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this is. for you bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. debt downwards.
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europe is prepared to use its most powerful tool to protect e.u. companies from u.s. sanctions which washington wants to impose on anyone doing business with iran. a new approach to russia and quitting the euro are among the plans confronted by one of the parties poised to form italy's next coalition government. and the media reports now suggest that the in the long process they sample of the nerve agent used in the souls of poisoning that's despite the u.k. previously claiming russia was the only country possessing.
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given to you thanks for joining us here on r.t. international. the e.u. has announced it's set to use its own economic weapon to block the u.s. from sanctioning european firms doing business with iran the u.s. has threatened to sanction any european company that deals with tehran you commission president john klobuchar said the brussels could for the first ever time impose the so-called blocking statute banning any e.u. firm from complying with foreign sanctions. put of work as the european commission we have the duty to protect european companies so we now need to act and this is why we're launching the process of activating the blocking statute from one thousand nine hundred six we will do that tomorrow morning at ten thirty start off with just what is the blocking statute well it's the strongest weapon in the e.u.'s legislative arsenal when it comes to tackling sanctions placed upon businesses and
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entities from the european union the law itself goes back to one thousand nine hundred six it's never been acted but the closest it ever came into operation was back in ninety six when the u.s. was considering placing sanctions on european businesses importing things and doing trade with cuba what we are going to see is that on ten thirty on friday morning a really written version of this law specifically for the current situation regarding the threat of sanctions against businesses who will continue to trade with iran what may have been but final straw and pushing the european commission towards implementing the blocking start shit may well have been these words from the french petrochemicals giant to tell saying they weren't sure whether they were willing to risk sanctions by the us total will not be in a position to continue the s.p. eleven project and will have to unwind all related operations before the fourth of november two thousand and eighteen and less total is granted
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a specific project waiver but the us authorities with the support of the french in your opinion authorities are speaking at a summit of e.u. leaders in saffir the french president emmanuel mccann vowed to protect european business of that of that we will work to maintain the framework of the twenty fifteen deal in spite of the american decision and we will do so in a concrete manner by maintaining our political engagements by ensuring that our companies can stay in iran and also by getting all parties to pursue negotiations were a larger indispensable deal. but despite the words from politicians in the action of implementing the blocking statute that still hasn't stopped other companies from already saying it they weren't going to do any more trade in iran we've seen ali answer the german insuring giant say they were going to pull out they also alongside the danish shipping company maersk the pull out by donald trump from the
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iran deal that unilateral decision to take the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal that really has soured relations between some of europe's leading leaders if you will and got merkel said just this week that europe was at a crossroads when it came to its relationship with the u.s. it certainly seems if it continues down this route it's a route that doesn't bring washington or brussels closer together. italy's five star movement has confirmed to r.t. that it's preparing a draft resolution alongside its euro skeptic ally the lead party to form a coalition government quitting the euro and lifting sanctions against russia appear to be among the major issues proposed after the document was leaked to the media r.t. show other dubin ski has details. many people see these two parties who are from the left and the right side of the political spectrum as being quite radical parties they're anti establishment they're anti e.u.
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and already that leaked document and it's details of course some jitters on the stock market with many investors selling off their italian assets when those leaks were put online so what's in the document what's causing this vexation they want to leave the single currency that would mean quitting the euro they also want the european central bank to write off some of italy's debts with two hundred and fifty billion euros they also talk about russia and relations with the country between russia and the e.u. saying that they want to scrap the sanctions that are currently in place against russia and want to see russia as being a trading partner and not a threat and also quite crucially they want to revise the e.u. migration rules that currently exist which mean that migrants have to apply for permission to stay in the first country that they set foot on well we have had confirmation from the five star movement that this document is authentic but we've
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been told that it isn't all document and there have been revisions since that was dated on may fourteenth however we are aware they've told r.t. that there is a final agreement that's already been put in the new agreement on russia but we don't know the wording of that yet but one certainly to watch out for given the tensions between the european union and russia so why is there anxiety about these two parties coming together is seen as being anti establishment and some fear that the suggestion that these two parties could form a governing coalition in in italy could actually threaten and destabilize the euro zone if you think about it italy is one of the three. crucial members of the euro seen including france and germany and if you think of it as being a three legged stool if you take one of those legs away then it could just completely collapse all around and that's what many people fear will happen with
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these two parties if they come together but let's be clear they haven't yet released a final document they're still working on that they want to form this governing coalition so that italy doesn't face fresh elections that there still seems to be some sticking points before that government can be formed. the rounds oprah glasgow lecturer at the school of political science at the university belong your thinks that if the deal is actually implemented it could influence the policies of other e.u. countries i think the key factor here will be what the actual action of the government will be if a government is in place with this platform so rather than the words written in the agreement i think we'll have to see whether this government. actually starts starts governing starts running the country and which policies it actually tries to put into action so this could have an impact on other countries both in terms of the
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rhetoric towards europe and in terms of specific actions. there's been a possible game changer in the script poisoning case a new report by german media suggests that burleson obtained novacek decades ago that it shared it with his allies the nerve agent was used in the incident involving expire. the u.k. blames russia for that attack claiming it was the only country that possessed the substance on his political has more on these revelations. the headline grabbing revelation in this german media report is that the german intelligence agency the b n d has handed a sample of the novacek nerve agent since the early one nine hundred ninety s. it was apparently brought over by a former soviet scientist moreover according to these reports the sample was analyzed in sweden and then it was passed on to germany's nato partners including the u.s. and the u.k. the german media investigation also says that this goes to show that russia has
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been producing novacek which is something that moscow categorically denies but coming back to the formula itself it appears to have been a pretty badly kept secret earlier this month the czech president milan stehman said that the czech republic had produced and stored albeit a slightly different strain of the nerve agent to the one used in souls brave but nevertheless that country shouldn't be hypocritical about this. small amounts of were produced in the czech republic we know well and we know where it will be critical to britain such a thing never. however politically moscow has been cast very much as the unequivocal perpetrator of the soul's bre attack to reason may said that it was highly likely that russia was behind the attack on the script take a lesson where all called for news about the identity of the culprit no other
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country has a combination of the capability the intent and the motive to carry out such an act there is no calls at all alternative explanation yet but. this is. close even likely able to forgive. the bill explosion that's what the politicians have said but the head of the government here in the u.k. that was analyzing and identifying the sample of the nerve agent used in the attack porton down the head of that government lab hasn't been able to confirm the origin of the nerve agent itself used in salisbury and now some news outlets are saying that these revelations show that a whole wrong countries have had a sample of this nerve agent for nearly two decades now and as one of the newspapers that published this investigation has said this british theory that the
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poison could only come from russia shows unjustified confidence german media says that those behind the first to go should have requested comment on the revelations from both the german and swedish governments but berlin so that they wouldn't discuss the intelligence issue or stockroom said it's not aware of any involvement. the greatest witch hunt in american history that's how donald trump has labeled the ongoing investigation into election meddling comes after the republican dominated u.s. senate intelligence committee concluded that trump was elected with the help of the russians something the president himself has strenuously denied. the russian effort was extensive sophisticated and old by president putin himself for the purpose of helping donald trump and hurting hillary clinton so we've heard this story countless times but at this time the bipartisan republican led committee found that
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there was collusion now how is this different from every other story well republicans on the committee actually agreed with fellow democrats that not only did russia interfere in the election but the influence campaign was apparently directed by president putin himself to elect donald trump however just three weeks ago the house intel committee also a bipartisan republican led committee found that there was no collusion the committee found no evidence that meetings between trump associates and official representatives of the russian government reflected collusion coordination or conspiracy with the russian government now the democrats completely dismissed the committee's assessment saying that it was incredible that republicans couldn't see collusion throughout the investigation committee republicans chose not to seriously investigate or even see when in plain sight evidence of collusion between the trim campaign and russia and guess what democrats have pledged that they'll continue to investigate this collusion so now there's three separate investigations all
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contradicting each other and we're not even taking into account investigations conducted by the department of justice homeland security other congressional committees and of course the infamous muller investigation all those who found. or something who ever found there to be something could not explain what it was so you have to give an idea of the ludicrous major of this a number of organizations or. tribunals that found no evidence of wrongdoing. some that found at camps desires and the ones that said yes we found something i could not tell you what it was that they found an american activist against police brutality claims that he's secretly being monitored under new f.b.i. program the full story after the break.
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free trade country it's not a capitalist country. believing in competition it's a monopolist country that believes in monopolization and they like to use the dollar as their bludgeon to beat people into submission and if you try to get out of the dollar whether it's syria iran libya or iran.


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