the union will abide by the nuclear deal and they called on terror to do the same well at least from the things iranian leaders are saying they are not looking into doing something with it too and they are ready to preserve that agreement as well. if the five countries remaining in the deal fulfill their commitments and guarantee
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that the benefits to the islamic republic will be preserved the agreement will remain in place despite the will of america and the zionist regime. so as i was saying talks between sergey lavrov enjoy the read are beginning and a minute and hopefully we'll hear something from them because this is something very important right now and following the talks with. following the talks with the chinese and with the russian top diplomat really we want to hear something important from the foreign minister of iran. absolutely thanks for that update that . i will speak to you later. greece might soon be able to exit a bruising bailout program that was put in place by the international monetary fund and the eurozone that's according to one of the blocs finance ministers but the day beacon on the crisis on the austerity measures the country has suffered has been blamed for the rise of the far right groups their golden dawn described as fascist
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and neo nazi in the media has gained wide support was a special report by the red fish media group looks at it spike in popularity. terry is one of the latest victims of golden dawn the far right group that has surged in recent years while unleashing a wave of violence she was attacked by several members of the group earlier this year at a community center in the city of parathas. and with a lot of the. money to simmer down. all of the characters. just to separate them and separate this because some of us.
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golden dawn's meteoric rise was mirrored by that of the coalition of the radical left or surrealism which formed the government in two thousand and fifteen but although we pledged to take on the troika of the international monetary fund european commission and european central bank the series of prime minister alexis tsipras caved in in july two thousand and fifteen accepting a third bailout to continue the horse austerity measures of his predecessors with the left still reeling from this development many worry that it's the four right. it is increasingly feeling the anti establishment get golden dawn only received nine hundred thousand six hundred thirty six votes or point seven percent of the vote in two thousand and nine parliamentary elections however in two thousand and twelve as the effects of the economic crisis left their mark they received over four hundred forty thousand votes or seven percent a massive increase that sent shock waves across europe as they entered parliament
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although they deny any ideological connection to naziism their use of violence in their symbolism leaves others to believe that is simply absurd on september seventeenth two thousand and thirteen published fis us an anti-fascist hip hop artist was stabbed to death in athens by george roopa costs alleged to be a member of golden dawn that murder led to the prosecution of sixty nine of the group's m.p.'s party officials and supporters among the charges that golden dawn is a criminal organization the group denies any organizational connection to the murder even if you have a man and i lie or if the court kima let me think i may ask you if you would comment on that one as more alternate office is more our plan they asked everyone. to come out of the apartment this there came a. teen mom i phone in call our golden dawn might be known for its violence but of all the countries political
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parties they hardly hold a monopoly on anti refugee in anti immigrant rhetoric we spoke with a member of the independent greeks the coalition partner of sarees and the current government who echoed dizziness phobic rhetoric the golden dawn is known for. if you do a sort of and so that of europe even in germany. if they like the migrants or not but because. they were not like them i guess you know what you're saying. that money of the crimes committed by the migrants the vice president of new democracy. his conservative party is doing is georgiadis he has said that parts of athens have turned into a quote taliban land and that is the fault of left wing ideology that has quote surrendered greece to the hands of muslims biggest progress on the good will this should be the left ideas thank you to press so the left side is or a bigger threat to greece than for right over all of those over for
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a while some research has failed to win this fight greece is left is regrouping at the grassroots and taking the battle from parliament back to their communities and the other they want to divert their attention of the people for who is responsible for the crisis so this kind of public support for the governments they operate the space for the far right and the fascist and this political couple in europe what of it is notice systems where there is no left resistivity given a pattern that if they come to this if i can. we can watch the full version of that report on the redfish you cheap channel well those are the headlines for this hour we'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest oh see that.
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the politics in washington not been driven by the fossil fuel energy lobbyist a cut of gone into renewables ten twenty years earlier and those jobs would be in place generating good paying jobs in america and be part of a growing world beating industry because they kowtow to those lobbyist they got stuck in the coal business which operated by the gas business which is a dodgy time for a lot of reasons and now it's going to be obliterated by the chinese led revolution in song.
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time after time we're going underground as today jerusalemite the hosts a violation of international law or a kickstart to a real middle east peace process after a u.s. embassy moves from tel aviv to the capital of palestine coming up on the show gaza's former health minister talked about someone calls this summer jewel breaking of the b.d.s. boycott by prince william shameful ahead of tomorrow's commemoration of the day of catastrophe and the international community opposes war plans by the usa saudi arabia and israel against iran can we learn lessons from the so-called cold war we investigate why the world nearly ended on the ninth of november one thousand nine hundred three plus what have israel saudi arabia and the usa got up this sleeves for a new world war we count the weaponry dollars with the still comb international peace research institute. you know there's a more coming up in today's going underground but first let's go straight to gaza because washington has in the past few days unleashed tensions that have simmered
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for decades today a u.s. embassy in the middle east moves to jerusalem on the seventieth anniversary of israeli independence in the minds of those tomorrow commemorating not by day or the day of catastrophe when millions of palestinians are displaced because of british backed israeli forces will be quite a few issues though from donald trump's violation of un resolutions to his declaration of economic war in iran from his support for israeli killing in syria to the ongoing siege of gaza itself joining me now from gaza is dr about him name head of the council on international relations and palestine is hamas is former health minister in gaza thanks so much for going on going on the ground before we go to the tragic loss of life of thousands and injuries of thousands in recent weeks what is the importance to the mass movement of the decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and i think this is a very important and crucial decision to flex the u.s.
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first doesn't didn't or does not respect the international law which in many occasions. jerusalem is the capital of palestine and jerusalem is the disputed city and don't own national law and this cannot be decided you only looked at will and cannot be supported on this or even sure there's additional jerusalem cannot be simply some. american administration decisions give us some context to what might happen tomorrow on the anniversary of the day of catastrophe we've seen some of us in this country it hasn't been covered that widely thousands dead or injured in the great return march what have you seen the in gaza when it comes to that because it. israel says these are demonstrators using explosives in first the great return march started on the thirty or for real
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. and if your city of the land be were chosen so palestinians men and women elderly and children moved towards the borders merely in gaza strip but this issue is not only for guns but for all the other scene in gaza that was burned jerusalem and even in that this border of this activities will extend up to the day of netware on the fifteenth of may and might extend beyond this if our goals are not achieved the main goal or clear we are looking for. brazil having that eye to return for burstein or for their homes they have been expelled from but also here in gaza we are looking for a dignified life we cannot continue to live under siege after fifty years of occupation also of the operation or for an immoral illegal siege which has been described by many international n.g.o.s and human rights
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bodies as. collective punishment and we invite the israeli ambassador to london on this program to respond but israel is saying the reason we are seeing children shot dead on social media is the same is why we saw the israel bombing your hospitals in gaza and your schools that you are using these people children as human shields we have seen many many videos where children and young people have been short by the six neighbors from the bourke while the getting away from the from the borders we are talking now about around fifty four mentors or philistine and killed more than six thousand wounded most of them are serious and some of them will be.


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