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more survivors will give their accounts over the next week or so the probe will then look into wider issues like the government's response time and preventive actions to your tutor has been to meet locals who say that they are frustrated at how little has changed it's almost been a year since the devastating blaze and what's left of the grenfell tower can be seen here behind the scaffolding it's a harrowing reminder of a tragedy that has left many questions unanswered. there are over a hundred tower blocks in london alone similar to grandchild and people living here want their government to make sure that it is also like that does not happen again
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it's like a year now and we're still living in the same situation when we found out altered it was a city to lose when. it just costs us appraisal stringiness cheap material why would you risk the lives of so many people and say this bill comes from the state. so we know that it's obviously not safe the fact that it could happen again in the moments or. the month before the amounts were so what can the residents of tower blocks like these do in an emergency they advised used was to stay put but now according to the london fire brigade is being changed to similar evacuation because of the farmable clopping however the government is yet to ban it to raise them a promise to spend four hundred million pounds to replace unsafe cladding on high rise public housing projects just sixteen other tower blocks have had their alum in the employ of the material replaced with new. combustible materials so are the
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authorities doing enough awful lot of government haven't done enough. research by going to in terms of the for their experience when family i don't think they're doing enough not nearly enough no i think the relation with the clothing they should have resolved upon even as i could see i mean to go against that one keeps it sort of coming over and nothing's happening what struck me as i've spoken to a number of residents who live here at the child a state in camden is the fear in their eyes at the thought that they too could have lost their lives and now they're off to a clarification from the government as to what's going to happen next to resolve those problems and action to be taken in the deal altie. the u.k.'s housing minister says the government is listening to people's concerns and will discuss banning the use of flammable materials in clouding.
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facebook's mark zuckerberg has again been hauled before lawmakers to apologize for the misuse of eighty seven million users data this time it was european m.p.'s questioning him about the site's protection standards he also took issue with the social network's handling of the cambridge analytical case when it was claimed a british research group had exploited accounts for years to influence facebook users opinion mark started berg said his platform is taking steps to prevent similar incidents in the future but some lawmakers were still left i'm happy perhaps that's because some of them spent twice as much time asking their questions as the tech chiefs are answering. right. who decides what is acceptable why is there no transparency in this process which specific measures that will be taken by facebook to ensure that just scandal like the one you're. not
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to whether the question of protection of privacy in the rules and free speech that you were asked in congress is actually the tip of the iceberg or is there a bigger iceberg there was one question raised before who said to my question i asked you six yes and no questions like you are not a single. ok i'll make sure we follow up and get your answers to those emerged in march that fifty million facebook profiles may have been breached by the british political data company that was soon revised up to eighty seven million public backlash saw the facebook boss take out full page newspaper ads in britain and america to apologize but that didn't stop the delete facebook hash tag from trending nor did it save the company from being investigated by regulators here's what social activist george barda made of the hearing and the wider facebook data scammer. i think there's a sort of pattern that comes out from these these congressional hearings only
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parliament hearings they're quite stage a lot of the time is taken up with questions and you know mark zuckerberg is quite practiced trying to seem contrite and actually kind of avoiding a lot of detail when whenever any really key questions are asked in terms of the detail his response tends to be not really sure i'll get back to you on that and so i think largely these are sort of pieces of political theater to some extent that from facebook's point of view to be managed to avoid really having to do that much to change it seems. the question is how do we bring these and real public scrutiny in terms of facebook having to account for the way they treat information the way they prioritize some things over others etc and i think these things need to become hugely more transparent and i think we're just at the beginning of working out how to how to get the right balance between holding these
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companies to account and allowing governments to interfere with them essentially and not on the other hand allowing governments too much power in the name of controlling facebook. the transparency that we require going forward absolutely has to include the algorithms because ultimately this is the central question what is being shown to who and for what reason and most importantly given so much information will power over the decades and centuries in fact has been about making sure that things are left out of the story and the crucial thing is that there is you know initially transparency and then some sort of accountability in terms of the kind of algorithms that facebook is allowed to use. washington is embroiled in fresh controversy as president trump orders an investigation into the f.b.i.'s surveillance of his two thousand and sixteen election campaign we'll bring you up to speed after the break stay with us.
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manufacture consent to public will. when the ruling close is protect them so. when the final. say. we are now experiencing the end of a thirty year bull market in bonds which means are entering a period of rising interest rates and so the urgency to get deals done before that any cost is applied toward financing whatsoever needs to happen quickly so i predict in the next twenty four months you're going to see the biggest wave of
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mergers and acquisitions ever in history by a factor of ten just thirty or forty percent of everything that's traded out there gets gobbled up and taken private. back this is r t international now donald trump has ordered an investigation into his own investigators and independent inspector general will now look into whether the f.b.i.'s two thousand and sixteen probe into alleged russian collusion was legal and as archie's killed mop and comments it is starting to become difficult to find someone that hasn't been caught up in the wave of suspicion. the u.s. department of justice is currently expanding its investigation into whether or not its investigation of donald trump is legal are you confuse don't worry so are lots of americans but this is just a slice of the pie political leaders on both sides of the aisle are being
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investigated for criminal offenses with their opponents calling for them to be locked up make america great again. that's our president and the media is fantasizing about seeing him in handcuffs or if he fires any secret service agent who would allow the federal marshals and one of the ultram simply decides i don't have to follow the law i refuse to be held under the law no marshal can get into this white house and any secret service agent that defies me is fired well at some point he's going to have to come out of the white house trump's old nemesis isn't in the clear either i think that there is a lot to investigate. she may not be in the headlines very much after her electoral defeat however we did
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find out last week that she's still under investigation much to the delight of donald trump who once promised to put her behind bars it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country because you'd be in jail secretary clinton. and then there's obama's topps by john brennan the former cia director he was concerned about because of known russian effort. trying called him a disk. race to the american intelligence community and one former u.s. attorney thinks he ought to be assembling a legal team n.b.c. news's consultant the former director of the central intelligence agency the most partisan leader of the cia in history needs
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a very very good lawyer criminal lawyer yes criminal oh yes and then there's devon newness now he's been digging up dirt on the intelligence community but now he's got some of his own we are going to get the documents. members of congress want him to be looked into basically what he has done is he is scuttled and put a cloud over his own investigation and he has become the subject basically he should be going to mr gates it is a real problem investigations are flying like bullets in a western shoot out high profile politicians are being accused of breaking u.s. laws and could face legal proceedings this is leads fighting one another and this kind of legal war and that has nothing to do really what the american people and it's a great distraction actually from the issues that are important to the american people
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but it's consuming the white house now consuming the f.b.i. it's consumed the democratic party there's enormous tension between both sides if things are pretty ugly right now pretty ugly between the sides and i think it's going to get worse i really do is this just politics look at some of these charges actually stick. r.t. new york. the palestinian foreign minister is calling for the international criminal court to launch an immediate investigation into recent violence on the gaza border last monday that israeli military shot and killed scores of unarmed anti occupation protesters in the besieged enclave that came as the u.s. completed the controversial relocation of its embassy to jerusalem the un is also set to start its own probe into whether israel committed war crimes. the was the car that was not of course that
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was the cause was and it was not the others. that it was. the was. the. was or was there was the last week the un's human rights council passed a resolution condemning israel's actions as wholly disproportionate saying that they amounted to an indiscriminate use of force britain was among fourteen countries which abstained there are also reports that british diplomats planned to visit the new us embassy in jerusalem despite earlier condemning the move the police are the only came to me as we don't agree with the decision of the us to to move their embassy we continue to think that that's the playing the roll call to the wrong time but we remain absolutely committed to
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a two state solution. we heard from former british ambassador peter ford that he accused britain of hypocrisy in its foreign policy. the british government are being very feeble with this they made what seemed we could go to be a principled position by boycotting the ceremony marking the opening what's described as the american embassy in jerusalem but then days after it appears to be business as usual many people say oh this is hypocrisy let's imagine what the situation would be if russia for example recognized east jerusalem as the capital of palestine and set up or made it take this being consul general in east jerusalem an embassy with the british position of being to continue doing business with it no way there would have been horrified exclamations legal arguments would have been
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found to justify its position having nothing to do with this russian embassy double standards. staff or germany's refugee agency is being accused of illegally granting asylum to hundreds of migrants in some cases after taking cash bribes the agency called bamford has now told r.t. that it's expanding an internal investigation into the claims scandal initially broke out in april with media reports of widespread bribery at the agency's office in bremen the federal migration agency now plans to review a further eight thousand five hundred approvals in nearly a dozen branches that's on top of some eighteen thousand cases in bremen it is thought that around twelve hundred asylum claims were approved illegally between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and sixteen one former official and five other employees are already being investigated. when i first wish to give the
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applications don't meet the necessary criteria we will consider whether these decisions to grant asylum should be cancelled or will be also considering sanctions against certain employees of the federal office for migration the refugees this account or that was the head of germany's migration and refugee agency who is also under investigation over whether she knew anything about any problems it's troubles like these which have seen public confidence in the agency employment with eighty percent of germans saying that their trust has run out and it's sparked outrage among some of the country's leftwing politicians it is questionable whether the events in bremen were really the exception trust in the federal office for migration and refugees is shaken we won the office for migration and refugees to be able to waken accordance with the law starting now and not just a few years from now germany's migration agency points out that just because there's an ongoing investigation it doesn't necessarily mean that any wrongdoing
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has taken place geo political consultant trainer roth's first told us the problem has long been known but no action had been taken until recently. solemn seekers have said that they have paid one thousand euros to their lawyer and then they did not even have to show up in three men and it's obvious that kleeman has taken asylum decisions far too hastily without making also security background checks this might only be the tip of the iceberg and many more similar cases may have occurred in other. dependencies but itself is not the real problem what is the real scandal is that the detection of the problems has occurred already in twenty fourteen and nothing has been done by by the former minister of interior.
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by the dozen for me i will be back in about thirty two minutes with a full look of your news you are watching our two international. was on the line from a bar that i was kind of it was was was was was on the ground. and was kind of the god.
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well we'll go twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the problem here with you and the great great you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and thirteen world cup
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in russia. the special one i was also cliched needs to just say the really the aussie teams the latest edition to make up a bigger. flow and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle we've all gotten used to it the media hate trump and the president returns the favor in kind how is this mutually charged hate fest changed media and journalism does the corporate liberal media report the news anymore and is journalism today a fake profession in the service of partisanship.
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cross talking media wars i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the. if you can post also in new york we have lionel he is a legal analyst and news decoder at lionel media dot com and in los angeles very early in the morning we have ron paul cohn he is a comedian a frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron i love how that rhymes are a gentle and cross like rules and that can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to you first in new york just very broadly speaking how is the media changed in the age of trump because in the age of trump trump doesn't change it seems go ahead lionel in new york ok first of all let's talk about news media versus the media here's how it's changed we often use the term mainstream media to define people like a.b.c. n.b.c. and m s d n c and fake news c.n.n. that's not mainstream anymore what's mainstream is this what's mainstream right now
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is podcast again you tube and other platforms that is dead that is a star that burned out millions of years ago yet the light still hits us so when we say mainstream the first thing that happened was the recalibration of the term mainstream because what's old is doing what's new is now old that's a very good point but the problem is that the legacy media still have a huge impact on the population i would say because people believe in the conspiracies that a lot of the former i'm going to go with your terminology former mainstream media peddle ron reflected on that in no way yeah you know i i agree with lionel said i think the term mainstream media is something we have to try to shy away from i like to simply say corporate media all the time because definitional and that's what it is it is a corporate media. by very high for profit entities but as far as did the media. in the trump era i would say that corporate media that we're
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referring to has not changed in the trump era i think it's the same formula that they've been. and going by for a long time now they like hyper partisanship one way or the other they like sensationalism they like to have a little fun soundbites and take bits to to inflate for as long as they can and trump gives them plenty of those you know michelle wolf at the white house correspondents' dinner nailed it she said you guys love trump just didn't made it because he's giving them what they want and that's kind of all they care about and as far as news and information in our country not only is it a huge disservice but as lionel pointed out it is a sinking titanic well ok we use that logic there robin i just want a quick diversion here than the entire foreign policy elite in the united states much loved lot of mere putin keeps the good word ok then flowers and champaign at the end of the year but rob if we agree with lionel said in just that in los
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angeles but there is one thing that is changing is that their ratings or plummeting in this is maybe the only thing that about this old legacy media that's really true and on top of it they want their revenge ok you have like facebook teaming up with the atlantic council they want to claw it back and it's going to get nasty people are being to monetize people being shunned and throttled ok so the old the old media is up to the same habits of trying to control the media space go ahead rob in new york. well we have to realize that media is a is evolving i'll tell you one thing that hasn't changed my father was a newspaper man i grew up in and around the business i remember as a youngster that there was a conservative advertisement against the new york times with a picture of fidel castro they put on a bus that said i got my job through the new york times still makes me laugh out loud so things haven't changed that much but another thing that has changed
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a monster i worked on and off for time incorporated since nineteen eighty three and for one period for fifteen years straight there was a publishing behemoth a colossus that no longer even exists in the name was literally pulled off the building and there was no time publication in the time in life building i don't even know if think all the time unlike the like so the media is evolving in ways that i don't think we can even predict lidl may have a word for it we're going to need the thor's afterwards unless we can get a translator but it's happening at a pace that that i may not see in my lifetime i don't want to make a prediction do i like words going you know can i stop it no is it just part of change unfortunately yes hopefully some one day it will be for the better lionel jump in go ahead peter let me give an example this past week a new yorker we just had the upfront this is an annual event where everybody used to be it used to be the biggest thing there was this is what all the stars came
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into town and spoke to the advertisers and the affiliates and it was like number to many academy awards it is now shrunk it is now minimized to nothing let me see what my day is every day we normally look at my wife and i look at our our kind of media e-mails and what you will see is you was here for example c.b.s. which has a show at night and the biggest p.r. arm that will spread through social media the idea that last night you. was this monumental event were cold bear or whoever trashed or attacked the president we live now in a click bait economy let me tell you what also happened recently rosanne rosanna completely changed things because bob iger who is very very smart realizes that he knows of a new here you need to his shareholders and what america wants believe it or not and this will kill the mainstream or lame stream or ted baxter media what they don't understand is that the american actual viewer is not somebody in the left
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wing right wing bubble or swamp it's somebody who recognizes the value of let's say a rose and another's so while they don't realize is that i'm telling you again they think that they live in the world of rachel maddow that c.n.n. that that people reflect their ideas it's not true it's the opposite ok but ron i mean you do have a prevalence where you know we can always talk about the exception of fox when it comes to cable and they certainly make money off of their click bait but they're not practicing journalism anymore and i mean we can talk about the the the infrastructure the business model but the profession itself i mean i watch the cable news because i have to because they're my job but i don't see journalism being practiced at all i mean and on top of it people expressing opinions without really much knowledge i mean it's kind of a lot of dumb people saying dumb things that are very cliche and some of these
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issues are really very important go ahead. well you know what peter this is a this is an odd double edged sword for me because the corporate media in the united states does bother me however if they ever got significantly better i might be out of a job sure i get to exist i get to exist in that capacity that i do because they they are failing so hard but i do see journalism practiced however the practices i see are often the. negative types of practices the employing propaganda techniques word associations and stuff like that recently on the show were for the jimmy door show c.n.n. smeared us and then used a very very typical propaganda technique and the smear they associated us with other with other types of outlets that was it was not in an accurate association at all but they did that it's an intentional thing when you do that it's
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a certain type of grouping and of course it's a wide wide net so is there some are there some diamonds in the rough shore you know you've got to look for it it's not on page one quote unquote you got to dig for it but it is there but as a whole they're not talking about the things that reflect with the average americans at all i mean there's harvard studies dedicated to that stuff where they spend about seventy five percent of the time talking about russia or something like that that's an important issue to about six percent of the population say percent so they're not it's kind of they're all done to the point and they're on the east coast ok that's it and that's in washington d.c. here you know let me go let me go to rob here i mean i think all of you are familiar with i certainly know my audience is jordan peterson i think is a very interesting case where i've seen cable news it was n.b.c.
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and then the new york times i mean what how much it jobs they do again you can disagree with his approach and in some of the things he has to say i very much appreciate what he's doing and but the again we're going to have to employ the lionel terminology here the old mainstream put it that way legacy media they really just go after that guy and n.b.c. and the new york times i have i have this strong feeling they never watched one of his videos ok. seriously but i mean that i'm getting into this ideological bend here i mean because someone like jordan peterson is really going against the current that's in the new or the old mainstream media and they really go after him i don't know if you know what i'm talking about go ahead rob. well one of the things that that i find really questionable with even a big paper like the new york times is and i look at this is probably budgetary for a budgetary problem is do they have the money to do fact check.


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