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bans european courts from recognizing decisions against companies because of these sanctions and it will open up the european investment bank but german officials have already admitted they can't protect european companies this is an outdated measure they don't know how to update it the russian duma is actually dealing with a nearly identical provision to forbid russian companies from recognizing sanctions against russia and they're not having much luck with that either but these are the european companies that already announced that they're pulling out of iran toto all the french energy giant may or tankers the danish shipping giant alliance the german insurance company danieli the italian steel manufacturer and china and russia i just think you very much because i didn't exactly what i would. have been and swoop up they're going to give everybody the break there are plenty of players will that will fill the breach here only this is why sanctions. are
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a blunt weapon yes it will not achieve policy objectives go ahead of basically it's a bomb there and you know these things are a bomb around. with mark that one thousand nine hundred six measure is old date that precisely because the e.u. achieved it it's everything is now digitalized you couldn't escape control there is no will bend secret in the u. the e.u. officials have recognized that about three three months ago that you can no want to keep your information your bank information secret it's on the record in the united states and in the west globally i'm afraid that you sanctions are going to make a masochist out of me i love the sanction russia some more sanctioning some more baby and such an issue some more sanctions korea tell i'm going to be going to go to you that now it's you going to the break here but this is really gets down to it's law fair it's law fair now everyone is involved in law if the americans perfected it now everyone's going to. the same game go ahead yeah i mean it's
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interesting to see that you know practically speaking of companies do business with iran they make it punished by the u.s. if they don't do business with iran we're going to get punished by the e.u. of course we're not going to see a lot of that happen but practically speaking if you look at the blocking statue that's pretty much what it says so it's it's absolute chaos ok well you know what alex i'm going to get a quick break here but you know everyone gets penalized and then the russians and the chinese coming in fill the breach they get paid ok again the law of unintended consequences gentlemen to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news states that are facing. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to be reduced.
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to going to proceed as it was before three of the more people that i'm interested in was in the was in the. first. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. . and a russian pop stuff. show you how and why the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of a unique transport artery that will help out of crimea faster most of those you know won't go for more snow yet it abuts.
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welcome back to cross like where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you discussing some real news. ok mark i want to go back to a story that is unfinished and i don't know if we'll ever be finished this cripples in the u.k. yeah exactly cause it's dropped i hate to see it i mean this is a story that will never end do you think we'll ever hear from the two principals again i don't know and one of the reasons is that according to members of prominent members of the british press they have been issued orders from the government not to report on certain details of the script rules of fair what exactly those details are where those details might lead to do it the british government their default
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position would be it is to defend. security interests is that a is that a viable defense well i mean piers to be that they're using it. the argument that british national security is threatened if british media questions the british government's own narrative about what happened then looks into details of this case does seem a little farfetched to me it seems peculiar to me as well because i'm it's see. there is they're defending something that the that hasn't been explained in another country another country they might call it blatant censorship or how do you look at this one because it was the biggest story in the news in now it's hardly there now and there's been an enormous amount of damage done as a result if we compare it to the new financial case which started to exactly twelve years ago to the case was much better staged at least there were photos of him in
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the hospital there are even interviews with him even though control. by some people around here by old bell who was their p.r. manager no we don't have the photos of this creep in the hospital they were both discharged from the course but the. touch of this terrible nerve agent just kills all the human beings are old and self in there in the radio soul one mile and they have some called me ridiculous and alive but they don't give press conferences they don't bounce a question they don't answer questions they don't meet the british press that free british press which somehow could not and that of course but the. score of script lets make sure supposedly no overt shark there's a score is no over truck zero humans three absolutely because even though supposedly there is no cure according to britain's own leading so i don't think it about those guinea pigs that anything's going to catch and i think we're going to
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make a living let alex step in your guide and let's not forget that the most disturbing part of all of this is that you had a russian citizen denied access to speak with with the russian embassy so i mean you see a blatant disregard for international law a blatant disregard for diplomacy and international diplomacy you had russian citizens who were who were in trouble in a foreign country and the u.k. government denied the embassy access to you earlier scribal and now you're going to have two people essentially disappear i mean no one's going to know where they're going to be taken to where they're going to go they're just going to be valid off the face so that's what we know we don't know whether you like a script or wants to talk to her family and that's the right thing you know one thing and to be fair here i think it is incumbent upon the british government to be a little bit more transparent about their decision making process because this is a huge story of public interest they were implications of the alleged poisoning and the alleged perpetrator they have been political facts created in the ground and i
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think it's why we need to know more and we need more transparency when i mean they also. mr uvula and you identity so it's not just does she want one we know that no no but the interview this is the problem you know there has been a statement can be shared by the british police supposedly on her behalf obviously not using her own words and command of the english language signature without anything so imagine you or me as a russian citizen of coming to the u.k. and then someone very of why stakes me tells everybody was poisoned by octu propaganda he needs treatment he needs a new identity. talk to kim so that you know there is a president for a similar thing company ok gentlemen if you take the rap for the first international community the western democracy would be outraged if there were there would be hashtags free you're only a script ok well we want. to see you to create
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a little bit of the secrets to change gears here i mean i wanted to do this story earlier but it's still going on here the massacres going on in in. we don't we had a u.n. resolution the security council that was vetoed by the united states to look into an investigation and what happened there one of the reasons why i'm bringing up the stories because i think again western media. shamelessly did not cover the story with the the accuracy and maybe morality that it was needed basically saying it was a. conflict of equal measure no one side had snipers and one other side had no guns and had banners in flags we had some sort of here you know there's there's this moral equivalence there is no moral equivalence there the western media this is how propaganda is done universally almost universally
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discussed this man. and then it was a massacre when you have sixty some people killed on one side in two thousand four hundred possibly i've seen that number of injured on one side and zero dead zero injured on the other that is not clashes that is a massacre and. we continually had the use of the past of sense how the stinney and died people died in clashes no they were killed the israeli regime the zionist regime in control of israel and much of palestine killed sixty people. and opened fire killing medics women children market i have a sense that. the english language international television you're one of the few people individuals that have ever said anything of that magnitude about this massacre this proves my point ok because we still have
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a stormy daniels and we have calling the. drug gangs from cell door animals that gets the headlines not a massacre of innocent people i mean i can give you already a similar example so well the death of deliverance of people illegal death self-indulgence of people did not do that to the western press on both thirty three least mckeel don't even during the so-called peaceful protests against young which thirty two policemen killed no not a single ward about them you know. the american press. present which was all of that they said that he fled in the middle of the night off the. two policemen that i will tell you also. then sixty syrian soldiers killed by american aviation by mistake in a day or as or and there was and there's more jane yes a year ago an apology which you know. kind of continued by american interference in
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syria then now we have sixty something police genius killed. and again this is not so important as you know the opening of the new embassy. which was helping in that that better moment or maybe the marriage of the royal marriage in the u.k. these are more important events so than the illegal death of six sixty people you know alex. brought that up i mean we have basically in real time we had the opening of the american embassy in jerusalem against international law and un resolutions and we you have basically a split screen ok clashes are not clashes that's a massacre and then we have this opening of the american embassy with all smiles and all of that here what kind of message does that send because it seems to me that western media is sending a message of impunity you can break international law and not be called on it because if we look at look at the legal writing at the united nations under some
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security council resolutions we're not making it up here these are facts ok and then white washing a massacre in gaza what does that say about. western media and maybe western policy in general. impunity hypocrisy i mentioned it and i'll go even further you know when you have staged chemical attacks in syria the united states is about to go to war and here you had sixty people killed by a sniper fire i mean let that sink in this is not you know indiscriminate rifle fire just being sprayed everywhere these are soldiers who are sitting you know in a position and they're and they're picking off people they're picking off not journalists and they're picking off kids doctoring off the i mean not a serious medics on the get out of reported not only are they snipers they were using butterfly bullets they're designed to fragment inside the body to do as much internal damage as bob this is not a wartime environment this is not this is this is civilians are being targeted here
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not military to third liking to the people who are. go ahead alex jobin in cyberspace well go ahead real quickly if i could just say the media quickly blamed it on hamas saying oh why did hamas bring children into this protest why did they push children towards these really borders i mean it's absolutely sickening to think about it that they're not there pinning the blame on all of this hamas bringing children into the line of fire if you if you vote for a political party if you're a member of a political party that their western governments i don't like a mosque myself right anymore than i like the zionist regime in control of israel but if you belong to a political party that was elected democratically that they don't like they have the right to massacre you did you know that that's the twisted logic you can. get that just the palestinian branch of the muslim brotherhood which the united states
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supported in egypt in syria in a lot of other places they are now the states almost ligi demise of the muslim brotherhood so when when they were also so did israel by trying to break up vata they wanted to have an alternative to it in this is what they got so again israel if you every single foreign policy initiative they take it almost since their existence backfires on them ok a mosque is the latest one or we could talk about his blog is well it wasn't there before the invasion illegal invasion of lebanon so you know again the law of unintended consequence and as police look you know one of the most i'm brotherhood went against the syrian government of mr us in two thousand and eleven they were the deacon life by the west and perhaps you know they want to just democracy fight us when they when they get into the government of israel then you can kill sixty people and they won't even blink you know so it's hypocrisy it's hypocrisy at its peak you know the interesting thing is we're going to have to end on this note here i'm going to take
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a. page from alex christopher it was we know in cyprus here. you can disagree with a. all the things that donald trump is doing but he's keeping his word to his base in his campaign i've never seen a president in my lifetime keep his word on things that i'm very much against something at least he's consistent that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guest here in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segments stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk.
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can genetically modified organisms and the system heads in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . dr tom is taking that a night and what does that have to do with g.m. i. was just. so it's almost sort of. like it's a chemical widely used to kill we. see why would you like to be on the street. they use privacy and a bunch of. possible combinations that. had occurred to just scientists proof that gene context really close on the human race to surface to wells free of g.m. and chrysler state which may even be able to actually cost the points of never send
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. much as if the sudan is all. political. parties. hate. it doesn't. it just tell you the other side of the like on the. by then got a session on the nod that they know. by then is a shift the while and. all of a sudden that's ok not it so i don't. want. some certainly not so with. no support was revealed to the pope multiple injuries among current america so for them to keep sophie hold the rope but shows your your mercy on the phone to the book and feeling perfectly helpless and simple so say you're welcome to this a book in
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a moral sense what my. own of it of nothing. else allowed me to see you something that was. on long enough something that said it. to us and then telling us look ma that's what analogies maybe i'll never forget.
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in the stories that shapes the week sixty palestinians die and hundreds are injured after the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem triggers rioting on the israel gaza border but washington votes against an international probe into the killings. the european union values to defend its companies against u.s. sanctions after washington pulls out of the uranium new clear deal. looking at the latest so for the extra short world could see them fitting. with friends like that at least. and in crimea europe's longest bridge on prism six months ahead of shared jewels linking the peninsula to the russian mainland.
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i'm kate partridge and you're watching the weekly news headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. the u.s. officially moved its embassy in israel to jerusalem on monday sparking faith a long rest on the gaza border the protests have become the deadliest for four years. cut. the hook. this morning. who. says this tree. cut at the top of that with the word we extend a hand in friendship to israel the palestinians and all of their neighbors may
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there be peace we pray for the peace of yours cut. out for all. to live . our lives. on. the opening of the embassy went ahead to shed jewel despite more protests outside the gates of the new compound point to slay a report from the scene. bangui collins has gathered there protesting against him to see me i need training police so trying to keep the crowd at bay why you have.
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i'm here to pose a decision by the u.s. administration to relocate their embassy in the heart of the contested city in the heart of the city for thirty five to forty percent of its residents are living under occupation most of them are not citizens of any state that denied basic rights i'm here with a group called all that's left for the diaspora jews against the occupation we're here because we oppose terms and to see who we think it's playing with the lives of israelis and palestinians alike in our lives and if it is not a game. tb and israeli parliamentarian why what do you what do you think about the whole incident we are. in a demonstration which has been licensed by those in a police but immediately after we arrived they attacked attacked a member of the knesset just because we had it into the question and forgot and then they attacked us and pushed us to the back we are here to see that jerusalem
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east is ok if i did it today it could be the capital of the state of palestine the tensions are definitely running high hair as you can see this scuffles and clashes and we've been push for it and half of it was out of anger out of. what happened let up in fact right out of the heart of the hire put up to me deal that up this shit is really not i don't think oh. come. on if this coming as the embassy just across the road is opening so while the world is witnessing crum pictures of a historic occasion our future we see them in a sea opening just across the road all these kind of scenes unfolding where there's a lot of anger and out of frustration and a lot. it's a disappointment that the american government when to hear what this new. home we while the israeli army has defended its use of live ammunition on the gaza border
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official said rioters were hurling fire bombs at soldiers and trying to breach the fence here's a closer look at why the status of jerusalem is such a divisive issue for israelis and palestinians. jerusalem is a city that's been a point of contention for nearly a thousand years ever since the first crusaders arrived to drive the muslim population away for nearly two centuries the area was governed by christian congress under the name of kingdom of jerusalem but the end of the thirteenth century had been a crusade of the holy land and up under muslim control with so much turbulent religious history today the area holds significance for christians jews and muslims alike all regard different parts of the old city to be their holy sites and since the formation of the state of israel in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight israel considers jerusalem to be its capital the subsequent conflict with their arab neighbors saw israel capture and annex the entire city of jerusalem the move has never been recognized by the united nations stands firm on the idea of
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establishing the two state solution where israel and palestine exist independently so by president trump announcing moving the embassy to jerusalem he's on the line that the u.s. recognizes the holy city to be the capital of israel for the international community valid goes against the notion that any change in the city status should come through negotiations a not a unilateral action. when we discuss the long running dispute over jerusalem with three guests. only yearly miserable some people around us want us to expose korans to those who declare that they want to kill us who declare that they want to get into israel by movie by clutching called by a guy falls poorer than me they're just you know at the regional high limit our other one is not exactly on the island the nerds are under some years later in that has only two for for eleven years your start up always
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what policy has a book to do where would you tell where you have anything resides raising children and. a lot of n.r.a. anything jews are now a small minority and that population and the more of a minority they become the more undemocratic. and racist israel becomes there are zero israeli injuries zero israeli casualties over two thousand palestinians injured over fifty seven palestinians killed including l.o.l. how sorry how magic. do all of these protests hamas is not my favorite organization hamas is a political impact corrupt roup which has completely failed to exploit israel's gross gross contradictions and to use them
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against the this increasingly raissa state i have something to tell you we want to stop. in the future the two state solution is the international solution it's not the palestinian solution alone i do believe still that there is a chance for this solution but it will take courage and it will take resolve from the international community to step up. well some of america's allies have criticized the decision to relocate the embassy calling it a breach of international law some of that criticism was voices in emergency session at the u.n. security council on tuesday or though the u.s. ambassador nikki haley insisted the move did not undermine the peace process it has no bearing on jerusalem's holy sites it does not prejudge whatever the parties might negotiate in a peace agreement it does not under mind the prospects for peace in any way and yet
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for some this is supposedly a cause for violence. well the u.n. human rights council has since voted to launch an international probe aid to the deaths on the israeli gaza border but the u.s. is opposing the move. in reports the day that the american embassy was officially moved to jerusalem was a day of great jubilation for american and israeli officials. this morning. but across the palestinian territories it couldn't have been more different in beleaguered gaza there was nothing but suffering and chaos our greatest hope is for peace the united states is prepared to support peace negotiations united states is prepared to support a peace agreement in every way that we can and i don't think it hurts the peace plan. the peace plan will be introduced at the appropriate time there was certainly
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not any criticism of any of israel's extreme use of force by anyone in the trumpet ministration hamas terrorist backed by iran have incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure so israel is not responsible for shooting mostly peaceful palestinian protesters some of whom were just children shot down by their own soldiers but if you're a place israel with syria suddenly nikki haley's heart bleeds for the dead in far less clear cut situations. yesterday morning. we awoke to pictures to children being carried in the arms of desperate parents yes all the talk about human rights does not apply to palestinian protesters they do not get america's support because they're not protesting in the right country. big protests in iran the people who finally get some.


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