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text and writing a threatening letter do you consider the vote i want you to know the president and the us take this vote personally he will be watching this more carefully and has requested our report back on those who voted against us thank you for your consideration and more more questions are being asked if the current violence that we witnessing is a response to the embassy me well then just how exactly does the american president try to think that he is going to cut as he has said the deal of the century between israelis and palestinians. palestinian envoy to the un says the security council said hold emergency session within the next twenty four hours and idea if israeli military spokesman is insists though that they're trying to minimize casualties but also stop the gaza border fence being bridged at the same time he blamed her must which controlled gaza for inciting violence and encouraging people to attack israeli border. our message to the hamas is clear we will not tolerate this violence we will continue to defend all sovereignty our civilians and our border we
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will do so while trying to minimize the amount of casualties but we will not let the rioters through and to harm israeli civilians that are a running distance away white house spokesman also the few awkward moments at today's briefing as various reporters asked washington if it would condemn israel's actions they definitely had a line he wanted to stick to the death toll was already busy with gaza he was calling on restraint. we believe that you know hamas is responsible for hamas is the one that frankly bear responsibility hamas is responsible hamas is responsible hamas bears the responsibility that hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical action is leading in these deaths we spoke to a political science professor from gaza he told us it's unlikely the protests now will end anytime soon. what is happening today is a message of on god from the palestinian masses all over the girl's us to the west
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bank and is joseph that this america of admission of those images that have a ton of as well is not accepted by the palestinians and the palestinians are decided that the u.s. is no known got on almost a book out in the mideast peace process between the palestinian that is why it is and it also will lead to further palestinian rage the other palestinian anger out the us the israeli today has been that this day since the start of the march of return some six weeks ago and it is also expected that the palestinians will continue their protest against israel all over the border area between gaza and israel the amasa move apart i mean so much to the israeli government that the u.s. president's name and face and now appearing in all sorts of unlikely places who want to create peace between israel and the palestinians is.
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something else next day u.s. special forces soldier subject to themself to waterboarding to try and show that it's not a form of torture he says tim kennedy posted a facebook video of him being mocked drowned and then explained his main reasons for doing it. imagine me having it tainted does this look like torture to you guys it doesn't look like torture to be either the reason we're doing this at
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a big. hero is readied for our there's been reportedly a director the cia waterboarding is an interrogation technique that's been used by the cia many human rights groups and the united nations say it does amount to top ship it can cause serious health consequences like brain and lung damage or even death now the newly appointed cia director mentioned in tim kennedy's video has been widely criticized for this kind of thing after allegations of her involvement in enhanced interrogation techniques which included waterboarding what's more president chose gina her support for the job. is often said that torture works we discuss the waterboarding video with former guantanamo detainee more as a bag he says it's a technique that does amount to torture no matter what one soldier says. many people can withstand different types of torture for example i know it might be the . pain of having his arm twisted or having the fingernail pulled out compared to
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others who can't but it's not based on the individual's ability to be able to take that torture or not it's according to the definition of the law international interest in just recently the two people captured by the syrian defense forces who are alleged to be water. what are their american captives for isis also water audit that. they have to so if the americans are saying these two individuals that have committed war crimes which include water or so this kind of notion of it isn't torture or it's only torture when we say that is when it affects us is complete hypocrisy in its complete and it opposes more importantly international law which which outlaws torture completely and it said is that not only physical torture. is psychological but the use or to force confessions out of . britain's top domestic intelligence chief polluted russia in his first public
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overseas speech earlier speaking of berlin andrew parker said the kremlin violating international laws and actively seeking to undermine democratic societies across europe we're living in a period where europe faces suspicion threats and sustained hostile activity from certain states the chief protagonist amongst these hostile to us today is the russian government instead of becoming a respected great nation it risks becoming a more isolated pariah. a significant part of the spy chief speech was devoted to discussing the poisoning of sergei and yulia screwup in the u.k. in march parker claimed quote the whole world was sure that russia was behind the attack and get some for from dr tara mccormack a lecture in international politics at the university of leicester in the u.k. thanks for your time sure you're listening in as well hear what you think about it how would you assess andrew parker's remarks earlier fair or not fair.
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well i think you know you are talking about. maybe a soul or misinformation when it comes to the scribbles we need to. work with should be looking much. so her own i mean we've had all this media blackout when it comes to a question about the scruples and likely don't know how to go in there why they were laid it appears they're going to be no it's flat on any reports or the case. notes are a government let's think of business in a gentlemen's agreement between the government and the media what are you going to do because apparently the prime minister series of my came out and said she was almost well but not quite but pretty sure that russia was behind it if the
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government so sure we saw what what happened you know revocations after that why would you have some sort of dino to slept on it then what's the problem all of a sudden well well quite i mean andrew parker himself just said you know we still don't know we still don't have a suspect. and you know eat is full as we know seems to have disappeared so the british government presumably has is keeping her safe so when i we have we have no idea now what happens to her father what his condition is and there was an interesting article in the new york times today repeating that call and indeed this was discussed in the telegraph the food that he notices was sucked in the case. where it will it save and continue. to travel around europe speaking to various secret services
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possibly revealing things about russian secret services you know we don't know what it is apparent is that it was very active he was traveling a lot speaking to i think a state secret services and a number of other because the whole problem we had to. sort of brought in the so many things that came out of the middle of three minutes as usual francia but the. possibility of it of russia becoming a pariah state just in about twenty seconds danger or no danger of. the well i think am actually it's quite it's quite a mixed bag it sounds of european approaches to russia for its also i think it's a bit more complicated you know we're not quite in the days of cold war when there was a clear cut and if you know west better system a things are a little bit more complicated. lauren and of course we have russia and china for example becoming very much closer together so no i don't i don't think that is ok
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it would be great to have you on the show do it. but all this sadly really rolling news times again says for now dr tara mccall might lecture international politics university of leicester we'll let you get on with the revenge thanks so much being with us. thank you. because we're going to talk football now more developments on the twenty eight hundred football world cup exactly one month away now britain's biggest selling newspaper the sun is warning fans there for display it's a bruising from bare knuckle fighters this and it's used a series of pictures to illustrate said story by a serbian photographer who'd been working here in moscow for an article highlighting how supporters should expect a hostile welcome however the photographer says his work's been taken out of context only hawkins reports. as thousands of england fans pack their bags for russia this summer it seems one thing they won't be needing are travel guides forget trip advisor or lonely planet the sun has all the crucial info along with
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a handy photo guide it's not for the faint hearted though ultraviolence images ahead of the world cup uses some pretty hard hitting photos from a twenty fifteen project by a serbian photographer known as boogie well the images and captions certainly make an impression nationalistic pro-government messages labelled this photo of army cadets at tattooed pensioner next men drinking and smoking in broad daylight a woman with a bruised face perhaps a victim of those very russian football folks with a few references to ultras and drinking thrown in the article then a finishes with a classic touch little makes for a pretty grim picture of the upcoming world cup although some comments under the piece certainly do seem to disagree i would invite the sun to roam around some of america's inner cities in the heartland cleveland detroit chicago baltimore and take pictures that night's report back on what you find if you still alive
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absolutely nothing connecting any of these photos with football hooliganism two men share a smoke and a beer in broad daylight oh my god satan so let's assume for just a moment these are all russian bots and trolls don't take their word for it we caught up with the photographer himself to see what he made of the sun story clearly. and that really trusted there would be that article would be it would be a wrong move. soon it would be anything way to go. wrong he was context is everything and looking at that article those found some a football trip seemed more like a nightmare journey to more door. fact is the we're shooting the received things. out i think even if great shoot
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flowers little puppies is going to look dark there's nothing to do with. the real situation i'm going to be perfectly suited their world cup me and i feel safe in moscow don't get us wrong these tough been portrayed as are a stark reality of what you can find here in russia as in every major world city but how does that relate to football many would agree that tabloid press pieces should be taken with a pinch of salt but this article is just one drop in the ocean of stories featuring the horrors of russia and its football thugs waiting around every corner to jump unsuspecting visitors although none of that seems to have put off the tens of thousands of foreign fans who've snapped up their tickets and will arrive here in just a few weeks from now as a footnote to this i can tell you we put the photographers claims to the sun newspaper and forwarded his request to have the article removed if they do get back to us in the shape or form or indeed remove the article we will let you know. forty's in the indonesian city of sort of buyer say
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a family of five was responsible for a suicide attack another one at a police headquarters this time earlier it came after three churches were also bombed there on sunday a c.c.t.v. camera captured the moment of the most recent attack in which at least six civilians and four officers were reportedly wounded police say an eight year old daughter of the perpetrators survived that blast it's believed the explosions earlier the church is targeted churchgoers on sunday were also the work of a single family thirteen people were killed in that incident and dozens more injured islamic state took responsibility for those early attacks but so far no one's come forward about the latest explosion the director of the u.s. go child and family research center told us he's extremely alarmed by the involvement of young people now in such atrocities is a possibility that could be replicated in other countries i mean obviously it is very very disturbing and very upsetting and very disconcerting that this is happening that you're still million and young children involved in attacks. but you
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know having so now the issue of child soldier is not something new unfortunately in civic society it's only one of the litter the one thing we do know that is a deterrent is the whole issue of conversation and we need to have conversations to understand better why it is that people feel they are so driven by that they have been radicalized or for whatever reason they feel they are soldiers and when families you know and in some cases a big lecture and are not willing members in these attacks but we need to understand more about what's going on that is extremely urgent. iran is complying with its nuclear deal obligations according to the head of the un's atomic watchdog has been meeting president putin in russia resort city of sochi he goes down off is there. well despite this summit having very little to do with the issue of spread of nuclear weapons meeting with the head of the international atomic energy agency has been at the very top of lattimer putin's agenda now to basically discussed how
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the run nuclear deal would be fairing from now on with the united states in fact ditching the whole deal last week now russia's permanent representative at the was at the meeting and he said that basically agency's director general has one sick and reiterated that iran is being fully compliant with the deal. to director of the atomic energy agency has confirmed iran is complying with its obligations under the nuclear deal now iran's foreign minister is also in russia but he's in most school meeting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov judd zarif is on sort of a tour he's a meeting with the representatives of the countries who are still in the deal and that's of course everybody except the united states divides a reef seeking assurances from those countries that they are still in the deal that they will protect iran's interests even with the u.s.
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pullout he said that basically the u.s. decision to abandon the deal has knocked it out of balance now with europe in turn is also scrambling to keep the deal or life but that comes with a catch because the united states have indicated that they are prepared to sanction europe into a beating and sprit much openly threatening those european companies that keep doing business with iran with penalties is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments and just a quick reminder twenty fifteen when the story deal was reached a lot of european companies entered the iranian business scene this includes some side. giants as air but still folks bargain and now the united states are basically saying well you have to make a choice and france has already said that it will not allow washington to boss its companies around like that. who want to be. blind it's what americans tell them or
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do we want the same economic interests and we want to have economic relations with iran now another is you raised in the talks between vladimir putin and the director general of the i.a.e.a. is the potential denuclearization of north korea and so i asked the russian permanent representative at the agency whether or not the iran example could hamper the negotiations and the efforts with pyongyang. america's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal wasn't discussed during this meeting so but there are concerns that it could virtually affect efforts to stabilize the situation on the korean peninsula now i'm a putin has stressed that russia will be seeking for denuclearization of north korea and north korea in its own turn has also indicated that it could be ready to move in that direction but as we know the deal with iran to put years to reach
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still with north korea we could be in for a long run. thanks for watching out of the eleven twenty nine paper moscow time that's the news wrap so far from just over half an hour the end of a good contract all our stories and much more detail so much more on our side are. some officials do not. fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of the world football. regret that some people may have opinions but it's their own opinions it doesn't influence at the. means of the many other for the families who are on body tickets every day in large volumes. what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line they get
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accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury or somehow want to press. that's it like to be for us this is what the forty three of them all can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the hottest. place should. water company is a profitable public firm that supplies cheap water has a more than half a million households a small percentage five point four six is already on by the french multinational suez. what it was like oh my god this is where i was asked and i was an exam i guess of course i'm going to die so you know that is the simple the message . doesn't get to the ministers only get them to monitor this and.
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then they'll come in and she has more so to float up top with elizabeth that they'll be able to find he's not getting maybe you know if you feed. in a moment for your kid then. leave you go b.c. . they known as an adult last the bull's eye sees the. bit i was never jealous upon a bit of sand on a recent record of feet out of a stick a man of the chair. by d.a.p. is greece's largest water company it provides five point five million people with water. by the looks of the afro. it saved up. by norse anything that's there. it's i look at it i just mean. his helmet on
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a fair settlement at least with us you know i'm almost in my system if i can see it's. been a much more efficient car as it became i got. it . something i stop ok that is a strong us them off sin it better not start the. purities a stronger less risk you raised so they park on my shelf at least get it on the shady doll if it. will know what i'm up to c.b.s. said this is your particular bar. the increases that are dead. or fashion across your. there's a. still decision. if
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you know the city. and what's a privatisation officially it's not the commission's policia state however it's true if you look at the troika us and if you look at the memorandum of understanding between for example the troika and portugal the commission a spot of the troika is asking to further privatized across the book to go so in the troika the commission is still pushing for privatization so if it is really a human right if you really are serious to the citizens at today's initiative we should start acting on policies instead of celebration. thank you. thank you.
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senior producer and i wish was fitting. into your. sympathies. as you watch for them involve me. but i compose. each could have. told us but if it is a song you wish but if you're. concerned about the pressure being put on southern countries european water movement activists ropes to read. they highlighted to the european commission as part of the troika so to force southern european countries mainly greece and portugal to privatized that was. the services they say that is unacceptable and must stop.
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a few months later the commission's reply leaves everyone speechless. the commission believes that the privatization of public utilities including water supply firms. can deliver benefits to society when carefully made. to death. it's a source of his future it's in bunches was as they counted a duffer to cosign. such nice bets on i can still have accepted going to see best fit it was something i don't. know so did some enormous economic every nothing yeah if it's out of the depth of a thought it bites it out of the id goes a little botany see me but i shift to bureau. open and not by deed. you sure could dismiss your bridge he knows it. is
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a week's pay minimum opinion dissenters extreme events you can be good as a goof you will see could detect it got lucky then he. did. not look at dog ac yourself these do result was that he's gone and a very serious one. when detroit you came to ireland they wanted to privatized the water utility. but there was no water utility. the water was sprayed in twenty seven local authorities so they were told or government by the troika to build all the areas government at. a company called irish water. which began installing meters.
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side to people's homes. on the first protests took place. in sketch of the city of clock gloria with window to moni and said you are not putting up be the outside my house. i told him they were coming to this station who didn't want the water meters and that was asked. what he and i were to there was a mass of supportive people here to stop that. and this was the first time that the irish people had taken a stand on any issue since a steady had begun says the troika ride to toes in the not. knowing. i thought i thought it was my fault. i think for some people it probably was the straw that broke the camel's back. and no
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one of a sudden mood in the street together. and people were joining the docks and you know what has the water meters got to do with the fact that you can't see a doctor should go to hospital what the water meters got to do with the banks coming in taking people so this. you know this is a sewer phone a little bit of power you can cool and fun to try but you can stand outside your house. and there's your polar and and it like it might be true years and we're still not finished but people are still resisting this because it is the one thing that they have ponies and they're never going to get them. and we knew that this is big something different it's not. it's about water forced to foremost but it's also about much more than war it's about to hurt to be
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trailed the surrender of sovereignty and the redistribution of our west up words on their debt downwards. there is a problem with the leaks and we couldn't find them until we have brought in some measures so if i see my solution suddenly it says it's a million liters a month for a couple of people in my house i get all that temp control so that's the reason for the usual it's. an island there were no meters because they had a completely different system of water charges. the irish paid through general taxation. over one billion euro was intended for the maintenance and operation of the water system. some people think those people water through taxation is
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a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. . it has zero war poverty and we're the only one with the a lot of poverty because we're the only one that pays for a trip to the us a general taxation that's the one thing we got right and we'll keep it and the rest you should look at for follow us listen to us because the dumb irish got this one right. we really need to modernize our russia structure so now we really have to invest. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay fresh paying out of general type stations people who work would probably end up paying more taxes. we are losing forty seven percent of our trees and walk into the ground in leaks before it gets to the top. no billion new up to spent doing.


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