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soon after the rose revolution blossom fully george announced its intentions to join nato and plant fresh nato military bases in the fertile soil right on russia's border never ever will give our freedom and independence never never will give any piece of our territory saakashvili is mission was accomplished at least with his friends and nato the georgian populace wasn't quite as happy though in two thousand and seven they took to the streets to voice discontent and mr saakashvili responded with force. the people's discontent. saakashvili is party lost parliamentary elections and the opposition took control this means that the parliamentary majority and new government the president. decided not to wait for the results of the president's election and fled the country in october two thousand and thirteen.
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across europe municipalities are taking. back from private companies. private companies to take over the utilities. says. locals are ready just for the basic human right of access to water it's about water. it's about the redistribution of.
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the police. to people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that. you can see something happening. in. their lives chasing the. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to. get unfortunately around here we . are cool. too.
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join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get a feel of the world of politics sports business i'm showbiz most i'll see you then . i am a stock genetically modified organisms and the system heads in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . but tom is taking that and nights and what does not have to do to cheer my.
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life. was too stupid or. perhaps i should have just been washing up. is a chemical widely used to kill the league. because it was widely believed there was like a beer is just. describes it in a bunch of those possible combinations. that can occur future scientists proof that team context really awful on the human race to science service to the world free of g.m.'s in crisis eight which may even be able to see as we pass the points of never send. in two thousand and fourteen saakashvili refused summons to appear in court as a witness in several criminal cases later that same year he was accused of misuse of power and embezzlement. saakashvili wound up in the us and soon his friends in
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washington found him a new assignment. mikail actively supported my down and very soon was rewarded with a high position in the new ukrainian government. first as the president's counselor and then as the governor of odessa the day before taking this position he renounced his citizenship to georgia the country of the birth and became a ukrainian citizen. in the seeing the last time as gordon would have done in the way exhorted rode in a civil. war the would have done in the way exhort that road. as they say the battle is worth the blood both literally and figuratively. is now do i not somebody afforded us by the us southwest reading your paper to class now toss thought. oh no going into someone's ear to chester but i looked up i thought of those. up to date on the my seal of geoffrey pyatt the u.s.
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ambassador to ukraine paid a visit to saakashvili just a month after he took office in odessa it is law is the all last administration is delivering results and you raise your voice to see a steady flow of embassy in washington visitors coming here the meeting was fruitful and jeffrey generous. no matter how well saakashvili is job goes it looks like he shouldn't be worried about his own finances on his facebook page he posted an official document showing that the new governor of odessa gets a pretty penny from washington almost two hundred thousand dollars a year for comparison the governor of maine gets seventy thousand dollars a year. so if odessa became a new u.s. state it would be at the top of the list mr saakashvili should feel right at home in his newly adopted country he is best of friends with fellow color revolutionary leader viktor yuschenko who is the godfather of his son.
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and another the mothers go bust in the election of lucia but i didn't think i should be at the post but you walk us kind of being it's just a d.c. at them the if someone is going to. even though there's a double chooses to show. it when used in the but the least of those three is if i did it with you but i'd have to stand on the list at this point their business dinner and she would get enough out of this the emotional testimony of the body others the butt of c.n.n. and the special political bonus that we were able to contain such. a war once launched doesn't choose its victims we are just learning at this hour that malaysian airlines has now confirmed that it has lost contact with one of its planes plane was indeed shot down by a missile off line at a high altitude over eastern ukraine near the russian border two hundred ninety
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eight revised number of souls on board all feared dead it was a murder it was a crime there's been this odd nonchalance about pursuing the answers there was a report a very limited report put out a few months after the event but since then they said the next report will be on the first anniversary of the event but you do with a criminal investigation before becomes a cold case so there's been this curious element of why is there not greater pressure from both the media and the the western governments to answer these questions but even without any answers the fingers were pointed immediately that's not an action. that is happening because a russian support evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface to air missile that was launched from an area that is controlled by russian backed separatists inside of ukraine international so to put up
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a national basis it's a question to make. the malaysian boeing wasn't the first plane to play a significant part in american russian relationships on september first one thousand nine hundred three korean airlines flight double zero seven from new york to seoul via anchorage was shot down by a soviet interceptor aircraft over the territory of the u.s.s.r. in the sea of japan there was absolutely no justification i don't legal or moral for what the soviets did the tragedy of the korean bowing was considered a perfect occasion to demonstrate the nato military power within dangerous proximity to the soviets on november second one thousand nine hundred eighty three nato launched able archer attend a command post exercise simulating a conflict escalation culminating in a nuclear attack it was followed by placing pershing two nuclear missiles in europe . what reagan didn't take into consideration was the paranoid overreaction of the
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soviets. and a recently declassified us intelligence report shows that for the first time since the cuban missile crisis the world was close to nuclear war. just like in one thousand nine hundred three the malaysian boeing crash was leveraged against the enemy. a new wave of sanctions hit russia mediately after the tragedy. the united states is imposing new sanctions and key sectors of the russian economy. year in three months later the dutch safety board published a report this is a flight m.h. seventy crashed because often. i have three well for and or i have the today just outside of the airplane and the best the left side of the cockpit the report didn't blame any specific group or person and estimated a very wide area of three hundred twenty kilometers as
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a zone from which the missiles fired at the same time the russian producer of boog missiles day conducted its own independent investigation. that they speeded me up the fullest. lou of the delegates i mean if you like it the nist is up a school during the experiment they blew up a retired airliner with a bouquet missile and came to the conclusion that the malaysian plane was brought down by the older type of missiles not used by russia anymore but still in the possession of ukraine the company claims that the missile was launched from the territory controlled by the ukrainian military. one would expect that these controversial results would again stir up public interest in the investigation but the tragedy of malaysian flight m h seventeen at already played its role in the big geopolitical game therefore it was soon forgotten the goal was achieved after the third wave of sanctions hit russia the tensions between the two
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countries skyrocketed so the question presents itself are we truly witnessing the beginning of cold war two point zero and if so what are chances to survive at this time. in one thousand nine hundred seven the bulletin of atomic scientists introduce the doomsday clock. it represents a countdown to global nuclear annihilation. in one thousand nine hundred. the three during the height of the cold war it came its closest to midnight as the superpowers were creating massive nuclear arsenal still starry of america's ever expanding atomic weapons program as the world began to grasp the insane danger of
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nuclear warfare and took measures to control the arms race the situation steadily improved. in one thousand nine hundred one the doomsday clock was at its furthest from midnight seventeen minutes. the time of hope was short lived though as the world has become more and more unstable. but in two thousand and fifteen the bulletin of atomic scientists moved the clock to just three minutes to midnight stay on check to climate change in a nuclear arms race resulting from modernization of huge ourselves pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity. the united states and russia have embarked on massive programs to modernize their nuclear arsenals. undermining existing nuclear weapons treaties.
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the clock ticks now at just three minutes to midnight because international leaders are failing to perform their most important duty ensuring and preserving the health and vitality of human civilization. how do you want to do on. your knees what.
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the little girl in. the school should. do now.
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our god. we have to
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judge countries are trying to lead their set directives case per case so we need more objective but the reality is. you know media tries to get the facts but also leaving sat so wide to their world view so this is where social media and direct communication comes in unfortunately it's sometimes called fake you know it's a sometimes yes but it's sometimes actually a different world view packets of fake news by powerful people. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. that eight hundred sixteen don't. a russian.
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and russian stuff. show you how. the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of a unique transport. out of crimea. most of those won't go for more snow yet it abuts. i don't think it's hours that are out here other. than as a. little. league. paid. by then got a session on their own. by then is a shift the long. haul of
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a startling audience and listeners going to learn more. songs certainly not so. than the most of it was revealed to the multiple injuries among current not just so for them to keep sophie hold the look of the show's real year mars on the phone to the book on the if you can book a political symbol so this is a yes but i don't know that it's a book in a moral sense of the. month. hanumant of nothing. off allowed me. to walk. down the aisle something while setting. up. a little slit my wrists let's see what i can now maybe i maybe i'm a bit cooler just so. that
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. we. are. in the stories that shapes the week for the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem the trick is rioting on the israel gaza border leaving sixty palestinians dead washington votes against. an international probe into the killings. elsewhere the european union vows to defend its companies against u.s. sanctions after washington pulls out of the around euclidian. looking at the latest officials of. the world could see them fitting. with friends like that. and europe's longest bridges opened six months ahead of schedule linking crimea to the russian mainland.
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this is the weekly here on r.t. international very good evening. this week the u.s. officially moved its embassy in israel to jerusalem sparking deadly unrest on the gaza border the protests have become the deadliest thing yes. one of the more use. this morning. is this truth. about. that medical that we extend a hand in friendship to israel the palestinians and to all of their neighbors may there be peace we pray for the peace of jurors.
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after all. live. from the opening of the embassy went ahead as despite the ongoing protests including outside the gates of the new compound a correspondent witnessed the scene. bangui crowd has gathered there protesting against him to see meet the needs radio police are trying to keep the crowd at bay why you have. i'm here to pose a decision by the u.s. administration to relocate there have a seat in the heart of the contested city in the heart of the city for thirty five
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to forty percent of its residents living under occupation most of them are not citizens of any state in the night of basic rights i'm here with a group called all that's left for the diaspora jews against the occupation we're here because we oppose terms and to see do we think it's playing with the lives of israelis and palestinians alike in our lives and if it is not a game. be any trade economy terry and while what do you what do you think about the whole incident we are. in a demonstration which has been licensed by those in a police but immediately after we arrived they attacked attacked a member of the knesset just because we had it been for the fasting and for god and then they are. pushed us to the back we are here to see that jerusalem east is ok if i did it today it could be the capital of the state the finest i know that tensions are definitely running high hair as you can see the face scuffles and
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clashes and whipping push pull it and that. was a lot of anger. on what happened let up in fact right out of the heart of the firefight up to me till that up it shouldn't have really i don't think i've. come. up on it this coming as the embassy just across the road is opening so while the mood is witnessing crum pictures of a historic occasion are featured we see them in a sea opening just across the road are these kind of scenes i'm phoning where there's a lot of anger and out of frustration and. it's a disappointment let me think government when to hear what the smear the israeli army has defended its use of live ammo on the gaza border officials said that rioters were hurling fire bombs at soldiers trying to breach the fence let's take
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a look now at why the status of jerusalem is such a divisive issue for israelis and palestinians jerusalem is a city that's been a point of contention for nearly a thousand years ever since the first crusaders arrived to drive the muslim population away for nearly two centuries the area was governed by christian congress under the name of kingdom of jerusalem but the end of the thirteenth century had been a crusade of the holy land and up under muslim control with so much turbulent religious history today the area holds significance for christians jews and muslims alike all regard different parts of the old city to be their holy sites and since the formation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight israel considers jerusalem to be its capital the subsequent conflict with their arab neighbors saw israel capture and annex the entire city of jerusalem the move has never been recognized by the united nations it stands firm on the idea of establishing the two state solution where israel and palestine exist independently
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so by president trump announcing moving the embassy to jerusalem he's on the line that the u.s. recognizes the holy city to be the capital of israel for the international community that goes against the notion that any change in the city status should come through negotiations and not a unilateral action. we discussed the long running dispute over jerusalem with several guests. only yearly miserable some people around us want to expose korans to those who declare that they want to kill us who declare that they want to get into israel. by clutching caused by. poor that they're just you know all of the regional high limit our other ones are exactly on the nerdier are some years later in that i was only two for for eleven years your start up steadily is what policy has brought to the world where we have anything resides
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raising children and. now a lot of n.r.a. anything jews are now a small minority and that population and the more of a minority they become the more undemocratic. and racist israel becomes there are zero israeli injuries zero israeli casualties over two thousand palestinians injured over fifty seven palestinians killed including l.i.l.o. sorry how magic. do all of these protests hamas is not my favorite organization hamas is a politically bankrupt group which has completely failed to exploit israel's gross gross contradictions and to use them against the increasingly race
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a state i have something to tell you we want to stop the policy and state in the future a two state solution is the international solution it's not the palestinian solution alone i do believe still that there is a chance for this solution but it will take courage and it will take resolve from the international community to step up. well some of america's allies of criticize the decision to relocate the embassy they've called it a breach of international law some of that criticism was voice that an emergency session of the u.n. security council this was on tuesday or the u.s. ambassador insisted embassy move did not undermine the peace process it has no bearing on jerusalem's holy sites it does not prejudge whatever the parties might negotiate in a peace agreement it does not under mind the prospects for peace in any way and yet first son this is supposedly
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a cause for violence the un human rights council has voted to launch an international probe into deaths on the israeli gaza border but the u.s. is opposing the move is artie's kelly morgan reports. the day that the american embassy was officially moved to jerusalem it was a day of great jubilation for american and israeli officials. remember this moment. but across the palestinian territories it couldn't have been more different in beleaguered gaza there was nothing but suffering and chaos our greatest hope is for peace the united states is prepared to support peace negotiations united states is prepared to support the peace agreement in every way that we can and i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced at the appropriate time there was certainly not any criticism of any of israel's extreme use of force by anyone in the trumpet ministration hamas terrorist
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backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure so israel is not responsible for shooting mostly peaceful palestinian protesters some of whom were just children shot down by their own soldiers but if you're a place israel with syria suddenly nikki haley's heart bleeds for the dead in far less clear cut situations. yesterday morning. we awoke to pictures to children being carried in the arms of desperate parents yes all the talk about human rights does not apply to palestinian protesters they do not get america's support because they're not protesting in the right country. big protests in iran the people who finally gets in wise as to how the money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer the u.s. is watching very.


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