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train that you have to feed constantly by virtue of the fact that you can correct yourself that breaking news can be correctly they jumped with this idea that he referred to immigrants as being animals now before anybody knew what it was immediately repeated replicated and then later on with the idea that we can correct it later on when you had a deadline when somebody had to yell stop the presses it meant something in this rob says there is no fact jesting. ok. when a.p. the a.p. was the first to admit that they made a mistake gentlemen i'm going to go to a break here after that short break we'll continue our discussion on media war stayed with r.t. . for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach.
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guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the poll we do and we will show the great british you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone and doesn't want to you know and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one it was also appreciated me just to say the really p.r.t. teams the latest edition to make up the figure so i need to look. at that your second passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last term. care act as we all do it but i tell you i'm sorry.
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suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters my mind it's consumed with death this one difference i speak to now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent
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market saw thirty percent slice last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per strike at the first shot and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember a one to one person show you can't afford to miss the one and only. play seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. day two hundred sixteen nonstop days of work. a russian w.b. a jumpy at it. and a russian mob stuff. show you how and why the crimean bridge was built.
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witnessed the construction of a unique transporter. that will help them out of crimea. faster most of those while the good old more familiar wait a bit but it's clear. welcome back to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing. ok let's go back to ron in los angeles. i'm like many other people could be very critical on how president. handles himself or the rhetorical e how we deal with the press i think all that's fair game most importantly it should be about policy but it seems to me that the the the legacy media the cable
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stations again with the exception of fox to some extent they're actually imitating him if he can break all the rules then why can't we but at the end of the day the media loses because you know trump isn't held he doesn't say i'm a man of virtue that he's not a man of great values ok the american people that voted for him didn't vote for a choir boy but it seems to me that the the the legacy media they feel that they have the right to imitate donald trump and i think that is a huge disservice to the public go ahead ron it is a huge disservice to the public yes however i would offer the alternative i don't think the media is losing i think the american people are losing. i think that i think that the media at the end of the day really likes trump they appreciate the fact that he gives them click bait that he gives them the soundbites you know
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because he doesn't talk very diplomatically and they kind of help him get elected in the first place so they run with these little tidbits and you know it's not just the media working alone i would argue that the politicians really help out especially because the democratic party they have really no platform and they have no ideas so all they can really do is say hey we're not trying. really bad and here's another soundbite and it's very very frustrating especially as somebody on the left so what i like to do is when people were complaining about the latest for instance with the the animal statement i read we read tweet them all and i'd be like you know what if you were tired you wouldn't have to listen to him anymore just a suggestion. a good point oh robbie it seems like it's his virtues signaling that's what i get what i get from the the old mainstream media the legacy media it's really just you know who's virtuous and all of course the president united states has no virtue so the rest of us how that i can think that to
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a journalism was supposed to be about ok and i think that's one of the things that is really pulling everything down i mean there's so many important issues here you know the economy is booming i don't really think it's booming it's booming for the for the wealthy and for the finance. well to do and when there's a need to be much more a microscope on that and also the the animals issue of immigration has to be talked about in a civil way it's something that everyone wants but no it's virtues signaling you know let's look after the caravan in mexico ok for me this is this is a dead end that they're playing they're doing a complete disservice to the public go ahead bob. well it's incumbent upon the president and his white house to function the way it's supposed to i don't believe we even have a new communications director i understand how the white house works and a communications director is supposed to liaise with the other people on the comms
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team at the white house who then in turn work with their press cower parts in the press pool i don't think anything goes on there in terms of the white house conveying the white house and the president's policies and so there and you have something there is just a stagnation and an inertia so the press pool sits around twiddling their thumbs going what are we going to do today and there's got to be a dynamic there really don't you think but don't you think rob that a lot of people are in the press pool there they don't really want they don't see this white house as being legitimate i mean they don't they don't talk to their their counterparts in the white house as equals because they look down upon them ok i mean exceed in their faces a at the white house press gatherings you could see the contempt they have ok and i know you're laughing but i think it's really true i mean they are birch us ok that's but that's not what politics is really all about and that's what and that's not what people voted for go ahead lying if you know if
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i could did this may be rather self aggrandizing in a weird way but let me just say what we're doing right now first of all the amount of time than any of us have had to discuss an idea could not exist in the old mainstream media could not by virtue of time number two there are no advertisers here so there's nobody limiting what we say number three none of us gets any kind of a list from the producer ahead of time to try to ferret out ferret exactly what we're going to say to limit what we're going to say to contain domestic this is with all that's going on with russian media and foreign agents the most free form and i knew it. i think i'm being gratuitous but if the old mainstream media tried that if somebody if any of the particular hacks you want to mention said you know what today we're going to try as of me i'm going to have somebody who is really good perhaps combative and i'm not going to tell the party line but i'm going to really provide a chance for people to come forward and not exclude them through filtration it
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might help but they can't because they are hollywood and entertainment is become almost the entertainment section of the military industrial complex a deep state depending on whatever you want to call it this is an agenda and now with obama going to netflix signing a development deal do you have any idea what that means this is apparatchik agit prop nonsense and people see through it and they're going to rebound they don't understand the they've lost the war and the older times are done with it and people are going to rebound ok but you know let's be fair here i mean on a program no no no no no i will be i mean in time out i'm very critical of like c.n.n. and miss n.b.c. but ron let's talk you know your progressive let's talk about fox here i mean i like i like tucker carlson very much i'm very open about that but then i watch hannity and i just think that's just you know the white house that's a white house press operation i mean and it's transparently an extension of the
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white house and i think that that is not journalism i know sean hannity is a partisan person he wears his stripes on his on his sleeves there but at the same time you get that you get the feeling there's real collusion there what do you think ron well i think hyper partisanship and kind of like that type of punditry is just a quick paycheck and it's always kind of been in style who's the number one host right now rachel maddow rachel maddow is just the corporates left i mean because she's she's not left at all but she's kind of the corporate media version of the last response to a shot on hannity shanahan and he was number one when obama was in office. well she's number one now because trumps in office and it's giving people the these tribal little groups to get into and that's how we go about our business and i would also say you know the white house is in total disarray yes that's true there's more turnover than a third party pyramid scheme yes that's true however the media is no better at all
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i mean when the media was told to turn off their cameras there was not one person in that room in that press briefing room that had the courage to say no i'm not turning off my camera because this is my job my employer is very powerful and i'm not turning my camera off what are you going to do arrest me that story all go viral go ahead they all said yes sir or madam i'll turn my camera off that's not journalism that's access journalism that cinco fance it's nonsense and it's garbage and it's got to stop a full disclaimer here i am going to be submitting a pilot to barack obama's netflix company because i am in show business and with them i don't have to worry about them changing anything ok well side me up if you get the gig ok i'll certainly watch it there you know rather you know i've often thought of looking at the the white house briefings is that these people have
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already written their article and they're just looking for a sound bite to throw in the they really stood. for the powers that be and again you know when i look at the quality in the aptitude of the questions that are being asked i just wonder. is this to see you know is this for what was said to we had classes for people that there was a dance placement for smart people and then what was the other classes for the slow people don't remember the derm right now but i mean it's these people are challenge did to lecture early that mean they really are challenge intellectually and if you ask a bad question you're going to get a bad answer hasn't anyone figured that out yet go ahead rub. one of the things that i find really idiotic that nobody is consistently calling out is watch a press conference with sarah huckabee sanders i'm not a fan of hers but a reporter will raise their hand and say so isn't it true the president a lot trump is lying about blah blah blah he's going to say no and then they go oh
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my god she's alarmed through what i what are they expected to say somehow you've compelled me to admit. something to you when the american people the whole world god and everybody else in every universe it's just it's like it's like the idiotic sportscaster that's like did you feel bad when you struck out and lost the world series yet what do you think and i was happy because i had money bet on the game i'm going to disney world if i call it out and i'm doing it right now ok lionel one of the things that we're absolutely running out of time and i want to make sure you have plenty of time to finish up but one of the things that trump lives you know you know well first of all politicians lie all the time and my sense is and it's not to defend the president because he said things that i'm very strongly disagree with but you know he's saying something he's saying something that somebody disagrees with doesn't mean it's a lie and i don't understand this true but people are constantly going after that
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because if you use that level of analysis then i'm right then the maids in the mainstream media all the networks that they're lying all the time as well so if it's the same standard go ahead aisle with i going to a spelling bee and somebody gets it wrong and you say you're lying and saying not you shouted. but here's the thing is happening right now this is the mark here right now explain what you're doing is when somebody goes back when it's a chapter comes back and asks as ron says perhaps the most stupid question in the history of mankind they don't say hey jake that was the most stupid question in the history of mankind he said you see how many lights you got this is reaching this is gone viral but it's stupid no said. thing is stupid our numbers are up because that's what it is this is a front what they do is what something that they can refer to later because what's happened is they don't realize it they are a truck this is beyond c d this is like to let go of the they're living in the past
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and they don't know what the star has burned out millions of years ago they're the last ones to be told ok well i'm going to give you the last ten seconds because you're so eloquent give us a word we need to look up in the us go ahead. the best one is mockingbird media and mockingbird many referred to operation mockingbird and it refers to what is still in effect in effect an attempt by the cia to basically to have repeat as you alluded to and not reporters that simple rip and that's rocky peter is going to end on that note repeaters here were not repeaters on cross-talk many thanks and i guess the new york and in los angeles and thanks to our viewers for viewers watching us here to see you next time remember.
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not to mystically much if i don't miss a system in the future industry in the nine hundred ninety s. . i'm taking that to night and want to say that she. was just. the most sort of. is a chemical plant least. close to my service i used to be on the street. it is closer to runs off there's a possible temptation to return to her these speeches scientists truth that dream projects really awful on the human race to sign a service to the world free of g.m.'s in crisis eight would be even be able to see as we pass the points of no resend. that is i will do that i'll not be
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here. much as you have to straighten it all away to get it out here tell us a little. is illegal. but only a shot at being that doesn't mean i'll just tell you the other side of the muck on the. by then got a session on the nod that they are. by then is a shift the on. all of us done to not upset and most is going on want. some certainly not so with. most of it was revealed to the pope multiple injuries among current america so dumb fuck yourself you hold the rope but shows real your mercy on the phone to the book on the field of command the symbols of the sea so you're welcome to it's a book in
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a moral sense of what my. own i'm a bit of nothing but a tough allowed me to see you on the somethin you walk. on long enough something not set in. the market and into how the laws look ma that's what up to now maybe i made the comment for the. so how long before i got from our bar that god. was right.
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about. how. we are working on something and you know there's a little work. to the work they're done on trying casts doubt on next month's planned meeting with the leader of north korea saying the highly anticipated talks may be delayed or may not take place that all. the while north korea is reportedly dismantling its only nuclear site as part of a bargain with the u.s. we have access to the area and our correspondent will be reporting on his journey there. as you can see behind me we're being greeted like celebrities here go. to north korea. the german government admits that almost two thousand far right extremists in the country may be in legal possession of
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a firearm. and after eighteen years google quietly drops its don't be evil slogan the change is only noticed a month after it took effect company employees are also protesting against involvement with the u.s. military. hello and welcome the care and this is r.t. international good to have you with us this hour. donald trump says his much anticipated summit with north korea on the twelfth of june might not happen the calm. came during a meeting with the south korean president in in the u.s. capital both washington and pyongyang previously suggested they may not be willing to hold talks unless certain conditions are met so america can reports from washington. well according to trump the summit could take place or it might not
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even take place but the president has never really been one hundred percent sure we are working on something and you know there's a chance that it'll work out there's a chance it's a very substantial chance that it won't work out that doesn't mean it won't work out over a period of time but it may not work out for june twelfth i think it will be very successful but as i always say who knows what's going to happen you know i often say who knows who knows what all words maybe you everything can be scuttled everything can be settled but speaking of mixed messages on one hand a special coin is being produced just ahead of the summit depicting the two leaders meeting and all smiles then there's trouble guaranteeing him safety and promising that north korea will be a rich country we make a deal i think kim jong un is going to be very very happy and he'll get protections that will be very strong his country would be very rich then on the other hand trumps threatening the libya scenario the model if you look at that model with
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gadhafi that was a total decimation we went in there to beat him now that model would take place if we don't make a deal most likely but let's quickly remind ourselves what happened in libya in two thousand and three gadhafi renounced his nuclear program but despite that he was overthrown in a meta led campaign years later so not a fairy tale ending for gadhafi but it's not just rhetoric that could be jeopardizing diplomacy there's also joint military drills being held between the u.s. and south korea on north korea's doorstep but thankfully some are questioning the need to provoke young yang especially considering the historic meeting that took place last month between the north and south and this also comes at a very special time just as the u.s. is going back on its word to adhere to the iran deal pulling out of it entirely well it is interesting to see how trump and this is topping barger seem to be at all. as each other i don't know if his management style is to create chaos and see
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if some order comes from it or what in fact may be his style problem is that washington confuses the idea of negotiation with the idea of surrender the meeting for trump and kim in singapore should have been the beginning of a dialogue of a process instead john bolton others have laid down the law here's what you got to do i think bolton said tell us where we should send our planes to pick up your stuff and take it away i mean if i would north korea particularly watching it how the u.s. tore up the iran agreement if you had any mind at all you would be very very skeptical it's very important that people understand that president moon of south korea is really the most important president here not trump i know trump thinks it's always all about him but president moon of south korea i believe is the one who's really in the driver's seat here and they are playing a very important role both in terms of south north korea relations but also bringing the united states along it is possible that north and south korea could continue to build their relations there are a lot of economic issues that they could work on diplomatic issues rediff occasion
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of families that have been separated. to meet its end of the bargain north korea is reportedly preparing to dismantle its nuclear test site and the country's remote ne there have been six nuclear bomb tests there since two thousand and six which were carried out inside a mountain is the world's last officially active nuclear test site north korea released an official statement describing how the science will be dismantled it says there will be a controlled explosion to collapse all the tunnels and this will result in the entrance points being blocked as well after that the above ground facilities will also be destroyed and some changes have already been observed by experts on satellite images shot in april and may buildings have been demolished together with a rail line r.t. is one of the few news channels that's been invited to witness how north korea is fulfilling its end of the bargain it was done of has this report.
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we're in the beijing international airport and as you can see behind me we're being greeted like celebrities here those who go to north korea we've been here for the past couple of days and all journalists spots of this press tour have been amassed in the chinese capital because that's where we got our visas that's what we where we got our tickets so now we will be proceeding to check in to our flights that those are the windows that we're waiting for the personnel and so i'll be signing off and meeting you hopefully greeting you from north korea itself next time so this is the air coryell flights we will be taking to get inside north korea thing is we aren't even exactly sure as to where exactly we're headed because according to our media to documents we're going to the southern port city of one sound but according to our boarding passes we're headed to the north korean capital pyongyang so i guess the north the option but to find out on board of the plane see. the
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skies and see if you can do you know who's going to pyongyang or two once on ok once an ok thank you. so there are roughly twenty john that's here on this plane and so as we're going to one son i just want to give you with a glimpse as to what's going on on board would be given out press releases like this one for example the pyongyang times it's mostly about politics but also features pieces like recipes for this rice and month cake and also we've been given and at this very very karl colorful a career magazine which features everything from the latest one has to what's been going like in the life of me i'm going on the supreme leader of north korea but also part of it peaches kind of rama's old young and like to pieces like the ones for example and how he's be the local be speaking for.
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so you walk out of any airports what's the first thing you expect to see it's a bustling crowd of people pushing and shoving it's a taxi drivers offering their often overpriced services won't check this out nothing will distort here it's just an empty parking lot and three buses that will take us to the city we will be taking an eleven hour train to get there and then we will be writing for four more hours by car and hiking for another hour but we're being told that the spectacle is well worth it we'll be getting regular updates from eagle in north korea you can also follow him on twitter for more pictures from the reclusive country from the kind of food you can expect that so what's a north korean hotel looks like. the german government has
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admitted that around two thousand far right extremists are in legal possession of at least one weapon according to media reports the country's green party says the government is sweeping the problem under the carpet artie's peta all of it takes up the story. here in germany almost two thousand people identified as far right extremists have a permit to possess a firearm that's according to the government's own statistics twelve hundred of that number described themselves as reich citizens and since november of twenty sixteen around four hundred fifty of them have had their firearms licenses taken off them by the state but he was right citizens and dangerous right citizen is a catch all term for a loosely affiliated bunch who claim that the federal republic of germany is illegitimate and say that the pre-war value more constitution remains in effect
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that's the same system that allowed hitler to take power well today's reich citizen groups come in several shapes and sizes but almost all of them have some link to why the neo nazi groups of far right ideology. their historical revisionism forms an ideological link that connects various right wing extremist currents and right wing extremists among right citizens use those connections to cause confusion to provoke authorities and to create a social platform for right wing ideology estimated that there's around eight hundred thousand of these right citizens in germany some are allegedly preparing for a day when they'll rise up and take their country back but these are just hollow empty threats eighteen months ago a policeman in bavaria was killed during a shootout between officers and a member of one of these a right citizens' groups the number of people is significantly significantly increased.

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