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seen the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and he had each resorting to duty tactics and writing a three. do you consider the vote i want you to know the president and the u.s. take this vote personally he will be watching this vote carefully and has requested our report back on those who voted against us thank you for your consideration and more more questions are being aust if the common file and said we witnessing is a response to the embassy me just how exactly does the american president try to think that he is going to cut as he has said the deal of the century between israelis and palestinians. while the israeli military has defended its use of live fire on the border and a spokesman for the i.d.f. blamed hamas which controls gaza our message to the hamas is clear we will not tolerate this violence we will continue to defend all seventy our civilians on our border we will do so while trying to minimize the amount of casualties but we will not let the rioters through and to harm israeli civilians that are
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a running distance away. the white house spokesman echoed the view of the israeli government saying only one party is to blame in the deadly unrest but the death toll was over fifty in gaza you might call him a leader of restraint. as well we believe that you know hamas is responsible from us is the one that frankly bear responsibility hamas is responsible hamas is responsible hamas bears the responsibility the hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical actually listening to these deaths the decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem has made donald trump highly popular in israel and the country has been quick to show its appreciation. want to create peace between israel and the palestinians who. didn't. get.
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it. we asked our guests for their views on the shock waves caused by the u.s. stance on jerusalem. it's a glorious day of course we are happy by the declaration and the embassy but we are counting not only on these events by all our bottom history fifty five palestinians were murdered by the israeli occupation and occupation that is protected by this american administration administration today we saw
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a celebration of mythology and political zealously and and religious fanaticism over politics and international law and you have israel and iran. and iraq hostilities you have the situation in syria heating up between israel and russia you have this incredibly. provocative gesture by the americans and i think the system there is cracking wide open all the yearly misery some people around us want us to expose tolerance to those who declare that they want to kill us who declare that they want to get into israel by booby traps by clutching called by a guy falls poorer than they're just you know at the regional high limit our other one is not exactly an island that miller under some years later in that has only
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two for for eleven years you're the one who initiated this you initiated this you but you know well your start up that always what policy is brought to the way you tell where you have anything resides raising children and that is a lot of and not anything if you define greater israel as the area between the river jordan of the mediterranean sea the area under effective israeli control jews are now a small minority and that popular. and the more of a minority they become the more undemocratic. and racist israel becomes there are zero israeli injuries zero israeli casualties over two thousand palestinians injured over fifty seven palestinians killed including l.o.l. i'll share you how magic. what do all of the protests.
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all of these are guys that were happening on gazans inside the area occupied by israel in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel used disproportionate force in an illegal manner that invited the condemnation of all the human rights organizations that have any semblance of respect for international law including israeli human rights organizations like you have thousands of people protesting inside there the seed occupied territory and they are being mowed down by an occupation army that is still considered under the law as an occupation army killing scores of power civilians and wounding thousands literally thousands more but you know hamas is not my favorite organization. so
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hamas is a politically bankrupt group which has completely failed to exploit israel's gross gross contradictions and to use them against the this increasingly race a state where the hamas has failed consistently by attacking. jews qua jews and therefore forcing making sure that israelis will band together all the more tightly against what they see as an external for. i have something to tell you we want to stop the policy and state in the future why not for the first time a missionary there will be a palestinian state but mostly in an r.v. stops sometime dozens i listed he has. enough you know part of jerusalem would be. capital for a fake story and we will accept your handouts are the two state solution is the
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international solution it's not the palestinian solution alone i do believe still that there is a chance for this solution but it will take courage and it will take resolve from the international community to step up there has been a surprise result in iraq's general election that story much more of short break this is art international.
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some officials do not. fully understand or do not fully accept the principle of football being beyond politics that's a fundamental principle of the world for both. were granted some people may have opinions but it's their own opinions and doesn't influence opinions of the many other full families who are buying tickets every day in large volumes. welcome back this is r t international now u.s. special forces soldier has subjected himself to waterboarding to make kennedy posted a facebook video of being mocked and drowned and then explained his reason for
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doing it imagine me having it changed if this is look like torture to you guys it doesn't look like torture to be either the reason we're doing this at a basic. hero is readied for our that's been deployed to be the director the cia. waterboarding is an interrogation technique that has been used by the cia many human rights groups and the united nations say it amounts to torture it can cause serious health consequences like brain and lung damage or even death the newly appointed cia director mentioned in tim kennedy's video has been widely criticized after allegations of her involvement in enhanced interrogation techniques which includes waterboarding what is more president trump who chose gina haskell for the job has often said that torture works we discussed the waterboarding video with former guantanamo detainee was back. many people can withstand different types of torture for example i know of an individual might be
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able to bear the pain of having his on twisted or having that pain and help hold out compared to others who can't but it's not based on the individual's ability to be able to take that torture or not it's according to the definition of the law international more interesting to just recently the two people captured by the syrian defense forces who are alleged to be water but who they didn't want to audit captives their american captives for isis also water audit that. they have to so here the americans are saying that these two individuals that have committed war crimes which include waterboarding so this kind of notion of it isn't torture it's only torture when we say it is when it affects us it's complete hypocrisy and it's complete and it opposes more importantly international law which which outlaws torture completely and it said is that not only is physical torture for those so
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a psychological part of the use or to force confessions out of people's. hardline it shia cleric is on course to become the most powerful figure in iraq the politics of our solders coalition appears to have one of the parliamentary election with most votes counted now on tough has the latest from baghdad. there's also that we have up until now i suggest that the same sort of who is a prominent shia cleric in iraq seems to be the frontrunner this however does not mean that mr holder has full control and cannot guarantee to choose iraq's that's for me or because according to their work a lot in the next ninety days following their results the political blocs have to establish a parliamentary majority to push for whoever they think should be a walk such prime minister whether it is what was known for his hardline stance against u.s. and u.s. presence in iraq or revive her organization had hardly a llama be also a key commander in the popular mobilization it's was time and again called the
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called the us presence in iraq i'm justified you find that the ultimate result is that the us influence in iraq has alternately been to new lows. the head of the un atomic watchdog has said that iran is complying with its obligations under the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement he met with president putin in sochi in southern russia are not of reports. well despite this summit having very little to do with the issue of spread of nuclear weapons meeting with the head of the international atomic energy agency has been at the very top of lattimer putin's agenda now to basically discussed how the run nuclear deal would be fairing from now on with the united states and de facto ditching the whole deal last week now russia's permanent representative the a us was at the meeting and he said that basically agency's director general has
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one sick and reiterated that iran is being fully compliant with the deal but you know the director of the atomic energy agency has confirmed iran is complying with its obligations under the nuclear deal now iran's foreign minister is also in russia but he's in most school meeting with his russian counterpart sergei lavrov iran's foreign minister is on sort of a tour he's a meeting with the representatives of the countries who are still in the deal and that's of course everybody except the united states divides a reef seeking surance is from those countries that they are still in the deal that they will protect iran's interests even with the u.s. pullout he said that basically the u.s. decision to abandon the deal has knocked it out of balance now europe in turn is also scrambling to keep the deal a life but that comes with a catch because the united states have indicated that they are prepared to sanction
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europe into obedience pretty much openly threatening those european companies that keep doing business with iran with penalties is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran the answer is it's possible it depends on the conduct of other governments and just a quick reminder twenty fifteen when these storage deal was reached a lot of european companies entered the iranian business scene this includes side. giants as arab but still tough folks vog and and now the united states are basically saying well you have to make a choice and france has already said that it will north allow washington to boss its companies around like that is what we want to be bustles that wouldn't be blindly to what americans tell them or do we want us europeans to say about how the economic interests and we want to have economic relations with iran now another issue raised in the talks between vladimir putin and the director general of the i.a.e.a.
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is the potential denuclearization of north korea and so i asked the russian permanent representative at the agency whether or not the iran example could hamper the negotiations and the efforts with pyongyang. america's decision to pull out of the nuclear deal wasn't discussed during this meeting so but there are concerns that it could adversely affect efforts to stabilize the situation on the korean peninsula. putin has stressed that russia will be seeking full denuclearization of north korea and north korea in its own turn has also indicated that it could be ready to move in that direction but as we know the deal with iran to play yes to reach still with north korea we could be in for a long run. before that does it for me i'll be back in about thirty four and a half minutes with a full look at you know as you watch our two international. trophy
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wrong but all wrong just don't call. me old yet to say proud this thing comes after. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when just to look for common ground. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be preached. to the right to be pressed to supply them up for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the lines about how. i sit.
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at the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending through the twenty million one player. book it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well paul chimes with. and thinks it's going to. the politics in washington not been driven by the fossil fuel energy lobbyist they could have gone into renewables ten twenty years earlier and those jobs would be in place generating good paying jobs in america would be part of
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a growing world beating industry because they kowtow to those lobbyist they got stuck in the coal business which liberated by the gas business which is a real need. for a lot of reasons and now it's going to be obliterated by the chinese led revolution . hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle have you ever known a hero well here you'll meet one also what is the future of the transatlantic alliance in the era of trump and the prehistory of the next war in the middle east .
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cross talking resistance i'm joined by my guest mark slobodan he's an international affairs and security analyst and we have dmitri bobbitt she's a political analyst we spoke to international origin across in effect i mean as you can jump in anytime you want gentlemen we have a special guest on the program today and i want to talk about the level of dissent in the united states in the west in general and freedom of speech and here he is we're joined by ray mcgovern in washington he's a former cia analyst and co-founder of veterans intelligence professionals for sanity ray thank you for joining us here i think most of the viewers of this program know that what has happened to you when you were at the congressional hearings to get through donald trump's nominee part of the head of the cia. can you follow up on what's happened. what were you you were charged what were you charged with and what happens now. i was charged with resisting arrest and also disrupting congress. i will have to appear in court on the twenty fourth i think it is of may
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and face those charges so who knows what will happen hopefully the judge will have looked at the videotape and see how how ironic it is that i should be charged with resisting arrest when so to speak i was not on my own power and being dragged out of there one thing that people don't realize is that as senator richard burr yes who's hand in glove with the intelligence people they supposed to be supervising he started the meeting by saying no were no procession of we're going to executive session but there will be people who need to make a statement or all i would say to them is go it quickly do it fast and then be gone i said to myself wow oh that's a first time i've heard a chairman and invite some. as that was part of what i thought would be ok if i made a short statement and then be gone and turned that they made sure that i'd be god
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and not on the my own power but you know quite. well i thought what was interesting for me watching the video of you being assaulted is that here we were there was an hearing on a woman that there is ample evidence that she was involved in the brutalizing and torturing people and and then at the same time you were being brutalized and i don't think it's unfair for me to say i think you're seventy eight years old i watched that video a number of times i could not see how you could have possibly been a threat to those police officers and you didn't look like you were resisting in respect of the fact you're being forced on the ground. with thought at the time you may be that your arm had been dislocated and there seem to be no interest other than a few people videotaping it here watching brutalization in public so you know it seems to be brutalization seems to be the themes of the time. right. well you know
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. go ahead mark i had to ask a question yeah i have to say ray you look pretty good generally for a seventy year old guy seventy eight year old guy a twenty four year veteran of you know as a cia analyst but you look at a little worse for wear i see your glasses are still broken could you show us your hands ray. yeah those are it was a real doozy they did it that a job on may the u.s. police state is my prison well you know. that's what we have to sort of keep our sense of you my youngest daughter when she saw the picture of dad how did they make your right ear down so low how did they bring you down so low. ok bill it wasn't the air it was the glasses. let's talk about the level of dissent here because i mean what you were you were
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invited by the chairman of that committee as a member of the public to express an opinion but you were not allowed to do that so what does this tell you about the level of dissent and freedom of speech in the us i mean these hearings are very important jena bloody jena probably will get the get through it and be placed as head of cia so what about dissent. remember where you heard it first dear she's not going to be approved ok or enough decent people in the united states are storming to senators she's not going to be confirmed so yeah it was set up those guys were already to pounce on me i took advantage of the fact that one of them moved away from the front so i could get at least a sentence and but you saw the rest of what happened so what we have here is committee this supposed to be an oversight committee see what the what the what the cia's doing but it's richard burr and it's the kind overlook committee they're
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handing glove with the with the intelligence people who are supposed to be overseeing or monitoring david you want to jump in there well i think that is just all for what happened but unfortunately it's a part of what trent i mean there are hundreds of people so-called whistleblowers in the united states on the no fly list and a lot of them who are subjected to similar treatment even in europe piskorski the polish citizen he has been in jail for two years without trial simply a for giving need to be used to the russian media say things which they're mainstream does not except in a lot of alexander got born and who was also or even donati and that to vist for the russian minority in logic he has been arrested a few days two weeks ago and no western media not a single western media report at about it i'm pretty sure this story with a rake is not going to be picked up by the mainstream media you know that's
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a heap of brings up a great deal of brings up a really interesting point because you know. i so i saw a couple of comments in the mainstream media you know very small margin marginal comments but alternative media and social media picked up on your story like a dead engines i mean it's all over facebook right now i made the announcement on facebook to be on this program the positive reaction was so overwhelming it really made me happy that people are the people do know about this story here and you're not going to learn about it from the mainstream media. well that's the major major point here that's the back story and i grew up in in new york first twenty two years of my life i went to school there i went to university there and i have lots of friends that are still looking at the grass for my top ok this still around now when i go back to college reunions and i say blah blah blah they say right now how would you learn so i mean oh well it's not in the new york times that's how bad it is it's not in the new york times and course i didn't expect to be in new york
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times nor was i washington post wall street journal so it's really encouraging that this is going goes viral among people who feel the same way we do for the most part but it's i guess the main story in my view is that nobody knows what they did what i did and what i did was quote quite within my rights run why didn't the senator had asked jena high school were you there in thailand that you should provide the waterboarding of al new shiri and she said. senator that's classified yeah and he said i'm out of time now that is a classified well senator i classified it i have lots of incriminating evidence against him so sacred section she so she she classified so that's let's make sure our viewers understand she classified information about herself ok oh wow there's oversight they're not always right not only did she classify it she destroyed
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evidence right she did it which is also a federally run even though gray gray even though ron wyden to run wyden ran out of time right so he couldn't follow up but here's the chair right and he knows that every one of those senators know that sure she did supervise the waterboarding abound the shiri at that black site entirely everyone knows that ok so why didn't he intervene why didn't he say now ms haswell we have the documents of course you say they're secret but it's a little odd that you should be allowed to classify these so what you answer yes or no lawyer there when he was waterboarding course she would say yes so that's the cover up that's the the supreme irony that she can classify and make unavailable to the public to the people who are supposed to be watching what's what person this is this nominee to be to head the cia i mean this is an open hearing is to inform the american people which is
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a no no i'm sorry that's classic and that's senator that's classified but. apparently gentlemen her her nickname bloody gina. number one parent lee she kind of like the nickname and number two there are reports that she enjoyed that kind of well in hand tara geisha and i mean this is kind of a reflection of the mindset you know nice nice nicknames these people have the defendants of democracy a mad dog blah. jean they're going to defend democracy in percent can you imagine someone that the newer trial you know the german nazi spite of that accused of torturing people can you imagine good i can tell you if i did that this is cliff's you fly you know they will say that they were fighting coleman isn't what they are different resisting jewish law but they will never say it was collection fight it because it's as if there are never happened i mean this is what happens to a twenty four year veteran of the cia when he protests against torture and war
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criminal let's be clear you know haskell is a war criminal. for not wanting to torture to be the director of the cia and it's not the first time we've seen this type of brutality of course i mean we all remember occupy wall street pepper spray cop ferguson black lives matter and so i keystone x.l. anti the code of pipelines we've seen this again but but really i'm i'm glad that you i'm trying to keep a sense of humor and i've got a couple twitter quotes for you in that vein jeremy scahill i'm sure you know as well as i do ben jena high school is waterboarding the glass ceiling movement of the. movement. because you know in america at least at least women have the equal rights to torture you because thirty seconds gina haskell says she worked very hard and sometimes even slept on the floor of her cia station that must have been
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torture from danielle brian irish journalist. well gentlemen i'm glad we're making light of this and i'm really glad that ray is ok but again it seems to me this is a sign of time in the times that we have a person that is obviously committed to greed is illegal acts the moral acts i was i was fun it galling that he even talked about repeatedly the morality of what the cia does it's quite remarkable gentlemen i'm going to. i've been you know we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news today with our team. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last turn. to you as we all knew it would tell i.


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