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she followed tradition by wearing an unconventional bit of headwear. a russian. i mean if you can dream i know. i was on the way to winning. combination. over twenty eight and russian wiki leaks i inherited nothing from the democratic party. i mean it was bankrupt it was on the verge of in power there is still a very large proportion of the population that is uneasy with positions of leadership. this just shows how frail hillary is i think she gave a speech to the democratic women leadership convention i think
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a couple of days ago in washington and more or less admitted she just can't let it go and i think i think it's worrying because the u.s. needs a strong opposition right now and hillary clinton really isn't it over and over again we saw these kind of cackling. and then putting out the shank and just just now i mean over and over again she shows that she's not fit she has a very polarizing effect on american politics the democratic party has sold in america and without having somebody some giant figurehead i don't think will really see any great change right now and i think it's likely that trump will will forge ahead in the next election. italy's new populist euro skeptic alliance has met the country's president proposing political. as prime minister before the meeting the leaders of the two parties in the coalition stressed the new government must come
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first. they were. when you put a limit. the only day you don't even going to pretty much doing you cause a. little in president is expected to decide on tuesday whether he accepts as prime minister to formally bitter rivals the end establishment five star movement on right wing northern league came together in a populist alliance unprecedented for europe charlotte dubin ski has more. well it's been two and a half months around about since those elections took place in italy and it's taken all this time for the two parties that's leg and the five star movement from the left and the right of the spectrum to come together to form what they would like to do which is to create a coalition government with the leaders of those parties have been meeting with the italian president today putting forward this name of the person that they would like to be the next tallon prime minister well his name is just picante he was put
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forward as a candidate by five star movement and the league who both said that they wanted him to be the next italian prime minister what do we know about him well not very much we know that he's a professor of law and he's also the author of the five star movement justice program during the election but he is the man that will now lead italy possibly over the next few years where the two parties a five star movement and leg came together despite many differences during the italian at elections to form what they want to see as being a coalition government a government for change is how they've described it in their manifesto some almost sixty pages long which they both approved on friday well what do we know what's in that manifesto well first of all many things that perhaps other countries in the european union may not like too much including the idea that they would like to
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scrap the sanctions against russia they also want a flat tax in italy they want to curb migration and perhaps most controversially they want to renegotiate some of the new policies the e.u. commitments they've already been warned by a german minister and the french finance minister that they need to keep those e.u. commitments but these are two parties who have never shied away of saying exactly what they think to the e.u. . choice the italian people have made is a step towards freedom for the whole of europe away from constraints and insecurity we want to rebuild europe based on people not bureaucracy we want to be listened to otherwise all these sectors and industries that are suffering from injustice because of european treaties and directives will have to be reimbursed well some say the reason that they won that election they've been able to join to form this
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coalition ideology is because they were both euro skeptic parties and that seems to have gone down well with the italian electorate and they still popular recent polls showing that they are getting still sixty percent support from the italian population you must do something about immigration because it's a mess and like the color plan of course you want lower taxes especially for businesses so it's going to harden immigration we need to solve this problem but with a more moderate. i'm worried about how five star and league are going to make good on these promises it will be difficult because the powers the strong the well now the new italian prime minister has approved these two parties well now set to form that government but the manifesto that they've prepared that this change of this government for change still needs to be approved by a tally and no make is when the i's are dotted and the t.'s are crossed and the
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dust all settles on that it will mean that italy will be the only country in western europe with the euro skeptic governing coalition at its helm. the area around the syrian capital damascus has reportedly been liberated from islamic states with the total group being pushed out of its last remaining enclave one that story after this short break. on the idea of the dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that are going. to do stocks credit tell you that they'll be gossip and probably buy a little one day. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all.
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welcome back to our to international the last terrorists enclave south of damascus has now reportedly been liberated from islamic state that leaves all areas around the syrian capital under government control state television footage shows the army
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celebrating victory firing rounds in the air after retaking the. district as well as the adjacent yarmouk palestinian camp there is seen some intense fighting between terrorists and government forces over recent weeks local journalist mahmud ali brings us this report from the new liberated suburb of damascus. the syrian army has taken full control of has a wide area and yet moved refugee camp in southern damascus following crucial spiting would isolate serous also known as damage. little. was. securing president assad and that he had moved refugee camp means that demo is now a terrorist free city for the first time with its countryside since seven years securing them would save the capital damascus from deadly mortar attacks that were
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previously launched from. here we are on residential governments how on earth damascus syrian army. continuously with your operations across the country the syrian army command issued a statement saying that the syrian army is currently much more stronger and much more determined to continue its military operations until every inch of syrian soil after terrorist groups currently damascus and it's going to decide is a terrorist the area the army is to continue fighting and it is expected that the army will be heading towards either the north and or the south and are. now the official inquiry into the ground full tower fire has begun in london with seventy two seconds of silence starts to mark each victim of last truce tragedy the two week hearing will give rhodes who has a chance to speak about the victims not everyone there has managed to make it to the inquiry as police explains what the focus of the inquiry is on what caused and
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what spread the fire that took place almost a year ago and it took the lives of seventy two people and one of the most moving at counts that we heard from the public testimonies that were taking place here today was that of a man who lived on the twenty first floor of red bell tower and at the time of the blaze his wife was seven months pregnant take a listen to his heart wrenching account of what happened so i called my son. hoping it's what i treat. we should pray. for any kind of miracle. that you just open is not hers. because. she's made of the hottest material and.
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it was straight. some of the relatives of the victims of this haven't been given visas to come here in time for the beginning of what's taking place one moroccan man named lucy who lost his sister in the fire he applied for a visa to come to the inquiry in december but he said he was crushed after having to wait for months for it to be processed and now the home office have said that the visa had been issued on wednesday and that all visa applications are looked in on a case by case basis so he is finally getting his visa but by the time that he rides it will be at least three days in to the inquiry and the opposition labor party says that's not good enough and that the government is continuing to fail the
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victims of the grand tragedy the gradual family has had to look behind even to get a partial panel although tourism a said she would leave no stone unturned in this inquiry she also promised victims would not suffer irrespective of their immigration status but is now fully in the family and wants more so the scandal surrounding the fire hasn't died down a hole and the burns house shell of the building is still standing in the middle of the bar of kensington and chelsea it's become a bit of a symbol of government bailey isn't a housing inequality and social injustice and there are still big questions surrounding whether ultimately someone needs to go to prison but the inquiry here aims to oncet those questions it's going to take a while. i although public inquiries are by their mate very slow moving beasts and this one is no exception. there's controversy in germany over a cartoonist depiction of the israeli prime minister as the winner of this year's
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you're a vision song contest a german paper ended up ended its collaboration with the author after a public outcry let's take a look at the picture in question you can see it on your screen is the artist says he wanted to criticize benjamin netanyahu for exploiting israel's victory in the contest for his own political ends some though have accused him of resorting to anti semitic cliches i don't think. should publish dita hannity's cartoons he seems to be a hardline anti seem right the to have is a very dangerous man and absolutely and semitic this has been clear for the last forty years no more it is caricatures important for sheep in public opinion but there is no place for incursion under symmetry. and after the outcry the newspaper pulled the caricature and apologized for printing it the cartoonist peter hans ruesch though is the fine. that the editors have apologized is their business
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i do not apologize the accusation doesn't ring true with me that the drawing can be regarded as anti semitic i did not mean it's that way i can criticize netanyahu policy even as a german now there's another side to all this of course in his what kind it shares mocked and criticized other world leaders as well this cartoon draws comparisons between turkey's president the one stalin and hitler but that time around when there was an outcry the newspaper defended the artist's freedom of speech we heard from journalist gideon levy of these radio daily newspaper ha'aretz he says european media outlets are trying to avoid criticizing israel to avoid being accused of anti-semitism whenever it comes to israel not only to an attorney out to israel in general immediately european media is being accused and the symmetries and why any other leader can do whatever you want
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whenever you draw israeli states and whenever you criticize is immediately it comes up all on the symmetries and europe is afraid really scared paralyzed of being labeled as anti semite rightly so by the way the only problem is that this has nothing to lose and this time it isn't and i hope the german colleagues in the german media will raise the voice of protest against the scandal of firing this cartoonist. that's all from the team here for the good night from me michael vick sean thomas will be with you throughout the night bringing you the latest news updates. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect. people in no more afraid of police than of
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a criminal as. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops. rather than call the cops in. their lives chasing the. same goods on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to got so. unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns are told from so much but cool place to. the transatlantic alliance system is whether the number of storms during its seventy year history we are told this is because of sustained american leadership but can the same online system survive the storm named truck.
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