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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 21, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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this year's your vision song contest a german newspaper ended its collaboration with the author following a public outcry so what sort of us about here's the picture in question the artist says he wanted to criticize binyamin netanyahu for exploiting israel's victory in the contest for his own political ends but some of accuse them of resorting to anti semitic cliches i don't think. should publish the to hannity's cartoons he seems to be a hard line and to see might the to have is a very dangerous man and absolutely and semitic this has been clear for the last forty years no more idiotism caricatures important for ship in public opinion but there is no place for incursion anderson. laughter the outcry the newspaper poll the caricature and apologized for printing it but the cartoonist three to one it is defiant the editors have apologized is their business i do not
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apologize the accusation doesn't ring true with me that the drawing can be regarded as anti semitic i did not mean it's that way i can criticize netanyahu is policy even as a german and there's another side to all of this in his work hamish has mocked and criticized other world leaders this cartoon draws comparisons between turkey's president starlit and hitler but that time around when there was an outcry the newspaper defended the artist freedom of speech we heard from israeli journalist gideon levy he says european media outlets are trying to avoid criticizing israel to avoid being accused of antisemitism. whenever it comes to israel not only to an attorney out to israel in general immediately the european media is scared of being accused and this of it isn't while any other leader you can do whatever you want whenever you draw israeli statesman whenever you criticize israel
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immediately it comes up all on the symmetry and europe is afraid really scared paralyzed of being labeled as anti semite rightly so by the way the only problem is that this has nothing to lose and this and it isn't and i hope the german colleagues in the german media will raise a voice of protest against this scandal of firing this cartoon it's. the mother of one of the victims of the texas school massacre has revealed that her daughter had rejected the shooter before the deadly attack the motives of seventeen year old demetrius by god says it killed ten people on friday a still unknown the girl in question was one of the first killed in the shooting. active shooting several people down there probably got him. i don't want none of.
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them a friend got shot in our home and alarms went off everybody just started running outside and next thing you know everybody in the you we're. dealing with who made it is random value to the ears so i can hide. some us media are reporting that the number of people killed in school shootings this year is more than double the number of fatalities in the u.s. military of course it should be pointed out there are far more u.s. students than there are military personnel nevertheless the latest shooting has reignited america's future eous gun control debate gillum open explains. in the aftermath of yet another school shooting the gun control debate is heating up again
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you know we have to do everything human we possible to keep guns out of the wrong hands they mention background checks for gun sales faster background checks ok our strategies to keep guns away from people like this guy i want to ban have a total ban on assault weapons anyone who carries that gun openly is willing to use it to kill someone. the united states congress has not done anything anything to protect our students from gun violence there's all kinds of proposals in congress to stop and limit gun sales however is selling new guns really the issue at this point there's over three hundred fifty seven million guns in the united states that's more guns than people and at this point over four hundred thousand guns are stolen on average each year to put it simply the usa is awash in guns and the firearms owners protection act makes it illegal to track them the f.b.i. can conduct criminal background checks on the people who purchased firearms but
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there's a catch the records of those background checks must be destroyed within twenty four hours so that no record can be kept of who purchased what gun congress now has for proposals on the table two of them are for tougher background checks another is an outright ban on the sale of assault rifles and in addition to that there's a proposal to lift the age for purchasing firearms from eighteen to twenty one all of these proposals impact gun sales but don't do anything about the millions of firearms floating around already even if there were miraculously some new gun laws that made it much more difficult to buy guns guns that are already in circulation are enough to keep killing people for decades to come so that's why there needs to be a whole host of new regulations that gun owners have to be registered and the guns have to be registered and much more can. roll over the black work itself the problem is everything it's software it's the gun culture it's the lack. of
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living money into our schools so they have the counsellors they need but will it be enough to change the second amendment in this country unfortunately i don't think so. but it is in chile are locked in a fight for clean water claiming farm supply u.k. supermarkets are depleting local surprise here on the right is what the main river of petaca village in chile now looks like previously a favorite with swimmers it's fully dried up through years of use to irrigate avocado plantations and farm mental group modder to raise concerns long before the issue hit western headlines. in the incredibly dirty. pursuit of nuclear winter they are when it will so not only those cattle and water. but i don't know that out. in
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believe it is the talk of provinces the country's top producer of the fruit villages there accused of cultural companies of illegally destroying water was rivers in the region drying up and people now forced to rely on trucks carrying contaminated water for supplies just because of a car their farming requires massive water use local say producers are violating their rights. we collect water from the bath shower dishwasher and here you can see the foam we used the same water to water trees and to give a little life to the field because we are wired to stay dry forever we hope one day that what i will return. it ws years ago was this river basically droid because the province of to talk of became the country's most important district called the production exports for those exports the being made at the expense of. and in violation of the human rights watch. there is
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a lot of anger pain and suffering from seeing that the accumulated light emancipate water while the rural community is drinking water from water trucks. the meantime e.u. avocado imports are rising fast up over one hundred million euros in sales in just two years alexander palace pinto from the environmental group modder team says that there have been water shortages for years that life has been going to if you're a prius and you don't have enough water to get your plants and to raise your hand and the river doesn't exist anymore is going to. have to be got margaret because people's one of the river now you don't have nothing on the last. exports more than . three thousand times. thirty two thousand more that goes in and so it is british to this increase you know to because their brains have a credit card. and you know that. you were.
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last there is that group and other. situation they're companies that sort of like it's back to the lever water because they've got to remember this invest in more than a hundred grand in the media or in the last six years but it was just a play about this really key question who benefits. pretty sure retail consortium representing supermarket soon import much of the front so that all stores are now aware of the allegations representatives promised the problem will be addressed and insists that the welfare and safety of people and communities is key to them. so the short break stay with us.
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twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way i was going to be your coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but how would you. go all the great. if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet this special one that was also appreciated meets just at the reno team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. for
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us presidential candidate hillary clinton has attended a graduation ceremony at yale university and she followed tradition by wearing an unconventional. a russian hand was it was a it. could be a key had been. clinton referring to her loss in the twenty sixteen presidential election a number of official u.s. probes in our ongoing into alleged russian collusion widely claimed by left wing media to be a key reason for donald trump's victory the first investigation was launched by the f.b.i. back in twenty six thing but no evidence of meddling has yet been released. with
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the term twenty sixth in campaign already being investigated in so many angles as well more aspect now in the crosshairs the u.s. department of justice announced that it will probe whether the campaign was inappropriately infiltrated by the f.b.i. well this follows the president's request on twitter where he asked to look at whether the obama administration directed the bureau to snoop on him for political purposes it's a similar allegation to one he's made before and which was slammed in the media when he made it as far as. wiretapping i guess by you know this past administration at least we have something in common where is the proof that anyone here disagree he wasn't going to hold anybody in the arctic where did trump get these ideas where is he getting his information the intelligence committee has not seen evidence of this is occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true there was no sorts wiretap or to really. though this time some american media are still skeptical
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about the president's claims they did out an f.b.i. mole within his campaign they suspected informant is stephan helper a seventy three year old professor from cambridge university in the u.k. he's a u.s. citizen with longstanding links to american and british intelligence and he served in three republican administrations he was reportedly part of a nine hundred eighty s. high profile spying operation for ronald reagan's campaign that employed treated president jimmy carter's administration. earlier the d.o.j. in the f.b.i. didn't deny media allegations that there was a mole in the truck campaign but they did quibble with the language a bit they used the word informant as opposed to spy they refused to name him for security reasons they said political commentator steve though says such spying is a worrying sign for democracy. if the obama administration played a role in putting a spy you could call them informant i'll choose by inside the presidential campaign
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of the opposition party i mean you know this is this is huge they say bigger than watergate this just wipes war to get pushes war to get right off the map can you imagine what this means for our democracy and reportedly steffen help for not only met with george papadopoulos more he had paid for a trip for him to come to london and then end papadopoulos didn't know who this guy was basically and then when he got there and he was meeting with them said so you know all about the hacking of the russian e-mails right but he also tried to get the cochairman of the truck campaign to enlist him hire him as a foreign policy advisor so he was trying to get inside the campaign there for all to see never of course telling him he's investigating anything so to me that is behind the center and i think that's got a listen going to take a break come back though with more so you often our.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. in some american cities the police. cling to ready to. walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that. are afraid of. you can see something happening and this is like i don't. call the
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cops and. their lives chasing the. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to say yes unfortunately around here we are going. to. sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks need to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that because of the file for the most important day. off the bat doesn't tell you on the cool enough to buy their products. the hawks we all have our. watch.
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welcome to sophie and colmes sophie shevardnadze the american pullout out of the iran nuclear deal is causing a headache to think european guarantors off the treaty in case of germany's threatening firms that made a large investments in iran will berlin and the e.u. deal with this well i ask again to our friend who again former vice president of the european commission. washington scuttling over iran nuclear deal at stake in europe by surprise german business in the middle eastern country now under threat of renewed american sanctions maybe turning to russia to keep the nuclear agreement on board can be on debacle restore broken ties between russia and germany will occur injuries be able to mount a concerted effort to maintain the nuclear deal and will it be enough to save it
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for her again former vice president of the european commission welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us today. hello sophie good to see you so after trump took america out of the eight on deal which means that european companies a need on maybe subjects to american sanctions they fired back activating a law that would block european companies from complying with us to say on it on any your opinion who is going to out sanction who here the united states or here up i'm afraid that americans have to biggest stick here if you will know you'll be a company or drive comical for instance and you would look at the figures what kind of business are you doing and you know what kind of business are you doing in the united states do you have that much choice and you will decide to not to invest in
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. continue to invest and to make business in the u.s. and if the european union really promise to compensate for the losses. i can promise you that goes far beyond the financial capacities of the european union so i'm really afraid that the american american policy of unique union that the election the american policy of taking hostage other nations and companies can be successful at the end so that european statute that has been activated prohibits companies from canceling their business with iran due to american sanctions so say that if i do european company in iran i have to suffer the consequences brought on to me by the americans and if i quit on them e.u. will go after me doesn't this put a u.
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kompany is between the devil and the deep blue sea how is that making their life easier annoy i don't think that the problem is. all of the companies. in india and the problem is that the promise that went with the. deal was that we would do more. to develop the economy and to increase their living standard of people much much more investment than we have done in the past and what i have said is and i would like to the pete that you cannot expect new major investment in the coming four major companies in particular those who are. who are leading in technology and innovation and what i'm really afraid that the american american
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action. will. it and we have no real defense against it so regardless of europe's countermeasure state he's saying the deal will survive without the americans i think it could it depends very much on the coal pollution between begun to countries in particular russia china. and to european countries as far as i can see they are committed to it to do everything they can to keep the dealer life for the people in iran of course the question will be does it be at the end of that i can or cannot see what we can see . this deal is really the deed and this idiot in jeopardy is the whole system of nuclear unknown politically should not only in the
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middle east but but everywhere and it might change the whole security pattern of the book which would have only serious very busy a serious situation. and in this situation it would be extremely important to augur nice cooperation between the us or. of the dia i have already mentioned in order to create a count of eight so in the wake of the united states' decision on it on donald tusk says that with friends like us you don't need enemies and trump said the same can be said about a u r u s m e u enemies from now on. absolutely not i must say. i like him very much and know many he is not using strong words. of us it is surprise so my understanding was
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that he was. about the communication american wouldn't use the term enemy but it is obvious. but the ship between the united states do you opinion is entering a new new age it's it's not like it wasn't. more or less the americans at the europeans shit the same use. except it that americans have to do to ship. the americans. enough to provide security i think that's finished that's finished and be need to leave the fine. ship and the only thing i would like to see is i know it's be in ulip we should not make the mistake to believe that the presidency
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of donald trump is just. a short short living mistake. i'm afraid that trump is scruples and being america much more than obama presented america should be a well this policy will probably continue with the america i mean the america first policy so the french finance minister is calling dog european leaders to defend europe's economic sovereignty from the united states now at the same time he and his german colleagues are courting their u.s. counterparts the new chain trying to get exceptions for their a company's from their looming sanctions so what kind of sour and it is this if europe is repeatedly finding itself in betting positions towards the united states . you know it's it's the old the old problem the discussion is really old. how to deal with the americans and to different views. come and then you need to
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have to have to work have to confess and i'm not surprised. at the french interests and the german interest a different you know it's not the same. institution it's did not manage. to create a common position and my my view is that it would be difficult difficult do we want to have to create a trade war with the united states and united states is the strongest economic partner for european union and vice versa. very much dependent on each as are. in a trade war and my view is it should be avoided as much as we can because not except that the americans dictate the terms of the business has to be it has to be
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partnership but as long as they do not know what a partnership is levy finished should try to keep it alive so in germany he was previously slammed by the united states for failing to pay its share of to percent of its g.d.p. to the nato budget trump now says member countries must pay four percent of their g.d.p. to nato is germany planning to meet this target if almost nobody viewer up is even meeting the two percent area how is washington going to make everyone pay for i can tell you that's a strong majority of germans and in my view a strong majority of europeans every b.-a is slick against you what. does. not c. didn't meet for. higher defense spending.
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by. that defense meant this we have started to do that but. i would stick the oppose the idea that if you have to spend two percent. for football common defense and it's in my view an even higher percentage is. not debatable so trombones so says that those underpaying to the nato budget will be dealt with whatever that means that's almost whatever that's almost at the same time as haste threatening sanctions on europe over iran i mean why does europe and germany in particular allow united states to blackmail them here and there because that's what it looks like from the outside. yes i.
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would. be. american but is he was always a mixture. of megalomania and strict obedience so we never we never found the. middle ear so we need to need to discuss no. people off and need to tell the. american friends that until no. less exis votes again to full the full peace but. but. disappear as. the bills have more tensions will have to build have more conflict.
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come closer. to the final to perhaps the final nobody nobody even missed a try but he would. be the must become. to prevent a situation from happening. americans and the europeans in different comes but i know it's will be it's going to be difficult i know it all right so we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to. former vice president of the european commission talking about charming relations stay with us .
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only mostly and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach. and do all the great british good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you you when.


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