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proved to be very nice. to say limping games and from my point to you there were no problems so i can assure you that we were going to do our best together with the british representatives as far as the relations concerned of course i mean they are on a very little level. it's it's always a difficult you know to just assess it but speaking frankly i'm optimistic. it's i hope that. the time will come when the relations will be much better and the reason for that is the people of britain because you know i have so many friends here being a few years you know there want a good relations so it's the only thing left is just to convince the government. people the.
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guy just ask you when to sell. your. rule you this. year. i'll tell you it's it's very difficult to assess because there were so. that they could probably move to some other countries you know to the u.s. to stray or to some others you know there were a lot of speculations but we don't have any official position of the u.k. on that matter and i think the best proof that everything is all right with them is just to see them. all maybe you will join us you know on this on this endeavor.
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do you. want to. see susie's. us home. business circles are still the same to you. in business we have very close contacts the average growth of the trade between russia and e.u. east today is twenty percent so the trade between russia in the us growing. will be russia you kid something like fifteen percent so this year you know we have a growth and russian companies are investing to britain and to britain through the british and resting in russia so basically. if you call the business is the big chill i think we have a good bet chappell from their point of view we have good relations on this
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scientific operation and the british royal society is working very hard you know with the closely with the russian academy of sciences. on the god's will side i don't see any problems at all because we are planning a little bit submissions and next year this will be the the by letter all year of music and i could expect you know more and more concerts on the military side we don't have any contacts with the british counterparts because all the contacts between the military are broken. why because the british side decided to expel all the. members of the military and to shut except the one person the military attache all the rest were called spies and they were removed so basically you know that in the world affairs there was a sense of person. cross city and we removed also all the military from moscow so
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basically the channels of the coming occasions a very limited. but on the other hand in order to have some kind of a back channels you need to know the substance you have to have something. what you're going to discuss for the time being i don't see this kind of subjects for discussion and that's why the military channels. they are closed and we mostly it rely on our contacts in the needle in brussels so this is the only bit broader formant but that's what we have to do. on the political arena. so there was a statement though for prime minister me that she's not going to support any official contacts with russia it means that there will be no contacts on the. level of the head states on the level of the minister for the fares. but the only
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channel that exists this is the british ambassador in moscow and the russian ambassador here in london and we're working quite hard with the foreign office in order to discuss questions that mutual interest so from their point of view you know on the political side there are some kind of a call back channels but i call it official channels but on a little. it was a cool lives in the business i don't know if it is difficult to say but. it's. it's something extraordinary happening you know in the relations and i hope that the of the conservative government will assess the situation in the right way
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and do something with this policy. because. once you name russia as enemy number one. it's very difficult you know just to develop any policy with russia today. thank you. please. run sometimes. i understand mrs grip on the mind of game he's a wall. was a nation. mr struble. visit most will to see has not been born in. i'm not aware of this information but. what i know for sure that he missed a script out has a russian passport he doesn't need easer and he can come to russia in state.
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you know a year or two i mean whatever she wants he wants to stay as long as he wants so basically at the run new limits for his stay in moscow and there are no restrictions in time of coming so that's why you know but i don't know you know i didn't know his plans. maybe he had this kind of plans maybe not i don't know. with the usual twenty. well lisa or. well as a human being you know i understand the sister because you know you like any member of the family you know she worries about for sister this is first as an official. that gives me additional question why'd happened. because from my point of view that the refusal was politically motivated we tried to help victoria screw part to
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come and i wrote in the new note to the foreign office in order to make all the necessary arrangements for her to come to the hospital. but that lists a request so we're left. without any answer and a little bit later we understood that she was denied the visa. come on. then we'll come here sorry. we have this kind of contacts with the foreign office yesterday i had a long conversation with the new political director mr roger moore
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and we discussed the the reagan question we discussing the we were discussing these so-called g.c. people a. long abbreviation. what we want we want to understand and that we want to hope that that land and the portress on that land in europe will have enough political will to resist the arrogant american policy. and work out ways to compensate the extraterritorial impact of the same actions so well protecting european companies interests. i told him that so we're planning to continue to business with iran. because in any case. russian the rain in relations will develop further and we hope that iran will be
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fully integrated. in global that it chains which will be the guarantee for its sustainable and peaceful development. we have also discussed the question of. the full feeling by iran i mean the membership of the round in i.e. because britain and russia believe that the russian state you know i and also the so-called additional protocol to the. that is very important because we see this as the two nuclear powers we see this is the part of the nonproliferation process and this is very important so in short yes we have this kind of contexts we're discussing a lot of questions and for us it's very important. it's good that. they're here.
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this is their. business. and. be the. easier this time. these. groups of people. will see. we're still involved. and. fortunately. i wish you the last group of rebels with it would leave this year unfortunately it's not the case but first of all they discussed this what i see from the reports from moscow they discussed the situation in syria in jail and of course all of us know that ninety five percent of the territory of syria's liberated and not so many things left and i think we're moving in the right direction this is first and putin said
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yesterday that since the military success is really very encouraging. he mentioned that it's time to. to be a little more active on the on a on the on the side of the political settlement political process and as i understand sitting with him and he told that he is going to send the group of the people to the united nations in order to make a contribution to the constitutional. committee in other words the they are going to talk about the in this committee about the talk to the debate to talk about the amendments to the car situation or you know some kind of was changes but this will be done on that there was a system of the. the united nations my personal impression is that. they are moving
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along the lines of the u.n. security council resolution which was adopted on syria and one of them in you constitution and in the near future at this is the elections under the auspices of the united nations but today the key question of course the peaceful life in the areas where we're liberated. i think that the situation there on damascus is now much better for example in eastern duma we got the information that sixty seven thousand people came back to to the good east and good and that's a good side so on the agenda for syrian government is the of course the economic rehabilitation of the country and i think that the world community should police role and we're trying to do our best we just recently supplied syria with the two thousand five hundred tons of the human uteri and aid but
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definitely we need the you know the contribution from the contributions from the world community i'm not going to talk about the. unlawful sanctions which were put by the european union in syria which prohibits the supply of the medicine to the just the regular people i'm not going to judge all this question today we are concentrated in first of all. fighting with the terrorists. second political process and the third humanitarian and. and the economic recovery so i'm i'm up i'm optimistic in syria and the things. they. like i would just listen that see why the russian ambassador the u.k. alexander bank is speaking at the russian embassy in london. talking at length about russia u.k.
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relations and a large chunk of that press conference which is still ongoing was about the case the russian spy who was poisoned along with his daughter a few months ago but he's now been discharged from hospital today russia again stressing that the u.k. to feel its international obligations on this and the fact it should allow russian authorities to at least see. to check that they are ok he says that's part of the vienna convention he also talked about issues about iran and also mentioned the world cup too when stressed that any u.k. fans coming over will be welcome so that's a summary of what he said it went on for about forty five minutes or so we'll be back with more news part.
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i can tell you i have killed thirteen people with missile strikes and there are one thousand six hundred and twenty six unnamed enemies that were killed in all the missions that i completed and i know that i know that for a fact and i know each of these persons was a human being they had a family they had friends they had lives and we ended them the possibilities are endless. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside god's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the
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passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million a plum fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what will chance with. the face it's going to. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who create interviewed by the social simple song alone even if i come to niggas full elsewhere though they invite private companies to take over the utilities many by the telus drop of a leg so miss you guys you got to be a while in the program have to go by ben this is us to quote them out of your corporate overall roberson or your valuable bill of bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but
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it's also over much more than war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. girls and their debt down wars the war and all. summit are no summit that's the question north korea's threat of a no show in single for on june twelfth is a reminder to washington with north korea will not merely cave to american demand if there's going to be an agreement it's going to take time and patience. about your sudden passing i have only just learned you were a south and taken your last term. here at the time to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned
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on each. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral on the same as one enters in mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to you now because there are no. it. seems that mainstream media has met its make. how i. look look all.
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right look. look. look. the russian spies are going to power he was poisoned by nerve agent in the u.k. over two months ago he's discharged from hospital says he's still being denied access to him in violation of international law. also the german chancellor angela merkel is on an official visit to russia with iran syria and ukraine topping the agenda and the european commission figures never before use legislation created more than two decades ago to shield european companies from the u.s. sanctions on iran.
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and i welcome you watching our senior national just going at four pm here in the russian capital now the german chancellor angela merkel is in the russian black sea resort of sochi to make it in iran syria and ukraine a set to dominate the agenda there were a lot easier to try and care is following the visit. angela merkel is getting together with vladimir putin basically just days after donald trump said goodbye to the uranium nuclear deal and perhaps that is a good reason for the two leaders who both want the green light to stay no matter want to have a conversation about it and add it to their usual ukraine syria agenda. i think it's not right to unilaterally cancel a deal that was agreed upon that was unanimously approved in the u.n. security council that diminishes confidence in the international order so donald trump's deal exit almost automatically meant that american sanctions against iran
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were coming back and german business leaders who thanks to the iranian agreement in the first place had rushed to do business there even asked the chancellor to protect their economic interests similar calls have been heard as a result of reports in the us media that suggested that the american president has really been pushing the german government to abandon the north stream to gas pipeline project for the direct deliveries of russian natural gas to europe reportedly mr trump's administration even threatened to reconsider the trade agreement with the european union going back to the upcoming summit in saud she said they weren't going to bring up and tell you russian sanctions but we do understand that they may be mentioned as soon as ukraine is mentioned speaking of syria just
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a few days ago while addressing the bundestag the german chancellor said the conflict there cannot be resolved without involving all colleen's of partners internationally but for some reason she didn't mention the us into business and all of the middle of the civil war in syria and this fight against islamic terrorism has asked latent from the original conflict to an international one. which cannot be sold without russia turkey iran saudi arabia jordan and europe previously lot of are probably in angola merkel have met more than two dozen times on some occasions there were signs of friendliness and i others it was just pure diplomacy. but right now when thought she was giving a joint press conference with that image putin so let's listen. germany has been one of the key foreign trade partners for russia and its second after
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china. last year the turnover was up twenty three percent in january february two thousand and eighteen inch it was up another thirteen percent. investment corporation has been strengthening the total amount of russian investment to the german. economy use more than eight billion dollars and german investment more than eighteen billion u.s. dollars this is almost five percent of all foreign direct investment. c. into russia you know it's almost five thousand german companies operate in russia with a total. revenue of fifty billion u.s. dollars. two hundred seventy thousand which is. people. in hundred russian companies operating in germany. we believe that you two governments need to continue supporting the developing the mutual try industry and
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technical cooperation has been one of the key areas are corporations when you discuss the full spectrum of are a couple of the energy sector including infrastructure projects in the north stream which was also discussed. not scream to you i mean we've always treated this project. exclusively economic quantum. project which. has been run by economic operators. and again. no political interference has been imposed on this project and once we launch north stream two we will continue to pump gas through ukraine.
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which. chancellor asked this question and as i said we will continue to pump gas through ukraine eve he's economically feasible and viable for the companies that operate this project also have great cooperation in the cultural communitarian area the regional municipal. towns tween towns have been. held this year where also the russian season. that's a program that will be launched this year but also have done meetings think petersburg dialogue and the german russian forum were also discussed about key issues of international agenda change opinions on the situation. around the iranian nuclear deal are true the united withdrawal by the us.
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change opinions. in the middle east. certainly discussed the. syria crisis. we both believe that we need. to promote the political process including of the geneva platforms need to work together to stabilize the situation on the ground and continue to provide humanitarian aid to the people of syria we praise germany is. ready to take part in restoring economic. physical infrastructure in syria but any must be rendered. in approval with illegitimate authorities we also talked about ukraine the minsk accords are the only two could be used to resolve the crisis and will continue working as part of the normandy for group who
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are also continue to. provide us support for the minsk contact group. who are also instructed our governments to. look again deploying a un mission to. secure. the mission in ukraine and once again i would like to thank german chancellor who are very constructive in sincere exchange of opinions that was timely and very useful. to me. once again. twenty summit and we had a very friendly dialogue and we talked about their bilateral relations there are economic ties. and the things that the president cover at the st petersburg
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dialogue i. emphasized that the issues of the media freedom of media are important and i asked to reconsider some of these issues also the freedom of culture we are happy when there are active ties between our cultural institutions and science institutions this community this. cooperation is very important and between our civil societies as well we. continue with these exchanges open exchanges we also discuss the things that we disagree on of course we discussed ukraine. during our talks and i know that the minsk accords exist and that's the only foundation. which we should use to continue to work on this crisis they were serious or violations of
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the ceasefire agreement last night so we need to figure out details of the un mission to this region our foreign minister should continue this work that would be a great success for stability in the situation in eastern ukraine. so that we could make some political steps who also discussed the role of the. gas transit through ukraine and to convince that. germany and minister of economy confirm that that after north stream two is finished the role of ukraine as a transit state will have to remain because it's a very it's a strategic point for us and germany's prepared to participate in that process. we are also looking at north stream to this new pipeline as an economic and
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