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north korea counsels a high level meeting with the south after the u.s. carries out large scale military drills that pyongyang has also threatened to pull out of a highly anticipated summit with donald trump also this hour. those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken after a second consecutive day of clashes between israelis and palestinians the usas the relocation of its embassy to jerusalem did not spark the bloodshed. germany national team players of turkish origin are planning for a photo session with the president of turkey as officials back in berlin begin to question their allegiances four weeks before the feed for world cup.
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a very warm welcome this is r.t. international and i'm the. top story this hour north korea has counseled wednesday's high level talks with the south adding it may not attend a summit with the u.s. now softer america and south korea carries out large scale military drills described by pyongyang state media as a rehearsal for invasion artie's samir akong reports from washington. months of intense diplomacy and hopes of a historic breakthrough with north korea could all be reduced to nothing by war games.
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there are exercises that are legal there are planned well well in advance we will continue to go ahead and plan the meeting between president chopping kim jong un dozens of american bombers and fighter jets flying near the north korean border to pyongyang this is more than just a provocation it's a rehearsal for an invasion so now after scrapping a summit with seoul the north is hinting that it could also band in a highly anticipated meeting with trump that's scheduled for june twelfth in singapore but the timing couldn't be worse the united states and south korea routinely carry out the simulated invasions and destruction of north korea military exercises another set of these exercises began last friday i believe this goes against the spirit certainly and i would say even the letter of the penguin john declaration between moon joining in in conjunction where both sides agreed not to do anything that would be provocative towards the other both north and south korea
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these military exercises again as i mentioned simulate denial ation of north korea holding off on military drills was in fact one of the points agreed upon back in january when the north froze its nuclear tests and that was confirmed last month when kim and moon met and promised to bring peace to the korean peninsula and just a week ago a u.s. senator suggested awarding trump with a nobel peace prize for promoting peace between the two koreas and of course trump was in full agreement. and it's very nice thank you this is recklessly needlessly provocative on the part of the united states it makes you wonder is so. part of the u.s. military establishment actually trying to sabotage or subvert any effort to bring about a peace treaty between north korea in the united states why else would this exercise go forward. to palestinian protesters were shot dead by israeli forces on tuesday during anti occupation rallies on the gaza border with israel
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fifty nine were killed on monday in protests against the relocation of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem the un security council which held a special meeting on the matter condemns the killings but not all members seemed willing to work on measures to end the violence was the last of the silence of this council since the beginning of the crisis is becoming less and less understandable volcom the vacuum in constructive international efforts as was shown by recent events is very dangerous moment until one of the parties concerned to stop the violence and abusive use of force and in particular to stop actions that target civilians the use of violence and force will not bring security to anyone and. we need to look forward and we need to work urgently towards a resolution at the longstanding issues between israel and the palestinian people. like this council the united kingdom is committed to
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a two state solution which you use them as a shared capital and to achieving peace and stability in the way the region the united states deplores the loss of human life but there is a lot of violence throughout the region and i will note that the double standard. is all too common in this chamber and working overtime today those who suggest that the gaza violence has anything to do with the location of the american embassy are sorely mistaken however as caleb maupin now explains nikki haley's accusations may be a double edged sword. the day that the american embassy was officially moved to jerusalem it was a day of a great jubilation for american and israeli officials. this morning. but across the palestinian territories it couldn't have been more different in beleaguered gaza there was nothing but suffering and chaos our greatest hope is for
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peace the united states is prepared to support peace negotiations going to states is prepared to support a peace agreement in every way that we can and i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced at the appropriate time there was certainly not any criticism of any of israel's extreme use of force by anyone in the trumpet ministration hamas terrorist backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure so israel is not responsible for shooting malice tinian protesters some of whom were just children shot down by their own soldiers but if you're a place israel with syria suddenly nikki haley's heart bleeds for the dead in far less clear cut situations. yesterday morning. we awoke to pictures to children being carried in the arms of desperate parents yes all the talk
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about human rights does not apply to palestinian protesters they do not get america's support because they're not protesting in the right country. big protests in iran the people are finally getting wise to how the money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer do us is watching very closely for human rights violations with israel all bets are off on world press freedom day heather now it was all about championing the rights of journalists that is until somebody mention gaza we see all too often that journalists continue to take great risks to pursue this important work would you also condemn the recent deaths of journalists journalists in the gaza strip look there are unfortunately a lot of journalists who die all around the world i'm not going to be able to list every single death of a journalist and we understand that israel has a right to defend itself back in april yasser move taja palestinian photo
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journalist who was wearing a jacket clearly marked press was shot by israeli sniper now if this was intentional it could possibly constitute a war crime by israel but heather nauert thinks it was self-defense either way she doesn't have time to talk about every journalist who's been killed and apparently his death doesn't fit in with washington's agenda. artsy new york. israeli security forces have insisted they acted in self-defense against palestinian protesters as violence intensified on the borders of disputed territories that israel also said that fifty three tons of medical equipment had been transferred to gaza this week however a representative from the medical charity group doctors without borders insists the medical system can't cope and is on the verge of collapse. there was more than one thousand one hundred injuries orgasm and they were safe was present in previous beatles years in support of the least of holes and to give you an example early
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next i was pretty sure. for our roles there was her moment three hundred injured people to her system since many months since many years we were already owns a version of collapse varies only for was a very. broad of of your question a paid for research shortage of drugs of disposable so the medical stuff we are struggling since many months in order to do good to give a quality of care for hundreds of patients. after the recent spike in violence in gaza rallies in support of palestinians have been held in several cities across the world and london brussels and afternoons crowds waved palestinian flags and called on israel to stop the oppression against protesters meanwhile the u.s. president has congratulated the muslim world as it begins to observe the holy month of ramadan donald trump called it
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a time for reflection and spiritual growth but middle east analyst machine fara believes his words are insincere. we think it's a message of general words means nothing more and when we see the look runs actions so we see it as really hollow understanding them if you like. a glee stance that took aggressive muslims in the us and arson postings in particular and they're not states of america that is. blindly supporting those re-instate no matter what put it all knotted no security council resolutions against israel and nothing is done because of the un and russia nothing nothing whatsoever but even really just going to look at stories rascal to tell bourse russia or israel so that the going to buy and buy it will not get measures allusion to missional law we need leads not words least of all of us. we locating the
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us embassy in to in israel to jerusalem was one of trying to election campaign pledges and it's not the only controversial promise he's kept as artie's donald quarter explains. promises politicians make them and break them trump has something of a reputation for at least making good on some of his president trump's decision tonight is yet another example of donald trump keeping promises to you the american people the president's job as. president john she'd be his running mate and america week starting today so let's give the guy credit where credit is due but here five times trump should have perhaps parked those pledges first up valley to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital we will move the american embassy to the eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem.
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while the israeli pm proclaim to the day of peace deadly protests raged elsewhere dozens dead and over two thousand injured including children. next up bailing on the iran nuclear deal trumps always been pretty clear about what he'd do when he got the keys to the white house my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with the rich. yeah scrapping the deal and a slew of new sanctions trump expected others to follow but what he got was a multinational shaking of heads leaders who voiced regret said they were deeply concerned and called it an unfortunate step the new deal is not a bilateral agreement and it is not in the hands of any single country to take me made it you know not europe's not happy and americans probably won't be so happy about the next thing on trump's checklist either valid to boost the military budget
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as soon as i take office i will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military the commander in chief has already secured a sixty one. billion dollar increase for twenty eighteen taxpayers also might like to know how that will send the two thousand and twenty deficit to about i don't know a trillion dollars but that won't stand in the way of trump's promise to storm off from the paris climate accord we're going to read all of the job destroying obama executive actions. including the climate action plan sure he kept his word but this time the rest of the world just shrugged its shoulders gave a collective mess and is carrying on without him finally let's not forget that white house one eighty one trump took over from barack obama and vowed to keep america's notorious terrorist suspect prison open for business i watch president
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obama talking about get right. which by the way which by the way we are keeping open and we're going to load it up was do just believe me we're going to load it up no surprises there what's more trump is a bit of a fan of the waterboarding interrogation technique even if the u.n. says it's torture in fact he's so sold on it he's lined up a cia pick infamously linked to torture methods but gina haskell is so controversial that police have twice had to remove protesters from her senate hearing for the job so the don's being good on his word fair enough but perhaps the world might be a calmer place if he just occasionally let a few promises slide you know like the others do donald quarter. and in canada continues to build over the government's lack of action to do anything about the self-confessed islamic state take the kids you know after he lied to immigration services to get back into the country he revealed it openly on
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a new york times poll cost califate the former i still find the who goes by the name of abu who's left canada four years ago when he was so. teen and told his parents he was flying to turkey but five months after joining the terror group in syria he decided he wanted to return to toronto following what he originally said was his second execution though now he has retracted those comments saying he hasn't killed anyone officials hope the man had said enough to incriminate himself on the new york times podcast series when he gave detailed accounts of executing people but according to documents obtained by a canadian news network an open confession like the one whose i forgave may not be enough to charge him canada's prime minister has been fending off criticism over the case and when justin trudeau was asked about terrorist return ease he seemingly
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shifted the blame to attack conservatives in the country instead when as the prime minister. these blood thirsty terrorist walk on our streets but only general instead thanks to speaker once again we see the conservatives trying to drum up fear. to call attacks . every reason to be responsible and serious about how we protect the integrity of canadians canadian intelligence estimates around sixty people have returned to the country after joining extremist groups in syria and iraq and while many countries have tough policies to persecute those who've waged terror overseas well i doubt if looks at how it seems canada is just allowing them to slip back into society. turns out you can't build a caliphate on the foundations of killing rape plunder and war killing they
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tried tried with bloody abandon but no luck so that was isis jihad ists went home to perhaps start a new life while they may have engaged in terrorism abroad and broken the law not all return he's continued to post a threat that may now be disillusioned with the cause the canadian government even has directives on how to deal with them all right they may have decapitation a prisoner to war a dozen may have repeatedly raped young girls they considered infidels but that's all in the past what they need now is apparently help the intervention team can engage with the return the and the returned his family to open up dialogue with the individual and to help support the return of these disengagement from their radical ideology and past behavior before you go thinking that canadians are crazy you know
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most people never knew how lenient their government was being with murderers and terrorists but what really riled the public up is an interview with a former jihad just who was left free. you know you have to you know to bring yourself to do your legal case fine finally killing someone. you can have to close your eyes and do what you can for a reason this is justified you can do this and i can be held accountable now imagine you live in the same city as this guy your kids walk by his house on the way to school that's how many canadians feel this guy is apparently in toronto cadence to serve learn answers from this government absolute doing something. it's amazing people in canada get you. he is in jail for possession of marijuana but a guy who may have cut off people's heads is leadfree because he had the change of
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hot now that people are outraged his stories changed he says he doesn't deny saying them but he's insistent that he didn't actually do those things no charges against him have yet been filed if they ever will be but you must understand what he is not a monster no isis fighters different to any other immigrants they will brings something new to canada those on my words that's the prime minister talking and me i need to know how you're going to protect your canadians like my two young daughter and you know ten to fifteen twenty years from now when you're letting people in with an ideology that just doesn't conform to what we're doing here one of the reasons canada is successful as a country is because we have been open to people fleeing persecution fleeing war
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zones whether it was people fleeing the devastation of the second world war from southern europe in the fifty's and sixty's italian communities to create communities that the portuguese communities and others just belonging to are tourists organization it is it is enough to convict someone it's a serious crime so unless you cannot prove it all the fellow was in isis territory you least there is to me. help isis unless you cannot prove that at all you know we . just says well i made up the story then if you can prove that he was actually there you can make a case against a person who prosecuted the person for terrorism and sent to jail if the government were serious i think that's where they would do but i don't think they're serious about pushing multi-culturalism to the limits is not certainly not a good thing. we'll be back after this short break it's.
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apply to many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spend the two to twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so what chance for. peace. is the middle east stumbling towards a region wide war it sure looks like it trumps decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal and set into play a cascade of events difficult to manage and control does anyone gain from this
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impending cataclysm. welcome back the irish red cross have launched a campaign that colin paypal to shadow homes with a refugee for at least a year but charities all asking people who have vacant property or a spat room to help mainly syrian families and twenty fifty an island agree to accept up to four thousand refugees seeking protection in the e.u. we also asked people in the island what they thought about the red cross campaign. i think irish people are known worldwide for their hospitality and it's time to
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step up hurting is very good a very good idea maybe a lot of people might find that a year is quite a long time i think it's something the government should be doing but people support the right people can help these too you know it's good. for me i think it would it would take a bit of you know discussion to decide whether i would do it i don't have a spare bed myself my biggest problem is with the homeless who were not looking after them. german international players preparing for the fifo world cup or found themselves facing a backlash over photos of them posing with the turkish president obama was on a state visit to the u.k. when he met players of turkish origin playing club football in england all three are german born and two of them chose to represent germany over turkey at an international level however their pictures have caused anger among german lawmakers and the country's football association the players have now been accused of taking
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sides with the turkish leader who is currently in the middle of a reelection campaign manchester city's midfielder a keygen divan even wrote with respect for my president on a shirt as a gift and is left some questioning where his loyalties lie germany's football federation stands for values that mr one does not sufficiently respect therefore it's not a good thing that our internationals have let themselves be exploited for his election campaign style. why is playing for the german national team when he recognizes one is his president the president of an international german football is called frank will to steinmeyer not reject. the one has responded saying that the photos when not a political statement and that football and politics should remain separate. that's
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turkish president's fini advise that describes germany's reaction as a new example of the one phobia and while also giving never mind that one is an elected president who represents his nation we spoke to cashmore an expert in sports and media studies he believes football context cept political points of view i don't think they had any kind of political motivation or were trying to make a propagandist point we have the world cup i mean in less than a month's time there are going to be played is there from all over the wall there are going to be current troops that have saudi arabia for example does not have a dignified human rights record what will the german player. play saudi arabia what will the german players be instructed to do they will boycott the game the play and try to somehow separate politics began going to have to suspend
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their political viewpoints their allegiances for the period of the world cup otherwise the world cup will not tell you. we'll be back with the latest at the top of the hour. little blog or the new one the idea that dropping bombs brings me to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battle. to stop trying to tell you the gossip to have a. box of advertising telling you are not pulling out by product. of a heart that we don't already know what. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all song but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach.
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you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go meet the center of the beach with all with you and do so with all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low as i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. the special one i was also appreciated me to just take the rio theology team's latest edition may go up as we go so i need to just say look. the united states can always had a tool to use in its tax on other countries.
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economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press around the country is a true talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be.
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i'm actually returns here we're going underground as nature shows military committee convenes a chiefs of defense session in brussels today the head of tomorrow's meeting between nato boss again stoltenberg and donald trump coming up on the show how biased is the media being when more people have been killed in the gaza war in six weeks than the berlin wall in twenty eight years and former a b c w ambassador marc valvo on allegations that donald trump's national security advisor john bolton once threatened the o.p.c. w. bought his children all the support coming up at today's going underground but first the boss of britain's controversial domestic spying agency has been talking in berlin this week the first time ever the serving in my five g. g. has spoken publicly outside the u.k. but he wasn't like his nine hundred forty s. previous asses talking about zionist terrorism he was talking about existential threats to the u.k. . i mean the deliberate targeted malign activity intended to
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undermine our free open and democratic societies that's free in open democratic societies that cia whistleblower edward snowden revealed to be under full spectrum surveillance and what is this activity for to destabilize the international rules based system that underpins our stability security and prosperity prosperity he's obviously not referring to the over four million children in poverty in britain and why does he use the term international rules based system instead of the more common phrase international law is it because m i five has broken international law is it because m i five breaks u.k. law because here signed in prime minister to raise a maid's oda hand is the organist twenty second twenty seventeen memo explaining how a commissioner will oversee the breaking of.


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