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occurred what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true now this time the american mainstream media has outed the mole people are pointing to stephen hall per he's a seventy three year old professor at cambridge university in the u.k. he's american born there he's got longstanding ties to both american and british intelligence agencies and apparently infiltrated the administration of u.s. president jimmy carter on behalf of the ronald reagan campaign the department of justice and the f.b.i. will not deny they there was somebody in the campaign however they have quibbled about the wording they've said this was not a spy this was rather an informant they refused to name whether or not it was steven halper but the question is if it was steven help or this is somebody with a well known reputation links to the cia british intelligence so revealing his identity wouldn't exactly put people's lives in danger or be some kind of huge threat to national security or if it is it's not exactly clear why that would be
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they haven't communicated that this is just the latest episode in the ongoing spat between the trumpet ministration and the intelligence agencies showing that there is a high level of division and insecurity in washington d.c. . i was in these new coalition government has put forward a political novice us promise to for many brits a rival's the left leaning five star movement and right wing northern league came together in a populist the months president and for europe. you can join me now to shed some light on the show of thanks for joining us what do you know about the candidate for prime minister a bit of a dog course missed them. yes absolutely let's not forget it's been two and a half months around about since those elections took place in italy and it's taken all this time for the two parties leg and the five star movement from the left and the right of the spectrum to come together to form what they would like to do which is to create a coalition government with the leaders of those parties have been meeting with the
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italian president today putting forward this name of the person that they would like to be the next prime minister well his name is just picante he is a lawyer he's not hugely well known perhaps outside of italy maybe not even so in italy but what we do know about him is that each each is a law at the university of florence he's known as being a technocrat not somebody who's got a lot of political experience and we also know that he was the author of the justice program for the five star movement to somebody who's been involved in that side of the politics here there in italy now we know that the two parties want to form this coalition there too populous parties come from the left and the right of the spectrum and despite many many differences during the italian election they have come together of the last few weeks to thrash out this new coalition government document called a government for change and i have to say it's proposing some pretty drastic
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changes to italian politics which are not going to go down well elsewhere in the european union let's have a look at what some of those a manifesto pledge is on which they voted and agreed on last friday they include scrapping sanctions against russia that's probably not going to be very popular with other members of the european union they've also talking about reducing taxes curbing migration and perhaps most controversially they've also talked about renegotiating some e.u. commitments and they've already had a warning from a german minister and the french fry and. minister on sunday saying that they need to keep those commitments in place so a lot to see on that well we also know that these parties have never be one to shy away from telling your opinion what they think. the choice to tell him people have made is
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a step towards freedom for the whole of europe away from constraints and insecurity we want to rebuild europe based on people not bureaucracy we want to be listened to otherwise all these sectors and industries that are suffering from injustice because of european treaties and directives will have to be reimbursed well some say that why they actually won this election because of that. rhetorical and many people just jelled with that idea they still popular as well in italy a recent poll saying that they have sixty percent of support from the italian population and why are people supporting well let's hear italians in their own words say why they're supporting these two parties forming that coalition. must do something about immigration because it's a mess and like the color plan of course you want lower taxes especially for businesses so it's going to harden immigration we need to solve this problem but
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with a more moderate approach i'm worried about how five star and illegal guns make good on these promises it will be difficult because the powers that are strong. well the italian prime minister still has to approve the name that they've put forward for the prime minister as you say and also then the formation of this coalition government and if that's approved then of course that manifesto that they launched and agreed on themselves on friday will also then have to be approved by italian mu makers but if all the i's dotted and all the t.'s are crossed and this goes ahead they will become a coalition government the only in western europe that is governed by a country that's governed by a populist and quite necessarily a euro skeptic government. to see the relationship with the brussels of course develops once that coalition is formed approved. giving us the latest there on.
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prime minister nomination. do so to do a lot of the national have more news or just after this for a short break. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge tournaments and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach but how would you . agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go. a low. and i'm really happy to join for the thousand in russia meet
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the special one. just like the real p.r.t. teams the latest edition of the go. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. welcome back to r.t. international the last terrorist enclave south of damascus has now been liberated from islamic state that leaves the areas around the syrian capital officially under government control state television footage showing the army celebrating victory firing rounds into the air the area seen intense fighting between terrorists and government forces over the last few weeks. across the conflict for us on the ground
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in syria has more on that development. as'ad has won the battle of your move. he in that area he's now victorious but. did come a huge price and we must understand that other than being a symbolic victory this is also a strategic victory because this is a huge weight off the syrian government the syrian government's shoulders was isis against al qaida against islamist against rebels against the syrian government with the shifting alliances you know temporary temporary cease fires but. honestly i've been to many places in syria and from what my colleagues who then now tell me your mood is one of a kind. many
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of my colleagues locals international journalists some of whom i knew some of the most killed some of them quit wounded in the mood because of how vicious and render the fighting that was it was originally a city founded by palate built up by palestinian refugees but to be honest with you it's very difficult imagining many people coming back anytime soon simply nothing left to come back to the city has been annihilated over the last seven years and add to that all the booby traps the mines the unexploded munitions and honestly difficult to see anyone coming back and starting from starting from scratch but there is there is a bright side to all of this damascus is now secure so people in damascus millions in and around the city will no longer wake up in the middle of the night to deafening explosions for the first time the masters is free of rule.
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and efficient inquiry into the ground felt how a fire has begun in london now with seventy two seconds of silence to mark each victim of last tragedy to see week hearing will develop if the chance to speak about the victims but everyone has managed to make it to the inquiry as our correspondent explains. well the focus of the inquiry is on what caused what's bred the fire that took place almost a year ago now and the lives of seventy two people and one of the most moving accounts that we heard from the public testimonies that were taking place here today was that of a man who lived on the twenty first floor of red bell tower and at the time of the blaze his wife was seven months pregnant take a listen to his heart wrenching account of what happened. hoping it's. we should pray. for
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any kind of miracle. that you just. because. she's made the hardest. it will for sure. some of the relatives of the victims of this haven't been given visas to come here in time for the beginning of what's taking place one moroccan man named lucy who lost his sister in the fire he applied for a visa to come to the inquiry in december but he said he was crushed off to having to wait for months for it to be processed and now the home office have said that
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the visa had been issued on wednesday and that all visa applications are looked in on a case by case basis so he is finally getting his visa but by the time that year arrives it will be at least three days in to the inquiry and the opposition labor party says that's not good enough and that the government is continuing to fail the victims of the grand tragedy the gradual family has had to look behind even to get a partial panel although tourism a said she would leave no stone unturned in this inquiry she also promised victims would not suffer irrespective of their immigration status but is now fully in the family and wants more so the scandal surrounding the fire hasn't died down a hole and the bunch of house shell of the building is still standing in the middle of the bar of kensington and chelsea it's become a bit of a symbol of government failure isn't a housing inequality and social injustice and there are still big questions
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surrounding whether ultimately someone needs to go to prison but the inquiry here aims to onset those questions it's going to take a while. although public inquiries are by their nature a very slow moving beasts and this one is no exception. the doors to hold that's how locals at least describe this huge molten cavern in turkmenistan central asia filled with flaming natural gas that were burning day and night for more than four decades of video agency ruptly sent in a drone to check it out closer. that.
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was cell phone so you might sit for this i would join us sites and n.p.r. moscow time for the latest global news updates. when all chose seemed wrong all right old roles just don't hold. any new world
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yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. with. g.m.a. such an ethically modify don't miss and they system heads in the food industry in the one nine hundred ninety s. . brian todd is taking that and night and what does that have to do with g.m.'s. was just. going to have the shadows almost slipped. like this
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is a chemical widely used to kill leaks. was it the most widely known service like the beer history. they use pipes and runs off there's a possible temptation that plan that had occurred to just scientists truth that g.m. products really awful on the human race to sign a surface to wells free of g.m. and chrysler state which may even be able to sleep cost the points of never sens. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime chappie each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent of the market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per circuit for sharpton and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building
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a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one one distance shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but . welcome to sophie and colmes sophie shevardnadze the american pullout out of the iran nuclear deal is causing a headache to think european guarantors off the treaty in case of germany's threatening firms that made a large investment in iran well berlin and the e.u. deal with this well i asked him to send her again former vice president of the european commission. washington scuttling over iran nuclear deal has taken europe
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by surprise german business in the middle eastern country now under threat of renewed american sanctions maybe turning to russia to keep the nuclear agreement on board can be on debacle restore broken times between russia and germany will occur injuries be able to mount a concerted effort to maintain the nuclear deal and will it be enough to save it for her again former vice president of the european commission welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us today. had a selfie good to see you so after trump took america out of the iran deal which means said here a pm companies need on maybe subjects to american sanctions they fired back actually waiting a law that would block european companies from complying with us to say on it on any your opinion who is going to out sanction who hear the united states or hear of
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. the three. d. americans have to biggest stick here if you will know you'll be in company or drive and make a for instance and you would look at the figures of what kind of business are you doing and you know what kind of business are you doing in the united states do you have that much choice and you will decide to not to invest in your. continue to invest into big business in the u.s. and if the european union really promise to compensate for all the losses. i can promise you that goes far beyond the financial capacity so if the european union will be afraid that the american american policy of unique union that the election the american policy of taking hostage other nations and companies can be successful at the end so they see
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european statute that has been activated prohibits companies from cancelling their business with it on due to american sanctions so say that if i do european company it on i have to suffer the consequences brought onto me by the americans and if i quit on them e.u. will go after me doesn't this put a u. companies between the devil and the deep blue sea how is that making their life easier annoy i don't think that the problem is. all of the companies. in india are on the problem is that the promise that went with the. deal was that we would do more and hope to develop the economy. to increase their living standard of people that would mean much much more investment than we have done in the past and what i have
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said is and i would like to the peat that you cannot expect new major investment in the coming four major companies in particular those who are. who are leading in technology and innovation and liddy afraid that the american american action. will. it and we have no real defense against it so regardless of europe's countermeasure still he's saying the deal will survive without the americans i think it could it depends very much on the coal pollution between begun to countries in particular. china and do you hope to european countries as far as i can see the are committed to it to do everything they can to keep the dealer life but do you put people in iran of
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course the question would be does it be at the end of that i can or cannot see what we can see is this deal is really the deed and this idiot in jeopardy is the whole system of nuclear and on put it fully should not only in the middle east but but everywhere and it might change the whole security of the. only serious very busy a serious situation. and in this situation it would be extremely important to augur nice cooperation between the us or. the dia because i have already mentioned in order to create a count of eight so in the wake of the united states decision on it on donald tusk says that with friends like us you don't need enemies and trying to set the same
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can be said about a you are us and me you and him is from now on. absolutely not i must say. well and i like him very much and normally he is not using strong words. of us it is surprise so my understanding was that he was. about the communication american wouldn't use the term enemy but it is obvious. but the ship between the united states and do you opinion is entering a new new age it's it's not like it wasn't. more or less the americans at the europeans shit the same use. except it that americans have to do to ship. to the americans. enough
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to provide security i think that's finished that's finished and been need to leave the fine. ship and the only thing i would like to see is i know it's be in you'll be should not make the mistake to believe that the presidency. is just. a shot of living mystic. i'm afraid that trump is scruples and being america much more than obama presented america should be a well this policy will probably continue with the america i mean the america first policy so the french finance minister is calling on the european leaders to descend europe's economic sovereignty from the united states now at the same time he and his german colleagues are courting their u.s.
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counterparts the new chain trying to get exceptions for is there a company's from the looming sanctions so what kind of sour and it is this if europe is repeatedly finding itself in backing positions towards the united states . you know it's it's the old the old problem the discussion is really old. how to do is to americans and to different views. then you need to have to have to work i have to confess and i'm not surprised because the french interests and the german interests are different you know it's not the same. institution it's did not manage. to create a common position and my my view is that it will be difficult visibility difficult do we want to have to create a trade war with the united states and united states is the strongest economic
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partner for you opinion and vice versa. very much dependent on each as are. in a trade war and my view is it should be avoided as much as because because except that the americans dictate the terms of the business has to be it has to be partnership but as long as they do not know whether the partnership is libya finished should try. to keep it alive so in germany was previously slammed by the united states for failing to pay its share of to percent of its g.d.p. to the nato budget tromp now assess member countries must pay four percent of their g.d.p. to nato if you're going to planning to meet this target if almost nobody viewer of is it one meeting the two percent are you how is washington going to make everyone
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pay for i can tell you that's a strong majority of germans and in my view a strong majority of europeans every b.-a is slick against the new one. does too. not see didn't meet for. higher defense spending and. eight. by. in defense metis we have started to do that but. i would stick be opposed. if you have to spend. a common defense and. in my view an even higher percentage is. not debatable so trombones so says that those underpaying to the nato budget will
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be dealt with whatever that means that's almost. that's almost at the same time as haste threatening sanctions on europe over iran i mean why does europe and germany in particular allow united states to play quell them here and there because that's what it looks like from the outside. yes i. would. be. american but if he was always a mixture. of megalomania and strict obedience so we never we never found the. middle ear so we need to need to discuss no. people off and need to tell the. american friends that until no.
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less exis most again to full the full peace but. but. disappear as. more attentions of the more conflict. come closer. to the final to perhaps the final nobody nobody even missed a trial but he would. be the must do i was saying because to prevent a situation from happening. americans and the europeans in different comes but i know it's will be it's going to be difficult i know it all right so we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to. former vice president of the european commission talking about. relations stay with us.
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the transatlantic alliance system is whether the number of storms during its seventy year history we are told this is because of sustained american leadership the same online system survive the storm. in some american cities the police. cling to refutation. who walk on the streets of the united states that are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect.


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