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and we're quite happy the downing street issued a statement as to why they were joining the a i b bricks bank which is seen as a retaliation in a way to the world bank and i.m.f. downing street here said we don't always do what washington says but to raise me the minority government leader here in britain when there was a visit from the chinese president here said we will not go for the built in road initiative and then it came out that washington was telling britain not to drive belt which is a in terms of post brics it plans arguably a disaster seeing as britain will obviously have to make deals outside of the e.u. and china is defacto the the main economy that one desires to trade with as for europe if tusk is saying that he's fearful of china that's hardly embracing the built in road initiative so whoever is it rising them actually you know who is advising them maybe some of these big audit firms which also have many problems
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look together with them so maybe the same big four that it telling european politicians in brussels in strasbourg little own down the road from here in downing street beware of beijing you know want to get yourself out of and start trading with the communist party of the republic people's republic of china whatever goes around comes around option tang's the host of going underground on r.t. we thank you so much for your kind amount of time you spent with us appreciate it. and as we pause for the promotional cause stick around because when we return just the government of chatter looking for love in all the wrong places as they seek to improve their image will last argues on your part bill and the host of the big picture here in our hear america holland cook plus what does having no one at the white house in charge of flybridge purity meet plus there's another facebook breach todd shipley the c.e.o.
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of various software joins us to discuss both and as we go to break here are the numbers of the closing bell the dow the nasdaq and s. and p. all down today and oil is the only green arrow on the board we'll be right back. i can tell you i have killed thirteen people with missile strikes and there are one thousand six hundred and twenty six unnamed enemies that were killed in all the missions that i completed and i know that i know that for a fact and i know each of these persons was a human being they had a family they had friends they had lives and we ended them the possibilities are and. the united states can always. move its noons and its tax on other
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countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries attorney talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the. and so we're going to make rules for the rest. because without us now we can. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i dived. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put
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a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else on a because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well more transfer. and peace minute. welcome back more on the wells fargo beat this is like a full time job guys keeping up with these folks so early this am i'm reading the wall street journal and there is this huge two page advertisement for wells fargo it's a great advert it's right here and talked about the female chair at wells fargo a first for a top u.s. bank and i'm thinking good for them put your put your best foot forward and then
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two hours later the bad boy bank was back in the news as reported by the very same paper the wall street journal's wells fargo employees as the journal reports in the bank's wholesale unit altered information including social security numbers and other customer data without customers knowledge the additions and changes to the data reportedly occurred in late two thousand and seventeen and near the beginning of this year this year so get this just as the bank was reeling under the latest revelations of wrongdoing and their effort being to demonstrate and confirm their compliance with the consent order imposed by regulators over insufficient safeguards on money laundering some bank employees thought it was just a really dandy idea to alter data i mean i can't decide whether or not to cry or be frustrated it's a tie i guess wells fargo has reportedly been in contact with the office of the comptroller of the currency regarding the irregularities. the vice premier of china
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lew he'd met earlier today with u.s. president donald trump as negotiator for paired to attempt a resolution of the simmering trade war the director of mr trump's national economic council larry kudlow signaled opposite some optimism earlier in the day about the meeting and talks treasury secretary steven nugent will leave the us side of the ongoing negotiations while fifty billion dollars a new import taxes the tariffs against china. could goods could be imposed at any time after next tuesday china seem to offer an olive branch going into the talks announcing this morning that regulators had approved the sale of a chip making unit of toshiba to a group of investors organized by the u.s. firm bain capital remember mitt romney is part of bain capital they're the file this follows another possible suspect sign regarding china as it's reported an indonesian company partnering with the trump organization on a hotel and golf course project in indonesia announced
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a state owned chinese company is their newest partner the news turns heads given mr trump's harsh rhetoric and because the chinese consider the deal part of president xi jinping is belt and wrote a nation of two greater economic ties with these regional neighbors. and we're almost a year after the u.s. made the determination that the governor of catarrh is a leading funder of terrorism and the subsequent trade embargo placed upon the nation by four middle eastern neighboring countries bahrain egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates the u.a.e. in an effort to change their outcast image katter has made some public relations and media moves to improve things one such move was reported this week that the government of katter is seeking to acquire a ninety million dollars stake in the conservative media outlet newsmax which is owned by chris ruddy a friend of u.s.
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president donald trump according to reports newsmax recently has been publishing sympathetic news reports in opinion coverage of catarrh such a headline which reads katter's amir promises to step up ties invest up to two hundred fifty billion dollars in the u.s. is catarrh looking for some public relations love in all the wrong places where we're going to figure it out with holland cook and with anya perm pill thank you both i mean you've been covering the story. what sort of in. fluence are they trying to place and i know it's not just on the us but what's kind of trying to do here well they're buying influence in many ways the new york times just happened to have reported a few hours ago bart that a company called brookfield properties is close to reaching an agreement with cushion or companies which would essentially amount to a bailout concerning a troubled property kirshner companies holds in new york qatar owns the second largest stake in brookfield properties and kushner companies is of course run by charles kushner father or. husband of the volga trump that's one example but with
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a little circuitous currency is there isn't a jihad in another boat but a very bizarre story which broke last week actually rapper ice cube and his business partner jack required to claim quote that it could tare investor in their big three basketball league try to get access to steve bannon when he was trying to white house chief strategist and that the investor was a front for the qatari government basically what happened here bart is this investor promised five million dollar investment in the big three basketball league and then one span it will because business partner happened to be close with bannon but when bannon was ousted from the white house the money fell through the the investors didn't follow through on their it and then told him to get after it was clear it wouldn't actually get them close to the white house that's not. a circuitous hollywood media veteran you look at all this are they taking a page that could tarries from you know the old book how to win friends and
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influence people dale carnegie's old book if so are they doing it the right way your time will tell but this list under just to keep open and all the same people with the golden handshake don't you it's enough to make you wonder if they're kissing up to trump because there is no marketplace dearth of right wing media first of all qatar already funds al jazeera and you've got your fox news channel you see our t.v. that did. it'll think with mark levin and ailes and o'reilly were talking before roger ailes passed away and frankly fox news was vulnerable they've been moving sean around the last you know who the n b c gretta left so there's been a bunch of moving parts over there and their shares have suffered so maybe they think there's a media play with fox vulnerable but there's no shortage of shortage of right wing media out there so it's not like they're filling
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a void well on you to follow on what hollande said so. whether or not they are going to be good or bad for them it just seems to be that all of this coverage of what we're doing right now and what's been going on this week can't possibly have helped and chris ruddy not only president trump's friend but a member at mar a lago the president's club were supposedly he met with the tories to negotiate this deal he says there's no truth to this now but is this whole debacle just that a debacle and maybe they wish they hadn't and gauged in it this story at politico was based on information brought by two sources who apparently had a close early information about the deal they were working on the negotiations so it's it's possible that somebody planted the story in order to generate negative press and kill the deal because if chris reddy is denying charities well if chris
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reddy is denying it it might be suggested it might not actually happen right if he's going to go away deny this deal i doubt we're going to hear in a few weeks that it actually went through but who knows maybe that's possible but as you say it is ironic because they're out there the qataris are out there trying to get in good with the white house and get positive press but then when these stories of how the deals fall through once they're not going to get the connections they wanted it doesn't look very good old. media is saying and i know i don't recall it but i know you will something about you know all in all news is good news even if it's bad news long as they spell my name right or. and it's finally come to this point there's fake news about fake news and tower of power saying there's only so much oil in the ground maybe they're trying to diversify newsmax is a profitable entity they have big web traffic they've got the cable channel on direct t.v.
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and files on line they've got the magazine etc and the hill reports that they're on the verge of assembling a fox greatest hits team where they're going to have o'reilly on at his old fox time eight pm after gretta at her old seven o'clock slot they've got five pts rejected eric bolling coming on at nine and get this ten pm sean spicer so stay tuned oh my gosh can't get any more exciting unless you're watching r t america holland cook on your per pill thank you both for your time sure appreciate it you bet commish. in one thousand nine hundred ninety one the first web site went live over the internet today there are more than one point two billion web sites and nearly four billion users logged on last year we're becoming more connected and at the same time more exposed to criminal elements the nine month study estimated that annually
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cyber crime nets more than one point five trillion dollars in revenue even as cyber crime continues to rise the trump administration's decided to do away with the top cyber security official at the white house seems like a mistake to me but perhaps that's just me let's ask an expert joining us to discuss the impact of this decision is todd shipley the c.e.o. of vera software who's been with us before he so great to join us from reno todd thank you for joining us again it seems strange to think that no matter. how many times we see it a little bit of time passes and then government officials almost seem blahs a about cyber threats do you what do you make of the president's national security adviser john bolton's decision to eliminate the top cyber security post at the white house well thanks for having on seven embark well i think we have to look at what that position was actually doing and if you look at the position over the past decade in the past several different administrations what effect did that job
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position actually have and i think bolton actually looked at this and said it's not doing the things we needed to do a good friend howard schmidt had that job under the previous administration and he was able to do a lot of things in the space of making recommendations but he had no real authority to make change within government and over the course of the numbers of years that he was there he actually made some good recommendations but there was no way for him to implement those things and so i think what bolton did is he looked at his position and made a decision that it's not affecting anything that we're doing and we have to find a better way to control the cybersecurity issues on the global scale that the government needs you know currently to affect the change that needs to be done you know it makes me think you know regular boom busters know that i worked in government probably for too long to really thirty years but to have a position at the white house is a lot different than having cyber security experts like at that apartment of paul and security just the proximity is important and so you know i get concerned about
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it do you think the government is actually doing enough forget about the role of the top role are they doing enough to protect not just government cybersecurity threats but the rest of us. well i mean that's always going to be the thing that we have to try to figure out i think government wants to do the right thing and i think that they're trying but as this example if he's removing it and he doesn't have a plan in place to solve the problem then he's not effectuating any change that's going to be good for you and me so we have to wait and see what his plan is which hasn't been truly announced yet as to where he's going to go with this dispositions gone it was a you know minor level position within the white house really but we've got to find a better position in the white house to make the changes in effect cybersecurity the way we should be done what will cross our fingers here's what i know about government if there's a hack on government pretty soon there's going to be some positions filled real
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quick let me ask you before we go what about facebook's they've got another p.r. problem it was announced that another row gap on the site grabbed three million users this is additional users their personal data as someone who works and talks to law enforcement all the time about data protection side bridge how should companies be dealing with this todd. well i think they have to understand what other companies will do to get personal data facebook's problem is this is just one of probably a dozen different companies at least that have done this we've all seen those things on facebook that say what kind of pirate would i be or what kind of dog would i be and you go off facebook to take a survey where the problem is they get your log and their credentials to facebook and then they get personal information that you provide them not realizing that it's a secondary or tertiary company having no affiliation with facebook facebook needs to think about these things and what the privacy issues are and the protection of are there are there are customers data is going to be and prevent these things from
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occurring so that can't happen anymore it's already done our information is out there that ends up being the problem but facebook needs to take far more progressive. actions against these companies and prevent them from taking the data without the individual user understanding what's going to happen with that data. todd shipley c.e.o. of vero software thanks very much for your time that's it for now thanks for watching look at it next time. in twenty four to you know bloody revolution to to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just go ahead i mean you know i was put to do it through the media and the bill is that i'm spoiling you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took part
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in this to do over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. shows seem wrong on all levels just don't hold. any new poll that is yet to stamp out this day becomes active. and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies move to me this is what some people saw on events like on the biggest elsewhere they invite private companies to take over their utilities any part of.
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the actual issue goes to go on the program because. this is. where you. brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than the war it's about the hurt and the redistribution of our west. their debt downwards they want all. the people are confirmed dead in a school shooting in texas two unfortunate officials say the suspect is now in custody for service hour an hour to
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a german chancellor angela merkel is on an official visit to russia with iran and u.s. banks in the discussions but it's not all about politics here and saatchi house merkel and the cement their decades long friendship and vowing not to let disagreements room things run former russian spy who was poisoned by nerve agent in the u.k. is discharged from hospital however moscow does say still being denied access to him in violation of international rule. can you watching r.t. international now let's start with the news that a papal have been confirmed killed in a shooting at a high school in texas let's get the latest now from california and here in the united states four scallop just run through then what do we know.
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well at this point the reports are indicating that eight people are dead but the death number could actually be as high as ten the ten number is not yet confirmed but at the moment it appears what happened was that around eight am at santa fe high school which is about thirty miles south of houston texas a shooting began people heard popping sounds of gunshots there is one eyewitness a student has said she was in her art class and one of her classmates walked into the class and began shooting at this point we were seeing a life flight helicopter is on the scenes and the school is being evacuated students are being taken elsewhere to a nearby high school where they can then reunite with their family members of the school is being evacuated we know the bureau of alcohol firearms and tobacco is on the scene as is the local sheriff's department now we are hearing that in addition to those who have been killed there are two individuals who are in custody one of the individuals in custody is reported to be the shooter according to the assistant
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principal of the high school the shooter has been arrested and secured and the engine is no longer being treated as a as as an active shooter situation appears to be secured now we understand that in addition to those who have been killed there are a number of injuries among those injured is a police officer whose whose wounds are being treated it's not being indicated how serious those wounds are however the majority of those who have been killed are students so all eyes are on the scene many different reports are coming in people are wondering what will happen next but people are waiting for details to emerge it does appear that the shooter is a male and a student at the high school and the majority of those who have been killed are students now with support to put this in the proper context sense the beginning of twenty eight teen there has been on average one school shooting every week in the united states that's one school shooting a week since the beginning of the year let's take
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a look and kind of review some of the recent incidents of mass shootings in the united states. in other news tonight german chancellor angela merkel is in the russian black sea have resort of sochi where she's been meeting that imitates in a few hours ago the ladies held a news conference and answered questions from journalists with more on this is
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a for trying. it didn't seem at all especially at the very beginning like to political rivals internationally i mean we're meeting here and saatchi when angola merkel stepped out of her limousine vladimir putin was standing there with roses and that was just when the newly reappointed russian prime minister dmitri medvedev was walking out of the building and the chancellor wished him good luck in russian and. then later during the press conferences both leaders kept saying how you know political differences can stop them and their countries from being partners if not friends fifty well we have to teach an interest to maintain good relations with russia and maintain dialogue is crucial and i want to underline that if we want to look we need to kind of in dialogue there are many topics when we are united states which germany is one of our key
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trade partners we just started by german goods in higher volumes which supports jobs in germany cooperation common enterprises these are essential factors influencing the lives of germans and russians. but the russian and german governments do have a whole lot of issues between them from the ukrainian crisis to even the script all cases and in one way or another all these issues were brought up during the talks or the press conference however since donald trump said goodbye to the so-called iranian nuclear deal berlin and moscow do genuinely see eye to eye at least on one issue you know. germany great britain france and all our colleagues in the e.u. support the iran young nuclear deal and we are sticking to it we from the european side are discussing the situation with iran the agreement isn't perfect but it's better than none we should continue negotiating with iran and on that we are united
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. a lot of our protein and angola merkel promised to make an extra effort to make sure that the nuclear agreement stays in place now moving on to sanctions usually when you hear. the first thing that comes up on your mind is anti russian sanctions but so to say the season is different but since economic sanctions and all other kinds of punishment you can think of have become the favored toy or rather the whole what it calls of the donald trump administration we've been hearing about all kinds of sanctions against iran even against russia and even against european companies that deal with russia and those that deal with iran and in this case a joint russia german project called nord stream two for the direct russian natural gas deliveries to germany is now in jeopardy blot
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a man who was asked about it his reaction was cause and he did point out that the issue of north stream too is one of the very things if not the only thing where the obama administration and the donald trump administration share common ground with. the u.s. position on the north stream project is well known in this case we say a rare situation of the white house actually agreeing with the legacy of the a bomb or administration. well on a lighter note it was also in sochi where a meeting between merkel and produce an eleven years ago generated a lot of headlines and that was because the russian president back then brought along his pet labrador and many western journalists though portrayed the move as putin playing psychological games considering that mrs merkel has a much publicized fear of dogs in a later interview though putin did claim that he never knew that and had apologized for the incident as soon as he found out he was our correspondent did mention earlier both leaders have
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a long history of coming face to face. with . the russian president likes to drink german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can exchange i have also gotten very good smoked fish. here on angela from time to time sent me a couple of bottles of rather good beer. now the e.u. is firing back at the u.s. following washington's unilateral withdrawal from the iranian nuclear deal the
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european commission is triggering legislation to protect the u. companies doing business with iran from u.s. sanctions it would also allow you firms to recover losses arising from u.s. actions as it has instructed the european investment bank to facilitate even vestment in iran. the european union is committed to mitigating the impact of u.s. sanctions on european businesses and taking steps to maintain the growth of trade and economic relations between the e.u. and iran that began when sanctions were lifted but is more aghast you have takes a closer look now at the siring relations between the us and e.u. and the latest move by brussels. no arguing with it america and europe had something special a relationship unlike any other they did everything together condemned rogue regimes slapped naughty countries with sanctions even they wanted to get.


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