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charlie wilson's war is more of a pentagon deal but there it was complete distortion tom hanks is a hero charlie wilson was an idiot a moron who went to afghanistan and caused a lot of damage bill casey was running his own war in afghanistan that's a very complicated story but. the analysis of charlie wilson's war is that you know we have to go to war for afghanistan because it was so over the soviets were going to destroy afghanistan and threaten our way of life. zero dark thirty is also an egregious example of propaganda one of the premises of zero dark thirty is that torture is not only efficacious but beneficial and the
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more against quote unquote terror. your friend. can help you. break you. any questions waterboarding has been a u.s. instrument of interrogation dating back to its wars in vietnam and even the philippines the cia been created it's cool dark intelligence manual in one thousand nine hundred sixty three to teach torture methods thus if you come as little surprise to see the cia torturing captured suspects in a film written with cia approval about the hunt for the lot there was a book that was recently published by john rizzo who was a counsel for the cia it was called company man and although he lauded the cia and all the good works that the cia did he did mention somewhat innocuously that there were hollywood assets sprinkled throughout los angeles.
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carl bernstein had a seminal article in the rolling stone magazine one hundred seventy seven years at watergate muckraker that if we cover the senate u.s. senate church committee and their findings on u.s. intelligence in the cia he found that well over four hundred members of the media lived our lives and i work for the cia and these were not just regular journalists but the owners of of all the major media less than the owners of c.b.s. a.b.c. n.b.c. etc time incorporated different ways they did it was basically owning you know getting ownership over most of the media i've been a journalist for about twenty five years and i was educated to lie to betray and not to tell the truth to the public now you asked what have i done for intelligence agencies so please see most of the journalists you see in foreign countries they claim to be journalists and they might be journalists but many of
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them like me in the past are so-called non official cover means you to work for an intelligence agency you help them if they want you to help them but when they find out that you're not only a journalist but a spy too they will never say oh this was one of our guys they will not know you that means non-official cover so i have helped them in several situations and i feel ashamed for that to now like i feel ashamed that i have worked for very rick abandoned newspaper like the frankfurter allgemeine or because i was bribed by billionaire else i was bribed by the americans not to report exactly the truce i just tried to work out in my brain what would have happened if i would have written a pro russian article in the frankfurter allgemeine a well i don't know what would have happened but we were all educated to write. pro european pro america
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please not pro russian frank wisner was the head of operation mockingbird and one of his famous poets is you can my journalist cheaper than you can buy a good call girl while frank was in there rande project mockingbird for the cia he was strongly supported by katharine graham's husband philip then the head of the washington post the cia also colluded with a.b.c. n.b.c. reuters the new york times william paley of c.b.s. a former psychological warfare specialist during world war two and time life who's managing director c.t. jackson had also been a psychological warfare specialist buying up hollywood is a bipartisan effort. and early on i mean one of the things that funded the clinton foundation for example franks used to seize control of lionsgate his goal is not movies and propaganda his goal was was ownership of a president and possibly
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a future one. clinton and the mrs clinton and so for example i was in kazakhstan and clinton had shown up there with giusti of lionsgate and with and now considers no connection his wife had gotten the the dictator of kazakhstan removed from a federal indictment for bribery as secretary of state then bill clinton shows up with giusti says kind words about this bloodthirsty dictator announcer bed and then giusti who's his who's literally clinton's ride into kazakhstan has a private meeting with nasser bay of and comes out with the exclusive contract to mine kazakhstan's you raney now maybe there's no connection but you stephen is in such a good mood that he gives over thirty million dollars to the clinton. foundation
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all the clintons may have abetted themselves with frank schuster of lionsgate president trump secretary of treasury statement ition co-founded rat pack in two thousand and four with director brett ratner financing dozens of blockbuster films like the expense series and avatar for example one of his first films that he funded when he walked in was american sniper so which was you know basically glorifying you know the kind of killer seal team six hit squads military glorification it's a long way from platoon to sniper so that was the minutia shift and now he's our secretary of treasury american cyber is really an egregious case of propaganda it's said in the second siege of illusia which was a bloodbath i mean the americans we cut off the electricity the water to the iraqis and scores and scores and it's and civilians were killed.
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increasingly so as the american media becomes a corporate mouthpiece for the government's point of view there's a natural conflict and that's what i'm interested in i guess conflict if i agreed with the government point of view why would i make movies like that we have directors who are quite willing to do that because they can get the cooperation and certainly big money from the pentagon like ridley scott admits to that and blackhawk down as fun to watch the great technically improving in film he's a brilliant filmmaker but it's a horrible film in the same sense that lone survivor is just every american who goes down is a perfect hero i've never seen people i mean i've been in combat i've seen people get should be scared you know you know they're going down in the helicopter and they're and they're and they're still talking to the commander and in the official technology terms and scene you know the mission. complete this or that or something
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noble or sentimental but it doesn't work that way people are scared most most people before they die and some kind of way they have the last thought in their head is ocean down was originally quite kind of new true and very successful book by mark bowden and i get the impression that you very much was ok with the military heavily rewriting that in that produces heavily. reward working his material that was actually some quite critical material and not original black hawk down but it was all excise. on the original script to close out more even the script up to be watered down by their expertise had more. salacious and bottom material in it which would have called into question the america's role in somalia or ninety three where our troops are now all over africa was torn you know if you know we have bases in how many countries in the world one hundred thirty we have some kind of military mission we have nine hundred or so we we don't know how many
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bases we think we have seven to nine hundred bases abroad as well as six thousand in the u.s. it's quite a military machine we have we have two countries we have the pentagon we have the u.s. . which country m i n i remember. that one great british newsman had said when he seen seeing film from vietnam which was at that time uncensored people could go you know all over vietnam a shooting film and you could see you know like a child running down the street on fire from napalm these are the images that americans were beginning to see about vietnam and alastair cook said that's the end of war because once people with television and cameras now in the field no one's ever going to support a war when they see the horror show that it creates the misery and the horror and terror in the murder of civilians and children that are. just an automatic adjunct
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of war war's over after the first world war the british established the tavistock clinic to study shellshock and other psychological conditions experienced by returning veterans being to much work in theory in the field of social and group control the tavistock institute for example which dealt with a lot of social engineering projects and post world war one and world war two. they actually studied his truck films to figure out how people could be shocked in a certain way or traumatized so in a way trauma research and its connection to movies like psycho which was revolutionary for its time that was actually studied in a scientific way and so in that sense mass traumatise ation through degradation and soam or something like that that we see with a lot of these you know really disgusting modern horror films this kind of stuff that was actually a study. in in such a fashion that it could be used to to socially engineer there's
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a propaganda level there's also the traumatized nation love which i think happens that i don't lower deeper subconscious level through the degradation that we see a lot of these movies the you know the really dark stuff at times and what that does is is basically puts proposed to go into a catatonic state and that's done on purpose as a set with the studies that were done into his cut films because when you're in it in a kind of. jilted kind of tonic state you're actually much more suggestible. sort of thing wrong i don't really just don't hold. me. up the same way out. become active. and engaged because of the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. . and a russian pop stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of a unique transport. that will help out of crimea. faster most of those you know
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while google more familiar with it a bit but. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the lawyer i mean your list put me in the neighborly is out of school and you go to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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at the end of the second world war a number of psychological warfare specialists shifted into a new field of study called communication research. with the government subsidizing much of the work being done the universities like princeton columbia and mit meanwhile the cia sponsored the congress of cultural freedom with artists like leonard bernstein george orwell and jackson pollock as symbols of western culture and liberal expression while artists like paul robeson a black singer an actor who advocated for civil rights and peace with the soviets were hounded that time they were targeting great activist entertainers such as paul robeson who was an amazing musician was considered when the best singers in the world and also an actor and so you find that they seriously targeted paul robeson
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dosing him with acid for example according to a sun power was in junior in in a hotel in moscow about a few weeks before he was going to meet with che guevara and fidel castro the cia had started a group called the congress of cultural freedom and that group with huge gave out vast amounts of money that in effect in studying all the cia documents and u.s. intelligence documents they became america's secret ministry of culture in hollywood the cia had assets like louis roski working at major studios like paramount as well as m g m n r k o two in the words of psychological warfare expert cd jackson in certain their scripts and in their actions the right ideas with the proper subtlety there is an air force studio in los angeles called lookout mountain movie studios film studios owned by the air force and they got. all the major producers and actors of the time of the forty's and fifty's we're talking about
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walt is the and john ford and marilyn monroe and a number of major actors to sign confidentiality agreements they were kinda having top secret clearance in the military balance the films that they made in lookout mountain studio and they made over nine hundred thousand films in that studio this was a. private air force studio that only the air force had access to and they filmed some twenty thousand different films most of which we've not actually seen there are actually archive footage that i felt have been put in different videos that i've made that show what they were doing and what they were doing was actually selling a lot of propaganda through using big hollywood stars at the time for example jimmy stewart's actually in some of the laurel canyon the film footage the air forces lookout mountain studio atop laurel canyon was officially shut down in one nine hundred sixty s. there are some some connections for example the david allen has made in his book where scenes inside the canyon where you points out that
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a lot of the hollywood scene a lot of the music scene especially the precursor to the hippie revolution which you totals the world kenya seen most of those families jim morrison's dad was actually an admiral who was involved in the gulf talking false flag incident frank zappa's family actually worked at a bio warfare lout frank zappa grew up at the edgewood arsenal his father was one of many human guinea pigs for chemical weapons research but the military wasn't the only government group experimenting on humans as the cia's post war on culture program worked to control the human mind with experimental techniques and drugs like l.s.d. you look at the guys who studied and could ultra and who founded it got it going people like morgan loss and they're actually went and they studied indigenous groups indigenous cultures in south america latin america to find out how the shamans ran their tribes so you could look at the cia in culture guys as kind of
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what sharma's that was their goal that was their their purpose in promoting l.s.d. and promoting this kind of stuff through the counterculture through the stuff that you know we talked about with the doors and mamas and papas and the end of beatles the drug revolution or all that that was largely a cia promoted social engineering tool so that's the real. that's the real kicker ears it's about manipulating cultures time so much about creating an individual assassin i mean that does happen. but really the big plan is to use culture. socially engineer. i found that with musicians they there was a common theme and what the common theme was is they got a lot of agents involved in these people's lives and influence them to start
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using drugs promoting drugs inadvertently without them realizing you know that why they were doing it but then when they started sobering up they were done away with there was tons of ways that they were trained in cointelpro tactics and cointelpro is the f.b.i.'s counterintelligence program murderously target the black panthers and other black activists as well as white activists a u.s. congressional committee had said that in one thousand nine hundred three that we have to start focusing on political rappers and concern the serious concern that political rappers are influencing black youth to become more political when i investigated the case of the rap artist to. the f.b.i. i follow freedom information act in the f.b.i. basic admitted to me they said that there's over four thousand pages in to box f.b.i. file and i had to pay for that all those pages and then the only seventy nine pages for that were themselves redacted well tupac may have appeared to be
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a threat because of his mainstream influence and black panther heritage the targeting of political parties and opposition voices domestically has occurred illegally for years as part of the f.b.i.'s quintile program and more recently the national security agency has worked with the british government's communication headquarters to quote inject also. sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy their petition of its targets and to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable one filmmaker challenge the government social engineering to control and alter human behavior with stanley kubrick what he did i think in the long run was throughout his movies you know he showed a consistent pattern of showing in kilter is something very real you see this in clockwork orange where the daleks' character is strapped down and he's given a bunch of drugs this is actually detailed in the in kilter doctor dr you in cameron's work it's detailed in the book by dr john c.
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lilly was actually one of the you could alter doctors how he would strap people down and give them l.s.d. and wipe their brains reprogram them so what you're seeing and films is generally speaking real there is a propaganda aspect this be sent it's not as one but when you look at clockwork orange look at eyes wide shut and these are films that i think are showing real aspects of conspiracy and how it relates to hollywood and the government the tavistock institutes eric tristen fed emory predicted in their book a choice of futures a clockwork orange reality where youths commit random acts of violence then go home and watch on t.v. as mass media and television put them into increasingly dissociated states. perhaps we have entered that dissociated state with wars and rumors of wars echoing daily superhero save the world nightly on our mobile screen we have been attacked we are . in two thousand and seventeen luminary director rob reiner created the committee
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to investigate russia with former director of national intelligence james clapper who lied to congress about an essay domestic surveillance and david frum renowned for quoting the axis of evil phrase as president george w. bush's speech writer writer chose morgan freeman who is known for playing the voice of god to deliver the message i mean you have guys like rob reiner you know who is associated with the ultimate of the cabal of liberal jewish thinkers in hollywood and suddenly they're talking about russia russia russia russia is now seen as control of of the new media now the fashion is you got to hate the russians the russians subverted the election they have trying to destroy american values and so forth that we heard this before in the one nine hundred fifty. from this day forward you will become special. reckons included struggle for how. you belong to them then whatever they. simple aspect of propaganda is
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just to try to kind of so build the brand for example it was recently changer for a request the influence of the pentagon and the f.b.i. and different shows and this includes things like cupcake wars the pentagon as opposed to directly funding pro military aspects and phrases propositions to be to be added to the scrutiny for something innocuous like cupcake wars and that's because again they're interested in culture creation and managing and steering the culture so that's what they have to control the musician's us and that to control the illness tars. support and so on so yes absolutely we can see a direct parallel between movies like zero dark thirty which again totally promotes the cia mythology of bin laden we can look at american sniper which you mention which is you know promoting this mythology of chris kyle to do basically the recruitment office that's what these are you know in the name of simple aspect and
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we know that in fact at the cia consults on shows like homeland and that's public knowledge public news. and since the birth of freudian psychology the major techniques used by media to sell its product have been insecurity and sex. the standards of america hollywood is liberal we live extravagantly. obviously our sex lives and in the scene for the recent news or above normal extraordinary you would say. we spend liberal on things that seem crazy to people to spend a million dollars doing scenes in a movie you know plus it's got an aura of fun and since the one of the darker sides of brody and psychologies elaboration on childhood sexuality is not only be increasing sexualization of teens and pre-teens by media but the overt pedophilia
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that has been exposed in recent years from washington to hollywood. with former speaker of the house dennis hastert being sentenced and hollywood celebrities like kevin spacey and director bryan singer accused has anyone asked bryan singer do you have settlements with anybody asked marty singer bryan singer's attorney as did bryan singer settle with anyone you know no one's asked and no one wants to ask that's the thing nobody in hollywood wants to ask the tough questions because it's going to cost them a lot of money we're talking about the x.-men franchise today we have things starting to break with the bryan singer allegations and the corey feldman allegations and. i think that hollywood would definitely be ripe for blackmail convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein the billionaire friend to stars like kevin spacey and chris tucker as well as statesmen like bill clinton and
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prince andrew may indicate deeper layers to hollywood and washington's pedophilia that have yet to be explored the thing about abstain that really hasn't come out it's come out a little bit that he's pandered these children to the rich and powerful but there's been a lot of innuendo blackmail that epstein deployed and actually when the palm beach police department searched his home there were hidden cameras and epstein's home kevin spacey and harvey. names are in absence black boy i'm not talking somewhere conspiracy i'm just talking that these people all work in circles together and they're highly organized and people need to wake up and realize that this isn't just a few random instances of some lone pedophile these guys all run in the same circles and they need to be exposed and some of them are very powerful and very wealthy hollywood has the power to tell stories that reflect our dreams and reality there's both a dark and light potential to such magic the government and ruling elite desiring
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to influence and shape those stories should come as no surprise but we captive audience must recognize that there are deeper agendas that work for us are killed and see predicted over one hundred years ago the art of the moving picture can replace religion with its mystical images of rousing music where in profits may conjure a higher form of vision she. joined me every thursday on the i like simon chill and i was speaking to us from the world
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of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. united states we step tools it's news and it's a tax on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press around the country is a true talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to people the social simple song alone even some company gets full elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities then he bought a telescope of. you guys you got to be a violin the going to be cool i've been this is us because i'm out. for you man but the lift still brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than law it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all as to. date downwards the window.
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to get the latest officials of the church someone could see the face. with friends like that who needs enemies he turns on donald trump accusing the u.s. leader of not being much of a friend for pulling out of the a brand new clear deal. israel is an occupier and it keeps terrorizing. the turkish president announces the israeli military's deadly response to the palestinian protests is deep anger at israel of the united states and mass protests across the r. . and r. t. hears from doctors in gaza who say wards are overflowing now and medical supplies are running out. of possibilities as high level condemnation tonight against ukraine over a crackdown on russian journalists offer a viewer always rated in kiev and its director.


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