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tv   Documentary  RT  May 18, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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dual european commission is triggering legislation to protect e.u. companies doing business with iran from u.s. sanctions it would also allow e.u. firms to recover losses arising from u.s. actions as it has instructed the european investment bank to facilitate even investment in iran. the european union is committed to mitigating the impact of u.s. sanctions on european businesses and taking steps to maintain the growth of trade and economic relations between the e.u. and iran that began when sanctions were lifted at his murder gas the ever takes a closer look now at the sarin relations between the us and e.u. and the latest move by brussels. no arguing with it america and europe had something special a relationship unlike any other they did everything together condemned rogue regimes slapped naughty countries with sanctions even they wanted to get we have a very strong relationship with our friends and partners our friends and us
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administration we have a really great relationship blow through and life and this is this very special relationship this is us almost too good to be true and it seems it was money trumps all now that america has unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran it could start sanctioning european states companies that haven't the to do business with iran e.u. leaders merkel mckone others tried to change trump's mind with love. thank you. except love has nothing on money europeans and facing american sanctions that's not very nice is it not
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something friends would do looking at the latest of president. bush that. europe has. had enough they stand to lose cash because of america and they won't let that happen. operative word as the european commission we have the duty to protect european companies so we know me to act and this is why we're launching the process of activating the blocking statute from one thousand nine hundred six. what you're a business doing is using a statute initially developed to circumvent washington's trade embargo on cuba the law basically protects european states from laws or sanctions implemented outside of europe if you can see a political resolution prompts bully boy tactics haven't gone down well in europe
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the block is finally showing its teeth. what do we want to be able to be blinded to what americans tell new or do we want us europeans to say economic interests move want to have economic relations with russia what can you say every relationship has its bumps its just that some bumps and in divorce. ok let's discuss this a bit further to now with the best the secretary of the european movement cane joins us in the event we welcome kate we're hearing there from that package not sure how much you heard of it but the e.u. says it will protect european companies from u.s. sanctions with this so-called blocking statute do you think it will be effective. well i have grave doubts about that i think commercial companies will balance their trade with iran and their trade with the u.s. because it's not just a question of trying to protect those companies against u.s.
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sanctions but of course it's the question of those countries trading with us companies them themselves i mean i hold no brief for iran because it was substantial evidence that they have been supporting some very nasty terrorist groups and clearly that should stop but this nuclear deal signed by all five permanent members of the euro of the security council of the u.n. plus germany plus the you was the best thing that could be done to try to stop proliferation of nuclear weapons under that deal. wrongs nuclear a uranium stockpile was going to be reduced over fifteen years for the next fifteen years by ninety eight percent and it's a massive step to try to limit the spread of nuclear weapons in
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tress of global peace and there's a great tragedy to see the u.s. stepping out from that with regard to the economic situation many companies in good faith invested money in iran billions of dollars in iran on the basis of this agreement that was supposedly backed by the rest of the world but now that's being pulled from under them and clearly many think that's just not fair how can we trust the u.s. in the future of this is if this sort of thing can happen. well i think there is a mercurial ism in u.s. policy at the moment sometimes typified by the president waking up in the morning and tweeting something and then by mid day he's changed his mind or is backtracked from it which is making any kind of global planning and global assurances very very difficult indeed. i know that he slapped down john bolton recently for having said something really quite outrageous about iran but
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you have to look at this in the historic context i mean the whole of the issues the problems in the middle east today are frankly directly as a result of the psychs pekoe agreement and the resolution of the victorious powers at the end of the first world war that's one hundred years ago. and we have seen the problems develop from there iran is a country which is civilized it has well educated people iran is a sort of country the west should be embracing as a partner in trying to resolve the middle east but not withstanding as i say obviously a precursor that would be that they've got to desist from supporting these very unpleasant groups like diversion and all that that they have in the past just very briefly badly will it affect u.s. european relations do you think or is this something they will get over. well i
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think in the interests of global security countries find a way of working together but there's no doubt about it i mean this this is damaged the accord between the united states and the european union but not just the united states and european union to remember you know this this was signed by all the permanent five members of the security council including china and so this is damaging not just. the the west west relationship with if you like but also east west relationships too so i rather hope that even at this late stage the u.s. will have a change of mind on this and realize that actually the deal was a good one for the world ok keith it will have to leave it abbott's a very nice to get your thoughts i was keith best secretary be european movement you can thank you thank you he would r.t. he will have more news for you after the break and then we'll have
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a new leader of the five star movement who has officially unveiled a proposed coalition government fast and more storms just off the back. plate for many years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager. and spending to the twenty million or one player . it's an experience like nothing else because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game i grew to want more chance for. going to. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to us of the
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world of politics sports business i'm sure business i'll see you there. welcome back now the former russian spies could have powell who was poisoned by a nerve agent in the u.k. has been discharged from hospital he and his daughter were admitted on march the fourth after being exposed to a substance known as choke in the city of seoul spree which could have pearl was once a russian intelligence officer but was stripped of his rank after revealed he was spying for the u.k. in two thousand and six he was sentenced to thirteen years in jail however he was released four years later in a high profile spy swap and he moved to the u.k.
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the russian ambassador to the u.k. though says russia is still being denied consular access to him in violation of international law. unfortunately we don't have access to these people to sort through books or the russian citizens if they don't want our assistance for him but we want to see them because for the to put to do what we just saw the pictures nobody heard their voices nobody saw with for naught we don't know surrogate script power has been discharged from hospital we know that the medical team of said that he's going to be continuing his recovery outside of cells where a district hospital in terms of his location well that's a closely guarded secret we can assume that he has been whisked off to a safe house much like his daughter yulia square pile was back when she was discharged from the same hospital last month she's been kept well away from the
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public eye and out of the glare of the media and i think we can expect something very similar with a surrogate script pile to happen that in itself is very interesting given the massive scandal that they're poisoning sparked and the diplomatic fallout that we've had as a result between russia and the u.k. take a look at how the for the poisoning of the former double agent and his daughter has unfolded over the past two months. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against and to the script.
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that can be no suggestion of business as usual in relation to our interaction with russia mr speaker this action has happened against japan. the drop of a well established pattern of russian state aggression and in regards to where the novacek came from well the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yack event i was just saying in that press conference that as this story unfolds more doubt is being cast upon the u.k. government's continuous assertion that it could have only been moscow behind the attack take a lesson. from for example from the from the czech republic from the president torture there's certainly more to follow the tour was produced to. do simply that fuses bro this to resent me that russia is the only country that was cubical of great things. was wrong scotland yard has released
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a statement saying that the counterterrorism investigation into the attack continues and that they're keeping the progress of it under wraps but perhaps most importantly what's interesting here is that despite the huge scandal and the political fallout that's ensued as a result of what happened in salisbury on the fourth of march and the diplomatic expulsions of the war of words with the kremlin and it is that investigators in this case are still none the wiser as to who the assassin was that smeared that nerve agent on the script aus door handle of their house in cells very. program for italy's new coalition government between the euro skeptic five star movement and the far right party northern league has been unveiled becomes after more than two months of political deadlock following march the fourth elections which resulted in a hung parliament or europe correspondent peter oliver has more to turks it's been
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called the contract for the government of change it certainly puts out plenty of change in those proposals now this was published. the five star movement it's part of their coalition agreement deal with the far right league and north party should they agree then world those two sides get to put forward a prime minister and it's up to the italian president then to decide whether he gets his vote or her or she gets his vote and they become the next prime minister if that makes sense that's where we are it's seventy days on since italy had an election it's this is the attempt to try and get some kind of consensus government now the preliminary versions of this agreement that had been leaked over the last few days while they were criticized in the media as being either you all pro russian we can now have a look at exactly what was in what is in the proposal so they will be no unilateral
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exit from the euro zone or the e.u. there won't be any referendum taking place on italy leaving either of those two they won't ask for two hundred fifty billions you are worth of debt to be written off but there will be a real your go see a sion that will be attempted we're also looking at potentially a huge overhaul of immigration policy within the e.u. particularly the dublin treaty italy wants to see big changes there the both five star and league ignored wanting to push that through should they get it ok in the go ahead on this government they also want to see the scrapping of sanctions against russia and russia to be viewed as a trade partner not as a threat now if we look at the the versions that were leaked previously there would immediately was in there it's worth noting that isn't in the official final version the team published on friday and there's also talk of any universal basic income that would be seven hundred eighty euro per person living in italy that's going to
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see seventeen billion euros worth of public spending but also and ask for cash from the european union have to keep an eye on that but this is. certainly going to be if it gets the green light a government that goes head to head with brussels there's going to be coalitions here particularly when you look at the ideas that are being put ahead to scrap austerity and to get back spending public money that is not going to go down well in either frankfurt with the european central bank or in brussels it in you head office. is all of the reporting let's get some live reaction now from milan because palin could maltese there he's the regional secretary of the northern league and along but he joins us. good evening wealth and welcome to r.t. thanks for coming on firstly how happy are you then with this agreement because it did take care of a long time to negotiate didn't it we don't go out of time because because. you
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know that you are a lot of majority of the parliament we are trying to be the majority a lot of time also because are not just goes our talking about also because five stars. the we are inside the. room and we that was corneas or we have lost too much time. there's no mention is there of a referendum on membership of either the you or the euro. was that something that took a long time to negotiate or was that something that was easy to agree on. i don't know if we will ask for it but the we nor surely that we gave every ear to the you know you know much more ornate then how much will we get becker from the european union saw our cow tree account that every year
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around the yourself able to be european union surely for we are to lose. billions of euros every single day we would like to not get travelers from european union consuming but we'd be very much for free so it will we be and we get big problems maybe we do today we will work out tree was pretty stupid. again and there is a controversial proposal to you here though the removal of sanctions against russia how do you think brussels react to that. so i think of we are not to be on one europe that sanctions through russia use this because of how long is it about the we are having it we are apply sanctions to russia what the words there is out now think this sanctions are useless and even wars that because
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our economy get troubles with the sanctions to russia for which reason because in creamy have a there are for in the event decided to be irrational k. that in castle yet they're afraid this site could be no more are syria nobody asking. sound shows to do cause a lot of money you know or someone else so i don't understand the wife or son countries ok. the second what they are and include me or i have it not the big not to be able to the see. many people now are saying italy has a populous government do you feel you perhaps represent a growing movement in europe latine particularly just feel no no no we just represent what's going on in italy. so first of all police ok this is a media. war the democratic government.
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the did we learn. because. there are five stars and. we have together more or less sixty sixty percent of the deputies in the parliament so for us the more we are elected by the way i think of at the next hour when we last european election or the european parliament when we see that it's not just the need to leave that. we've got a movement more a lot of people at the bar and many other seem you know we've asked with good movement they are very. creative he could against the euro be. ok looks like we've lost. that was old believe it for now it's obviously technical problems the original secretary you can order. now let's go back to our breaking news story because at least eight people have been killed and several
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wounded in a shooting at a high school in texas the local sheriff there says the suspected shooter is in custody and another person has also been detained. there was no first. but it could be anywhere between. the local sheriff speaking a short time ago with santa fe high school authorities say the incident took place early in the morning as the first classes of the day were about to start most of the victims are students and the shooter is a student as well according to police an officer is among the wounded we're told were in force and officials are currently searching the school for more details on the incident the governor of texas is on his way to the school and is expected to provide more information at
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a news conference there. and of course we'll be across that for us throughout the evening that's how the news is working so far today thanks for the company we're back with more in half an. hour. and twenty four to you know bloody revolution to to correct the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here i mean you are liz put video of the new bill is that on the splenda of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took part in this did over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. led .
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level warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of big stone and. the new socks for the tell you that it's not because of the public but files of the most important day. off the bad guys and telling you on the cool enough to buy their products. are the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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this non-callable show has been looking enough to travel to many of the thirteen countries that have qualified for the fateful world call but there is one that stands out above will five times world champions welcome to brazil. itself in christ the redeemer looking out of a beautiful rio de janeiro to one of the world's most iconic studded humans the american are.
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welcoming to the american all-star year they saw iconic venue is hosting to famed for world cup finals the first in nineteen fifty one one hundred ninety nine families and people stadium to the rafters and then i was here it's a witness i'll bring the media tribute in germany be argentina one nil in the two thousand and fourteen edition they say it's quite an incredible venue. something about pizza at one of the rights and some of the museum wearing the famous brazil shirts and hats in america we have a big right man joining us on the first episode of the stan collymore show he means very little introduction they king of soccer yeah he played on some to sing some paolo but he made a lot of history here in the stadium that's the ball of the one thousand. and that's the ball you. he scored over a thousand goals but there's a famous one is a penalty penalty. they scored a goal with her majesty the queen came to the american all when made it perfectly
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right through this before and right i think. five she came here on the cd sixty eight ok they were sponsored a product of a construction here in the city and they came here she was a fan of fela playing and we made a match for nick we hear the king of soccer and the queen of england with. the queen and the duke of edinburgh yeah that's that's the seats i mean the gold mine hundred in these match for the queen one year before number one thousand. nine hundred gold. genius was the walkway of fame. on the sign of the great manager of the team in knowing. and here. i'll go or donate. but we know we see how.
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she deals with his dad every time when i was eleven dad was the reason. really. always want to not see the forest for a little bit because. you know i'm forty years old i still get emotional when i. said. i have to give you a big hug. the reason why i wanted to be a footballer so. imagine rewarding to be eleven year old kid and watching this. and these teammates do quote things that i've still never seen on a football pitch and this was one of the football but it was a plane that will cope the coke sportif. i'm very lucky to
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have a very good football career and played with and against some incredible people but zico was the man when i was an eleven year old inspired me to play football so more oh please god first how good was the brazilian team of nine hundred. there and usual that do it if he doesn't if you do i not only was it was made already. to. study them but as you. call it for specific i guess for players like. the brazilian national saying he looked like so for now. but he was you hero in that famous brazilian shirts omero mill. rolled out of the
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flamingo. when they were it would be forty. years of us on brazilian you. did. was just coming. in. on me. nearly and i'm. cool. with british style here you. know via the lives. you mean. if you haven't. lost the push to do them as those emotions rolled out of. me and you know you know. look. if you're talking about food football historical documents it doesn't get much better there are
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journalists that will of course write great books about football and there are many many great books but for one of the fee for greatest players of all time to document his own goals his own performances i have never seen this before so this is the world. i grew up watching in this incredible team so we have. arland seven new against the irish russia in sylvia isn't easy. producers from seville. fall to the freaky island roll down to the island row all this is for you remember days this is the months let's look at the great man who's written him so one more full one. in severe yet one free kick no was on the phone oh yeah argentina in barcelona to the no three one.


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