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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 22, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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decide this is illegal to displease me and. still shut me up if you see. the above i am became legend in the engine when he on the body is sweaty and mocked so when she sees. the phone number on the front. of computers are days off of socialism in the coming. months i will come fish. him about that and what i shot will soften shot up what the fuck know. about it mr guffey just sold it at the last minute. so the highest so. far from about into the
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cut off they have come on. the side of some but no i'm always up on the far. side of. the. oh my.
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we are now experiencing the end of a thirty year bull market in bonds which means you are entering a period of rising interest rates and so the urgency to get deals done before that any cost is applied toward financing whatsoever needs to happen quickly so i predict in the next twenty four months you're going to see the biggest wave of mergers and acquisitions ever in history by a factor of ten as just thirty or forty percent of everything that's traded out there gets gobbled up and taken pride. of place for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super money kill you know
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a loan to spend spend to get to the twenty million a warm playa. it's an experience like nothing else not to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy played great so will more chance with. the base it's more nudes. as i do not. come on now the continent's most of the stigma cuts now down in the just that of
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the city i couldn't. aside. from. today because. i'm not sure. the months and years on the list my name in this. bill had. a stomach. not a yawn and. you
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know how many you can know i. mean better yet you still do yeah i did the. walk and it had. that one to suboxone. in the house like on afghan women have none and the lineup. the lights. and i had couple of things had it find there's a man like you to. come
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in with. it's not money at least fifty if it's an open mind that if you nice. and easy until fifty and. decide as the end of the finish should be. in the lead if the father of the body of trick of the day and the mother calls you made so forty. and as a million you said. a few months a good. month of the middle of this is. not
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a month of the line about the coaches and. the hug and i must ask for your love of us. from the pool of. boston. well for the i'll say me. to the foreigner.
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in north philly on national was a house. on that deserve it is up to the stop on the desert with his among the his guards of the at last. forming. the. taliban hey it's hard to let that. shit out of the women. had no. business within the circle he. knew pretty. much got a better. bill a young. and the son called. mr know they are not come for a lady in the now that she could you know could imagine and if you know no one
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could manage to sean disembodied voice i'm. not. alone and then as you know there are a lot. the moment. plus a look. at. the. models you have to also see the high you'll see. out of nine hundred eleven on that
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have been the kind of suit. lots of it out there i had took most of the senate and senate and here. were not a lot faster than the good ol days of civil law somehow on the how does it along to snow mind and how does this little to this. forum. be done on another i think that we are going to know nothing are not running up and i want to feel the benefit of. the big. better if you. don't get it. and i'd be standing behind me from enough to the welcome view and she didn't hide and almost. feel
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it is the job you had the most lamentable i'll give you what then so how about in a slack said i hope this can we don't look at it but i could have but he walk out of mine a little before i don't. know how and then the bit about the life that i'm in the. us not being. as a model in the city to live on the lawn outside and. i want to make it if nothing else. of course allowed me. to hunt them up. at. least some of the one hundred a month. was going to live there you. had the amount of come the. play them it was a pill for nothing. but the somethin you are lucky.
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enough some seen at a hen house at a loss to stay out early it's too bad there's a lot of. labor i want to live with and jihadi danny they know not for whom but at the map that shows genitals i've been a member of member feedback taking all of the little maid. that if women had thought it was just because i thought of men when you must love men when. you know it does are we going to take. care of nephew i'm not going to be no. one hundred be an infinitude. the milk honest let alone not. out of the. talk to be a yes you want present system how much you want to show. you how do. you think. that's how it's done even when it was not the only reason should have resulted in the general feeling that these. things have. the.
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power of the stuff you've. already. done on the bus in the scenes of how didn't. i could but it doesn't mean. that good enough has not been allowed to sell you a little dog had. to be going out to show his little enough self esteem up to get the senate to nevada less. on the left of the hudson and that is the new york city you know what does it mean i want to let me know when you. talk.
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to. me let's have a look at the not exactly that not bad enough that. he must be tough. i had to get. a lot of these. to come up. to how do you look ma the pun to set you on the scene the police had to pick this up without. the koofi showing the knowledge that in a moment this will not will. have the chemo feel that. we can in this way and that is the whole thought of way because he is back at me now and then when i can get to the metal will come. something. else.
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i don't have much left but i'm going to succumb enough to support him plus one that has been mine back to get here was the bigger. the top. they can simply assume. that the fifth year of it has a little bit of a hit you know a. bit of the emotional need to have a love if you need. to. tell them. and then move put them on one of those in the moment of the movie that you love
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them about ten of them one that the laws have that you don't need to move him but young as i move my whole day that there's a book one can as obvious as the one moment not. listening. to hey can they have been hey what i can now maybe i maybe i'm eddie who are the thoughts.
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of the transatlantic alliance system is whether the number of storms during its seventy year history we are told this is because of sustained american leadership in the same online system survive the storm named trying. i am a scientifically modified organisms the system is in the food industry and the nine hundred ninety six. point of time is taking that and nights and what does not have to do with g.m. it. was
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just. almost sort of. like it's a chemical widely used kill we. see why because it was like it is. described as a kind of runs are possible combinations. kind of her future scientists trees to see in context really. on the human race to sign a surface to wells free of g.m.'s in crisis eight which will even be able to sleep cost the points of never send. a litany of three. to the american american policy of unique union that. the american policy of taking hostage as a nation. and companies can be successful the.
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u.s. secretary of state issues twelve demands to iran threatening unprecedented financial pressure if it doesn't comply these will indeed end up being a stronger. history. italy is on course to become the. two parties come together to present the president with a radical program. on his electoral campaign back to the justice department opened an investigation into whether inappropriate surveillance took place.
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to have you with us now washington has threatened to impose unprecedented financial pressure on iran u.s. secretary of state has made twelve demands and promised it will be hit with the worst sanctions ever if they are not men. iran must declare to the i.a.e.a. a full account of the prior military dimensions of its nuclear program stop enrichment provide the i.a.e.a. with unqualified access to all sites and its proof aeration a ballistic missile release all u.s. citizens of the us and support the middle east terrorist group iran must respect the sovereignty of the iraqi government brown must also end its military support for the coup de militia withdraw all forces under a new command throughout the entirety of syria and support for the taliban and other terrorists in afghanistan in the region and i or g.
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could force a support for terrorists and militant partners around the world and to iran must end its threatening behavior against its neighbors many of whom are u.s. allies well he started off a speech trying to convince his audience of how bad obama's deal was claiming that its flaws put the whole world at brisk and arguing that the chase c.p.o. away only postpone iran's development of nuclear weapons and now pump a also promised unprecedented financial pressure on iran ordering that think sions will not change until iran changes and threatening that iran will have to fight to keep its economy alive we will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the iranian regime the leaders in tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness these will indeed end up being the strongest things in history when we are complete it's also worth mentioning that this economic pressure can only succeed if the e.u. also complies however the e.u. has already stated that it's satisfied with the existing deal saying that more sanctions are unnecessary as it seeks to protect its companies that are doing
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business in iran the european union and will remain committed to the continued food and effective implementation of the g.c. as long as iran abides by all its nuclear related commitments as it is doing so far but let's quickly break down some of his demands you know some of them have at least something to do with the previous iran deal for example pompei o demanded that iran stop enriching uranium and never preprocessed plutonium and asked for access to all. iran's nuclear sites but these remains were not only part of the j c p a way they were met by iran which was certified by the i.a.e.a. other demands pompei a made had nothing to do with preventing iran from acquiring new these were random foreign policy demands which included ask iran to stop supporting who these in yemen demanding that iran pulls out of syria but one highlight of the speech was when pompei accused shia iran of supporting sunni extremist groups in afghanistan
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and apparently pressure will continue until iranians change its government so now america is blatantly telling the iranian people what to do check out what he said at the end of the day the iranian people will decide the time or at the end of the day be ready people will get to make a choice about their leadership if they make the decision quickly that would be wonderful if they choose not to do so we will stay hard at this until we achieve the outcomes that i set forward today so that could be interpreted as a call for regime change which unlike pompei is nuclear demands wasn't part of the original deal but all in all it's unclear what the administration is looking to come out of this but what does have to wait for reactions from the rest of the world. iran has already responded to washington's slew of demands and president rouhani has said america has no right to tell tehran what to do and that the world will no longer cave in to washington's bullying and commenting on pumping as insistence that iran withdraw from syria the iranian president said tehran's forces
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will stay there to continue fighting terrorism here's what people on the streets of tehran had to say about the situation. americans keep saying they have nothing against ordinary iranians. but in actual fact distinctions of general public in iran are just as much. if we have. to use them as like you know. that's not true that ever again. the united states has closed the door to negotiations we cannot hold talks about meanwhile germany's foreign minister has reiterated berlin's commitment to keeping the iran deal alive iran is you know why did neighborhood and since we don't see any better alternative a president we don't want to leave it to you we don't want to be working on a nuclear weapons program this affects the security interests of germany and the security interests of europe. a number of analysts told us washington's belligerence could cause chaos across the middle east and leave the u.s.
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increasingly isolated this is not the first time i took the american administration in the past have tried to actually destabilize it on from the inside but the problem with that is that it is turbulence in governments in this part of the world from libya in syria in. various parts of egypt. in tunisia these disruptions for the for the stability of these countries created more damage and more harms for the rule of law for human rights for human dignity all over the region seeing that the wrong but not trust the united states for years and the allies of the united states on the other hand even the europeans they cannot count on what the united states say. the stamp administration regardless of what their allies in europe are saying they restore the deal that the europeans were supporting i think it will be very hard for the united states to bring europeans are the sensors on board in order to support that pressure that they are talking or
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the historic sanctions they're talking about i think at the moment you know are these two we are going by trying to isolate the united states internationally really foreign ministry have been trying to read. that russia. china because they. know these extreme you know we've got a serious international consensus and agreement and alliance the united states not goo back to the regime of sanctions that existed against iran from two thousand and ten to two thousand and fifteen. with a v trumpet two thousand and sixteen campaign already being investigated from so many angles there is one more aspect now in the crosshairs the u.s. department of justice announced that the inspector general will probe whether the campaign was inappropriately infiltrated by the f.b.i.
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. if anyone did it in full truth. in a presidential campaign inappropriate purposes we need to know about suits and to approve action the stakes are getting higher in the ongoing spat between donald trump and the intelligence community this probe has opened up in response to a request donald trump made on twitter is favorite media called on the department of justice to investigate this and furthermore to find out if the obama administration are the ones that actually ordered the f.b.i. to infiltrate the trump campaign before trump's tweet we did see media reports indicating that it was likely that the trump campaign had been infiltrated and let's remember that when trump came out and said that he had been wiretapped a similar claim he made about a year ago the media responded rather harshly where did trump get these ideas where is he getting his information anyone here disagree he wasn't going to hold anybody
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radionic where is the proof what the president charged president obama with wiretapping him it's not true now this time the american mainstream media has outed the mole people are pointing to stephen hall per he's a seventy three year old professor at cambridge university in the u.k. he's american born there he's got longstanding ties to both american and british intelligence agencies and apparently infiltrated the administration of u.s. president jimmy carter on behalf of the ronald reagan campaign the department of justice and the f.b.i. will not deny that they there was somebody in the campaign however they have quibbled about the wording they've said this was not a spy this was rather an informant they refused to name whether or not it was steven halper but the question is if it was steven help or this is somebody with a well known reputation links to the cia british intelligence so revealing his identity wouldn't exactly put people's lives in danger or be some kind of huge threat to national security or if it is it's not exactly clear why that would be
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they haven't community. that this is just the latest episode in the ongoing spat between the trumpet ministration and the intelligence agencies showing that there is a high level of division and insecurity in washington d.c. . former u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton has attended a graduation ceremony at yale university and she followed tradition by wearing an unconventional. a russian. i mean. i was on the way to winning until the combination of jim call me on october twenty eighth and russian wiki leaks.


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