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that we will know soon. they have promised a full investigation top cuban authorities were on the side on the scene of this tragedy the president himself president. was just been sworn into office he was there the minister of transportation was there everybody was there trying to help and figure out what happened it's a tragedy by all means a local flight a passenger flight that airlines had list from a mexican air company global air i understand is the name and the crew was a mexican crew also. but i'm very very sad situation indeed a boeing seven seventy with more than one hundred people on board. now what looks like becoming italy's next coalition government spearheaded by the five star movement and the lead party unveiled on friday a radical program designed to alter the course of italian politics in a way that could cause concern for the european union has done
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a quarter expects brussels are sweating a bit more than usual these days and it's all because italy's new euro skeptic government doesn't intend on playing by the e.u. has rules it is important to abide by budget discipline and especially for italy to continue to reduce the deficit it is important to stay on track. being a good to tambien also means being a good european citizen it needs to be repeated out loud especially now the left wing five star movement and the right wing northern league party formerly fringe now turned government majorities are promising italians a government of change confronting the e.u. on immigration austerity and taxation from europe we have the unacceptable interference but underlip that officials now is the time for legality secure it's you can push backs with courage we will succeed in returning citizens the rights and returning it's elites who plays on the european stage the new government's plan
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for edley and europe is everything brussels doesn't want people before economic obligations as a senior official of the northern league described it they're demanding a debt discount an expansion of welfare programs and a reduction of taxes which would be a big blow to the e.u. as wallet italy is also telling brussels it's had enough bearing the burden of the migrant crisis on top of that they're challenging something that's been a constant in the e.u.'s foreign policy for some years by saying drop the sanctions against russia last time brussels saw a similar rebellion was when an anti-establishment party took the reins in greece when an anti austerity sarees a party came to power what a headache it was for the e.u. greed. said we didn't reach an agreement it was
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never on the cards that we would. we didn't even agree to disagree from where i stand but the greek experience could hardly have been considered a win for euro skeptics series about under pressure and agreed to a renewed austerity program in italy it seems both parties of the government coalition are getting along so far after they finalize their programme they'll just need approval from the italian president if approved it would be the first e.u. founder state to be ruled by a euro skeptic government and that's starting to give brussels bigger worries than it originally had we have to brace ourselves for the worst scenario and the worst scenario could be operational government as if the absence of a government in italy seemed bad enough for the e.u. it could be soon contending with a major member state in all out rebellion donald quarter r t the stock market did react negatively is the program does contain a number of radical economic proposals we spoke to representative the center right
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coalition we came to the point where the final contract that is included in the most important things from the two parts we need this to come down also the country and be able to state into the european you know in a strong way we are very focused on. democracy come through that. we respect our alliances we want to be part of the e.u. . being stronger as. you're watching our international stills come with the world's media gushing over today's royal wedding when we do take an alternative look that a most doris' just off the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an
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arms race. spearing dramatic looking only. very critical. to sit down and talk. we have to judge countries and leaders. so we need more objective but the reality is. you know media tries to get the facts but also leave. their worldview so this is where social media and direct communication comes in unfortunately it's sometimes called fake news or something but it's sometimes a different world view. big. powerful people.
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welcome back now it is a big day for some in britain today is prince harry's marrying the former t.v. actress making mocking the latest pictures from my own life pictures we should say from when the ceremony but the work with with the world's media gushing over the royal celebration take a slightly less reverent look at the wedding and the latest episode of her online chat. in case you missed it right on monday and this is a marriage that looks like it will last the average length at least since. britain's prince harry marrying american actress american model gives them clothes on media a reason to pretend that no one has ever heard of a wedding before and the public
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a chance to get angry about stuff they could not it's about the setting of the ceremony is it wins that costello is been described as a humble settings and westminster abbey yeah it's just a humble cotswold what's truly impressive is signalling turn off thousands will be coleman is i mean around inside the grounds of picasso nowhere near the actual ceremony that it has there in missouri boston people from a range of backgrounds should be herded in like i know result of present unconfirmed reports suggest that at least one class and from every race that prince philip was insulted will be represented each have will be treated to a sausage roll and a cup of tea but they were told to bring their own picnics as well so they don't call south before seeing one true privilege looks like claims but not to the sunday shows and c will cost an estimated twenty six thousand pounds but for the lucky
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people feel too spoiled they need to remember that the lemon in the cloud cake that real guests are going to be eating inside this fifty thousand pounds price knows where they're getting those old room service magen go anyway well a little been made of the fact that she owned a black mamba but who cares about the one that is on lucky to have the royals have been swimming relating in a very shallow gene pool for the last thousand years so they need some outside help maggie and is a self described feminist which she'll have plenty of time for now that she's being looked after by her husband in fact the only talent steve now is learning to selfies and hug. being the great unwashed very smart says there's some pretty edgy or tech questions posed by the media can meghan marcus save the morning save it from war drowning in drug money here's hotter magazine kate. is definitely what you can rag and black bread and anything he likes he's going to
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be a princess and. he really means less scary a prince that. the u.s. is refusing to support an international probe into the mass deaths of palestinians on the israel gaza border america blames the hamas group for the deadly clashes of the past week some voted against the proposed investigation at the un human rights council u.s. ambassador nikki haley gave a statement suggesting the u.n. has more important problems to deal with at a time when venezuela lurches through a dictatorship iran imprisons thousands of political opponents and ethnic cleansing has taken place in burma the un so-called human rights council has decided to launch an investigation into a democratic country legitimate defense of its own border against terrorist attacks it is another shameful day for human rights regime protests in garza have kirsteen
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fifty eight killed according to the palestinian health ministry with israel being condemned for its actions turkey's president branded them a genocide against the palestinians while the iranian leader hassan rouhani called for a united muslim front to stop israeli crimes. the rallies continued on friday with thousands gathering at the border fence. it. was. it. the israeli army commented on the recent clashes via twitter saying that its troops had responded to rioters throwing rocks with riot dispersal means and fired live rounds selectively well this week's gaza violence was fueled on tuesday by the
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anniversary of day that does symbolize the displacement of the palestinian people we spoke to a palestinian witness of the first jewish settlers arriving on the shores of what is now israel.
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really for me and the number of palestinians killed or injured in those rallies is horrifying most of them civilians have nothing to do with any millet sure organization they just want justice and to return to their ancestral lands which are occupied by israel they want the world to know about the fight for justice the process is run on the israeli army had not reacted to disproportionately they could have been some form of agreement people would have just gone home all the decisions on the palestinian problem and made long ago trying to un resolutions if israel agrees to comply with them there will be peace in palestine. well despite the widespread condemnation of israel's actions against the palestinians not many of their arab allies are willing to take any real action to support them as poor a slip explains b. gyptian president el-sisi has ordered for the rafa border crossing between israel
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and gaza to be open for the whole month of ramadan the last time this happened was five years ago the move immediately captured headlines around the world and has been described as a goodwill gesture it for. those weeks of protests in which dozens of people have been killed those images were bought cost on t.v. stations around the globe was. or tried to cross the border two months ago but they made me go back to gaza because my medical treatment permits expired today i will try again i'm scared they won't let me in on him says i'm going there because any surgery i'm supposed to have this operation seven months ago the rafa border crossing is a huge challenge but if egypt is really so committed to the idea of helping palestinians why then didn't open its border earlier or at least keep its borders open on a regular basis since two thousand and seven gaza has been under an a sea and land
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blockade by both israel and egypt but it's not just the egyptians other arab countries while also claiming to support the palestinians and being highly critical of israel in reality do very little to help the palestinians take one of the richest countries the united arab emirates for example it continues to affirm its commitment to supporting the palestinians the united arab emirates absolutely rejects the use of force to confront peaceful demonstrations and demand their just rights but meanwhile israel and the united arab emirates fly together in an old joint exercises in greece saudi arabia is another outspoken supporter of the palestinian fight for rights against israel in the mimic of yesterday a total of the kingdom of saudi rejects the u.s. embassy's move to jerusalem and sees the step as a root bias against the palestinian people's historic rights in jerusalem but then
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behind closed doors the saudi crown prince is reported to have said it's time the palestinians shut up and stop complaining now you would expect the arab league to embrace the policies of helping and assisting the palace to. and in fact there is a resolution that calls on arab countries to treat palestinian arabs well but here's the catch it also urges arab countries to promote palestinian nationality by not giving them citizenship there really was no action taken to stand up to the united states and say before it happened if the embassy there issues between the arab world and will change there is a lot of under the table the negotiations and agreements being worked out between. some countries in the gulf some of the arab countries are placing demands on the palestinians to accept whatever peace deal if we can call it that what's called the deal of the century donald trump and his advisors work out for the palestinian
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israeli conflict. meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump has been accused of racism in the media but it does turn out that his comments in this particular case were taken out of context. we have people coming into the country trying to come up and. we're taking. these are people. with your animals. i want to share with said yesterday when he was talking that sanctuary cities in california these are animals and a lot more stronger when he does things like immigrants animals and it is a very slippery slope when you start be human i think people this way it's what the nazis did it's what slave owners did it's not what americans do. now i guess it's the only law enforcement agency that cannot use our databases to
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find the bad guys. will think if they do it here in the us to remember not only if they do then the pressure to tell. the people coming into the country to try to come. up. with taking rico out of the two you wouldn't believe you speak. so people. use your animals well as is his way trump took to twitter to lash out against the media had taken his words out of context some outlets have not published retractions and apologized to trump political cartoonist ted rall says that some media outlets have too much of an agenda the credibility is very hard one whether you're an individual or you're in a good organization and it's very easily lost and it hurts me i think and many people in the world of journalism to see these media credibility being
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squandered this way i mean what's even more disturbing is that you can attempt to do a good job as a journalist but you're smeared internist by the behavior of organizations that are chefs pounding their preexisting narrative whether or not the facts bear that narrative out there watching our international thanks be company to soft name we back with more nice in just over half an hour. i've. shot that moment on to be
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quite enough. to do that is truly. it is snowmobiles. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of what. the russian w b a h m b a head. and a russian pop stuff. show you how and why the crimean bridge was built. with the construction of a unique transposed on terrain that will help the cause of crimea faster most all those while google more familiar with it a bit by trill. welcome
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to a special episode of redacted tonight i kicked out the live audience for this one because this is just between you and me and i couldn't i couldn't have any of those people getting this information stu sweet today i'll be talking with the man who may just end the reign of pro-war pro corporate mainstay nancy pelosi and who doesn't want to see her pack of bags i'll be talking with congressional candidate shah had boots are in the second half but first i talked with the author who has written a book so dangerous that financial websites and finance shows and blogs out there
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want nothing to do with them they've banned him from their comments section tom who has revealed just how our stock market is the dictionary definition of a ponzi scheme and as you all know ponzi schemes are frauds that end with a lot of people getting royally screwed if this information becomes mainstream it alters the entire engine of our economy that is creating a livable planet anyway here's my conversation with thomas thanks for being here highly thanks for having me no problem congrats on your great and easily readable book the ponzi factor i thoroughly enjoyed it let's talk about what people it's a start and let's start off by talking about what people think the stock market is or most people i think most people think they're investing in a company and they get a small piece of the the dividends the profit that's the money they get from it but
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that's not really true as it. no it's not those are usually the people who don't actually read the documents in terms of what the stockholders are really entitled to. basically as you can see on seeing the c.n. jim cramer show is what they focus on is what earnings and growth earnings and growth of the company right what are they why are they focusing on that because they're trying to predict or alow or kind of like foresee whatever the stock price is going to be by earnings and growth the issue of course is profits from stocks and will make that stock price move is not the earnings and growth it is actually money from another investor now is there a connection at all with respect to feelings and growth and this price movement yeah it's called a speculative connection ok speculative it is not a legal one it is not a logical one it is not a definitive or a mathematical one it is pure speculation what else is a speculative connection a ponzi scheme ok i can speculate and made off scam when when people will stop
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entering with more money ok speculative connections don't mean anything but the thing is that is actually what seem to see what really our school and academic institutions and jim cramer focuses on so you know the stock itself so you know the money when your stock goes up you know you buy something for twenty bucks it's now worth two hundred blocks all that money is not common from the company's profit almost rarely if ever it's coming from other people willing to buy that stock from you for that price but that is kind of the definition of apologies again all the money coming in is from new investors and if they stop putting that money in it all collapses. yeah you're absolute right it is the purest definition of a ponzi first of all let's there's a name for this process of buying and selling and that profit is called capital gains basically you buy low sell high that is yet that process itself is the definition of a ponzi i don't make up the definition is not my opinion that it's
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a ponzi scheme ok by definition the f.c.c. defines it there's three aspects of it one is an investment scenario two the investment profits come from investors ok three the investors think the profits come from somewhere else all right and what we can clearly observe every single day every single moment the sox are trading is an event where the stock seller an investor sells it to another investor taking some capital gains profit if he's lucky ok so we have an investment scenario we have profits that come from other investors and those investors who are selling it according to the n.b.c. according to him claim they think the money's come from somewhere else like the growth of the underlying company so we have an event that we can witness every single day and we have a definition of a ponzi scheme do you bent matches a definition right or does ponzi scheme and a ponzi scheme in the traditional sense is illegal and you know for the biggest
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example we've seen recently is already made off went to jail private the rest of his life for that so it is illegal why isn't the stock market illegal that's a very good question lee i have absolutely no idea as in yet the f.c.c. clearly defines it right not only are they not doing anything about this process of first all they actually encourage capital gains and which is odd because capital gains meets their definition of a ponzi scheme not only are they letting this normal process i'm talking about exchanging happened but there are also. allowing google for example to issue perhaps the purest of the purest of the worst policies made basically making a worse when people say oh yeah our stock represents value in a company stock represents over this the biggest misconception oh by the value of the stock is backed by the company no it's not they've never read these days never read these documents everything i state everything i lose to date comes from f.c.c. filings i don't trust newspaper articles i don't look at the internet for these
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stories ok why because i found a story and i put it in my book somebody can debate it it is debatable if i use somebody else's second hand source it is not the beta well when it comes from google's files when it comes from these companies tesla berkshire's file yeah i know you do a great job of giving specific examples about specific stocks and how they prove your point really but a lot of people i guess specially you know kind of average investors would probably argue well i've made a lot of money on the stock market so if i'm making money what do you it is a ponzi scheme i'm doing fine i've you know made a fortune off the also stock market but i guess the right response to that is a lot of people make money from a ponzi scheme until it collapses yeah you're absolutely right first of all the money that they make way unless they're actually have cold hard cash it's not real money as in of a actually see oh yeah i have ten thousand dollars in my stock account isn't ten thousand dollars for a stock is not real money do you have zero dollars ok why because that's an abstraction it's an idea ok the value of a stock is something that
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a to really cerebral and imaginary ok real money is finite we record as a money supply it's finite so the printing is yes ponzi schemes can be very profitable for a lot for a lot of people in fact the problem is of course overall more money is lost in fact made bernard madoff when his scheme collapsed in two thousand and eight ok investigators found that more than half of his accounts showed a profit now i want to go back to something you just said of about the difference between so-so. so we've kind of gotten to the point that a share is only what we believe it's worth if you believe it's worth nine hundred dollars you give the guy nine hundred dollars then fine in your belief that's worth one hundred dollars but you know you're saying it's different than money i think a lot of people would say well how is it different that if the currency where the currency is also about our belief if you believe something is worth twenty bucks it's worth twenty bucks. so yes and there's a bit of a nuance in terms of the difference between the two if you can describe. yes sure
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it's actually i would say it was actually there's a big fundamental difference too because first of all money the money it is a tool as it is designed as an instrument for to facilitate medium of exchange it is not an investment thing it is right now do people bet on it do people lie upon the currency and speculators do a bet on it do they can do that yes anyone can bet on it to me you could have like a drinking like how fast can we drink a glass of water i'll bet you like ten dollars and the vast array of water all of a sudden becoming an investment from a no the point is the our currency is meant to be a tool for it to facilitate also fiar currency is also known as the goaltender especially the u.s. dollar ok so therefore it is legally acceptable a vendor cannot reject it for payment ok so it is somewhat backed by the government now stock on the other hand is not backed by anyone legitimate is there
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a lot of loose language in the document saying oh yeah oh yeah on a good day google is going to pay some shares yeah the problem is that the hypothetical situations we don't know whether or not it will happen they're all conditional and trust me the the companies have way more lawyers way more pockets to basically make sure they don't have to pay dividends that somehow there's always a reason to not pay dividends or not i'm going to do that as you imagine it out because you imagine a precedent set of people started doing companies and got all kinds of money for their for their shares that would that would open a pandora's box they don't have an edge you know i mean what are you selling when they're selling a service saying that they have an edge saying they know how to manage your money and they don't now you know what's the difference between a real fraudulent practice and somebody who just is doing what they're doing right now is whether or not they know they don't have an edge and that's the thing and it's a very gray area like these for do sure whatever this rule is i'm not really familiar with it but i can tell you there's so many gray areas involved ok like eyes and oh what does this mean like above my own interest only monitor. very thing or is it
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like you know perhaps it's my opinion that this was the best and things like that but the problem is the probability aspect of the gambles they get into is not defined so therefore there's always these gray areas. and at the end of the day you know they shouldn't even be selling these services as investments and that's really you know it's beyond is actually a very very one simple idea i would love to propose a solution is we've got to classify stocks as gambling instruments it's simple as that you shouldn't be eighteen and opening online trading it can be able to an online trading account you have to wait till you're twenty one to go play blackjack a of the world bank the stock the gambling instruments by the way a lot of people already think that stop your gambling answer let's classify them gambling instruments. let's start real quick in the end here about solutions one you already mentioned classifying them as gambling tools or do you have other.


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