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only to an attorney oh to israel in general immediately the european media is scared of being accused of it isn't while any other leader you can do whatever you want whenever you draw israeli states then whenever you criticize israel immediately it comes up all anti semitism and europe is afraid really scared paralyzed of being labeled as anti semite rightly so by the way the only problem is that this has nothing to lose on this and it isn't and i hope the german colleagues in the german media will raise their voice of protest against this scandal of firing this cartoon it's. a mother of one of the victims of the texas school massacre has revealed that her daughter had rejected the shooter before the deadly attack the motives of seventeen year old demetrius by good says who killed ten people on friday remain unknown the
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girl was one of the first who was killed in the shooting. back to shoot several people down to florida and a. lot of what we're now. learning. from a friend got shot in our home and this alarms went off everybody just started running outside and next thing you know everybody in that you hear you deal with whomever it is rare is value to the ears for it so i can hide. coding to some american media the number of people killed in school shootings in twenty eight is more than twice higher than the number of fatalities among military
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personnel however it should be noted of course the number of us students is far greater than the number of military personnel inevitably though the latest shooting has reignited america's gun control debate elaine morgan has more. in the aftermath of yet another school shooting the gun control debate is heating up again you know we have to do everything human we possible to keep guns out of the wrong hands they mention background checks for gun sales faster background checks ok our strategies to keep guns away from people like this guy i want to ban have a total ban on assault weapons anyone who carries that gun openly is willing to use it to kill someone. the united states congress has not done anything anything to protect our students from gun violence there's all kinds of proposals in congress to stop and limit gun sales however is selling new guns really the issue at this point there's over three hundred fifty seven million guns in the united states
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that's more guns than people and at this point over four hundred thousand guns are stolen on average each year to put it simply the usa is awash in guns and the firearms owners protection act makes it illegal to track them the f.b.i. can conduct criminal background checks on the people who purchase firearms but there's a catch the records of those background checks must be destroyed within twenty four hours so that no record can be kept of who purchased what gun congress now has for proposals on the table two of them are for tougher background checks another is an outright ban on the sale of assault rifles and in addition to that there's a proposal to lift the age for purchasing firearms from eighteen to twenty one all of these proposals impact gun sales but don't do anything about the millions of firearms floating around already even if there were miraculously some new gun laws that made it much more difficult to buy guns in the guns that are already in circulation are enough to keep killing people for decades to come so that's why
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there needs to be a whole host of new regulations they gun owners have to be registered and the guns have to be registered and much more can. roll over the black work itself the problem is everything it's software it's the gun culture it's the lack. of living money into our schools so they have the counsellors they need but will it be enough to change the second amendment in this country unfortunately i don't think so. villages in chile are locked in a fight for clean water claiming farms supplying u.k. supermarkets are depleting local supplies here on the right of your screen you can see what is the main river of per talk of village and how it looks now previously one of the main swimming locations it's now fully dried up through years of permanent use to irrigate cardo plantations locals of voicing concern that they now
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have to resort to drinking water with high levels of human waste. in them into pretty dirty. yellow pursue nuclear winter they are when it will so not only those cattle and. put. that out but harry lawwell in the. believe it is to talk of provinces the country's largest avocado producing region villages there are accusing cultural companies of illegally destroying water reserves with rivers in the region drying up and people being forced to use polluted water have a code of farming requires substantial water use local so the producers of violating their rights. want them where we collect water from the bath shower dishwasher and here you can see the foam we use the same water to water trees and to give a little life to the field because we are wired to stay dry forever we hope one day
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that what it will return. it ws years ago when this river basically droid because the province of to talk of became the country's most important district in avocado production exports but those exports the being made at the expense of and in violation of the human rights watch what in the essay on there is a lot of anger pain and suffering from seen that they accumulate large amounts of water while the rural community is drinking water from water trucks. in the meantime e.u. avocado imports are on the rise seeing a one hundred million euro plus increase in just the space of two years alexander panas pinto from the environmental group that published the report on chile says that the water shortages have existed for almost ten years now. life has been going to burlington if you're kristen's you don't have enough water to really get your lands and to raise your only months and then remember doesn't exist anymore is dr for more than ten years how to become
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a god because the people who swallowed the river now you don't have nothing of the last year and she explores more than one hundred sixty thousand tons of iraq. thirty two thousand more than two thousand and sixty three of the expertise is increasing that's because they're great for the local economy you know for their business and the other the benefits are that by the end of our work out of anything to do with you it is in china last there is a group another group called benefits of the situation now that is a company that supplied its products to deliver water because the government kind of invest in more than one hundred and twenty six median of all the euros in the last six years for why the supply banks are this are really key question who benefits suddenly not people in. the position retail consortium representing the major supermarkets in the u.k.
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says all the stores are now aware of the allegations that have been raised its representatives say the problem is going to be tackled as one of the main objectives is keeping the welfare of people and communities safe. still to come donald trump is now threatening to have the f.b.i. investigated we'll have more of us after the break. seemed wrong all right old old just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and in games from an equal betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to be preached. to the right to be cross with the bible before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. there should. welcome back the polls have closed in venezuela and with almost all the votes counted incumbent president nicolas maduro will be reelected with around sixty eight percent of the vote has been criticized some opposition figures have refused to take part citing electoral fraud for weeks the u.s. has been demanding the election be suspended they called it
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a sham on friday washington imposed sanctions on some of the top brass in the ruling socialist party they accuse them of among other things drug trafficking the government of gracchus is fired back though and says washington is frustrated that it couldn't change the course of the election and because venezuela remains one of the most influential countries in the region. i. press the matter of there's also a promise to restore the economy and to counter the effects of u.s.
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sanctions professor of global and latin american studies william robinson says the current poor state of the economy isn't the fault of the madeira government alone. downplaying the mismanagement of the economy by them adore government by the venezuelan government but i want to point out that the us has imposed a financial blockade and economic strangulation on the country so that includes that venezuela cannot we negotiate its debt venezuela cannot get credit to invest in the oil sector earn anything else than a swirl it cannot import its medicines and other and other goods and then there is internal hoarding and we have all of the documentation and this is not new that the united states has encouraged the opposition business community to in turn to do economics have a choice to hoard in that cell in the black market so all of these different factors are coming together so again i think that the u.s. strategy is to strangulate economically the country and that combines with the government's mismanagement an over reliance on oil there's also been a tolerance of corruption absolutely corruption should be cracked down on it is
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also a bureaucracy so all of these factors come together but again i want to highlight the u.s. role because for me that's the biggest biggest story here in these elections. former u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton has attended a graduation ceremony at yale university and she followed tradition by wearing an unconventional hat. a russian hand it was it was good he had he didn't try no. u.s. president donald trump has raised the stakes by threatening to investigate the f.b.i. tweeted that he'd make an official announcement on monday he wants the department of justice to look into whether the a bomb or administration directed the bureau to snoop on his presidential campaign for political purposes it's a similar allegation to what he made before and which was slammed in the media when he made it as far as. wiretapping i guess by you know this past
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administration at least we have something in common where is the proof that anyone here disagree he wasn't can hold anybody really otic where did trump get these ideas where is he getting his information the intelligence committee has not seen evidence of this is occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true there was no such wiretap or to really. but now the american media have done a u. turn of sorts by outing an f.b.i. mole in terms campaign to the suspected informant is stefan the seventy three year old professor from cambridge university in the u.k. he's a u.s. citizen with longstanding links to american and british intelligence and he served in three republican administrations he was reportedly part of a one thousand nine hundred high profile spying operation for reagan's campaign infiltrating president jimmy carter's administration. well earlier the d.o.j.
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and the f.b.i. didn't deny media allegations that i was actually a mole in the term campaign but they quibble the bit about the language they said that they used the word informant rather than spy they refused to name him for security reasons political commentator steve though says spying it's a worrying sign for democracy. if the obama administration played a role in putting a spy on you you could call them informant all true spy inside the presidential campaign of the opposition party i mean you know this is this is huge they say bigger than watergate this just wipes watergate bush's war to get right off the map can you imagine what this means for our democracy and reportedly steffen help were not only met with george papadopoulos mourning him paid for a trip for him to come to london and then end up but that was didn't know who this guy was basically and then when he got there and he was meeting with them said so you know all about the hacking of the russian even but he also tried to get the
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cochairman of the truck campaign to enlist him hire him as a foreign policy advisor so he was trying to get inside the campaign right there for all to see never of course telling him he's investigating anything said to me that's a spy my spies tell me that with more news in half an hour. for
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a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in the us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go i mean eighty percent of the digital with you and you will solo all the great the great the good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me to just say the reno theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. can
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a side genetically modified organisms the system can feed industry in the nine hundred ninety s. . tom is taking names knights and what does that have to do with g.m.'s. trysts. yes. i just almost see one. like this is a chemical widely used to kill a legal. place to see the world why bring home a service like you do all the beer is free. they use drugs and runs off possible temptations but they can occur future scientists proof that g.m. products really awful on the human race to science servants to the world free of g.m.'s in crisis eight which would even be able seen as we passed the point of no
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ricin. well some but of course a lot of b.s. to study so well at the kind of mushy finality and i lash out at the york about how much more i'd let her be honest and a half in the flesh emily i shall get a letter i learned to whom i had that the. story. so so so much so much money so it. was said before this was useful to you my with the fee sure he doesn't feel that.
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they've been released and until we documented sentencing we don't want to do with the family the forty year city of atlanta just obviously i've told you. all my life and will had. the peace of the popular which market have you seen f.p.s. is b.s. and. the bomb but don't tell except that i don't know how that would be when i say that i love the idea i came i thought the whole miniature outlet have you done with an a ha. i don't mean not for shotgun house but there's a little how do you have the thought has he has the bottom of the head of the something with an i don't fuckin let me off well i know how that the jets are looking to us and i'm going to have him will sort it out then. i can was off but he
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couldn't. get out of the hole to. be the measure of the line either but a concealment of. the worst of all you know was ahead of your corner on the slow. about a year a story and. talking. about the movie. each night. and you know so it was a v how do you move the multiple injuries among kind enough to sort them to keep sophie home most of the work but shows you know your mother's on the phone to call home if you can book a place to pull through before the see so you also. get them to step aside before
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to be a very long before the end of the john if you are with. so how did this really something to help them. you can him back and. let one of you know what happens on the side of just. jumping you know just really complex all in and then one of. the. you know i can't be something that you have you know our lives through you will see another one of the people in the room with us what. do you. feel. it's a bit hard to feel. for any credit for yes that.
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will find something they i will find so can i don't hide it at the whim of basic but make it to seventy on your own but close what it does i don't do it i don't look but sit with those that are took it and that's the law and i am highly you know. but the something i don't know some of them a good little do i know about it. but not a kid that mind that i'm a. kid. when you're a thousand and must. be a story. today coming up you know when i stop i left you know. the saw is a kind. of sorrow as you see the looks after. coming to believe the worst of the world love to drive it through the physio in the arm have probably got off if you took off. at the moment be the only one couple that.
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is also caught up she born in. kenya can assume you tend to talk to an awful spanish with their religion and. again a lot. of give. and a seventy one of them shot two feet off the top of your man all of them love to both of us we never see i'm going to mitchell. not to. excess you know when i'm started by the way some. mines even a school day sorry you said you committed to peace unless. someone told friends i was self and look into that how does she have any but this old false soul of the not so much that unless it was so hard to see it all missed out in the first place how different that can sense it turns out the truth will
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come out of some sort or no i've been just so with both that's enough to settle many said nothing self but once you have not thought it was enough to let something fun to find you on the other it was a lot of things some thought odd ultimately l.s.d. or. i don't call professional profile with the thoughts of a short. i don't know what the law will also look when the mound be walked on. a minute ago that got us it was the clear. so's. you can have someone to call. again when actually the.
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three oblivious of the other kind of good. because i know you have a key to the key to do this and that is me does a good one of these and months of and daveed and because i. salute them and more awesome would be my. i'm falling off with all those. who think i'm a. little bit of.
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god. oh. i have this and that now that is not. oh about. our. costs too much as if to say. holy shit. well that's what we do is funny how does one know you. didn't and much more not yet have you to come. and that was sheer size and then my. contract. knocked out then and i think.
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that's a human not to. say out of. poland as i do not involve the home counties involved in the novel some. point to. talk about only. some of the some of the. pool. do nothing for me. not on the body a studio by then. and a. hug and a condom on things aren't enough proof of who the moment belong to one. of the more you know little of the. fun of making but if in the low enough of the knowledge we had me. and the one on the ass the
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next song on there but that's not going on with. the little you didn't. know. on the. fourth do not of the fam can hike. and a home. for someone. who. doesn't. want to not have other than. something more
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than windows can. buy them coffee. by then is a shift of all. the stress and. the solemn. i must certainly hate and if it gets on the whole. in the city in the cells that which is. good it is good. for god to make. sure for just buried my gun before.
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i would abuse it. this was at the ship of oh. fuck. yeah i need. i thought of. ok i know what they had to do in a book but they. emailed. she she lay yourself going on the start of. the story at a definite how. she just becomes. just. a big big big big was not made easy on the decide this is.


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