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tonight the u.s. claims his decision to move its israeli embassy to jerusalem did nothing to inflame the protests yesterday which saw sixty killed. her son. this is supposedly a cause for. coming up to europe pushes to save the iran nuclear deal after the u.s. pullout with british french and german diplomats talk shortly with the iranian foreign minister. and connecting crimea to the russian mainland. europe's longest bridge which is being hailed as a. very
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good evening just life from r.t. h.q. or moscow for more mark and then to this half hour news that they with me kevin irwin and dominating the coverage from us today an emergency u.n. security council session is just wrapped up if you watch and read about fifty minutes ago countries reacting to the killing of more than sixty gardens by israeli soldiers during protests on monday live to new york our correspondent caleb maupin is there. yeah it was a heated exchange at times wasn't it as expected it would be we kind of knew this week was going to be a tough one in that area and so it came to pass as they say all the allies on differing sides in this one it seems. absolutely now kuwait called the emergency meeting of the fifteen member body that leads the united nations and put forward
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a draft statement criticizing israel for its activities on the border we know that more than sixty protesters were killed on monday and so now we have this emergency meeting now following kuwait which presented their draft statement we then heard from nikki haley representing the united states nikki haley in her remarks said that she wasn't sure that the decision by the united states to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem had anything to do with the recent violence this is nikki haley. on jerusalem's holy site does not prejudge whatever the parties might negotiate and if you disagree it does not under mine the prospects for peace in any way and yet for some this is supposedly a cause for violence. now speaking for the united states and nikki haley made clear that she was very supportive of israel and she went as far as to
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congratulate israel for its seventieth anniversary this is nikki haley congratulating israel i want to take a moment to mark the seventieth anniversary of israel's independence in this united nations security council on behalf of the american people i congratulate our friends in israel on the remarkable achievement of seventy years of independence. now other members of the u.n. security council took to the floor and spoke we heard the united kingdom sweden and other countries criticizing israel's actions while voicing support for israel and at the same time saying they did not agree with the u.s. move to move the embassy to jerusalem saying that israel's capital is something that should be determined in the negotiations that are taking place and would lead up to the creation of a palestinian state now russia criticized actions that appear to be escalating tensions in the region. and we also heard from the representative of the
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palestinian authority under u.n. rules if you will or if your country or your state is included in the. u.n. meeting you have the right to address the meeting the palestinian representative asked israel why they have so often blocked an independent inquiry by the united nations into their actions pointing out that u.n. officials would be willing to launch an inquiry into their actions but israel has blocked such an initiative now bolivia and other countries were harshly critical of israel for their recent activities and the killing of protesters however we heard the united states speaking up very very strongly in support of israel and then pointing the finger at the islamic republic of iran for tensions and difficulties in the region so it was quite a heated meeting different views expressed by different countries all eyes were on the u.n. security council when that emergency meeting was called by kuwait. from
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new york city. tens of thousands of mourners who turned out in goes a day for the funerals of those protesters killed by israeli soldiers monday at least sixty people lost their lives in what's become the deadliest day in the israeli palestinian conflict since twenty fourteen more than twenty seven hundred others were injured too many with live ammunition wounds the violence as the u.s. controversially opened its new embassy in the budget. was one of glorious remember this moment was. this is this true. i don't know but it was whatever the word we extend a hand in friendship to israel the palestinians and to all of their neighbors may
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there be peace. in. the world we pray for the peace of jerusalem. i was wrong. i'm hearing they tell in the autumn i'm on that way ever since the day phase ended our lives have you know what i think to protest against these may be soldiers who are just a short distance behind me as you can see they've kind of demarcated this area by burning tires and from here they're hurling rocks and stones at the soldiers who are just a short distance in front of us we saw the soldiers. here that holds the end in and says has been ferrying wounded people if we saw from the numbers of people who. see these kinds of things to say. that this is comes off the not but taking aim at a city that is to. say to keep. eating
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meat least bit of a case maybe it will be the beginning of ties to the deceptive and nothing more fires that have sponsored all along the road this comes just a day off to the americans knew the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and that two spot the would stay on for life and since the last possible. battle two thousand and fourteen is a ticket. to a good job because that was basically was what so we're running now because based here just coming in our direction and i am just as you can see the crowd is moving it's always difficult to tell where exactly it's coming from so we just going to make our way through the ballot and as you can see. the situation is extremely tense and it's just get out of there. seems to be headed scouts firing tear gas on the crowd here and so we're going to move all the way back so we're not
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right on top of the soldiers and we'll see from here what's going on. to our nation tense go from one moment to the next become incredibly tense so listen here our team from either your correspond on the palestinian side let's jump over the border now and go to jerusalem get some of thoughts from shakir israel and palestine director of human rights watch and he thanks for taking the time to give us your comment on what you've seen over the last twenty four hours have you been surprised by what appears to be the. force of the force used here against the palestinian demonstrators on the border the extremes of it so mavin say. unfortunately no i mean israeli officials at need quite clear that there. are regulations permit them to open fire on demonstrators irrespective of whether or not they pose an imminent threat which is the threshold required under
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international law the scale of the killings reflects the fact that more protesters took to the streets but the reality is for weeks now israeli officials have greenlighted opening fire on largely on armed demonstrators the idea said yesterday that they're using all possible restraint to keep the casualty numbers what do you make of that comment does that ring true if you all know as regards what you personally say you know what you are. clearly not israeli officials have used live ammunition from the first moments of the protest beginning you know on march thirtieth continuing for successor fridays and for this week in effect if we turn the no go zone into a free fire zone and then fired into protesters inside of gaza who have not by you have an instant human rights watch has accumulated not who's the kind of threat that would justify the use of force remember israel is kept gaza under closure for a decade caged into a forty by eleven kilometer strip under occupation for
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a half century and quite simply their use of force does not meet international standards because the the israelis are very opposite view of this they feel the big threat. publicly can you comment on the severity of the injuries that you see nearly three thousand injured a two thousand seven hundred as to where the injuries first of all how severe they've been raging from what the wall. absolutely i mean we've seen injuries that reflect the kind that you see in complex situations not what you would expect in a policing law enforcement situation you see small and. size exit wounds according to doctors to treat patients you see paul rise. to the edge and the kind of injuries that you know what to protest use of force that should not be used in a policing situation is this is the capability the medical capability the palestinian
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side of the boat of it to actually deal with this number of casualties. unfortunate hospitals in gaza have been under incredible strain as a result of israel's decade long closure electricity cuts limited supplies of medicine inability of doctors to attend training limited capacity so the reality is that the hospitals have been overwhelmed having to take patients that have anything but life threatening situations outside of hospital care quite simply they've been overwhelmed in the closure certainly doesn't help we've heard reports that the idea has been using. butterfly bullets and high velocity munitions do you think about butterfly bullets can you quote right now i don't know what all these things were you know we're still investing when we can say is we've seen the caliber of weapons typically used in conflict situations bullets that you know inflict significant damage on human body ensure that no circumstance be used on demonstrators and a law enforcement situation and then israel says it simply defending its borders
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says some of the border fences were cut through mass was going through with some force yesterday it says he'd have every right to do what it has done if only palestinian ministrations they called i knew that this was going to kick off yesterday as they did maybe would it have been wise to keep members of the public away from there because this was always going to happen whether you like to the know it was in it. the real issue is really authorities should respect the right to demonstrate every population has a right to demonstrate it's a different scenario and of course israel has the right to protect an authoress crossing borders but the way to respond to that is to follow that you want guiding principles and use non-lethal means and arrest but we're talking about firing into gaza not actual individuals crossing the strip they've created an argument that obscures the reality of. forces safely tucked away inside of israel taking off one by one protesters who do not pose an imminent threat in central gaza alicia
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care friendship time israel and palestine director of human rights watch appreciate it. rightly too from turkey its recalled its ambassador to israel and the us over the israeli military's response to the protests in gaza and its president. described israel as both an apartheid and a terrorist state and chris also strongly condemned washington's decision to relocate its embassy to jerusalem which is what sparked the thing off in the last twenty four hours america really didn't we think that the moving of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem is an unfortunate decision we are rejecting once again this decision which violates international law which is against un resolutions with its latest step the u.s. has chosen to be a part of the problem not a solution and has lost its mediator role in the middle east peace process on the other side of this israel's responded by ordering the turkish consul to leave for an unspecified period of time other countries have hit israel to the fronts today
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say washington's embassy relocation broke international law the dutch government echoed that assessment time ireland has said america has aggravated tensions in the region. other news for us is impose sanctions on the governor of around the central bank and another senior official at the institution it comes as britain france and germany hold meetings with the iranian foreign minister in an attempt to try to save the big twenty fifty nuclear deal which of course washington recently pulled out of a few days ago and this is going to joins us with details from brussels either what are the latest developments take us through it tonight. what happened here in brussels massive attempts to try to salvage this nuclear iran deal better of course was seen as a breakthrough back in twenty fifteen what it was signed later to come in for some twenty sixteen this was a deal of course that was meant to lift punishing sanctions off iran in exchange for them their nuclear program that had been there for huge concern for the west
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for quite some time and of course now with the u.s. having announced that they will be withdrawing from this massive deal with donald trump announcing this earlier this month the question here in brussels is what to do next especially in light where there are some of the messages coming from washington in terms of the future for european companies that are drew doing trade with iran as we speak. is the u.s. prepared to go after companies in our allies like britain france and germany if they try to continue to do business in the sanctions regime that is now in place is very clear about what the requirements are europeans are going to face the effect of u.s. sanctions already are really why would any business why would the shareholders of any business want to do business with the world's central banker of international terrorism. well beyond the u.s. is clearly no longer happy with this deal the e.u. and other signatories have made it clear that they believe that the deal that they
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had come up with the so-called g.c. peel away or the joint comprehensive plan of action was actually working efficiently and to them the mission is now to preserve this deal as best as they can and it's been said that the mission is to try to come up with a package of measures that could preserve the strategic and economic interests of the countries and companies that are fairly under this agreement and of course exactly how this is going to be achieved is going to be seen later today as these talks are underway and it's been also made clear by iran that it also wants this deal to keep functioning they just want to assure and says that those benefits for them that they had agreed on would remain in place. because you would need to do to keep the steel aligned because if you don't continue to benefit from. the way things stand now we have obviously china russia and france germany and
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great britain who want to preserve this deal again posted here. at the hospices of the e.u. foreign policy chief who is moderating if you can put it that way the talks that are taking place here today but obviously this is going to be a difficult process ahead as they try to figure out how exactly to move forward and possibly reshape this deal if necessary you know a lot of countries a really tricky position is kind of cool in the middle of it not sure what to do next all right not sure thanks for brussels kombucha later when you get more for us here just ahead after the break from says plan to talking the law to protect children from sexual russian is outraged experts who say it just made the problem worse we'll tell you about more ahead. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for him to
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let it be an arms race of his own off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. and the politics in washington up and driven by the fossil fuel energy lobbyist they could have gone into renewables ten twenty years earlier and those jobs would be in place generating good paying jobs in america would be part of a growing world beating industry because they kowtow to those lobbyists they got stuck in the coal business which it up liberated by the gas business which is a trillion dodgy had to turn a lot of reasons and now it's going to be obliterated by the chinese led revolution in some. kind of.
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so big day for russia today a mega bridge linking mainland russia to the crimean peninsula has been officially unveiled six months ahead a shared jewel once it's fully operational it'll reduce the region's reliance on sea and air transport and allow more tourist to visit the area which is a popular summer destination for many russians here's what's been held by many as a real feat of engineering.
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that's a great structure is it will present lives in a positive image of expected guest was at the opening ceremony of the new bridge. fateful. words. and off he went the russian leader was among the first to cross it he drove its entire nineteen kilometers from mainland russia into the crimean city of curch some of the bridges construction workers accompany the
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president on that inaugural trip. was there too as the sun shone down. quite a feat of engineering forced mind to make promises along for lanes of traffic on a railway due to open next year as well to track the way this bridge the crimea bridge not only the longest in russia but the longest in europe construction began a couple of years back it's been built in record time for this size six months in fact ahead of shows all seems to be going to plan and now to put it into perspective just what a fear of engineering this is often is rough conditions on the sea all the current straight here the only learn link that the only link rather to crimea previously was by air or by ferry which was not always available due to the rough weather now there is a link all the time forty forty thousand cars thirty million passengers will be able to carry through this bridge at its peak hours required a huge amount of supporting structures as well to be precise more than thirty two
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hour equivalents of steel was used for the supporting pillars many of which extend nearly one hundred meters below the sea that's the equivalent of a thirty thirty five story building so quite a big structure here now this will have a big impact on the crimean peninsula not only because of the increased tourists from across the region from russia also because of obviously goods that can now be imported for the bridge and not by the sea or by air this project has been planning for a long time from czarist times to the start of the soviet union here and it's only been carried out now after hundreds of years of planning so very much a great achievement here that will bring you all the latest updates on the festivities here as they go on this historic day for russia for the crimean peninsula. plans to change french laws to go straight to punishments for child sex abuse is a fall and fall of experts who say it's just going to make the problem worse with
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the details from paris. in march for france a. that it was going to legislate curb sexual violence to cut down on sex isn't an include it in that legislation was due to be in egypt consent to sexual activity here in frogs not age of consent was said to be at fifteen now the reason that element of the law was put in because there was outrage often choose cases emerged of an eleven year old girls who were deemed not to have been raped by adult men because they don't think of hers they don't been threatened there had been no violence or surprise when that incident had taken place well now the law is being debated in the national assembly on choose day that element the age of consent to fifteen has now been taken out of this nor critics say that that mean it's been watered down that it was less protection for children and actually creates new legal loopholes for child rapists this is what they've said advocate according to
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our to go to child abuse could be considered an advance not a crime. mr president there are two hundred fifty people who demand the war be repealed well they've now launched a petition against our revision of the age of consent and it's gone to more than four hundred thousand people supporting that to not be changed well those who do all good for the change say they need to take out that age of consent because they said it would infringe on the defendant's presumption of innocence that's led to some heated debate in the national assembly already in one session on monday. when they still don't have one when you read and or read this law from one point in another when you are sure that you have read and understood it all it was going to nothing happen at all as if there was no me to movement as if all these chalking it
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upon testimonies did not provoke any reaction from the government. i refute the in total both we've been seeing. the tax reform or those who are proposing. well critics say if the law is passed without the age of consent it will mean that france will be one of the only countries in europe which does not have a legal defined age of consent and they've also said that it means that they could pose a real danger if rapists are actually convicted under lesser charges meaning that they would be seen as rapists by society and the protections necessary to make sure that they don't commit such an x. again won't be in place shala dubin ski reporting about the way the world looks in part so far tonight always so much more of course call mom kevin zero in for me and the rest of the team here a moscow tonight thanks for watching this update stay with us if you can go to more great programs if you lined up in your part of the world but over this break.
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make us manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the fine merry go round listen we don't want the same. time we can all middle of the room sick. lose the real news really. apply to many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to
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twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so we'll all chance for. peace. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only move really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. that's geysers financial survival you know they say money to develop drugs going to be easy this is the central plank support dying at the moment i'm going to call
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them right now so you stop the. united states can always add a. new and its tax on other countries. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries a true talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. believes it's a responsibility for the head. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be.
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problems. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. . i'm burchill says coming up today the c.e.o. of the lisa money honest talk with joins us from london to talk shows and what makes money successful plus alex the heil of h. gives us an update on an impending deadline that's later this week related to the north american free trade agreement and she's back the car coach lauren fix and the new president of the north american cars trucks and utilities the word of the year show help us work through a cavalcade of hard news all that ahead you know looking at our rearview mirrors berthed we get to some have. big news the united states is supreme so the united
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states supreme court has overturned the federal law that effectively bans most sports betting in the states the law the professional and amateur sports protection act of one thousand nine hundred ninety two also known as the bradley act for prime sponsor former senator bill bradley who was a member of the new york knickerbockers back in the day it fell under the weight of a third challenge that was affectively instigated by the state of new jersey which is hoping legal sports betting can revive their faltering casino industry major u.s. sports leagues had sued the state of new jersey twice before on these issues successfully citing the bradley act as a bar to the state's efforts to legalize sports betting in this round though the justices found six to three that the bradley acts effect a bar to legalisation of sports betting in states where it was not yet allowed is an unconstitutional comma dearing of state resources joining us to dig a little bit deeper.


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