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world leaders as well that this cartoon here drawing comparisons between turkey's president are the one and stalin and hitler but that time around when there was an outcry the newspaper defended the artist's freedom of speech we heard from israeli journalist gideon levy he says european media outlets are trying to avoid criticizing israel to avoid being accused of anti semitism whenever it comes to israel not only to an attorney out to israel in general immediately the european media is scared of being accused and this image is why any other leader who can do whatever you want whenever you draw israeli statesmen whenever you criticize is immediately it comes up all on this image and europe is afraid really scared paralyzed of being labeled as anti semite rightly so by the way the only problem is that this has nothing to lose and this time it isn't and i
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hope the german colleagues in the german media will raise a voice of protest against the scandal of firing this cartoon it's. a mother of one of the victims of the texas school massacre has revealed her daughter had rejected the shooter before the deadly attack at the motives of seventeen year old to me trista goats is who killed ten people on friday are still unknown the girl was one of the first to be killed in the shooting. that active shooting several people down in egypt are worried about i. don't want to we're not. there and they didn't run the mainframe and got shot in the heart of the home and you see the alarms went off everybody just started running outside and they think you know everybody in that you me or. do you want to measure just
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randy's value very good to the ears or is that i can i. according to some american media the number of people killed in school shootings in twenty eighteen is more than twice higher than the number of fatalities among military posts are now however it should be noted that the number of us students is far greater than the number of military personnel but inevitably the latest shooting has reignited america's gun control debate as caleb maupin reports in the aftermath of yet another school shooting the gun control debate is heating up again you know we have to do everything human the possible to keep guns out of the wrong hands they mention background checks for gun sales faster background checks ok our strategies to keep guns away from people like this guy i want to ban have a total ban on assault weapons anyone who carries that gun openly is willing to use
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it to kill someone it is a shame that the united states congress has not done anything anything to protect protect our students from gun violence there's all kinds of proposals in congress to stop and to limit the gun sales however is selling new guns really the issue at this point there's over three hundred fifty seven million guns in the united states that's more guns than people and at this point over four hundred thousand guns are stolen on average each year to put it simply the. usa is awash in guns and the firearms owners protection act makes it illegal to track them the f.b.i. can conduct criminal background checks on the people who purchased firearms but there's a catch the records of those background checks must be destroyed within twenty four hours so that no record can be kept of who purchased what gun congress now has for proposals on the table two of them are for tougher background checks another is an outright ban on the sale of assault rifles and in addition to that there's
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a proposal to lift the age for purchasing firearms from eighteen to twenty one all of these proposals impact gun sales but don't do anything about the millions of firearms floating around already even if there were miraculously some new gun laws that made it much more difficult to buy guns guns that are already in circulation are enough to keep killing people for decades to come so that's why there needs to be a whole host of new regulations they gun owners have to be registered and the guns have to be registered and much more control over the black market sale of guns the problem is everything it's all weapons it's the gun culture it's the lack. of schools so they have the counselors they need but will it be enough to change the second amendment in this country unfortunately i don't think so. now to south
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africa where chaotic scenes could be seen on sunday in cape town where the police were locked in battle with protesters who were taken to the streets demanding land and housing. i'm going to the. clashes erupted in the park wooded area of cape town after more than two hundred residents gathered to vent their anger police fired rubber bullets and threw stun grenades at them while residents threw molotov cocktails and set fire to time as south africa is known for its strong protest movement some media even calling it the protest capital of the world. so almost all of the votes have
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been counted now in the presidential elections in venezuela will give you the scoop and. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race on all sides here a dramatic development that only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical if. you sit down and talk. with you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles. that you saw spread of tell you that so because of the public by itself the point. about telling me you are not cool enough to fight. the hawks that we all.
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want. it is good to have you with us today villages in chile locked in a fight for clean water claiming that british agricultural business is on depleting local supplies for example here on the right is while the main river to talk a village now looks well you can see now some people previously swimming in various locations but it has dried up over the years and i was dried up reportedly to irrigate u.k. owned avocado plantations and you report says locals have to resort to drinking water with high levels of human waste.
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but you don't hear. pursuit of nuclear winter they are one of the well so nobody goes. and that they can sign on with for us i don't know that oh well. and believe me they can but there is yet to talk of provinces the country's largest avocado producing region and villages that accuse agricultural companies of illegally destroying water reserves with rivers in the region drying up and people being forced to use polluted water avocado farming requires a lot of water and locals say producers are violating their rights one time when we collect water from the bath shower dishwasher and here you can see the foam we used the same water to water trees and to give a little life to the field because we don't want it to stay dry forever we hope one day the water will return. to go on this river basically droid because the province
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of to talk of became the country's most important district in the production exports of those exposed to being made at the expense of and in violation of the human rights watch's of wanting us here on there is a lot of anger pain and suffering from seeing that they accumulate large amounts of water while the rural community is drinking water from water trucks meantime e.u. avocado imports are on the rise saying one hundred million euro plus increased in the space of two years alexander out of ten years pinto from the environmental group that published the report says the water shortages that have existed now for almost ten years. life's going to be going to burlington if you're free since you don't have enough water to really get your plants and to raise your any money and then remove doesn't exist anymore is dr where more than ten years had to be gone our garbage people swallowed the river now you know nothing of the last year
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and she explores more than. the thousand tons not ok. thirty two thousand more than two thousand and three the expertise is increasing that's because the grace of the congo for that and the other the. end of the war got anything new. in china last night a group another group called the situation now has a company that supplied its products to deliver water because the government invests in more than one hundred grain the leaks media in the last six years for what it is the playbacks are. really key question who benefits sadly not. polls have closed in venezuela and with almost all of the votes counted the incumbent president nicolas my daughter has been reelected with around sixty eight percent of the vote and the vote however has been criticized with some opposition
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figures refusing to take part citing electoral fraud some nations basically spearheaded by the u.s. have dubbed the elections illegitimate even ahead of the vote on friday washington imposed sanctions on some of the top brass in the country's ruling socialist party accusing them among other things of drug trafficking the government in caracas fired back saying washington is frustrated i just couldn't change the course of the election. i look at where the clear asians are just a show of the parisian in the face of the participation and the developments of the elections in venezuela they don't have the minimum capacity to top rate in this time the message that the venezuelan people are sending or they don't have the minimum capacity for their only capacities to wipe out and venezuela has its own waiting. for president my daughter has also promised to restore the economy and to counter the effects of u.s. sanctions a professor of global and latin american studies william robinson says the current poor state of the venezuelan economy isn't the fault of the my door government
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alone. downplaying the mismanagement of the economy by it in the door government by the venezuelan government but i want to point out that the us has imposed a financial blockade economic strangulation on the country so that includes that venezuela cannot we negotiate its debt venezuela cannot get credit to invest in the oil sector or earn anything else than a swirly cannot import its medicines and other and other goods and then there is internal hoarding and we have all of the documentation and this is not new that the united states has encouraged the opposition business community to in turn to do economics ever charged in that cell of the black market so all of these different factors are coming together so again i think that the u.s. strategy is to strangulate economically the country and that combines with the government's mismanagement an over reliance on oil there's also been a tolerance of corruption absolutely corruption should be cracked down on and there's also a bureaucracy so all of these factors come together but again i want to highlight the u.s. role because for me that's the big biggest story here in these elections. u.s.
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president donald trump has raised the stakes by threatening to investigate the f.b.i. trump tweeted that he would make an official announcement on monday he asked the department of justice to look into whether the obama administration directed the agency to snoop on his presidential campaign for political purposes earlier the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. didn't deny media allegations or that there was a mole in the. campaign but then quibbled with the language using the word informant not spy and they refused to name him though apparently for security reasons however the american media has out of the informant stuff on a seventy three year old professor from cambridge university in the u.k. he is a us citizen with a long standing links to american and british intelligence on served in three republican administrations he was reportedly part of a one nine hundred eighty s. high profile spying operation for ronald reagan's campaign on president jimmy carter's administration a political commentator steve malzberg says such spying is
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a wiring sign for democracy. if the obama administration played a role in putting a spy you could call an informant all to spy inside the presidential campaign of the opposition party i mean you know this is this is huge they say bigger than watergate this just wipes watergate and bush's war to get right off the map can you imagine what this means for our democracy and reportedly steffen house where not only met with george papadopoulos lured him paid for a trip for him to come to london and then end papadopoulos didn't know who this guy was basically and then when he got there and he was meeting with them said so you know all about the hacking of the russian e-mails right but he also tried to get the cochairman of the truck campaign to enlist him hire him as a foreign policy advisor so he was trying to get inside the campaign right there
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for all to see never of course telling him he's investigating anything said to me that's a spot i said. dubai is aiming to become a leader in adopting cryptocurrency the vice president of the united arab emirates has pledged that hoffa old bank transactions in the country will be conducted using block chain technology by twenty twenty one now earlier this month crypto groups visited a cryptocurrency forum in dubai to discuss the future and at the event was auntie's mikhail francis santiago. we've been building businesses historically centralized businesses historically but we're going to be moving from building businesses to building communities what differentiates the winners from the losers over time is the ability to prolong and sustain a community which means you have to put your community first and the ruler of dubai shaikh mohammed bin rashid has pledged that by twenty twenty one fifty percent of
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transactions on the federal level will be conducted using blocking technologies this is a part of dubai's initiative to become a leader in adopting law change we could miss the opportunity to go to one of the most anticipated events of the year presented by coins bank futurama block chain innovators summit and dubai which brought together some of the leading bloc chain talent investment funds and members of the albert family offices all under one roof to create a platform for developing the future no one has a choice actually i think no one should ignore the interest of customers civil lawyers and shareholders out of the linked little. family system this business and this technology is going to do away with banks there is no way that is going that's why a lot of them are interest to do this because all the big corporations who work at it not to go to the circus and this is really the essence of civilization is that
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we all get the same chance it's fair to put you to this is excellent i'm very happy with this what made futurama really special is its support by people from all over the world the front runners of laci i could tell billionaire brock here whose motto is the new definition of a billion someone who positively impacts a billion locks brock is the chairman of bitcoin foundation and a firm believer in the money free society of burning a cultural festival that have. new takes place in the bottom desert and gathers together some of the leading id minds and companies like google and amazon their very own burning man camps futurama incorporated some of that burning culture into the gathering into by burning man is obviously. something that comes up in my life consistently as i like to say i'm always burning. and so any event that's incorporating burning man culture into this space is something that i care about
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most people don't understand why because they probably haven't been to burning man burning man is the are the beginning of the essential ization movement burning man is like the original bitcoin and it may again if you don't understand that culture you wouldn't understand that it's not immediately obvious burning man is like all of the culture of what we think about when we think about crypto currencies and whatnot. originates from burning man the block changes the technology think of it as burning and is the culture. well thanks for spending some of your time with us here at international of many more of your world wide top headlines to come at the top of the hour. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the
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police than of a criminal those. who can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in and those young black men lose their lives chasing the with the fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun out so yes unfortunately around around here we may end up playing our guns off the death toll from such precautions list too. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. a champion. and
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a russian mob stuff. show you how and why the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction of a unique transport algerie that will help out of crimea to foster most of those you won't go for more snow you have it a bit but. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle the transatlantic alliance system has weathered a number of storms during its seventy year history we are told this is because of sustained american leadership but can the same alliance system survive the storm
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named trump. crosstalk in the transatlantic alliance system i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have dimitri bob he's a political analyst with sputnik international and we have alex christopher or he is the director and writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate mark let me go to you first here. i'm the oldest on the program right here and i have a good memory of the transatlantic alliance system that had its ups and downs but this is turning into a sustained one we're looking at security we're looking at international agreements or rand comes into play we're looking at energy and we're looking at india minimal talk about italy a little bit later in the program there is a swell grassroots well of populism problem. here is that i mean there seems to
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be a cascade effect there's a lot of elements in play right now and i'm taking it seriously yeah i mean this is a serious incident and certainly if you went simply by the headlines in the press on both sides of the atlantic talking about the of the west and the breaking up of the transatlantic alliance deutsche welle saying can it have the transatlantic lie. survive trump but unfortunate we have all been here before you know during the eight long the bush years books were being written comparing the us to mars and the e.u. to venus and talking about their differences and we had similar break up with reagan when there was all just there was a coalition quote unquote of the willing when it came to the invasion of iraq i mean there was but if they did pull it off a lot of those things i will be ready said no at that time and actually sided with
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you we remember we did as well but we're going to go to the russian angle on this here go ahead i mean it was venus who has the bomb believe it for example it was the french president who decided that you know he had some very reliable information on. yes president sarkozy. reliable information to not only be that you know how to rig it go. global this. was someone who just went to leave it talked to a few insurgents and said that we need to save these muscles he said going to ward off much of the soviet troops in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. so basically i think that moment of talk about a rift in the transatlantic alliance you know there is not such a big disagreement over iraq but like a new thought that it did instruct them well i'm going to even though you know i think there is i mean we go to alex here because i mean the threat of sanctions
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against european companies here i mean not only is there a looming trade war and we can talk about the specifics of that but now you know basically going at the end threatening the european companies there and the europeans have reacted with a blocking measure i mean this is different gentlemen this is very different than we've had in the past go ahead alex you know this is very different because i think we're seeing the neo liberal honeymoon is definitely over. and i was eight years with obama where you had obama and cameron and merkel and all these people with this new rat pack of buddies that were you know running the world you know doing whatever they wanted to do and you're seeing that come to a very decisive end with trump and trump is very much like it or not trump is keeping many of his campaign promises specially in the foreign policy area and most notably moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem of course pulling out of the iran nuclear deal so i think that you're starting to see europe react to to what is essentially the neo liberal
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community and the liberal policy come to an end and that's that's due to the trump effect you know alex this thing with you i agree he's keeping his campaign promises and he doesn't care about the consequences marc talk about that because you said when we have we're going back to the iraq war there were of france and germany were hesitant agreed with the russians now we see agreement with russia even more so is this a diplomatic opening for russia because i mean merkel is going to sochi twice recently just just like during the bush years russia will of course make take any opportunity to find room between europe and the united states that has always been its policy and understands that it's room for maneuver is that it can make this crack wide in is extremely limited well i think we have the iran and the iran deal and we have energy rich is very important to the german and
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europe and this is the biggest news in the last week is that trump is waging an economic trade war on the world at this point they're lodging a war of tariffs against china they've launched tariffs on steel and other things against south korea their ally in the pacific they've dropped out of the trans-pacific partnership something that i actually agree with but they've they've put new sanctions sanctions after. sanctions after sanctions on russia they've renewed saying sions on iran and promise to go further north korea syria now they're threatening sanctions in two ways against europe and the first way is over the iraq and the right which the e.u. is bringing up a one thousand nine hundred six blocking statute to vainly trying to combat and the other way is they're attempting to now dictate the e.u.'s energy policy and energy security saying if germany completes the nord stream to pipeline with russia that
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it will it will possibly and that sanctions the same sanctions against russia against either you completely let's remind our audience of the rationale because trump wants to do but the europeans are by of american energy to north korea i mean if you you know most of america first think a little bit of sanity seeming to them at all for they cannot refuse you began but look i think it's another case of chickens coming home to roost at this program we discussed several times that this campaign against his election anyone before his election it reminded us of that campaign saying it is the vilified dictators so-called dictators in ukraine you know in syria in iraq then it was used against trump against the american president in the same way that war sanctions which the united states has been waging against russia against other countries now it is turning against europe you know something that the you never expect that to happen they thought it would be used against other people now it's used against them so
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that's a very interesting moment. brings up a really good point because what is happening here is that the european union is essentially looked itself defenseless it really has very few options because it never expected it would be this kind of breach that would face them go ahead alex yeah and i think he's right because let's face it the e.u. paint itself into its into a corner into its own little box and let's not also forget you have a lot of dynamics outside of trump that are that are leading to. a lot of chaos within the e.u. and nato you have turkey which is which is very iffy on its alliance with nato and the west now you have an e.u. which is very divided internally from north to south and eastern europe to western europe so you have a lot of dynamics which are causing a lot of chaos for the for the leaders in brussels and trump is going to play on that and i think also russia will play on that it's very interesting because there is very little unity right now within the european union and russia has always complained that it doesn't know who to speak to and in your opinion because they're not unified well we have it in spades now i think the e.u.
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will wait donald trump out be that two years four years eight years and i think we've seen this before but i'm far more worried about the internal. stresses within the european union the election of a joint far right far left government in italy noises of dissent in hungary and paul if you really think the europeans can wait that long it seems to me it seems to me that the mid-term elections in november in the united states will send an indication of what the european they mean wait a few months i don't think they can wait years see you blocking statute his interest it's a nineteen ninety six provision met to be used to protect european companies from that u.s. blockade on cuba so what it's going to do is it's going to ban the e.u. companies supposedly from recognize from obeying the rule though it's impossible to judge or and force and it bans european courts from
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recognizing decisions against companies because of these sanctions and it will open up the european investment bank but german officials have already admitted they can't protect european companies this is an outdated measure they don't know how to update it the russian duma is actually dealing with a nearly identical provision to forbid russian companies from recognizing sanctions against russia and they're not having much luck with that either but these are the . european companies that already announced that they're pulling out of iran toto all the french energy giant may or tankers the danish shipping giant alliance the german insurance company danieli the italian steel manufacturer and china and russia i just think you very much because i did exactly what i did actually exist that period and swoop up they're going to give everybody the break there are plenty of players who will that will fill the breach here only this is why sanctions are. a blunt weapon yes it will not achieve policy.


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