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tv   Documentary  RT  May 20, 2018 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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in every way that we can and i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced to the appropriate time there was certainly not any criticism of any of israel's extreme use of force by anyone in the trumpet ministration hamas terrorist backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure so israel is not responsible for shooting mostly peaceful palestinian protesters some of whom were just children shot down by their own soldiers but if you're a place israel with syria suddenly nikki haley's heart bleeds for the dead in far less clear cut situations. yesterday morning. we awoke to pictures to children being carried in the arms of desperate parents yes all the talk about human rights does not apply to palestinian protesters they do not get america's support because they're not protesting in the right country. big protests
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in iran the people are finally getting wise to how the money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer do us is watching very closely for human rights violations with israel all bets are off on world press freedom day heather now it was all about championing the rights of journalists that is until somebody mention gaza we see all too often that journalists continue to take great risks to pursue this important work would you also condemn the recent deaths of journalists journalists in the gaza strip look there are unfortunately a lot of journalists who die all around the world i'm not going to be able to list every single death of a journalist and we understand that israel has a right to defend itself back in april yasser move taja palestinian photo journalist who was wearing a jacket clearly marked press was shot by an israeli sniper now if this was intentional it could possibly constitute a war crime by israel but heather nauert thinks it was self-defense either way she
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doesn't have time to talk about every journalist who's been killed and apparently his death doesn't fit in with washington's agenda caleb mop and artsy new york. the rift between the e.u. and the us is deepening over the iran nuclear deal and the use energy chief is reassured that the bloc remains committed to the agreement the steak when it came to his first official visit to iran since donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the iranian nuclear accord the european union did we rue the day it's now a muslim in the united states this impromptu we were told from the joint complacency of the. there was absolutely do not need a months because of the government that would have been. the disagreement will stick to the commitments make them that these are going to. the e.u.
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energy chief also said brussels aims to maintain the growth of trade between european and iranian companies to ensure this the block decided to trigger legislation that would allow e.u. firms to recover losses incurred by u.s. sanctions on iran it is also and it also instructed the european investment bank to facilitate e.u. investment in iran. now takes a closer look at how e.u. u.s. relations are going further south. no arguing with it america and europe had something special a relationship unlike any other they did everything together condemned rogue regimes slapped naughty countries with sanctions even they wanted to get we have a very strong relationship with our friends and partners our friends in the u.s. administration we have a really great relationship blow through and life and this is this very special
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relationship this is us almost too good to be true and it seems it was money trumps all now that america has unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran it could start sanctioning european states companies that haven't the to do business with iran e.u. leaders merkel mckown others tried to change trump's mind with love. i. i. think you. i accept love has nothing on money europeans of facing american sanctions that's not very nice is it not something friends would do looking at the latest decisions of president.
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bush like that. europe has had enough they stand to lose cash because of america and they won't let that happen. want to do the work of as the european commission we have a duty to protect european companies so we knew me to act and this is why we're launching the process of activating the blocking statute from one thousand nine hundred six. but you're a busy. doing is using a statute initially developed to circumvent washington's trade embargo on cuba the lure basically protects european states from laws or sanctions implemented outside of europe you can see a political resolution from bully boy tactics haven't gone down well in europe the block is finally showing its teeth. we want to be able to be blind
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to what americans tell you or do we want european. economic interests economic relations with russia what can you say every relationship has it's ups it's just that some bumps and didn't divorce. a bridge linking mainland russia to the crimean peninsula was officially unveiled on tuesday six months ahead of schedule it will reduce the region's reliance on sea and air transport and allow more tourists to visit the area which has been a very popular summer destination for russians for a century. the
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first use of the completed bridge was in fact that kitty cat living in the area the cat also has a social media account where this video appeared and which now has more than forty thousand subscribers so the russian president vladimir putin was at the opening
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ceremony he was driving a truck as well over the new bridge. putin drove across the nine hundred kilometer bridge in an orange truck passing from the mainland to the crimean city of which a team of construction workers joined the president for a ride not everyone however would so enthusiastic about the new bridge an article in the washington examiner suggested kiev should blow it up the writer even went into detail about how this could be done political commentator john bolton's things the article went beyond acceptable free speach. par for the course the people who pose as journalists in washington are nothing more then weaponized lobbyists and so when a lobbying firm attempts to get its bills or its or its funding through for new weapons systems or war systems they often call on one of their engaged journalists
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to do the dirty work of saying something publicly that they couldn't dare say and then using the law the right to freedom of speech in america the journalist can call for anything he wants murder execution bombing attacks on civilian bridges and so on so that's what this is and if we're talking about a new level yes we've hit a new low a new low outward call by a journalist so-called journalist for an attack on a civilian structure. the program returns in just a moment. like for many plebs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the beach with a funnel school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spend be true to the twenty million or one player.
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it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game great so we'll all transfer. the thinks it's going to take. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. let it be an arms race. dramatic. move. i don't see how. very critical. right now twenty minutes past the hour here in africa. so far your holiday
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destination. through ones like this. though it appears the reality on the ground is often less rosy. looking to expand their territory according to a new study has led the government of the east african state of tons and. tons of indigenous communities. in the early two thousand and tensions rose off to some twenty thousand people were allegedly left homeless last august and september alone nearly six thousand homes were deliberately damaged by some of those affected have told us the story.
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about why you. potong why do i. need to know about. that in the hope that when i. go to those. who are mom then one visit to one is over people would assess come out in the legislation and landlubbers in the name of conservation the government or tanzania has been dispossessed in the indigenous kluges these legislations have been used to be sickly denying them aside their access to grazing lands their access to water holes
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but not just that it has allowed some of the safari companies that are operating in the area to conclude that the officials who have intimidated who have been arrested and beaten in the villages because they have tried to use their ancestral lands we also find that they have been violent addictions and these are all being carried out in the name of doherty tourism are some of the noise and in the absence of food it has led to widespread hunger managership and disease the kind of disposition that they report priest you shills that they're not to be forced out of their homes and that with their messiah being forced out of existence the head of one company probe at thomson so far is strongly denies being involved in any of the evictions are in fact the director or thomson as that they also work with local communities and the government to improve access to water however activists on the ground they do tend to tell a slightly different story. if i look for example what happened back in london six
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governments have mixed it to people from this hour and five times and yet the customer lists i don't was so much of a listen and then we'll see where the house is well there aren't you know well i loved all. excited to go. there was a little in the planning well. you know when you live in a place you wrong you have structure you have little social status and now you hold it just to the heart so if you ask me well i must say how black market place like or. where they out you live in the us their whole. u.s. special forces soldier has some touch of himself to waterboarding to try and show that it is not a form of torture tim kennedy posted a facebook video of being mocked drowned and then explained his main reason for doing it imagine me having attained to does this look like torture to you guys it
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doesn't look like torture to be either the reason we're doing this at a basic. hero is readied for our that's been appointed to be a director the cia what are boarding is an interrogation technique that has been used by the cia and many human rights groups on the un say it does amount to torture it can cause serious health consequences like brain and lung damage and even death potemkin to be stunned isn't pretty convincing to everyone here's some of the online reaction if waterboarding wasn't torture than the be no reason to do it i was a navy pilot and went to the e.r. even nine hundred eighty one waterboarding east orchard waterboarding is not torture it's just the process replicating the sensation of being drowned to inflict physical and psychological pain in a prisoner in order to extract information so yet totally different from torture. the new cia director praised by tim kennedy in its video has been widely criticized
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for her involvement in enhanced interrogation techniques which included waterboarding she's also been accused of destroying video evidence of the torture of terror suspects and we discussed that waterboarding video with former guantanamo bay detainee moore's arm bag he says that such practices do amount to torture no matter what one soldier says and many people can withstand different types of torture for example i know it might be. the pain of having it on twisted or having that faint and helpful that compared to others who can't but it's not based on the individual's ability to be able to take that torture or not it's according to the definition of the law international interest in just recently the two people captured by the syrian defense forces who are alleged to be water. what. american captives here the americans are saying these two individuals have
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committed war crimes is complete hypocrisy and it's complete and it opposes more importantly international law which which outlaws torture completely and it said is that not only physical torture for those so it's psychological the use or to force confessions out of. thanks for joining us for the weekly here on r.t. international the program returns at the top of the hour. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand islands. to join judges. eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a
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russian w.b. . and a russian stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of when you need to transport. that will help out of crimea. most of those you know won't go for more familiar with it a bit but. when the whole make this manufacture come sentenced to the public wells. when the ruling class is project themselves. with the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. it's time to ignore middle of the road signals. i mean really means.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. it was in the one nine hundred fifty s. that our secretary of state john foster dulles proclaimed our policy is global.
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we started as a continental empire by clearing out the native peoples and other foreign forces then we became an overseas empire by taking islands in various parts of the world and then after the second world war we became a global empire now we are playing on the whole bill your time. the united states has always had a variety of tools to use in its attacks on other
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countries. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries a church talking about and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country particularly in our own caress and in the press of that leader's own country. americans love to think there were intervening in other countries to overthrow evil people and if that's true you have to make the person look evil. and nineteen fifty one out of it is came to power in guatemala to being a looked at by the people. years ago i wrote a book about how the united states overthrew the government of guatemala in
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nineteen fifty four. the case of the water is a great example of american call for action during the period of the nineteen fifties when covert action was at a peak. the country lost its legitimate government. of people lost their lives. those new c.f.o. your to say as you. do is. look in the league
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and i don't i'm on the look in on any arian at the moment i'm going to marry him or them. but i mean for mongolia look it may use the money but not. at this time a giant american company the united fruit company owned huge amounts of landing water. and much of that land they were not using was just being held taken while many guatemalans are starving because they didn't have the land to grow food. enough. right now in the name on a welcome keep that i.e. the admiral.
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gone or is. there. no one month and then if the when. and get done those are the three cause. i don't know what to get. yeah then again as you know but going to get the end of fills us. now in atlanta. and it's going up and. so president arbenz of the guatemalan government decreed a land reform program this land reform program would have forced the united fruit company to sell its own used land so it could be divided up and given to poor families the united fruit company was very unhappy with this they went to the united states government the u.s. government then concluded that these socialist orientation of guatemala was
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dangerous to the united states. a gate. there was the. women threatening her to go. up dramatically in part become in. her particular good we were going to put the foot over here i won't go to you because we're not. going to come in from people kind of does not get a one month. later civil war broke out something like two hundred thousand people were killed in that conflict over more than thirty years. i mean is it be able. to go.
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and. you know who's the lad if them be mia. yeah. come up with something. but on the form i'll go. see if you are you scared off with good men so soon to day. to day you didn't have to milk this idiot on the look at the end of the course of a never came out of. research. one.
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excuse to feel the need to steal our people i will spoil the story for the voice of then there. is. so the first one is. that. the government that we don't like shows bad faith by bothering an american company . then we convince ourselves that that company is our geo political enemy. and we sell the intervention. as a humanitarian intervention we only do it to help them we don't do anything for ourselves in fact we sacrifice ourselves. for the good of others.
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american involvement in the overthrow of the government of libya the government of omar khadafi was a number of variable then call it a number of impulses in the american interventionist spirit. as matt. was. when i'm not the could be and know how and then walked and
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if it had that much time i don't really. have. and now he attained just a few to fuck up. a sea assia. to mess it all off. maduna because he will from the inner circle freak no american and then walk on the men and the house and at the homeless men then he. would move me essex to a back and be in the middle of the fold them steady a good bet that no one with a wayne woman and i them and just show up on the libby. live
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. we thought of him as a bad leader one we couldn't control now he looked like he might be about to carry out all human rights atrocity so we decided it was time to participate in an operation to overthrow gadhafi and in that operation of course he was killed. so we succeeded in the short term goal get rid of gadhafi deposed that government but then what happened we didn't have a plan for what was going to come next we thought that maybe by magic some new peaceful regime would urge everybody would cooperate and things together.


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