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looking at the latest officials of for the. world to see them. with. the e.u. turns on donald trump accusing the u.s. leader of not being much of a friend for pulling out of the iran nuclear deal but. israel is an occupier and it keeps terrorizing the turkish president denounces the israeli military deadly response to the palestinian protests as deep our anger at israel and united states mass protests across the arab world in time marty hears from doctors on the ground there in gaza who say their wards are overflowing and medical supplies are running out. and this high level condemnation tonight against ukraine over a crackdown on russian journalists after
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a bureau was raided in kiev and it's directed to tang. by their live from studio h.q. here in moscow just after midnight now i'm kevin now in with this half hour for you starting with this the transatlantic friendships getting decidedly frosty it seems with the european council president saying donald trump is not exactly europe's best friend right now he added that brussels is under no illusions since trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal long forward after agreement guaranteed that iran would limit its nuclear activities in exchange for tough sanctions being lifted. looking at the decisions of for them to try someone could see them fitting. that move. about focus speaking to europe should be great for
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a pertinent. that if you knew that. you will find one of your. it's not just being donald tusk that's been well handing out the zing is towards donald trump we had angela merkel speaking in the book on the stock on wednesday she was well it was part of her budgetary address where she sets out where she sees her government right now and where it stands and she took part of that speech to directly look at the transatlantic relationship and she said that you rip right now finds itself in a crossroads and we didn't listen to them on multilateralism is under great pressure at the moment and because it's under great pressure europe must take its fate in its own hands more than before therefore we need european answers almost certainly the biggest strain on that relationship at the moment is donald trump's decision to pull the united states out of the iran nuclear deal it's this whole
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well of non consultation with allies policy when it comes to diplomacy that really isn't winning donald trump any friends in europe but then there's also the well extreme possibility of. the likely possibility he doesn't care about winning friends in europe if we look back to his campaign he was incredibly dismissive of europe on his way to power he had to be dragged in cajoled and poked into getting on board with nato by to resume a we also saw what could at best only be called all quit relations between donald trump and angular merkel whatever they've met in public and then we've got to remember when it comes to our money will he come well he publicly supported marine le pen against him in the election there so all of this is led some people watching this relationship to suggest that should it continue this way then europe may well start looking in another direction. we look forward to working with russia and
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china to see deal that is important part right now we are hoping for both moscow and beijing to act as a responsible international player but it's watching that relationship suggesting that america first could well end up with america alone we're live in a globalized world through it is very very important and if he actually end up by saluting america. it's not a good idea can he be elected for a second term he's a question mark. truck yourself in the middle east next tonight there are mass demonstrations in several muslim countries against israel and the united states itself to more than sixty palestinians were killed and at least three thousand injured in clashes with the israeli military over the past two days tensions flared when washington moved its embassy to jerusalem on monday in iran protesters torched u.s. and israeli flags they stopped the ashes into the ground somehow posters with the
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israeli prime minister with the words go to hell in turkey demonstrators destroyed an effigy of donald trump the prime minister there called for the arab world to cut ties with israel while the president labeled the country an occupier. israel took the steps in the region motivated by i am strong therefore i am right it's not possible for us to accept israel's right just as with regards to the steps they made israel is an occupier and it keeps terrorizing other pictures to brief you we have seen here now the israeli ambassador to turkey as he left the country used cruise watched as he underwent strict security screening his departure turkey had to recalled earlier it is from israel and the united states. on the ground inside gaza itself hospitals we here are struggling to cope with an influx of wounded patients in fact r.t. visited one major hospital there with doctors say they are critically short of medical supplies and operating theaters are packed out like. we are facing many bridges. short of the c.v.
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a shortage of medical some of them thirty percent shortage will. mean more than sixty percent and we deal with a huge number. more that our capacity our purpose the twenty beds here in a marriage is about when do thirty million how do you deal with it when the five more than our capacity it's voted situation overclouded all over the hospital. is falling we need extension and i tend. to see about five hundred cases. two hundred of them are admitted to hospital and. i.c.u. is full and we get to extension for i.c.u. and also it's fall but as for too many bass amp waiting for. remarks. by. it's what about the situation and we have shortages
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too many things stuff disposable the israeli security forces are giving their reaction to how it handled the incident insisting they acted in self-defense against palestinian protesters as the violence intensified on the borders of the disputed territories. relocating that u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem was always going to be controversial and it was always one of donald trump's election campaign pledges it's not the only controversial promises kept he the result is donald quarter explain next. promises politicians make them and break them trump has something of a reputation for at least making good on some of his president trump's decision tonight is yet another example of donald trump keeping promises to you the american people the president. has enjoyed shaping his name to any american week starting today so let's give the guy credit where credit is due but here five times trump should have perhaps parked those pledges first up valley into recognized as israel's capital we will move the american embassy to the
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eternal of the jewish people jurors in iran. while the israeli pm proclaimed a day of peace deadly protests raged elsewhere dozens dead and over two thousand injured including children. next up bailing on the iran nuclear deal trumps always been pretty clear about what he'd do when he got the keys to the white house my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with. yeah scrapping the deal and a slew of new sanctions trump expected others to follow but what he got was a multinational shaking of heads leaders who voiced regret said they were deeply concerned and called it an unfortunate step the new deal is not
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a bilateral agreement and it is not in the hands of any single country to take me made it you know not europe's not happy and americans probably won't be so happy about the next thing on trump's checklist either valid to boost the military budget as soon as i take office i will ask congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military the commander in chief has already secured a sixty one. billion dollar increase for twenty eighteen taxpayers also might like to know how that will send the two thousand and twenty deficit to about i don't know a trillion dollars but that won't stand in the way of trump's promise to storm off from the paris climate accord we're going to research all that job destroying obama executive actions. climate action plan share he kept his word but this time the rest of the world just
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struggled shoulders gave a collective mess and it's carrying on without him finally let's not forget that white house one eighty one trump took over from barack obama and vowed to keep america's notorious terrorist suspect prison open for business i watch president obama talking about get right. which by the way which by the way we are keeping open and we're going to load it up with believe me we're going to load it up no surprises there what's more trump is a bit of a fan of the waterboarding interrogation technique even if the u.n. says it's torture in fact he's so sold on it he's lined up a cia pick infamously linked to torture methods but gina haskell is so controversial that police have twice had to remove protesters from her senate hearing for the job so the don's being good on his word fair enough but perhaps the world might be a calmer place if he just occasionally let a few promises slide you know like the others do donald quarter r.t.
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. russia is stressing its concern over the safety of journalists in ukraine in a diplomatic memo to the country it comes in response to security forces raiding the kiev offices of a group of russian media giant detailing its director of the process. in charge of ria novosti as ukraine bureau was detained on choose dave for alleged treason is willing to say they've had nothing of him since you know more details and reaction from correspondent dina cochon of. the security service of crane has a raided several offices for import no fresh news agency. raid started tuesday morning and lasted for eight hours not only the had office of this agency was raided but also other locations including the apartments of joran a list working for the agency documents means of communications were confiscated during these raids and some of them lasted for several hours and much of the house
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the reaction to this of course the russian foreign ministry immediately can damage to this crackdown on during the list but we are outraged by the huge violation of russian journalists rights and once again calling ukraine to stop illegal abuses against journalists under the farfetched pretext of an anti propaganda fight not only russia immediately condemn to these particular searches but also other international organizations as well criticized this particular incident in ukraine representative on freedom of the media raised concern over this raid his concern was also supported by other international organizations and its russian affiliate are you demanding immediate release of to rule the shins i reiterate my call on the authorities to refrain from imposing unnecessary limitations on the work of foreign journalists which affects the free flow of information and freedom of the media it looks like a large scale excuse for
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a government to attack journalists for the distribution of information that is not to the oath or disliking the committee to protect journalists today expressed concern over the ukraine security services search of the kiev office of the russian state news agency ria novosti and detention of the office direct security missions but just in terms of history to this meeting this is the first time listening to russian journalists in ukraine or house or being something of this occurring before in general it is quite dangerous to be a journalist in ukraine back in. twenty fourteen for example ukraine reigned a third among the world's deadliest locations for a media professions in the same year the country actually reigned as the world leader and journalists kidnappings now of course this intuition has changed since then but still it is quite a volatile place for journalists to work now in the past three years several journalists who criticized quite openly the new government in the country were killed and among them were russian journalists as well now ukrainian authorities on
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a regular basis six ballo russian journalists from the country now last week two journalists were expelled earlier in me three journalists from italy from russia and czech republic war deny and treat to the country just a week ago there was another well we can call it a scandal that broke in the country and that scandal involves ukrainian channel t.v. channel and it revolved around a scheduled concert program dedicated to the victory day now the channel offices in kiev where blocked in order to prevent this concert from being broadcast and the ukrainian radicals even issued a threat against this channel so these are just some latest examples that i can give you all reported a coaching of a human rights watch has condemned it is calling on the ukrainian authorities to provide evidence to back up its charges against the journalist told to
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organizations deputy director for europe and central asia. under no circumstances should the government be criminalizing speech and media activities that groundlessly and ukraine i think this is out of line with ukraine's these raids and detentions are out of line with ukraine's obligations to protect media freedoms there's a there's an obligation to provide some kind of transparency about what exactly is grounding treason charges that's an extremely serious serious charge that carries a hefty prison sentence so they better continue to come forward with what it is that causing the grounds for this charge because working for you know working for ria novosti or having a russian passport are not grounds for a treason charge we and other organizations have have been expressing i think more frequently concerns about media freedoms in ukraine and judge him based on the fact that their work to get the website down of last year and journalists who were who
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were either banned or were expelled because of their views that they project a couple of criminal cases that are ongoing on. you for example against what i did and others based on what they you know based on things that people have said or written so i end up so there you know cases of killings of journalists that have that remain unresolved and far so i think we're probably quite what concerned and we were saying last year we'll keep you posted on the main thomas side has another story while many journalists are supporting russian media workers under pressure and you create one american magazine or something really rather more destructive in mind an article in the washington examiner suggest results are blowing up only just opened the crimea bridge right describes how it should be done this go commentator john boston it needs and shows that the us press is in a pretty poor state. it's par for the course the people who pose as journalists in
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washington are nothing more then weaponized lobbyists and so when a lobbying firm attempts to get its bills or its or its funding through for new weapons systems or war systems they often call on one of their engaged journalists to do the dirty work of saying something publicly that they couldn't dare say and then using the right of freedom of speech in america the journalist can call for anything it wants murder execution bombing attacks on civilian bridges and so on so that's what this is and if we're talking about a new level yes we've hit a new low a new low word call by a journalist so-called journalist for an attack on a civilian structure. and is growing over government action in canada or over a self-confessed islamic state execution is living freely it seems in the country after lying to me gratian services he revealed it openly in new york times podcast
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called caliph it before i still fight by the name of abu who left khaled of four years ago when he was the seventeenth of the term he said to his parents he was flown to turkey for a semester abroad for five months after that he joined the terror group in syria he decided he wanted to return again following what he said to rigidly was his second execution but the story's changed. retracted those comments claiming that in fact his killing him and saw either which way officials had hoped his cipher had said enough to incriminate himself as he gave detailed accounts of executing people. well that may not be enough though to charge him it's now transpiring according to documents obtained by a canadian news network canada's prime minister's been fending off criticism of the case and when justin trudeau was asked directly about terrorist return easy thinly shifted the blame to conservatives in the country instead. and is the prime minister going these bloodthirsty terrorist to walk on our streets but throw them
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in jail on stack. mr speaker once again we see the conservatives trying to drum up fear. we call attack when will the prime minister finally imprison isis terrorists instead of the are we going to use canada right ok thank you this approach in the last election by the previous government it doesn't work to try and scare if i could use canadian intelligence estimates around sixty people have returned after joining extremist groups in syria and iraq and while many countries have tough policies to prosecute those who waged terror overseas it seems might just be allowing them to slip back into society is more ghastly of explains. turns out you can't build a caliphate on the foundations of killing rape plunder and more killing they tried tried with bloody abandon but no luck so that was isis jihad ists went home to perhaps start
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a new life while they may have engaged in terrorism abroad and broken the law not all return ease continued to post a threat that may now be disillusioned with the cause the canadian government even has directives on how to deal with them all right they may have dick capitated a prisoner to war a dozen may have repeatedly raped young girls they considered infidels but that's all in the past what they need now is apparently help the intervention team can engage with the return the and the returned his family to open up dialogue with the individual and to help support the return of these disengagement from their radical ideology and past behavior before you go thinking that canadians are crazy no most people never knew how lenient their government was being with murder as terrorists but what really riled the public up is an interview with
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a former jihad just who was left free. you know you have to you know to bring yourself to do illegal carry find funny killing someone. you can have to close your eyes and do you kill you for a reason this is justified you can do this and i can be held accountable now imagine you live in the same city as this guy your kids walk by his house on the way to school that's how many canadians feel this guy is apparently in toronto he is disturbed learn answers from this government absolute doing something . it's amazing people in canada get in. he is in jail for possession of marijuana but a guy who may have cut off people's heads is leadfree because he had a change of hot now that people are outraged his story changed he says he doesn't deny saying them but he's insistent that he didn't actually do those things
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no charges against him have yet been filed if they will be but you must understand what he is not a monster no i says fight is different to any other immigrants they will brings something new to canada those on my words that the prime minister talking and the i need to know how you're going to protect your canadians like my young daughter and you know ten fifteen twenty years from now when you're letting people in with an ideology that just doesn't conform to what we're doing here one of the reasons canada is successful as a country is because we have been open to people fleeing persecution fleeing war zones whether it was people fleeing the devastation of the second world war from southern europe in the fifty's and sixty's italian communities to create communities that the portuguese communities and others just belonging to are
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tourists organization it is it is enough to convict someone there is a serious crime so unless you cannot prove it all the fellow was in isis territory here and use their to. help isis unless you cannot prove that at all you know we. just says well i made up the story then if you can prove that he was actually there you can make a case against a person who prosecuted the person for terrorism and sent to jail if the government were serious i think that's where do you would do but i don't think they're serious about pushing multi-culturalism to the limits is not certainly not a good thing. britain's getting a few spending tips from the u.s. ambassador to london with johnson thinks the u.k. should but shift cash from hospitals and schools and pump it into the defense budget instead health care is always going to be an issue education is always going
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to be nice shoes transportation infrastructure are always going to be issues but how important is it to defend yourself you're going to have to make tradeoffs the american envoy was speaking ahead of the imminent arrival of the first fighter jets that britain's purchase from u.s. manufacturers look at martin it's a nine billion pound deal but it's thought defense teams might look to get that slimmed down a bit as they try to rein in their budget because people on the streets wonder what they thought of the pastor's advice on how best to spend their tax money. i. never occurred to me i was forced to know i don't know ok should i started. this say for me help you know and if enough people should come. far about. killing each other we in britain need to increase. expenditure on military
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yes no less on health we spend more on health and education rather than military to be honest but the way donald trump's going on the night need to military. just seems crazy donald trump is crazy so i think we should meet our two percent commitment. but i think two percent appropriate figure i think there's a lot of american scaremongering trying to flee this country and following their very aggressive for the forest policy. let me that thought was where the news is looking from moscow so far this morning more off you know call from a kevin owen in just thirty minutes time thanks for watching.
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twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so well chance with. the thinks it's going to. united states. and its tax on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military press the countries are talking about. and there has to be an effort to. that country and the leader of that country.
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we have a responsibility for the. weekend to make rules for the. us without us there would be. hello and welcome to cross as we considered i'm peter lavelle is the middle east stumbling towards a region wide war it sure looks like it trumps decision to withdraw from the. ascension to play a cascade of events difficult to manage and control does anyone game from this impending cataclysm.
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cross-talk in the middle east i'm joined by my guest joe laurie in washington he's the editor in chief of consortium news dot com and author of how i lost my hillary clinton with the forward by julian assange also in washington we have joe he is a fellow at the arab center washington d.c. and in london we have to. jonathan steele is an international affairs commentator originally cross-talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate joe lauria let me go to you first in washington i'm titling this program stumbling into war you know the more i think about the events that are unfolding in front of us are so many different angles to look at how a possible conflict could come about what worries you the most in the wake of drums decision to walk away from the nuclear deal with iran go ahead joe lauria in washington what worries me most are two words john and bolton yes john bolton the
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national security advisor has been has been making speeches and writing articles for years about regime change in iran he backs this group which was on the terrorism list state department's terrorism list he now is in the passenger seat with a very unsteady driver and netanyahu has one hand on the wheel netanyahu has been able to manipulate trump very easily i think like taking candy from a baby with that ridiculous stage performance where he claimed iran was restarting their nuclear weapons program they all know except maybe trump that that's all rubbish that the i.a.e.a. has certified that they were they were complying with the deal this is why there's been so much hysteria in europe and they tried mike carona came to washington they all failed he pulled out why the pull out one could only imagine is because they are planning a regime change in iran and i think we're seeing all the signs of that you know one hour after trump made that speech in which he said he was get.


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