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body for the very first time they've never travelled out of a country people they are representing their country at a world cup so wielding as a world cup look it's a bit on the streets to change the way the streets of a sea change the way the streets of new treat it will be welcomed with open arms washoe most of the most vulnerable children the world of the streets will walk up and though they will host a brilliant people walk up because they go big they don't also jealousy and they were already well there will. be watching aussie international thanks to the company the south and a more news from us in just. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. a champion. and
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a russian mob stuff. show you how. long the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction living you need to transport. that will help the heart of crimea faster most of those you won't go cold more familiar quite a bit but. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the road signals. for a very real need is really.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure more some more want to us. have to go right to be for us to see what the forecast for you in the morning can be good for. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question. nice guys are ok you know what a rube goldberg machine is right just like a mouse with like fifteen different ways to get the ball through the hoop down the
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slide over to the roundabout and then joel. donald trump yes stacey that was a rube goldberg opening nobody knows quite what she said but i'm going to start with the donald trump tweet and nobody ever knows quite what he's saying either and that is president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone companies e.t.e. a way to get back into business fast too many jobs in china last commerce department has been instructed to get it done this is a story highlighting the capricious nature of a us dollar empire remember we've had this exorbitant privilege for the last forty years since one nine hundred seventy one since we went off the gold standard we've had this exorbitant privilege as charles the goals of government pointed out that we were able to basically print money and get free goods from the rest of the world and this worked out quite well for a very long time and led to globalization and a rise in global living standards and now it feels like once we erected one trade
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barrier one basically barrier by a swift to this financial this dollar financial system a few years ago against iran and at that time our guest jim rickards said be careful what you do because if you use this weapon too often things could fall apart but this story about c.t.e. what happened to z t e m a massive chinese telecoms company that got destroyed overnight by the u.s. and now is trying they're trying to resurrect it is an interesting one right well you know china's taking our jobs so here you. is very near to having just been elected and he's making sure the china gets our jobs he's exporting our jobs back to china it took him back but now he's putting him back he's next so it is like a rube goldberg machine in that sense and it also reminds me what happens when you have a global economy that's completely tied together just in time delivery like
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a gordian knot of trade if you try to move one little part with a sanction or a tweak here it affects the entire ecosystem of all global trade but it's not like we're living in the eighteenth century or something where you put something on a ship and takes a few weeks to get to the other side and all were going to some of the trade in gold now it's all instant same leases especially the block chain coming into the mix is instant taney asli settled upon the execution of the trade it's instant settlement no banks even so trump is like wallowing in there like a drunken boris yeltsin liked trying to figure out like. dogs. right and he's like completely bamboozled himself is fooling himself and it also reminds me in the u.k. when they have a transportation system set up in different divisions so them that one company is doing that railway and other companies doing the stops along the railway and they're competing with each other in the u.k. privatizing these components of their transportation system so then they compete
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with each other and it doesn't work you can't get from point a to point b. because there's two separate companies or five separate companies competing with each other to stop you from getting to your destination so you end up with a are really a system is broken well here trumps applying the same for cocteau logic to global trade and looking like an idiot of course here is a us dollar based trade system that has benefited us immensely yes we have lost a lot of jobs but we've got receive a lot of goods for free here i'm going to show you the consequences of imposing sanctions like they did on c t first i'll tell you about. chinese tech giant on brink collapse of. apps in the u.s. cold war this is from the new york times want to china's most internationally successful tech suppliers with about seventeen billion dollars in annual revenues each facing a death sentence the commerce department has blocked access to american made components until twenty twenty five saying the company failed to punish employees who violated trade controls against iran and north korea so they had already paid
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a billion dollar fine then they said they can't trade use any u.s. parts many of their components for their various products that they make are actually from the united states so basically they had to shut down fire seventy five thousand people around the world and seventeen billion dollars from the global trade system evaporated but the point is that because of this as the new york times points out as the chump administration threatens a trade war to stymie china's plans for promoting events industries the firms to vale's are proving an apt demonstration for china's leaders of exactly why the country needs to be more self-sufficient in technology chris lane a telecom analyst in hong kong with sanford c. bernstein believes that china now has the resolve to whip its semiconductor business into world leading shape even if it takes a decade to do so quote they're going to pour billions of dollars into preventing this from ever happening again he said in the long run strategically this might be worse for the us than the current situation so he's going to force china into the
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arms of iran forcing germany into the arms of russia so he's creating a multi-polar world which means a multi currency world which means block change but calling world the biggest loser is the us dollar in america yet in this case of course the u.s. corporations have benefited from the semiconductor business that needs microchips from here so it's helped us manufacturers the u.s. companies u.s. employees now he's forcing. out a business or is trying to bring them back into business but he was forced out of business because he couldn't you. u.s. parts but remember there are many many other nations the world and they all look at this and say well is there going to going to be a point where we're going to suddenly be cut off should we build our own manufacturing system to rely on any u.s. components when it's it's quite possible that trump or whoever come becomes president next could do the same thing right no that is that's inflationary because
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up until now it had this huge deflationary wave of globalization and the us dollar is a single source of borrowing which is then tied to the yen and you can get money for negative renters trades but if everyone splits off of their own separate five times they're going to rebuild and replicate everyone's manufacturing capacity in five or six different countries that's written inflationary that means that the u.s. dollar bond market the u.s. treasury market now at three percent the highest it's been in years it's going to five or six percent i mean every mortgage in america is going to go out of business do you bank a new report it's going out of business it's insolvent that'll set off another two thousand and eight firestorm of global banking collapses it's happening now where's the money going to go big point about that iran sanctions story this is another story that happened capriciously likely that it was so like the the kings of england before the magna carta like it was very whimsical and like i'm going to be head that enemy of mine i'm going to behead my cousin because he insulted me at you
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know thanksgiving dinner. now that they thanks i'm not going to thanksgiving dinner at your house so you're worst of having like a burnt turkey breast but here it be had it but here is another article about the consequences of using that sort of power of pulling the trigger on the power that you have to cut people off from the u.s. dollar system time to break free from america this is from a blog called irrationality and you know air bus has ten percent of their components are made in the u.s. so just ten percent of their components but because of that because after all those years. a negotiation is in there rainy and dale and he decided to add a whim via tweet to just knock off that system and europe has billions of dollars of new trade with iran airbus has a billions of dollars deal so suddenly airbus can't do this and look at the consequences these are things said by french and german ministers french foreign
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minister johnny. complained that quote we feel that the extraterritoriality of their american sanction measures are unacceptable the europeans should not have to pay for the withdrawal from an agreement by the united states which they have themselves contributed meanwhile french finance minister bruno demand asked yesterday do we want to be the assholes who obey decisions taken by the united states while clinging to the hem of their trousers or do want to say we have our own economic interests and remarkably the article goes on to point out that because of these the rainy and sanctions they're actually disgusting in very high levels in europe among the ministerial class of devising an alternative to the swift system again this is really important to the demise if the fewer dollars you have circulating the fewer the less power you have to mess up the system and destroy your enemies by cutting them off from the swiss system is censorship enabling right
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if the us doesn't like is doing astonished they can cut him off from all credit if the us doesn't like what's happening around they can cut him off from swift right that such a ship enabling that goes against everything that you would normally believe is the story with free trade so america is on a free trade country its not a capitalist country sonic believing in competition it's a monopolist country that believes in monopolization and then like to use the dollar as their bludgeon to beat people into submission and if you try to get out of the dollar whether it's syria iraq libya or iran just actually said they're getting out the dollar to go to euro boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom why dollars collateralized by vine. and ultraviolence i believe it was under obama actually that they first cut off somebody from the swift system and again it was it was jim rickards who has done extensive writing and research about the dollar and gold in f.d.r.'s and he said that was. we could rule that day that we did that because yeah we we were like yeah we won that battle but we could leave
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here the records is not the matter well as they point out european politicians are now considering what measures they can take to protect themselves from american efforts to force them to comply with american sanctions policy according to demand the e.u. is considering various avenues one of these he says involves looking at europe's financial independence what can we do to give europe more financial tools allowing it to be independent from the united states connected with this is a proposal to set up a purely european finance house to oversee euro denominated transactions with around and again that guy is the french finance minister you know in your denominator transactions the rent call up tony to libya bit pay and you can do bitcoin transactions with iran between germany and europe all day long for zero percent transaction fees and no restrictions whatsoever get with the twenty first century germany don't let america take france but never get rid of all the troops by the way germany that's a huge drain on your economy you don't leave us troops. were ever so i mean
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interestingly this system that we have now this with us dollar based system was basically set up because of the french finance minister under de gaulle called the fact that america had this gold standard and yet a dollar standard as well on top of it that they had an exorbitant privilege and they called back the three hundred million dollars worth of gold and that set off in motion the ending of the bretton woods agreement so here they are calling again they're pointing out like hey this is where it's subject to these crazy there's a goal moment is another de gaulle moment but quickly in the last headline here this is from reuters and they're talking about again these iran sanctions and the consequences and that is iran oil sanctions. could it vance china's pet show you and this is from reuters not from os china's position to be a chief beneficiary of the u.s. decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal as it would give china leverage to demand oil imports be priced in un several currency experts said on thursday so just just as invading iraq and spending lord knows how many trillions of dollars
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killing lord knows how many hundreds of thousands because we're not allowed to audit how much we spend we're not allowed to audit how many we killed but the fact is it benefited iran here again we're going to benefit china is like a blundering empire not that it's unique to the us every empire does the same thing they all become hubris thick and think they can now bully everybody rome did it spain did it britain did it everybody thinks they could do this and this is never different it's always the same yes always history repeats or rhymes whatever well they had a lot more crazy stuff going on the second half so don't go away stay right there. twenty four you know bloody revolution. demonstrations going for big.


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