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women and i are in hospital one of them was being operated on the others are being studied their case is being studied we don't know yet but we will know soon. they have promised a full investigation top cuban authorities were on the side on the scene of this tragedy the president himself precedent. was just been sworn into office he was there the minister of transportation was there everybody was there trying to help and figure out what happened it's a tragedy by all means it's a local flight a passenger flight that airlines had leased from a mexican air company global air i understand is the name and on the crew was a mexican crew also. but a very very sad situation indeed a boeing seven three seven with more than one hundred people on board. so what looks like becoming italy's next coalition government spearheaded by the
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five star movement and the lead party unveiled on friday a radical program designed to water the course of italian politics in a way that could cause concern for the european union as donald quarter explains brussels a sweating a bit more than usual these days and it's all because italy's new euro skeptic government doesn't intend on playing by the e.u.'s rules it is important to abide by budget discipline and especially for its only to continue to reduce the deficit it is important to stay on track. being good to tambien also means being a good european citizen it needs to be repeated out loud especially now the left wing five star movement and the right wing northern league party formerly fringe now turned government majorities are promising italians a government of change confronting the e.u. on immigration austerity and taxation from europe we have the unacceptable interference but until it's officials now is the time for legality secure its you
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and push backs with courage we will succeed in returning citizens the rights and returning its elites who plays on the european stage the new government's plan for edley and europe is everything brussels doesn't want people before economic obligations as a senior official of the northern league described it they're demanding a debt discount an expansion of welfare programs and a reduction of taxes which would be a big blow to the e.u. as wallet italy is also telling brussels it's had enough bearing the burden of the migrant crisis on top of that they're challenging something that's been a constant in the e.u.'s foreign policy for some years by saying drop the sanctions against russia last time brussels saw a similar rebellion was when an anti-establishment party took the reins in greece when an anti austerity sarees a party came to power what
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a headache it was for the e.u. greed. said we didn't reach an agreement it was never on the cards that we would. we didn't even agree to disagree from where i stand but the greek experience could hardly have been considered a win for euro skeptics series about under pressure and agreed to a renewed austerity program in italy it seems both parties of the government coalition are getting along so far after they finalize their programme they'll just need approval from the italian president if approved it would be the first e.u. founder state to be ruled by a euro skeptic government and that's starting to give brussels bigger worries than it originally had we have to brace ourselves for the worst scenario and the worst scenario could be no operational government as if the absence of a government in italy seemed bad enough for the e.u. it could be soon contending with a major member state in all out rebellion donald quarter r t well the
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stock market reacted negatively as the program contains a number of radical economic proposals and we spoke to a representative of the knowledge likely center right coalition we came to the point where the final contract that is included in the most important things from the two parts we need this to come down also the country and be able to state into the we're being a you know in this strong way we are very focused on. democracy three that low we respect our alliance is we want to be part of the e.u. . being stronger as. it is aussie international so with the world's media gushing over us today is royal wedding in windsor we take an alternative look in just about.
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we have to judge countries and leaders directives. so we need more objective but the reality is. you know media tries to get the facts but also leave. their worldview so this is where social media and direct communication comes in unfortunately it's sometimes called fake news or something but it's sometimes
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a different world view. powerful people. and it's good if you did join us today it is a big day for many in britain today as prince harry is marrying former t.v. actress meghan markle but with the world's media gushing over the royal celebration . takes a slightly less reference look at the wedding and the latest episode of her online show. in case you missed it right on my day and this is a marriage that looks like it will last the average length at least. britain's prince harry marrying american actress meghan mochel gives the global media a reason to pretend that no one has ever heard of a wedding before and the public a chance to get angry about stuff they could not get about the setting of the
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ceremony is it wins that cost so it's been described as a humble step saying that in westminster abbey yeah it's just a humble cotswold one truly impressive is signaling turn off thousands will be coleman is i mean around inside the grounds of the cars so nowhere near the actual ceremony that. people from a range of backgrounds should be herded in like the noah's ark of present unconfirmed reports suggest that at least one class and from every race there prince philip cousins silted will be represented each man will be treated to a sausage roll and a cup of tea but they were told to bring their own picnics as wells and they don't call us out before seeing one true privilege looks like claims but not to the rolls and see will cost an estimated twenty thousand pounds but for the lucky people of his field to spoil they need to remember that the lemon in the cloud cake that
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we'll guests are going to be eating inside this fifty thousand pounds price now where they're getting those old room service magen go anyway well a little been made of the fact that she found a black mamba but who cares about them when there is only loki to have the royals have been swimming. in a very shallow gene pool for the last hour he is so he needs them outside help maggie and is a self described feminist which she'll have plenty of time for now being looked after by her husband exactly how and steve's now is selfies and hung. the great unwashed verizon says to. take questions posed by the media can make the market save the morning save it from war. money. magazine ok. it's definitely what you can mag and. i don't think he likes he's going to be
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a princess. princess skin be a prince. it is our international the u.s. is refusing to support an international probe into the mass deaths of palestinians on the israel gaza border america blames the hamas group for the deadly clashes of the past weeks and voted against a proposed investigation at the un human rights council the us ambassador nikki haley gave a statement suggesting the u.n. has more and more important issues to deal with these days at a time when venezuela lurches to a dictatorship iranian prison staff thousands of political opponents and as many plans and has taken place in burma the un so-called human rights council has decided to launch an investigation into democratic countries legitimate defense of its own border against terrorist attacks it is another shameful day for human
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rights recent protests in gaza have seen fifty eight people killed that's according to the palestinian health ministry with israel being condemned for its actions turkey's president or the one who brought it there made genocide against against the palestinians while the iranian leader hassan rohani called for a united muslim front to stop israeli crimes and the rallies continued on friday with thousands gathering along that border fence. the israeli army commented on the recent clashes via twitter saying that his troops had responded to rioters throwing rocks with riot disposal mean sound fired live rounds selectively one of this week's gaza violence was a fueled on tuesday by the anniversary of al nakba
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a day that symbolizes the displacement of palestinians and we spoke to one palestinian witness of the very first jewish settlers arriving on the shores of what is now israel.
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cluelessly in the number of palestinians killed or injured in those rallies horrifying most of the missing villains have nothing to do with any minute show and i say they just want justice and to return to their ancestral lands which are occupied by israel and they want the world to know about the fight for justice the princess's ranald israeli army had not reacted so disproportionately it could have been some form of agreement people would have just gone home all the decisions on the palestinian problem made long ago shrine to un resolutions if israel agrees to comply with them there will be peace in palestine. and the. us president donald trump has been accused of racism in the media but it turns out his comments in this case was clearly taken out of context. people
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coming into the country trying to stop it. but we're taking people out of the. streets. these are people. these are animals. i want to share with said yesterday when he was talking about sanctuary cities in california these are animals and a lot more. immigrants animals and it is a very slippery slope when you start. with people it's what the nazis did it's what slave owners did it's not what americans do. now i says the only law enforcement agency cannot use our databases to find the bad guys. will think you're. in this for i don't know if they. pressure him. people coming into the country trying to go shopping.
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we're taking people to you wouldn't believe the street. people. your animals well. took to twitter to lash out against the media who had taken his words out of context retractions on some of those apologize to trump well the political cartoonist ted rall says that some media outlets simply have too much of an agenda . the credibility is very hard one whether you're an individual or you're in a good organization and it's very easily lost and it hurts me i think and many people in the world of journalism to see these media credibility being squandered this way i mean what's even more disturbing is that you can attempt to do a good job as a journalist but you're smeared and tarnished by the behavior of organizations that are chefs pounding their preexisting narrative whether or not the facts bear that
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narrative out well thank you for sharing some of your saturday with us here at international more of your top news headlines at the top of the hour. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people is available to us but there was one little question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and a huge amount of pressure can remap do you have to go meet the center of the beach but tell me would you and will so will the great game. get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets passed to you we need you to get the ball going let's go. a low as i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on south
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appreciate me to just say to redo the aussie team's latest edition to make it up as we go so i need to just say look. what we've got to do is identify. the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. level one hard selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle of things don't. produce talk to try to tell you that because of the public myself of the most important day. of the hof
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advertising telling you i'm not cool enough to buy their products. i'll go hawks that we along with our loved ones. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners spend spend each religion twenty million one ply a. book it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what chance with . that makes this minute.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent of the market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only boom bust.
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in early february twenty fourth as the made crisis was getting more violent there was a phone call that was intercepted it was a call between the secretary of state for european affairs to toria nuland and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine geoffrey pyatt questions of credibility. private chats between top u.s. diplomats was leaked online i think. you know what he. i just think. working for you. probably. so you had this remarkable phone call.
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of the u.s. government apparently talking about a coup or how they were playing to restructure the government of ukraine. exactly i'm not saying the whole u.s. government feels that way the there is there is division on this but the neo conservative element wants very much to change the strategic dynamic in eastern europe. very smart people and they've been at this for a long time they came in around the issue of propaganda they studied how to create hot buttons for the american people they had this experience when they were getting the american people to get excited about central america back in the. regular army . forces. and they've been applying those same strategies ever since they remain very dedicated to achieving their goals they still want to get rid of certain governments they want a regime change in syria for instance regime change in iran. very skilled at this
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and they have a lot of allies now inside the news media inside the government and that means the . they can do a lot to control the narrative of any story so i think in america these days we have somehow told ourselves that there are a lot of ways of dealing with these problems other than hard power lattimer putin cares about hard power the neoconservatives can now demonize a leader of a country that sells with the american people so you don't just sort of argue a policy you attack the leader so the neoconservatives became very skilled at picking out leaders finding their ugly traits and then highlighting them yet a cold bitch you might say was a rather clunky political leader but you make him into a devil he's totally corrupt and he's evil and he wants to kill people in the made in these wonderful white headed demonstrators so you get a black cat versus white hat and then you keep repeating that basic scenario and it works with the american people got to realize what vladimir putin is he's an old
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k.g.b. colonel it wants to restore the russian empire you make them into demons and the american people find that the way they can understand the world once that happens it's very difficult for a journalist or anyone else to say you know hold it there guy he's got more of a great happen a white hat or a black at and if you say that you suddenly or you're unico which apologist or you're put an apologist and and then the attacks come on to the person saying it the journalist the academic or whoever. any good director will tell you that tempo and rhythm are the most essential components to hold an audience's attention . some are. pretty mean you know with my them. you must you suck it out of the news a. at the chester club will you. it can also be called a method of betrayal when the allies and followers are relentlessly thrown into the
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revolutionary flame. the idea is simple when the preparation work is done the trigger just needs to be full the second machine into full motion. the murder of politician rafi curry every lead to the cedar revolution. looking back at the mysterious poisoning of viktor yuschenko right before the orange revolution of two thousand and four we see now that he became a sacred victim himself. most political analysts believe the compassion of the ukrainian people at that moment tilted the scales giving him the presidency. the number of victims among the protesters during your own my don totaled over one hundred they are called to the heavenly hundred all the sacred victims were immediately mythologized. the beating of students on nov
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thirtieth two thousand and thirteen was the obvious trigger of year on my dime. those who sent train provocateurs to the square very well realized that peaceful protesters were the ones who would get hurt the most. it's hard to keep protests going for months on end tension subside and people inevitably get tired. holidays are also a big danger for revolutionary masterminds people want to be home with their families and friends and one needs to get inventive to keep people in a cold tent city. on christmas day of two thousand and thirteen tabloid journalist and political want to be taught the on a chart of all was chosen to become the tool to whip the protests on my down back
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up a civic activist in journalist known for investigating corruption among senior officials was beaten outside ukraine's capital on christmas. her heroic deeds as a reporter looked more like petty crimes trespassing on the presidential residence of victory on a covert age leading the rioting crowd to seize the key of city administration building breaking into a car of the security service of ukraine it looked like tatyana was more interested in making news than reporting it and gaining name recognition that could be turned into votes for her struggling political career in the opposition party fatherland she gave the world media a christmas present in two thousand and thirteen when she was cruelly beaten by unknown assailants on the road despite the fact that in just three days all the suspects were arrested and confessed to beating tatyana during a road rage incident world media kept insisting upon the political background of the crime instantaneously tatyana became
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a heroic martyr uniting people around her image the beating coming amid political turmoil in ukraine this is draw if protest you're on my done was once again center stage and talk the ana in less than two months after the assault she was already healthy enough to attack the office of party of regions the party of victory on a covert each month used to be jealousy much in the people and when that doesn't this is a disability which in the view of the god it was like the grief is if one of the staff members sixty five year old i.t. specialist in flat emirs a heart of was killed during the attack. so where is tatyana now well she finally got her position of power in the new government. one month later the time for another act in the play came. armenian ukrainian protester sir gagne go on was one of the first to arrive at my don he wasn't radical or violent but instead naive and full of hope. watching surrogate read
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a patriotic poem is like watching a casting tape for the role of a sacred victim lead to simple mourning the most common solicitousness. for this is. unfortunately sergei got the part betrayed by his brothers in arms this video would eventually go viral after sergei was killed early in the morning of january twenty second two thousand and fourteen the circumstances of his death remain unknown to this day even though the whole area of protests was heavily filmed at that time there were no records or witnesses to help the investigation and his body was moved immediately from the scene of the crime. sergei became the first killed martyr of your own my don and in a heartbeat the police officers were appointed as his killers almost two years later the official investigation would still deliver no results now it is widely
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believed that negro yawns murder was staged by provocative ors to escalate the conflict. god speaks to people with the language of silence on january twenty sixth two thousand and fourteen hope francis prayed for ukraine addressing thousands of people at st peter's square in vatican city make. a speech. after the prayer to white doves were released from the papal window and were immediately attacked by a crow and siegel those who understand the language could easily read the meaning of this ailment soon great forces the siegel and the crow would be tearing apart to slavic name. since the white doves this omen gave hope to the ukrainian people saying that by god's will the dubs would be saved but it also predicted severe
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hardship and many victims. the events which could enter into the history of the color revolutions as the most massive human sacrifice yet arrived right on schedule one month later. for weeks this european papel has been the scene of a violent uprising. today but yesterday yet the protesters are pushing up towards the government district arms here with molotov cocktails but we still have guns and shotguns t.v. . there are casualties on both sides but it. was just said that there is six dead people out there not just a day they say they've been hit by snipers.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i was speaking to us from the world of politics sport business i'm show business i'll see that. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to preserve. that's it like to be for us this is what the forecast three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question.


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